ATWT Update Friday 2/12/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 2/12/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Casey spends his last day as a single man making a video. He’s a little nervous and he doesn’t know why Alison is marrying him. She’s so awesome and beautiful, but today he is making Alison Stewart his bride. He wants to say a few words for prosperity. He doesn’t know what she is doing right now, but he knows it must be important.

At the bell tower, Mick tells Alison that he can’t explain it, but James is in his head and making him do things to people they love….things that James wants him to do and Mick doesn’t want to, but he can’t control it. James may be dead but when James takes over, Mick Dante is gone. He tries to fight James off, but it’s too hard. He has to do exactly what James says. That’s why he gets the headaches and nosebleeds. He’s like another person. He knew this was coming. It was just a matter of time, and only she can stop it.

At Fairwinds, Emily tells Susan that Paul isn’t there. He went shopping for Alison’s wedding gift. Susan tells Emily that Alison left work early, but ducked out of a shopping trip they were supposed to have and she can not find her. Then she exposes more. Perhaps Emily should brace herself for this – Mick has escaped the hospital and Alison has admitted that they made love. It was almost against her will, but she did it anyway. Emily finds this mind-boggling.

Paul pushes past Barbara in her suite and demands to know where that scientific experiment is. He’s brandishing a gun around and threatening to take care of him. This guy is not James Stenbeck. He’s just some guy that James managed to brainwash. She reminds him again that Mick is really James and his father, but she does not know where he is. Paul says he will shoot her too if he has to. She brought this man back into his life so this time he is going to get rid of him once and for all.

Alison begs Mick to tell her that he knows he is not really James Stenbeck. That man was an evil monster. Mick says that doesn’t matter. James loved him and he loved that man as well. James took him in and treated him like a son. And in return he wanted Mick to come back here and destroy Paul and everyone he cares about. Paul betrayed him, but Alison says that is not true. James actually ruined Paul’s life, over and over again. Mick says James does not have to force him. He doesn’t want to do these things, but he knew it was coming. It was just a matter of time. Mick says this is destiny. He and Alison were meant to be together. She says sleeping with him has made her miserable, not to mention that of the life of her sister. She can not believe him now. She does not believe that James programmed him to destroy his family. He fills her in on his past history of how he met James at one of the lowest points of his life. He had ran away from home and no one cared or tried to find him. James was hiding out in an old cabin and Mick broke in. They ended up hiding out together. James treated him better than anyone ever had and started to call him son. He did whatever James wanted because he grew to love him and wanted to prove himself to James. He didn’t set out to hurt anyone, he just didn’t want to disappoint James. But in the process James took away his ability to think for himself. So then Mick did begin to wonder just how much he owed James.

Casey gets Bob to say a few words on camera. He thinks Casey and Alison are perfect for each other and he wishes them a long and happy life. He tells Casey how nervous he was on his own wedding day to Kim. It’s a huge commitment. He hopes Casey doesn’t have doubts.

At the hospital, Henry rants at the orderly to take off that mask; he does not have tuberculosis. Margo calls and he spills to her that she has to help him; he is being held against his will. He feigns coughing and pulls the mask off the orderly. He runs out the door and Henry is right behind.

Paul pulls the gun on Barbara and slams her up against the wall. He asks her again where Mick is. She takes Paul seriously this time that he will kill her too in he process so she tells him that Mick likes the old bell tower at the Old Angel Church so she figures that is where he might go. He lets her go and warns her that she better not be lying.

Emily tells an astonished Susan that Mick is James. Never mind that James would be twice Mick’s age. He gave himself the same injections he gave Barbara and herself. It saved his life and reversed the aging process. She thinks he is insane, but she did see it for herself. Paul plucked some hairs out of Mick’s head and ran a DNA tests and it was almost an exact match to James. Maybe there was a mix up in the lab, but whatever this Mick is dangerous. He has a way of getting into your head and making you believe him. They need to get to Alison. They go to the Hughes and Casey tells them that Alison is not there.

Mick explains how James would talk to him and he had this device in his hands and he shone a light in his eyes. Clearly he was being brainwashed. And later he would have these thoughts in his head that he knew were not his. Alison tells him that he needs to turn himself him and be deprogrammed. He hears a noise and grabs Alison and says they are not going anywhere.

Casey tells Bob that he has no doubts about Alison at all, but he does have doubts about himself. He wants his marriage to her to be as strong as Kim and Bob and Tom and Margo. Bob says he has what it takes. Sure he has to work at it. He can’t take it for granted. Emily and Susan show up and Casey tells them that Alison is not there. Bob suggests the ladies stay and have a few words for the camera while they wait for Alison.

Mick grabs Alison and tells her that he is not turning himself in. He is not going to prison. She assures him that she will not turn him in, but he needs help and she just wants to make sure that he gets it. She can tell Margo and makes sure that she knows all of this is not Mick’s fault. He knows he has done wrong and doesn’t believe Margo will just let him go, and then he will lose Alison too. She says he never had her to lose. He declares otherwise; they made love. She admits they did, but then she went home to Casey. Alison tells Mick that she wants to be home with Casey right now. He points out that she has had every chance to leave and didn’t……. so on some level she must want to be with Mick. Paul makes a ton of noise as he comes through the door and shouts out Mick’s name; he’s coming for him. Alison rushes down the stairs and confronts Paul. She sees the gun and asks his intentions. He inquires if Mick is upstairs. She stalls as long as she can. She tells him she is a little spooked himself, but Mick is gone and won’t hurt anyone else again. She returns to Mick and he says he knows she lied for him and they both know why.

Barbara opens her door to find Henry standing there in his hospital gown. He tells her that he is freezing to death; he needs to come in. Henry assures her that he is not sick even though he was in quarantine. He only came here to warn her about Mick. He’s not playing with a full deck. He’s flabbergasted when Barbara tells that she already knows. Mick is really James, his dad. He’s back because he wants to make it up to him and Paul. Henry thinks it is ridiculous that she fell for this and really believes what she is saying. So she wanted to be young too and that is the reason she let Mick treat her. He can’t believe she would do that. She said she did it for herself, but she also did it for Henry.

Alison tells Mick that he has to get away. Paul will keep looking for him until he finds him and kills him. He doesn’t care about Paul. He only cares that Alison is on his side. She tells him that he has to reverse this aging process otherwise he will be a danger to everyone. He tells her that he is fighting it. She says that is not good enough. He says he does not want someone to be picking through his head. He declares he only wants her and he won’t hurt her. She says she can not hide him from Paul forever, but she also can not walk away. But he’s saying he is here to destroy her sister’s family and she can’t let that happen. She asks what she can do and he suggests that she go away with him. They can go anyplace in the world that she wants to go.

Alison says she can not go away with him. She can not fight James Stenbeck. Mick says she does not love Casey. She is in love with the entire family and thinks this gives her respect and is the right thing to do. That is different than being in love. He reminds her that she made love to him; she wants to be with him. He swears that he will not leave without her. Frantically she tells him that she never wants to see him again. Suddenly she kisses him and tells him it is over and rushes out.

Barbara explains to Henry that they got off to a rocky start. He was using her and she was using him and she is not as sorry as he is about that as they had some lovely times. He laments that with all due respect Vienna left him because of their times together so he doesn’t look back on that quite as fondly as she does.

Henry says Barbara is a very attractive woman so she didn’t need him to prove that. She said she did. She explains that she was in a very vulnerable place after she was diagnosed with cancer. And then Henry came along and made her see that life wasn’t over. She admits she felt old and despite Henry’s faults he was alive. He wants to know what faults and she rattles them off – selfish and petty. He denies that he is petty. Why he just streaked through Old Town to see her. She says she knows; that is why she says he is so alive. She knew she could not compete with Vienna or Katie. He understands…..then along came Mick and his scam with fountain of youth. He thinks Barbara is a very attractive, sexy woman so she doesn’t need the treatments.

Emily returns home and sees Paul with the gun. He tells her he came from the church but Mick can not run and hide from him forever. James is legally dead so he can shoot him now and not be charged. Emily reminds him that he still will be shooting someone. She warns him that if he leaves with that gun, she will not be there when he returns. She begs him to give her the gun and not make her go to this wedding today by herself. When he does, she puts it in the safe. She kisses him and says she believes in them and yes they can go to the wedding as if nothing has happened.

Alison returns to the Hughes and tries to convince Casey that all is okay. She loves him so much and just wants to get married. Mick watches through the windows. He starts the nosebleed and makes a loud noise when he leaves. Alison asks Casey not to look but he does anyway, but finds nothing. As they kiss, she reminds him they are going to wait one more day to be intimate. She can’t wait.

Henry gives Barbara a kiss on the cheek and says he will see her. She asks if he would like to go to the wedding with her, but he’s committed to go with Katie. He warns her to try and not outshine the bride.

In the bell tower, Mick fights against James’s influence, talking to himself, James against Mick. James’s voice says all of them will be at the wedding together and Mick is now James Stenbeck and needs to make them suffer. Mick keeps repeating that he is not James, he is Mick Dante. Finally he wipes the blood from his nose and declares that he is James Stenbeck.

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