ATWT Update Tuesday 2/9/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/9/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Farm) Liberty comes downstairs and asks Jack where her mom is and Jack tells Liberty Janet went to the grocery store. Jack offers to make Liberty some of his world famous pancakes but Liberty says she isn’t hungry. Liberty apologizes to Jack for treating him so badly when he first came home she also thanks him for being supportive to Janet and keeping Janet from Falling apart while dealing with her (Liberty’s) cancer diagnosis. Jack tells Liberty that she is his niece and he promises that he will always be there to help her with whatever she needs him to do. Liberty tells Jack she feels tired and goes back upstairs to lay day in her bed. Jack gets a call from Carly who tells him that Parker’s principal called and wants to meet with them. Jack heads over to the high school and Parker sneaks through Liberty’s bedroom window and asks her how she is doing after her treatment. Liberty tells Parker she feels tired and has a bad taste in her mouth from the treatment. Liberty tells Parker that he is going to get in trouble with his parents for skipping school and Parker says he can handle it and Liberty says she must look awful but Parker tells Liberty that she always looks beautiful to him. Liberty asks Parker to move the flowers that Natalie gave her to the other end of the room because the smell of them makes her want to vomit.

(High School) Carly asks Jack how Liberty is doing and he says Liberty is doing as well as can be expected considering the situation. Jack tells Carly Liberty is tired after he first treatment so she is at the farm resting but he left her two phone numbers to call him in case of emergency. Carly wonders how Janet is doing and Jack says that she is scared and quiet but right now she is buying groceries so she can cook to take her mind off everything. Jack tells Carly he can’t make small talk with her but Carly tells him that is all they can do because talking about their feelings for each other hurts too much.

(Grimaldi shipping office) Luke tells a policeman that Damian is missing and asks him to do everything possible to find him. The officer tells Luke that they will do everything they can to find Damian. Luke tells the offer to find his Aunt Meg Snyder because she was one of the last people to see Damian and she might know his whereabouts. The officer wonders if Luke suspects murder but Luke says no he just thinks Meg might know Damian’s whereabouts.

(Java) Molly and Holden try to figure out where Meg may have gone and they have already checked Fairwinds and the stables at the farm but Meg wasn’t there. Holden is worried that Meg may be in danger and is determined to find her before the police catch up to her.

(Lily’s house) Lily comes home from grocery shopping and is stunned to find Meg in the house. Meg tells Lily that she needs her help because she is the only one that she can trust since Damian fooled both of them. Lily tells Meg that Damian is gone and she is safe now so she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore. Lily thinks Meg should ask Holden for help but Meg insists that Holden can’t help her because he doesn’t understand her problem. Lily asks Meg why she should consider helping her since she tried to kill her. Meg explains to Lily that Damian set her up and she was desperate because she didn’t want them to take Eliza away from her. Meg tells Lily that she didn’t poison the wedding cake that it must have been part of Damian’s set up to make her look like she was crazy. Lily trips the silent alarm and Meg hears the sirens and runs away feeling betrayed by Lily.

(Java) Luke tells Holden and Molly she reported Damian’s disappearance to the police because he suspects that Meg had something to do with his disappearance. Luke vows not to stop until he finds out what Happened to Damian. Holden insists that Meg had nothing to do with Damian’s disappearance because Damian got on a ship and left the country. Molly gets a text message from the TV station and has to leave to cover a story.

(High School) The principal tells Jack and Carly that Parker has been skipping his afternoon classes for a few weeks now. The principal wonders if Parker is once again having problems at home. Carly asks the principal if that is his subtle way of asking if she is drinking again. Jack gets angry with the principal and tells Carly that he won’t let a stranger who knows nothing about their family judge her. Jack tells the principal that Carly is a good mother and she has been sober for months. Jack tells the Principal that Parker has been worried because Liberty who is his best friend has cancer. The principal apologizes to Jack because he knew about Liberty’s cancer but he didn’t know Parker was her best friend. Jack reminds the principal to be discrete with the information because Liberty doesn’t want the kids at school to find out she is ill. Carly tells the principal that she and Jack will make sure that Parker catches up on his missed schoolwork.

(Farm) Liberty cries a little and tells Parker that she is scared that she will die and Parker tells her that she won’t die because she is going to fight the cancer and live. Liberty cries and tells Parker how putting poison inside her body is supposed to help her fight the cancer. Parker tells Liberty to think of chemotherapy positively and visualize the medicine as thousands of spaceships going inside her body to zap away the cancer cells. Parker also tells Liberty that he is the one who is driving the spaceships to help cure her of leukemia.

(Java) Holden tells Luke that if the police find Meg and question her about Damian it would upset her and she doesn’t want Meg to be hurt by Damian anymore. Luke says he must find out what happened to his father Holden screams that he is his father not Damian. Luke tells Holden that he will always be his father but he can’t deny that he and Damian also have a connection and he won’t be able to have peace until he finds out what happened to Damian.

(Farm) Carly admits to Jack that she slipped and took a sip of a beer the day that he told her that he had to stay with Janet. Carly explains that she had ordered pizza and six pack of beer for him because she thought that he would be coming home that night after he told Janet that he wanted a divorce. Carly explains to Jack that she went down to the river with the six-pack as a way to say good-bye to him. Carly tells Jack she took a sip of beer and poured the rest out and then she went to a meeting. Jack tells Carly that he is proud of her for stopping herself and starting over even though its hard to start all over from day one. Carly and Jack go upstairs to talk to Parker but they find he and Liberty sleeping and decide not to disturb them.

(Outside Lily’s house) Molly tells Meg to get in her car and they drive into the woods. Molly explains to Meg that her whole family knows what Damian did to her because she and Holden persuaded Grady to tell them everything. Meg still worries that the police won’t believe her and her family still thinks she is crazy. Molly tells Meg that he r family loves her and they only want her to get back on her feet. Meg asks Molly for help but Molly doesn’t want to lie to Holden so Meg gets out of the car and runs into the woods. Molly runs after Meg and explains to her that Meg needs to get well for Eliza’s sake because Eliza misses her mommy. Molly also tells Meg about Liberty’s leukemia and that all the Snyders are getting tested to be possible bone marrow donors in case Liberty needs a bone marrow transplant. Meg is sympathetic and decides to go back to Deer Brook but first she asks Molly to drive her to the hospital so that she can take a bone marrow test to help Liberty.

(Farm) Parker explains to Carly and Jack that he couldn’t stay in school because he has been so worried about Liberty. Parker wonders what will happen if the doctors can’t help Liberty and she dies. Jack and Carly tell Parker they must all think positively and be strong for Liberty’s sake. Parker tells jack and Carly that he can’t imagine his life without Liberty because she is a part of him and he will never feel that way about anyone else. Jack and Carly are both moved to tears by Parker’s feelings for Liberty and they look at each other because they know they feel the same way about each other. Jack and Carly tell Parker they are proud of him and Parker goes upstairs because he doesn’t want Liberty to wake up and be alone. Carly tells Jack that Parker is growing up to be just like him a strong and solid man with a tender heart. Jack tells Carly that Parker is loving and passionate just like her and then they kiss. Carly pulls away from the kiss telling Jack that it can’t happen again because it is wrong since his place is with Janet and Liberty.

Liberty awakens and is surprised that Parker hasn’t left and Parker promises Liberty that he will be there for her whenever she needs him. Liberty says that it could get worse before she gets better she will be vomiting and Parker promises to hold her hair back while she vomits. Liberty cries as she tells Parker she could lose her hair and he tells her in that case he will hold her ears. Liberty puts her head on Parker’s chest and falls asleep.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Holden and Luke that Meg stopped by and she called the police on her because she got scared. Lily tells Holden that Meg ran away before the police arrived but Holden is still angry with her. Luke gets a call from work and Leaves to handle it.

(Grimaldi shipping office) The first mate of one of Damian’s ships tells Luke he saw a badly beaten and bloody man laying on the dock but by the time he went down to help the man the body was gone. The first mate tells Luke that the most logical conclusion is that the body washed out to sea.

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Holden that she thinks Meg had something to do with Damian’s disappearance. Holden yells that Meg had nothing to do with Damian’s disappearance and he wishes everyone would just forget about Damian. Lily wonders if Holden knows something about what happened to Damian that he isn’t telling her.

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