ATWT Update Monday 2/15/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/15/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Margo is helping Tom with his bow tie. She is nervous, as she struggles. She wonders if she should have had them postpone the wedding because of Mick. Tom doesn’t think she should worry about anything besides the wedding. She should have at least told Casey that he escaped. He thinks that Casey wouldn’t let anything deter him from marrying the woman he loves.

At Fairwinds, Paul is getting ready for the wedding when a concerned Barbara comes in wondering where Mick is. He can’t bother them anymore, Paul responds, as Barbara immediately worries about what he did to him. Did he, as her voice trails off. No, but he wanted to. Why is she on Mick’s side. She is on his side always. She doesn’t want him worrying he killed his father. His father is dead. DNA tests results can be messed with. Paul wants to only focus on Emily’s sister wedding. He doesn’t think she should be going either.

At the hospital, Kim wants Bob to finish up so they can get on their way to the wedding. He has a few more patients, as Dr. Oliver walks up and tells him that he has one less because he strangled the patient in 402. Bob explains that she had a lot of questions because she was looking for reassurance. So, he assigned the patient to him; how advanced is his dementia. How dare he talk to him like that, Kim snaps. Bob smirks; he is going to send them right into court by diagnosing a healthy person, namely Henry Coleman, with TB. He heard about that… he needed a time out. Doctors don’t use the hospital to settle personal differences, Bob reminds him. Dr. Oliver snidely answers that is why he got into this business, as Kim thinks that is probably right.

At home, Katie is getting dressed up for the wedding, as Henry is annoyed that she is laughing at the fact that Dr. Oliver put him in quarantine. She thinks it is funny he jumped out of the window in the hospital gown. What did he do to tick him off. He may have hired a PI in Texas to look into his past. Why is he obsessed with him, Katie asks. He is trying to protect her.

Downtown, Emily sees Paul, as she is leaving Fashions with Allison’s wedding gown. Does she regret the fact they didn’t have an extravagant wedding, Paul wonders. No, she just wanted to be married to him. He wanted to apologize because Mick Dante isn’t worth anything and he will forget it.

At home, Casey is getting ready, as Margo is taking pictures. They did hire a wedding photographer Casey teases her. Casey wonders if they have any advice. Don’t screw up, and if he does, don’t blame them, as they all laugh. Then, they take a picture of the three of them with the self-timer.

At the church, Allison is walking around looking pensive. She looks at the wedding program. Suddenly, Mick is there, as she is surprised because she thought he was leaving town. He answers that a bride is not supposed to be alone on her wedding day. Besides, he is there to congratulate her. She thought he was going to break this hold over James. Why is he really here. Mick isn’t here, Mick says with a different sound to his voice. Allison has a realization… James, she asks. Yes, Ms. Stewart, he answers; he has a few scores to settle, as he takes out a gun; his voice has a more refined tone to it now. What is he doing. Taking control of her wedding; she will thank him for getting her out of this later. She knows Mick is in there and fighting. Don’t waste her breath; he is in control, Mick as James answers. He hears a car pull up. She will get rid of them. Mick may fall for that, but he isn’t him. She can go wait for her in the bell tower. She better not double cross him, as he walks off. Emily walks in, as a worried Allison wonders where Paul is. He is coming in a moment. She wants her to keep him away. Why. Mick is here and he has a gun.

Margo sits down next to Casey on the couch and asks him if he is alright. He just hopes that he and Allison can have as strong a marriage as she and his dad have. They will be fine, a smiling Margo assures him. Tom adds joking that if he doesn’t, then his bride will make his life a living hell. There is a call on Margo’s phone; it is Emily; she explains that they are at the church and Mick is there with a gun. Margo wants them to get away from there immediately because she is on her way. Emily explains that Allison thinks she can talk him down. Absolutely not; they are on their way. She hangs up, as Casey and Tom wonder what is going on; she explains it was Emily. Casey worries what is wrong because she is supposed to be at the church with Allison.

Bob reminds Dr. Oliver that he is supposed to adhere to the rules he was given when he was allowed temporary privileges. He is here because ‘the rich boy wanted him to take care of his boyfriend.’ Bob doesn’t care; he tells Dr. Oliver to handle a patient in 406 that has a cyst that needs draining. No way. That is an order. He is using the hospital to settle personal differences, Dr. Oliver remarks. Maybe, but where could he have learned that from, Bob answers with a slight smile before he and Kim walks off.

Katie explains to Henry that she doesn’t need his protection; Reid is a friend. He is here, he pays his rent on time and it is good to have a doctor in the house with a new baby. What kind of doctor quarantines a healthy man. Someone who is annoyed with him as she is. She wants him to go. What about the wedding. She doesn’t want to go with him, as she shoves a pleading Henry out the door.

Allison comes into the tower, as Mick is surprised she came. She promised she would. Mick may have trusted her, but he doesn’t. She didn’t break her engagement to Casey like Mick thought she would; she wants it all – the respectability of the Hughes family on one side and her boy toy on the other side. That is not true, Allison answers. She never lied to Mick about her feelings. He doesn’t care about her feelings. Mick did because he was sensitive. Mick adds that he was weak and that is why he lost. She tells Mick that she knows he is in there; if he stops, then she will go away with him. Even Mick doesn’t believe that. She doesn’t want to marry Casey; she doesn’t love Casey; she wants to be with him. She wants to help Mick break the hold he has on him. Why should he believe him. She has never lied to him. She kisses him, as Mick pushes her away. She may have swayed Mick, but he isn’t. Suddenly, Margo and a few officers barge in with guns drawn ordering him to put down the gun. They handcuff him, as Mick quietly tells Allison that she sold him out and he won’t forget that.

Outside the church, Paul sees a police officer and wants to get inside because his wife is in there, as Emily rushes out and into his arms. She tells him that Mick is there with a gun. He will kill him. Emily stops him; he is being arrested and it is over. Inside, Margo brings Mick downstairs, as Casey and Tom are waiting anxiously. Casey rushes over to Allison, who hugs him and tells him that she is ok. Margo is about to take Mick out when Emily and Paul walk in, as Mick greets him as his son; he tells him that he forgives him, as Paul scoffs at the idea of Mick calling him son. After Margo leads Mick out, Casey wonders what he was doing there. Paul is sure that he was looking for him since he had a gun; he is mad because he won’t fall for his scam. Allison thinks that Mick just needs some help, as Casey rolls his eyes and looks at her in disbelief, as Paul tells her that he needs to be pushed off a big cliff. Allison explains that Mick was brain washed by James; he is trying to fight it but he can’t right now. Casey wonders annoyed how she knows this. He just told her now. She believes him, Casey asks unbelieving. Tom thinks they should leave this all to the professionals. They have a wedding here today, as Casey thinks they should wait. Allison wonders why. She doesn’t want to wait; she wants to be married to him today; she just needs to put her dress on, as they hug. Outside, Margo has Mick put in a car. The officer wonders if she is coming. This creep is not going to keep her from her son’s wedding. As they are driving away, the officer addresses Mick and tells him that he hopes he had fun while he still can. The name is Stenbeck... James Stenbeck, Mick answers, as they drive away.

Back inside the church, Emily wonders if Paul is ok. He is fine. She is going to help Allison get dressed. It is over, Emily tells him. He hopes she is right. Susan comes in wondering about the police car she thought she just passed. Emily tells her that she will explain, but they have to help Allison get dressed, as they all walk off and Paul mumbles again about hoping Emily is right about it being over.

At Barbara’s room, Henry knocks and Barbara opens the door in her robe. Is this the look she is going for. She doesn’t know what he means, a preoccupied Barbara answers. The wedding. She is not going because Paul doesn't want her there. He does. She thought he was going with Katie. Not anymore. Even if she wanted to be his rebound date, Paul blames her for all that happened with James. She means with Mick, Henry corrects. If she wants to go, she should. He wants to go and he doesn’t have a date so they should go and prove everyone they have nothing to be ashamed of. Barbara agrees.

Katie is eating ice cream on her couch, as Dr. Oliver is smiling that she broke her date to defend his honor. He already got Henry back. She knows and it wasn’t very nice. Where did she get the idea that he does nice. They stare at one another and then he tells her that now he supposes he owes her. He takes the ice cream away, as Katie wants it back. She is inhaling it; she has to have room for cake. Why. He is taking her. It will be fun. Where would he get the idea he does fun, Katie teases. The groom is Bob’s grandson; if he plays nice then maybe he will give the draining cyst to someone else, as he walks off with the ice cream eating it. Katie tells him that Bob won’t be fooled with sucking up. He can fake sincerity with no problem.

Barbara comes out of the room, as Henry’s mouth drops open; she looks incredible. He can’t believe she did that, as they joke in 4 ½ minutes – a new record. Barbara almost seems to blush, as Henry gives her more compliments. There is one catch. Henry thinks that the only reason she would be considering not going to this wedding anymore is because she knows that she will be upstaging the bride. Barbara smiles appreciatively. Noone is going to be looking at Allison when she looks like this. She was going to ask him to zip her up, as Henry does. They both seem to be fighting their attraction. What does he think Katie will say. It isn’t about her. He was supposed to be going with her so she thinks it is. She decided she didn’t want to go with him though. Younger women make foolish choices, Barbara answers. He likes how she thinks. With age comes wisdom. Maybe she sees something in him that Katie doesn’t. If she does, then it is Katie’s loss. Henry smiles and escorts her out of the room.

Allison is getting dressed in her wedding dress, as Emily and Susan compliment her. Margo comes in, as Allison wonders where Mick is. He is on his way to the station. Allison is glad because the only thing on their mind is Casey. This is the happiest day of her life, Allison tries to answer sounding confident.

Lisa walks over to Bob and Kim and tells them that she heard something about an arrest. Kim hadn’t heard anything; she should call the studio, but Tom and Casey walk over and Tom takes the phone and reminds her that she is not working today. They talk about how Nancy is still fighting her cold and they joke about making her watch the wedding video and see all the photos twice. Kim asks about the police being there, as Tom speaks generally about a disturbance before they got there. All is ok now, as they say they have to go get this started. Bob and Kim got to take their seats when Kim comments under her breath about look who is here, as Katie and Dr, Oliver walk towards them. Bob tells him that he is surprised to see him there. Dr., Oliver congratulates them both and then tells them that he figures since he is going to be working at the hospital then he thought he should make more of an effort to become a part of the community. Kim doesn’t censor herself when she answers bluntly why, as Bob looks a bit surprised as he glosses over it and tells Dr. Oliver that is a good idea; he is glad he came. Katie and Dr. Oliver walk off and Bob jokes about what a cyst can do for him. Dr. Oliver asks Katie if she thinks they bought it. Katie is about to answer when she sees Henry and Barbara. Henry addresses them cordially and Katie says hi to Barbara who returns the hello. Katie introduces Dr. Oliver to Barbara and then he asks Henry if he is recovering. Henry just stares and Barbara thinks they should sit. As they are walking away, Henry snarls about how he can’t believe she is there with him and Katie snarls about Henry being here with her. Dr. Oliver wonders sarcastically if they are having fun yet. They all sit, the music starts and the minister walks to the front where Casey and Tom are waiting. Allison appears in the back of the church and starts to walk toward the front, as they stare at one another as she does.

Mick is in the back of the car when he pretends to start having a problem with his head; he pretends to be in excruciating pain when the officer goes to help him, Mick renders him unconscious, uncuffs himself and then cuffs the officer and leaves him in the backseat. He takes the officer’s gun from him and walks away.

The minister tells everyone that Casey and Allison are going to say their own vows; Casey starts about how Allison makes him a better person; he loves her sense of humor, strength, courage, fairness and honesty. She doesn’t lie or ever hurt people, as Allison starts to tear up and look guilty. Casey finishes and Allison starts; she made some mistakes and he is sweet to say she has never hurt anyone, but that is whom he is; he sees the best in her always. He is understanding, forgiving, never judges and always has accepted her. Starting today, she will try to make him happy for the rest of their lives. Margo looks down at her phone and tells an amazed Tom that she will be back, as she quietly rushes out of the church. Emily and Paul stand, as they say they are going to recite from Shakespeare’s true love sonnet. Paul starts to read, but a moment later, a gun shot rings out and Paul falls to the ground. Everyone screams, as Emily races to him and Casey protectively hugs Alison. Mick is standing there in the back reciting the rest of the words. Everyone looks horrified, as Mick finishes and then declares that he loves Shakespeare. People rush to tend to Paul; Dr. Oliver tells Bob that the wound is in the upper leg, as they use a belt to tie it off. Barbara rushes up to Mick; what is he doing; he shot his own son. He knows and it felt good, as he aims the gun in the air and fires it again. Lisa uses her cell phone secretly, but Mick addresses her and tells her to put away her cell phone. He wants all phones; anyone who tries to call will wind up in the mortuary. Henry and Katie try to open the doors in the back of the church, as Mick tells him that his ‘son #2’ isn’t going anywhere. Allison tries to reach Mick when she addresses him. Mick tells her that he wants her to stay where she is. Casey pulls her back. Bob explains that they need to get him to a hospital. Barbara assures them that he will be ok because he won’t let Paul die. Not even James would let his son die, Barbara says. Mick tells her too bad she thinks that; why else would he be there, as Barbara stares at him shocked.

Outside, Margo is running to the police car, as the officer inside is just starting to come around in the backseat. Margo wonders where Mick is. Where is his weapon, she asks when she sees it gone. She realizes what has happened. Call for backup and meet her at the church, she tells the officer.

Paul gets up, as everyone thinks he needs to stay down. Paul wonders what his dad wants. He thought he didn’t believe him, Mick says. Paul thinks he should let everyone else go and they can talk. So thoughtful – a foolish sentiment he must have inherited from his mother. He needs to let everyone else go. Emily tells Paul she isn’t going anywhere. Done in by a woman again; how does it feel to where the dress, Mick answers. Emily orders him to go to hell. Careful because they are in the House of the Lord. Paul wonders what he wants. Payback for everyone who betrayed him and he means everyone, as he looks at Allison, who looks a bit shaken now. Dr, Oliver thinks they should lie Paul down, as Mick gets a phone call. It is Margo; Mick has left the building, he answers coldly. What does he want Mick, Margo asks. He wants the respect he earned over the years. Fine, James, if he unlocks the door, she won’t add any additional charges. He has the hostages, which means he has the upper hand. If he sees any police outside the window, then he will start killing hostages. She tells him that he doesn’t want this going down like that. If she makes a move to come in here then he will kill more until there are none left. He is in a room with a bunch of hypocrites that act as if he is only criminal in Oakdale, as his voice rises higher and higher until he slams the phone shut. Bob wants him to let the women go. Kim says she is fine; she isn’t going anywhere without him. Mick thinks they are all full of spirit. Casey tells him that he doesn’t need them. Mick snarls for him to tell him what he needs. Paul pleads with him to let everyone go. Noone is leaving unless there is a bullet in them himself. Suddenly, Bob collapses, as Tom and Dr. Oliver try to help him and Kim is distraught, as she goes for him. Dr. Oliver is checking on Bob, as Kim cradles him in her arms. Dr. Oliver tells Kim that he is having a stroke, as Tom wants Mick to let him go. Mick tells Tom that he is acting like he doesn’t know him. Allison steps in and reminds Mick that Bob never did anything to him, but Mick answers that he never accepted him and she knows what that is like. He needs to let him go; he doesn’t need everyone, Allison answers. Mick thinks she might be right, as he points to certain people and tells them they can leave. Tom tells him that he isn’t leaving. Yes he is, Mick answers. Casey walks over to him and reminds his father that he can tell mom what is going on in here. What about Bob, Kim asks. He can go, a stressed out Mick answers. Emily asks about Paul. Is she kidding; he is the guest of honor. Dr. Oliver tells Susan to go with Bob. She is going to look after Paul. He can do that, as Allison answers that she can. He wants Casey to go, but Allison is staying, as Mick thinks Casey is so loyal, as he eyes Allison. Susan doesn’t want to leave Allison with Mick. Casey promises to look after her. Allison wants her to look after Bob. Henry, in his own way, demands Katie be released because she has a son who just lost his father, as Mick sarcastically comments about this town always having sob stories. She can go, as Dr. Oliver takes her hand. Henry wants Barbara to be able to go, but Mick tells him that Barbara and he are not going anywhere. Mick then gets on the phone with Margo and tells her that out of the goodness of his heart, he is letting some people that don’t interest him go. She might want to call an ambulance though. Who is hurt. She will find out soon enough. Margo worries about Casey. Tom tells her that he is sorry; Bob declares he is as fit as a fiddle. They all head off while Margo and Tom stay behind. Tom gives her the update about Paul and that he seems focused on him. Mick was going to let Casey go, but he wouldn’t leave. She is surprised he didn’t stay with him. Casey told him that he should help her. He knows she will get them all out. Inside, Mick picks up his phone, as Margo wants Paul. He has used up all his good deeds. He has been shot. He knows because he shot him. He wants her to back off and not to try anymore Cop 101 tricks. What does he want. He wants to spend some time in the ‘loving bosom of his family’. Casey is angry now and tells him that he is tired of his games. He needs to back off, as he lifts the gun and tells him that he is tired of his phony hero act; he might want to think that through, as Allison protectively puts her arms around him. Allison pleads with Mick to put down the gun; he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She is so wrong. Barbara assures him that she will go anywhere with him and make sure he is safe. What makes her think he would want to go anywhere with an old sex kitten like her, Mick asks. Henry wonders if it is necessary. Emily, who is comforting Paul, who is lying in her lap, chimes in that he is the pathetic one; he is nothing but a joke. She should have listened to Paul from the beginning. Maybe she should have but she is too weak and desperate, she would believe in the tooth fairy if she thought it could bring her a baby. Allison pleads with him to stop this. Why. This isn't him; he has been tortured and brainwashed. She knows him. This is his last shot to be the good man he wants to be. Is it that simple. He just needs to hand her the gun.

At the hospital, Susan is checking Kim out, as Kim wants her not to worry. Dr, Oliver thinks she should go check on her daughters. Kim asks Bob how he and Dr. Oliver came up with this scheme. Bob smiles and tells her that he figures he should think about how Dr. Oliver would do, as Dr, Oliver smiles and heads out the door. Outside, Katie walks up to him and he thought she was going home to her son. She wanted to find Susan to hear if there was any news. She is worried about Henry; he is sure that he can take care of himself.

Back at the church, Mick thinks it is a nice try, but Mick is gone. Allison doesn’t believe him. He already wounded Paul, does she want him to kill him, as Emily yells no. She doesn’t believe he will do it because he had the chance already. Mick smirks; the porn queen is going to psycho analyze him now, as Casey steps forward ready to threaten him when Allison holds onto him. Maybe he will just kill Casey instead. No, he won’t. She wants to pick someone else then. She will decide whom he should kill next. A horrified Barbara tells him that he can’t do that. He can make her do anything, as he eyes Allison. What does he want her to say, she asks. How far will he go; how cruel is he. Casey tells him to leave her alone; she is trying to help him. Mick starts to laugh, as Casey wonders what he is doing. Does she want to tell him because she shouldn’t start her marriage off with a lie. Casey wonders what he is talking about. Allison promises that it is nothing. Mick raises his voice as he wonders if she thinks that she can sleep with a guy and that means nothing, as Emily looks down knowing the secret is out and Casey looks at Allison confused, while Allison holds her angry gaze at Mick while she swallows deeply.

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