ATWT Update Friday 2/19/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/19/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At Metro, Carly spies Janet kissing Dusty. She ducks out before she can be seen. Janet pulls apart and says she can not do this; they shouldn’t be doing this. Later Carly sees Terry and purposely goes up to her and innocently asks about Janet’s affair with Dusty.

At the farm Molly runs into Jack who asks if she is moving back in. She replies she stayed a while after talking to Holden and is only there to get a few more things.

At Carly’s, Parker wants to make sure that Liberty is not pushing herself. She laments that she has to spend 24 hours a day monitoring herself around other people and she just wants to be herself with him.

Rocco surprises Jack when he calls to say he thinks he might be a bone marrow match for Liberty and he is coming to Oakdale today. It’s not a visit and he won’t answer any more questions, but just give Janet the message.

At the diner Liberty explains how she wants to go out and have coffee like normal people. She understands the chemotherapy can be really rough after a while. She wants Parker to just be normal. He is determined to change the subject and just talk about normal things.

Janet snaps at Dusty and says she doesn’t know why this keeps happening, but it can’t happen again. Jack walks in and tells her about her father calling. She hugs Jack at the good news. He admits that her father was a little gruff, but he did a 180 and is coming through. Jack is blown away when he hears that Dusty was responsible for Rocco even knowing and coming to town.

Terry tries to get away from Carly, but Carly grabs her twice. Carly reminds her that Oakdale is as small a town as it gets and there are zero secrets. She should know; she’s been on both sides. She just doesn’t know why they want to carry on an affair in the middle of the Lakeview for all to see. Carly knows from Terry’s face that it is true.

Jack questions Dusty of why he is going above and beyond for his wife. Dusty says she needed something to hold onto. Sarcastically Jack says yeah Dusty is like that.

Out of nowhere Liberty doesn’t feel well; hot and sweaty and cold at the same time. He insists on taking her to the hospital.

Janet tells Dusty thanks and heads home to change and be there for her Dad. She’s nervous and has no idea what to say. Jack tells her just to be herself. It’s awkward but she lets Rocco in. He is happy that she likes living on the farm. It only takes 5 seconds before they are at each other’s throats. She says she has been waiting years for this. But she does admit that she will always be grateful that he came for Liberty. She asks about her mother, but Rocco says it is not that kind of visit and she did not come.

Carly divulges to Molly about how she tricked Terry into admitting that Janet was having an affair with Dusty. And here Carly was practically being the poster child for abstinence and selflessness and living the converted puritan lifestyle when all the while Janet was sneaking around and doing it with Dusty. Molly wants to know what she is going to do with this massive secret. Carly sneers that she is going to tell Jack and blow Janet Ciccone Snyder right out of the water. Dusty explains that he did it for Liberty. Jack says he knows he did it for Janet and he is not too tickled. Next time tell him first. Carly continues and wonders who’s side Molly is on. Molly thinks maybe this affair isn’t so serious and she really needs Jack right now. Molly can’t believe that Carly would want that marriage to self construct right now.

Rocco admits none of what happened 20 years ago was okay. They can’t change anything now. He’s sorry that Brad died. He came here to do the right thing and he doesn’t want her to kick him for everything he did. He admits it’s good that Liberty has her; sounds like she had a very rough year. Jack comes in and meets Rocco. He suggests they get to the hospital. Terry comes in to tell Janet about Carly, but says it can wait until another time and she goes to the hospital too.

Janet accidentally finds out that Liberty is in the hospital and rushes to her room. Parker tells her it was just a precaution as she was not feeling well. Janet introduces Rocco to his granddaughter. Liberty blasts him for waiting 19 years to want to meet her, now all because she may be dying. She doesn’t want his bone marrow, thank you very much, and wants him to get the hell out of her room. Dr. Hearn tells them that he doesn’t think this bone marrow transfer will work. Rocco has had some angioplasty and won’t quality as a donor. He says he needs to get back to his wife. Jack thanks him for coming, but warns him not to treat Janet like this again. Terry explains to Liberty that Rocco’s health will prevent him from being the donor if she needs it, but she just needs to hang in there.

Molly tells Carly this whole thing might backfire on her. Carly says she did not make this up or pull it out of thin air. Molly reminds her that she and Dusty used to be lovers. She thinks she can poke around with him and find out just how serious it is with Janet and Dusty before Carly tells Jack.

Back home, Janet asks Jack if he is serious that they need to do everything they can to help Liberty. Of course he agrees. She suggests they can have a baby. He thinks she is crazy for manufacturing a match; just bringing a baby into this world for this sole purpose. She justifies it by saying this will help salvage their marriage too. She realizes it is a lot to think about and wrap his mind around, but she begs him to at least think about it. He promises her that he will. He can’t wait to duck out. He runs into Carly outside who tells him there is something he needs to know about his wife.

Molly sidles up to Dusty at the bar and sweet talks him that he doesn’t write or call anymore and he sure looks fine. She tells him that she is seeing Holden now and wonders if he is seeing anyone; involved with anyone. He tells her those days of trouble are over. She tells him life is too short; whoever she is, go for it.

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