ATWT Update Tuesday 2/16/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/16/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(All Angels Church) Casey doesn’t believe what Mick as “James” tells him and asks him to say it again so he does but Casey defends Alison and tells “James” that Alison would never sleep with him because she doesn’t love him.

(Outside the Church) Margo calls the State police to tell them that Mick demanded that there be no cops or he would kill a hostage. The state police tell Margo that SWAT is already on its way because that is procedure and she is too close to the situation to think clearly. Margo ask the state police to tell SWAT not to use their sirens or anything to alert Mick as to their presence or she will shoot them herself.

(Inside the Church) Mick demands that Alison go stand next to Casey since they were briefly married but she divorced him because she didn’t want to have children with him. “James” then reminds Emily that she had her tubes tied and regretted her decision and she became desperate to have a child she bought his con about the secret serum. Emily tells “James” that her divorce from Casey wasn’t his fault she wanted the divorce not him. Emily also tells “James” that if he wanted to embarrass her he succeeded and Casey tells “James” to stop hurting Emily because their past has nothing to do with the present. “James” asks Emily if she and Emily are close and confide in each other Emily says yes and Alison tells Mick to stop and she tells Casey that she did sleep with Mick Casey is stunned and very hurt to hear the words from Alison.

(Outside the church) Margo is furious because Mick is ignoring her calls and wonders if Mick and Alison have some sort of connection because it doesn’t make sense that Mick would choose Alison’s wedding to take hostages.

(Inside the Church) Casey still refuses to believe what Alison is saying and thinks she is just saying these things because Mick has a gun and she is scared of him. Alison tearfully tells Casey she isn’t scared of Mick and she did sleep with him although she still doesn’t understand why she slept with Mick. Casey thinks Mick forced Alison and goes after Mick when he suggests that Alison enjoyed being with him. Alison tells Casey that Mick didn’t force her to do anything and she apologizes to Casey for the pain she is causing him. Casey goes after Mick and they struggle for the gun and a shot is fired and Margo who is right outside the closed church doors wonders who has been shot. Mick tells her nobody was hurt because he missed and Margo asks to talk to Casey. Casey who is sitting on the floor beside Alison tells Margo that he is okay. Alison pleads for the real Mick to come out and not allow James personality to control him and she asks Mick to let everyone go and she will leave with him. “James” orders Henry to tie Casey and Alison together because they need to talk about their problems. Alison calls Emily “Emmy” and tells her to do what Mick says so that he will let everyone go. “James takes Casey and Alison to the bell tower and sits them in chairs with their backs to each other. Casey tells “”James” that he hopes they shoot him and “James” is about to leave but Alison pleads with him to stay and tells him once again she will go away with him if he will let everyone go.

Emily tells everyone through tears that Alison called her Emmy which was the name she called her when she was little and scared. Emily thinks that Alison was trying to tell Emily to help everyone escape. Henry, Barbara and Paul all decide that they should try to escape but Emily doesn’t want to leave her sister alone. Paul tells Emily that they should try and leave so they can tell Margo how to help get Alison and Casey out. Emily helps Paul get to the door but when everyone gets there they discover the doors are locked so they tells Margo Alison is trying to stall Mick and they don’t know how long they have to get away from Mick. Margo says she needs a battering ram to open the door. “James” knows very well that Alison is trying to stall him so he cocks his gun and goes back down to the church because he thinks that Casey and Alison should be alone to talk. Casey cries and tells Alison that he was trying so hard to become a better man so he could be worthy of her and it turns out that he could have saved himself the trouble. Casey tells Alison he should have known better because she slept with Chris the day she was supposed to marry Aaron. Casey wishes he could see her face right now when he tells her that he never wants to see her again. Alison gets free of the ropes since Henry didn’t tie them tightly so that Casey and Alison can free themselves. Alison wants to stop Mick and Casey tells her that he knows a way out and they should go and tell the police how to save the others. Alison tells Casey that she is going to stop Mick and if he wants to go after her he should remember she slept with Mick.

Mick arrives down at the church and puts a gun to Emily and tells Margo that he is back he takes Emily to the aisle of the church as she continues to cry. “James” tells Paul that if he loves Emily so much he should beg for her life. Emily tells Paul not to do it because he hates Mick but Paul tells her that he loves her more. Paul painfully gets on his knees and pleads for “James” to let Emily go. Barbara tells “James” to stop torturing Paul and “James” tells Barbara that Paul never learned to be a man because she always stepped in and helped him anytime he had a problem. “James” tells Barbara that he molded her and brought out what was beautiful in her and now she has become so pathetic in her need to feel younger that she dated a man young enough to be her son. “James” tells Barbara that Henry only used her because he wanted her money and Henry says he was guilty of that but he deeply regrets his actions. Henry tells “James” that Barbara is brave and beautiful and he never appreciated her. Henry tells “James” to let everyone go because they all have families and he won’t have anyone crying for him if he dies so he will stay and be his hostage. Henry tries to grab Mick’s gun but Mick hits him with the gun knocking him to the floor. Barbara tells “James” that if she dies she will at least know that she has been with a ma ten times better then him. “James” asks Paul to keep begging for Emily’s life but Paul decides not to do it again because his father’s wicked legacy can’t hurt him anymore because he has something much more powerful then that Emily’s love. Mick gets ready to shoot Paul but Alison tells Mick that if he becomes the real Mick and fights James control she is ready to go away with him.

Mick gets a nosebleed and tells Alison to take his hand and they leave the church together Casey runs after them to make sure that Alison doesn’t get hurt.

(Outside the church) Tom and Margo remember that there is a tunnel connecting the part of the church that has classrooms to the sanctuary so Margo and Tom go in through there to get everyone out. Margo gets her gun ready to shoot but everyone tells her that Mick left with Alison and Casey went after them. Tom helps everyone get out and Paul and Emily wait for the ambulance to take him to the hospital. Margo tells Tom she has a hunch about where Mick might have taken Alison and she will call if she needs back up.

(In the street) Mick who is he now tells Alison that he is glad she stopped him from hurting everyone and he apologizes to her for everything he said and did inside the church. Mick doesn’t apologize for stopping the wedding and tells Alison that he loves her and they can be together and go somewhere and start a new life. Casey arrives and Mick points his gun at him but Alison gets in front of Casey and tells Mick he will have to shoot her first before he shoots Casey. Margo tells Mick to put his gun down so Mick puts his gun down and says good-bye to Alison and runs into the street. A blue van runs over Mick and Alison sobs as she watches the scene.

(Hospital) Paul tells Emily he will do his best to make sure she has the child she always wanted but Emily tells Paul that today she realized that they only need each other to be happy.

(Lakeview) Henry tells Barbara that he realizes she truly cares about him because she gave him a look when he told Mick nobody would weep for him. Barbara tells Henry she thought that Katie would cry for him. Henry tells Barbara that Katie doesn’t have romantic feelings for him and she probably will never have those feelings for him. Barbara advises Henry to find a woman with more insight then Katie and more staying power then Vienna. Barbara tells Henry that she isn’t right for him because she is older then him. Henry sits down on the bed with Barbara and gives her a massage to relax her and he says they can think about the rest later.

(Hospital) The doctor tells Alison that it doesn’t look good for Mick because he has too many internal injuries Casey tells Margo and Tom Alison admitted to him that she slept with Mick and all he wants to do now is go home and get out of his suit and try to forget about this day. Margo tells Casey she has to check on Mick’s condition so Casey says he will wait in the car. Casey walks by Alison in the hallway because she is watching Mick through the window. Casey gives Alison a look of anger and hurt as he walks away and Alison is hurting as well as she watches Casey walk away.

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