ATWT Update Thursday 2/18/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/18/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Metro) Janet looks at a picture of herself with Liberty and cries a little bit but she wipes the tears away when Dusty arrives and tells her that she shouldn’t be at work. Janet tells Dusty that Liberty’s doctor suspended her treatment because the chemotherapy is compromising her immune system so the doctor has to adjust the dosage of medication. Dusty wonders if they have found a bone marrow match yet and Janet tells him that a donor hasn’t been found and she has asked everyone. Dusty wonders if Janet has asked her parents and Janet tells Dusty she would beg for their help if she could but Terri told her they were in Italy. Dusty asks Janet what the name of her father’s business is and she tells him Cicone hardware. Dusty hopes that Janet’s parents will be back soon so she can talk to them about Liberty. Janet gets a call and goes to the back of the club to answer her phone and Dusty calls information to ask for the telephone number of Ciccone Hardware.

(Carly’s house) Carly calls Craig to cancel their dinner date because she has changed her mind about going to dinner with him. Jack arrives to apologize to Carly for leaving her at the police station but Liberty needed his help to tell Janet there hasn’t been a bone marrow match. Carly tells Jack she understands and that they shouldn’t have gotten so carried away kissing at the police station. Jack strokes Carly’s cheek and tells her that he can’t stop thinking about her and Carly tells Jack she has the same problem she can’t stop thinking about him. Carly tells Jack this has to stop and she can’t keep stopping things when they go too far because it isn’t fair to her. Jack agrees with Carly and then Parker arrives and apologizes to his parents for interrupting whatever it was they wore doing or discussing.

(TV Station) Molly asks her producer for more time to work on the story of Damian’s disappearance because she doesn’t want to confuse the viewers. Molly’s producer gives Molly two days to finish the story and Molly tells herself that Holden is in trouble.

(Lilly’s house) Holden arrives to pick Ethan up to take him to a birthday party and Lily tells him that Lucinda hired a private detective to help find out what happened to Damian. Holden is upset that Lily won’t let go of this and just trust him when he says that Damian got on a ship and promised not to return to Oakdale. Ethan arrives and gives Holden and Lily asks Ethan to go get the present he must take to the party with him. Lily tells Holden that Luke talked to the first mate of the only ship from Damian’s company that left port the day he disappeared and he told Luke that he saw a bloody body on the deck but when he went down to help the person the body was gone. Lily worries that Damian drown and Holden once again tells her to let go of this and not to worry about it. Lily tells Holden that Daman is Luke’s biological father and she is still married to him so she must find out what happened to him. Molly calls Holden and tells him that they need to meet and talk because there could be trouble. Holden tells Molly that he will meet her after he drops Ethan at the birthday party.

(Carly’s house) Parker tells Carly and Jack that they can continue with whatever they were doing or discussing he just wanted to let Carly know he won’t be home for dinner because he is going to see Liberty after he is through with his physical therapy and then he will stop by Al’s diner to get something to eat. Carly tells Jack that Parker knows what is going on between them which gives them one more reason to stop this now before they do something they will both regret. Jack wonders if Carly will be having dinner alone tonight and when Carly tells him yes he wonders if she wants to have dinner with him. Carly tells Jack that is a bad idea because he knows they couldn’t just have dinner together.

(Metro) Janet’s dad Rocco answers the phone and Dusty wonders when he returned from his trip to Italy. Rocco tells Dusty that he never went on a trip to Italy and he wonders why Dusty is calling him. Dusty explains that his granddaughter Liberty is ill and may need a bone marrow transplant. Rocco tells Dusty he doesn’t have a granddaughter but Dusty tells him that they both know that isn’t true and he should listen to him. Rocco tells Dusty never to call him again and hangs up the phone Janet walks in and wonders that Dusty was talking to on the phone. Dusty tells Janet he was talking to a supplier who needs to be taught some manners. Dusty asks Janet if she can handle the club for an hour he has to go handle some business. Janet tells him she will be fine for an hour at the club so Dusty leaves to talk to Rocco in person.

(Carly’s house) Carly tells Jack that she has to go by Metro to talk to Dusty about last year’s taxes and she also has a lot of errands to run. Jack thinks Carly is making excuses to avoid talking to him about how they feel about each other. Carly tells Jack he should go home to his wife because she and Liberty need him so Jack heads to the farm to check on Janet and Liberty.

(TV Station) Molly tells Holden she was assigned to cover Damian’s disappearance and she only has two days to finish the story. Holden tells Molly that Lucinda hired a private detective to find out about the disappearance and Lily is getting very suspicious about what happened to Damian. Holden tells Molly that the first mate on Damian’s ship saw a bloody body on the deck but when he went to get a closer look the body was gone. Holden thinks the most logical conclusion is that Damian’s body washed out to sea. Holden wants to turn himself in to the police but Molly tells him he doesn’t have to do that because there is no proof that he was responsible for what happened to Damian. Molly also reminds Holden there is no body so he would just drag his family through a painful trial and he could risk being put in jail. Molly persuades Holden to take some time to think things over before he talks to the police. Molly leaves the station because she wants to follow a lead on her story and she tells her producer she will be back soon.

(Farm) Liberty is having trouble concentrating on her homework and Parker wonders why she looks so sad and jokes that she looks like someone who just got a cancer diagnosis. Liberty smiles and wonders why Parker who is still gimpy isn’t at his physical therapy right now and he tells her that he skipped physical therapy because he wanted to help her with her homework. Liberty tells Parker not to put his life on hold just because she is dying and Parker tells Liberty to stop saying she is dying because she isn’t going to die. Liberty tells Parker that she has already been practicing her death scene and it is very theatrical. Liberty pretends she is dying and Parker tells Liberty that he won’t allow her to make cancer jokes anymore. Liberty tells Parker not to take her cancer jokes away from her because they are helping her fight the cancer. Parker reminds Liberty that he will be there for her whenever she needs him and she isn’t alone in the fight because they are fighting cancer together.

(Metro) Carly arrives looking for Dusty and Janet tells her that Dusty will be back in an hour if she wants to wait for him. Carly wonders how Liberty is doing and Janet tells her that the doctor has suspended the treatment because Liberty’s immune system was being compromised by the chemotherapy. Carly wonders if a donor has been found and Janet tells her no but she is grateful that Jack has been with her through this because she doesn’t know what she would do without him. Janet asks Carly to call Liberty and talk about fashion because that seems to cheer up Liberty. Carly tells Janet to tell Dusty she will be back later to speak with him.

(Hardware store) Dusty explains to Rocco that Liberty has leukemia and things are not going well so she might need a bone marrow transplant. Rocco wonders why Brad hasn’t done anything about it since he was the one who got Janet pregnant. Dusty explains that Brad died recently but he was a good father to Liberty in the short time they knew each other. Rocco thinks Dusty is the new man in Janet’s life and he explains they are just friends. Rocco laughs and says that all the men in Janet’s life are just friends. Dusty respectfully tells Rocco that he shouldn’t talk that way about his daughter. Dusty tells Rocco that Janet is a wonderful mother and she loves Liberty more then anything in the world. Rocco tells Dusty that Janet brought shame to the family when she got pregnant out of wedlock and he won’t help her. Dusty tells Rocco that everyone makes mistakes and that Liberty is a smart, beautiful young lady who deserves a chance to live her dreams. Dusty asks Rocco to think about things and gives him a picture of Liberty and Janet together and Rocco holds back tears as he looks at the picture.

(Lily’s house) Molly wonders if Lily would help her present both sides of the story to the people of Oakdale. Lily tells Molly that she doesn’t want to help her with the story and asks her to leave. Molly wonders how Damian could fool both her and Meg and Lily shows her the book of poetry that Damian gave to her with his heartfelt inscription to her. Molly sees the picture of Damian and Lily together and then begins to cough. Lily goes to get a glass of water for her and Molly stops coughing takes the picture out of the book and puts it in her purse. Molly tells Lily to call her if she changes her mind about helping her with the story and then she thanks her for the glass of water and leaves the house.

(Carly’s house) Jack and Carly are upset with Parker because his therapist called them to let them know that he didn’t go to therapy today. Carly and Jack make it clear to Parker that they understand his feelings but he can stop living his life just because Liberty is sick. Parker tells them that Liberty told him the same thing but he is wiling to make any sacrifice to help Liberty through this crisis. Carly and Jack tell Parker they won’t let him do it and they make him promise that he will do his schoolwork and go to therapy. Parker wonders how they are allowed to sacrifice their happiness because he knows they want to be together but they are holding back because of Liberty’s illness. Jack explains that adults often have to make sacrifices because it is the right thing to do and Parker tells them that just because he is a teenager it doesn’t mean that he isn’t allowed to make sacrifices for the things that are most important to him like Liberty. Parker storms upstairs and Jack tells Carly that their son is way too smart for his own good. Jack tells Carly that she was right they can’t keep seeing each other it is just too hard so they both agree if they have something to talk about they will do it by phone or e-mail because it will be easier for both off them. Jack and Carly say good-bye and they both try really hard to keep their emotions inside but Carly and Jack both cry a little once Jack is out the door of the house.

(Metro) Dusty tells Janet he went to Melrose Park New York to talk to her father about Liberty but he doesn’t think he was able to persuade him to have the test done. Janet tells Dusty he had no right to interfere in her family situation. Rocco calls Janet and tells her that Dusty came by to see him and that he seems to care about her very much. Janet cries when she hears her father say that he and her mother got tested for a possible bone marrow match for Liberty. Rocco holds back tears as he tells Janet he will let her know when he gets the results. Janet tells her father to say hi to her mom for her and then her father quickly hangs up the phone.

(TV Station) Molly looks at the picture of Damian and Lily and notices Damian’s ring with the Grimaldi crest on it and makes a call to one of the researchers at the station and asks if they can find someone who can make a copy of a ring quickly.

(Lily’s house) Ethan wants to know where Damian is and Holden tells him that Damian went back to Malta because of business and he isn’t coming back to Oakdale. Ethan goes to his room to play and Lily tells Holden that she hated lying to Ethan but Holden says it wasn’t a lie because Damian is gone and he won’t be coming back to Oakdale. Lily wants Holden to tell her what happened to Damian and he tells her that he wishes that she could trust him when he says that Damian isn’t coming back to Oakdale and let this go.

(Farm) Molly is glad that Holden didn’t go to the police and assures him that something will turn up soon to give Lily closure about Damian.

(Lily’s house) Lily gets a package with Damian’s ring inside it and a note from Damian saying that he will always love her but he thinks its best if this is good-bye. Lily goes outside and calls Damian’s name but he isn’t there and the strange note from him confuses Lily.

(Police Station) One of Margo’s men calls her to say that they just received a fax saying that they found a body in the water off the coast of Malta and they have positively identified it as Damian.

(Metro) Dusty apologizes to Janet for interfering in her family and she apologizes to him for being mad at him because whatever he told her father worked and he and her mother both had the tests done. Janet thanks Dusty for everything he has done for her because he has been a better friend to her then she deserves. Dusty tells Janet that isn’t true and Janet and Dusty kiss just as Carly walks in the door and stands there watching them in shock.

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