ATWT Update Thursday 2/11/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/11/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Farm) Jack comes downstairs to find Janet with her head on the kitchen table asleep because she fell asleep reading a book. Jack puts a blanket over Janet and leaves but Janet awakens when she hears the car drive away. Janet goes to the kitchen door and calls Jack’s name several times but the car has already driven away.

(Metro) Carly waits for a potential investor but when he doesn’t come she suspects the client stood her up or she wrote the wrong date in her book. Terri offers her a cup of coffee but Carly tells her coffee won’t solve her problems. Carly shows Terri some designs that Liberty helped her with and tells her Liberty has real talent. Carly also tells Terri she went to get tested for a possible bone marrow match for Liberty. Terri thanks Carly for being so supportive to Liberty and distracting her during her first chemotherapy treatment. Carly tells Terri that she doesn’t think it will be a good idea for Liberty to have too much support from her since she has a lot of people that love her.

(Hospital) Janet arrives to get tested for a possible bone marrow match for Liberty and when she asks the nurse where she should go she is surprised to find Dusty is also getting the test done.

(Fairwinds) Paul opens up the envelope with the DNA results and is a little surprised when the DNA results state that Mick’s DNA matches that of James Stenbeck. Emily asks Paul if he believes the results and he says no he just thinks James found some way to laugh at him from the grave. Paul vows to find a way to stop James latest plan before he can hurt the people that he loves.

(Police Station) Mick tells Margo to ignore the young face and voice and to go with her gut and believe that he is James because she knows its true. Margo tells Mick that she knew James very well and that is why she knows he isn’t James Stenbeck. Mick tells Margo that she has to let him go because she has no proof of the charges against him. Margo tells Mick that she can’t let him go until a judge tells her to let him go. Margo leaves Mick in the interrogation room and goes back to her office. Mick gets a headache and talks to himself as if he has a split personality and tells James to let him go because the only thing he wants is a life with Alison. James takes over again and tells Mick he hasn’t got a chance with Alison because he belongs to him and he has to follow orders.

(Hospital) Casey puts Alison’s engagement ring back on her finger and is worried because she isn’t sleeping and he knows this because he heard her pacing the floor all night. Alison apologizes to Casey for waking him and tells him it’s just a case of bridal jitters. Emily arrives and asks Casey if she can talk to Alison alone about the wedding. Casey goes out in the hallway and Emily shows Alison the DNA results and Alison screams because she is horrified that she could have slept with James Stenbeck even though she doesn’t tell Emily she slept with Mick. Casey comes back in and wonders if anything is wrong and Alison tells Casey she is just upset because Fashions is closing early and she will have to go pick up her wedding dress earlier then she thought Casey believes the lie and leaves the room. Alison tells Emily it doesn’t matter what the tests say Mick can’t possibly be James Stenbeck. Alison thanks Emily for telling her and Emily advises Alison to forget about this mess and concentrate on her wedding to Casey tomorrow. Emily also tells Alison that she shouldn’t blame herself for bringing Mick into their lives because he fooled everyone into believing that he could help them.

(Police Station) Paul bursts in determined to confront Mick about his lies and Margo tells him that she will have to release Mick if he can’t give her solid proof of the fraud and assault and battery and various other charges. Paul tells Margo that he fooled everyone into thinking he had a serum to make them younger and he is claiming to be some one that is dead she shouldn’t need anymore proof. Paul asks Margo if he can talk to Mick but since Paul is very angry Margo wants one of her policeman to be in the room. Mick as James tells Paul that it is about time his son came to see him. Paul yells that he isn’t his son and he won’t stop until he figures out how he pulled off this con job. James tells Paul that he came back because he wanted a chance to have the right kind of relationship with his family. Paul tells Mick that James never knew what it was like to have real love in his life like he does with Emily or Alison has with Casey. Mick hears Alison’s name and turns into Mick and walks toward Paul and Paul warns him that if he disrupts Alison’s wedding tomorrow he will break him in two. Mick turns back into James and asks his son not to leave and Paul angrily reminds him not to call him son. Mick has a severe nosebleed and passes out. Paul thinks it’s an act at first but when he can’t awaken him they call the paramedics and Paul goes with Mick to the hospital.

(Hospital) Janet tells Dusty she has a severe fear of needles but she will overcome it for Liberty’s sake. Dusty tells Janet that he will stay with her and hold her hand and make sure she doesn’t pass out. Dusty tells Janet to look at him and not the needles Janet looks at Dusty and he makes a funny face and sticks his tongue out at her to make her laugh so she doesn’t concentrate on the needle. Dusty also sits with Janet a few minutes and holds her hand in case she gets dizzy. Dusty tells Janet its okay to open her eyes now it’s all over but Janet is afraid to open her eyes because she doesn’t want to get dizzy. Terri arrives and sees Dusty holding Janet’s hand and Janet quickly explains that Dusty was just helping her with her fear of needles. Dusty leaves and Terri confronts Janet about her feelings for Dusty. Janet tells Terri that Dusty is just a great boss and a good friend despite whatever Dusty may have told her about their relationship. Terri tells Janet Dusty didn’t tell her anything about their relationship. Terri wonders if Janet slept with Dusty and since she figured it out already Janet confirms Terri’s suspicions. Janet tells Terri it was only a one-night stand and didn’t mean anything because she is committed to working on her marriage.

(Old Town) Jack walks by the window at Fashions and sees all the hearts and remembers Valentine’s Day so he goes inside the store to buy Janet a dress. Jack explains everything to the sales lady and she suggests he buy Janet lingerie but he thinks a dress would be a better idea. Carly arrives and Jack explains to her that he forgot Valentines Day and he thought he would buy Janet a dress and take her out to dinner to take her mind off her troubles for one night. Carly tells Jack to stop acting like he is cheating on her just because he is buying a dress for his wife. Carly offers to help jack pick out a dress for Janet since she is a designer she can figure out her size by looking at her. Jack and Carly look through the racks at the store and Jack pulls out a sexy nightgown and remembers that Carly wore that nightgown on one of their romantic getaways to Montana. Carly is surprised that Jack could forget Valentine’s Day but he remembers what she wore several years ago in Montana. Jack explains he remembers that because he is a guy he also remembers that Carly didn’t have the nightgown on very long Jack stops himself from finishing his thought and walks out of the store. Carly tells the sales lady to hold a blue dress for Jack because he will be back to buy it in a few minutes. Carly chasers after Jack and he asks her what he is doing and she reminds him that he is doing the right thing because Janet and Liberty need him. Jack wonders what happens after Liberty is cured and thinks it would be selfish to ask Carly to wait on him. Carly tells Jack he would never ask him to wait they sit down on a bench and Carly puts her head on Jack’s shoulder as she and Jack hold hands. Dusty walks by and Carly quickly explains that she was helping Jack pick out a dress for Janet. Jack wishes Carly a happy valentines day and goes back inside Fashions to buy the blue dress for Janet.

(Hospital) Alison tends to Mick and tells Paul to leave them alone but Paul doesn’t want to do that until Alison agrees to let the policeman stay outside the door. Alison tells Mick she doesn’t believe the test results and knows in her heart because of the connection they have that he isn’t James. Alison tells Mick to open his eyes and fight whatever this is that is tearing him up inside. Mick opens his eyes and Alison tells him what happened and that there is policeman guarding the door. Mick asks Alison to ask the policeman to come in and Mick hides and surprises the policeman and chokes him until he passes out. Mick holds out his hand and asks Alison to come with him some place private so they can talk.

(Hughes house) Casey arrives home with some leftover cake that the nurses gave to Alison to celebrate the day before the wedding. Margo tells Casey that Mick has been arrested because he is claiming to be James Stenbeck. . Casey thinks that is crazy because James is dead and Margo would agree except the DNA test say he is James. Margo thinks that Casey should postpone the wedding because Alison is involved with Mick and they should wait to see what happens with the charges against Mick. Casey is hurt because he thinks Margo has been looking for the opportunity to stop the wedding and she has only been acting supportive towards him. Margo tells Casey that she does support him but Casey doesn’t believe her and he screams that he is going to marry Alison tomorrow just like he planned.

(Farm) Janet arrives home and tells Jack she got tested as a possible bone marrow match for Liberty. Jack wonders how Janet handled her fear of needles and Janet says she got past the fear for Liberty’s sake. Jack tells Janet that she should have told him she was going to the hospital because he would have gone with her to hold her hand. Janet worries that she won’t be a bone marrow match for Liberty and that they won’t be able to find a match for Liberty at all. Janet then worries that she has been driving Jack crazy worrying all the time. Jack calms Janet down and gives her the dress he bought her as an early Valentines Day present. Janet wonders how Jack knew her size and jack tells her he just took a lucky guess.

(Al’s Diner) Dusty runs into Carly and they sit and eat together Dusty eats his turkey chili and Carly eats Macaroni and cheese. Dusty and Carly decide not to beat around the bush and they make it clear to each other that for the record they are just friends with Jack and Carly. Dusty thinks that Jack and Carly are lucky to have them as friends to help them through this time of crisis. Carly wonders if Dusty wishes that things could be different between he and Janet and Dusty says never but the audience knows that isn’t really what he wants to say. Dusty asks Carly the same question and she says that she does wish things could be different between her and Jack.

(Fairwinds) Paul tells Emily what happened with Mick at the police station and although he doesn’t believe Mick’s story he feels like James has found a way to hold onto him from the grave. Emily tells Paul that she won’t lose him to the Stenbeck legacy because he has come so far on the road to becoming the kind of man he always wanted to be. Emily gives Paul a kiss and tells him she loves him then Eliza cries and Emily goes to check on her. Paul calls the hospital and finds out Mick has escaped so he takes his gun out of the safe and leaves the house.

(Farm) Janet comes downstairs and Jack thinks she looks beautiful and sexy in the blue dress he bought for her. Jack and Janet kiss for a few minutes and Jack starts to unzip Janet’s dress but she pulls away from him because she isn’t ready to take the next step. Janet tells Jack that maybe she will be ready after they have their valentines dinner she will see how it goes after dinner. Janet is grateful that Jack understands and she goes upstairs to change out of the dress. Janet stands at the top of the stairs and thinks about the time she spent with Dusty earlier at the hospital. Jack stays in the kitchen and thinks of the fun he had with Carly earlier picking out Janet’s gift.

(All Angels Church) Mick explains to Alison that James fixed it so that he could finish the job that he couldn’t finish before he died. Mick tells Alison that James wants him to hurt all the people that Paul cares about and he asks Alison to help keep him from hurting people because she is the only one who can stop him.

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