ATWT Update Monday 2/8/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/8/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At the farm, Janet is reading about chemo, as she worries about its effects on the body and it lowering one’s immune system, especially now that it is during flu season. Jack thinks she shouldn’t read anymore because Liberty’s first chemo session is today and she can’t see this. What they are doing will be saving her life. All that matters is that they beat the cancer, as Janet realizes he is right. Liberty comes in and Janet tries to pry her with food, but she isn’t hungry. Jack tells Liberty that he bought her another book in her vampire series. Janet tries to make small talk, as Liberty asks her to just be real.

At home, Carly tries to remind herself to keep it together, as she grabs a bag of items and heads out.

At the hospital, Susan comes in a room to see Allison; is she feeling ok. Allison tries to blow her off; she is fine. Why is she waiting in an exam room. She is waiting for a friend, as Susan pressures her to come clean because she will find out. Allison takes a deep breath and tells her that she is there because she needs the morning after pill, as Susan looks stunned.

At Fairwinds, Barbara pleads with Paul to hear what she said, as Paul is too focused on his death grip on Mick’s throat, as he has him pressed up against the wall staring daggers at him. He is his father, Barbara tells him, as Paul backs off. Is she joking, as Mick tells him that it is true. This is insane and desperate, Paul snarls. This is the best he can come up with; his father is dead. He discovered treatments to reverse the aging process. Paul is livid; this is his scam – pretending to be a man who is dead… who deserves to be dead. He wants to rectify that; he came back to make up for his past evil deeds. Barbara tells him all his checked out…fingerprints and DNA; he is James. Paul looks back at Emily, who looks dumb founded; does she believe any of this. Not a word. Him either, as Paul punches Mick. Barbara urges him to stop it. Paul grabs Mick and pulls him up; he may have fooled his wife for a bit and is fooling his mother, but this ends with him. Mick wants him to look into his face, past the young face. He is not after his money, Barbara promises. He is a con man, who preyed on his mom’s vanity and on his wife’s desire to get pregnant; he is sick. He doesn’t even look like his father. It is an imperfect process, Mick admits. He is either a liar or insane, but either way he wants him out of his house and away from his family. Barbara wants him to let him prove who he is. He can’t. Mick asks for one chance.

Susan wants to know if she talked with Casey. No. They are getting married. She doesn’t want to talk with him and she wants her to leave it at that. Susan has a revelation; oh no, it wasn’t Casey. Allison takes a breath. Here we go again, Susan says. She made a mistake. It isn’t the first time. She is so glad she is being judgmental right now, Allison snaps. Susan reminds her that she told her she loved Casey and she was ready for a commitment. She was…she is, Allison stammers. Why did she sleep with someone else then. Who was it. It doesn’t matter. It was Mick, Susan says. Why would she say that. Barbara told her something was going on. It was one time. That is all it takes. If this is what she is doing now, then she is not ready to get married.

At the hospital, Janet tries to get Liberty to tell her what designs she likes in the magazine. She is not in the mood right now, as she wants to go to the bathroom. Does she want company. She is fine, as Liberty leaves. Jack walks over and tells her that he wishes he could promise it will get better. Janet doesn’t know what to do because she can’t show her how scared she is, but she is having a hard time doing cheerful too. Jack wants her to do honest; it is ok to be scared.

In the bathroom, Liberty looks and touches her hair and then dries her tears.

Janet just wants to be Liberty’s mother so she should let her. Janet asks Jack not to give up on her. It won’t happen. They hug, as Carly shows up behind them and sees this. She backs away unnoticed. She bumps into Liberty, who wonders what she is doing there. She came by to give her a care package – something to sketch with and other stuff. Liberty is appreciative, but she is going to have to keep that away from her mom. It actually was her idea. Liberty is surprised because she was so against them working together. It will be fun and if something comes of it then who knows. Liberty thanks her. Does she want to stick around. If she wants her to. She really would. Liberty and Carly walk back up to Jack and Janet, as Janet says hello, and Jack says an awkward-trying-to- hide-his-real-feelings hello. Carly explains what she brought Liberty and Liberty mentions to her mom that Carly said it was her idea, as Janet says she is all for what keeps her positive. Liberty asks Carly to stick around, as Carly isn’t sure, but Janet tells Carly that she should. Janet tells her if she needs anything she will be there. Liberty walks back over to her, hugs her and promises that she will be ok. She heads into the room, and Carly goes behind her. Jack asks if she is sure that she is ok with this. Janet answers that it doesn’t matter if she is; all that matters are Liberty’s feelings in this, as she walks over to the room and looks inside through the window.

Inside the room, Liberty is sketching during her treatment. She wants to sketch her prom dress, as Carly thinks that is a great idea. Carly is sitting nearby, as they laugh as they discuss this, and Liberty lifts her arm to describe the flowing fabric she would use, as she hurts her arm where the IV is in it. She wonders if she pulled out the IV. The nurse checks and tells her that she is fine, but she needs to keep that arm still. Carly can see the shift in Liberty’s mood, as she wants her to keep talking about it and the fabrics she may use. Liberty doesn’t know anymore, as she looks depressed now. Carly tries to keep her upbeat and then Liberty tells her that it might not matter because she may not even make it to prom.

Outside, Janet is telling Jack about when Liberty was born and how small she was; she was afraid she would break her. She promised that she would always keep her safe, but she isn’t doing that now. Jack reminds her that Liberty is who she is because of how she raised her. Carly comes out and Janet asks how Liberty is. She is good, but she thinks she needs her mom. Janet rushes in, as Carly and Jack stare at one another.

Susan wants to know what Mick means to her. Allison assumes she is talking about Casey – she loves him. Susan clarifies; she was talking about Mick. Allison answers that he is her friend. A friend with benefits, Susan sarcastically answers, as Allison rolls her eyes. Susan promises to keep quiet now and let her talk. They would meet up and talk; he lived a confused life as her. They connected. Are they kindred spirits. In a way. Did he press her to have sex. It happened; it surprised them both, but she has been thinking, worrying and even dreaming of him recently, as Susan smirks. Allison answers that she doesn’t know how to explain it. It is like when she is with him, it is unreal like it is out of body. Is he giving her pills. No. Is she 100% sure. Yes, why would she even say that. She isn’t convinced he wasn’t the one that caused Emily’s coma. Why would she say that; he brought her out of it. She doesn’t trust him. She is very worried how involved they are. She won’t be sleeping with him again. She doesn’t think she should even see him. She should stay away from him forever. Allison wants to do that and only be with Casey. She should think so because if Casey finds out that she slept with Mick then she will lose him and that would be terrible for her. He won’t find out. She better pray that is true. Susan writes her a prescription for the morning after pill. She should take it and not look back. Her whole life is on the line. If she can’t let go of Mick without a backwards glance then she shouldn’t get married and do that to Casey or to herself.

Mick tells Paul that he came back here for him, but he had to be someone else. He left Oakdale in a coffin. He cheated death, but he is not James. Does he know what it was like to lay on his deathbed and his son wants him to die. What kind of person would have a son that wanted him to die. He had to come back to make up for that. Emily has walked back in the room with an officer this time… she tells him that he tried, he failed, and now his game is over. The officer arrests him, as Barbara is upset Emily called the police. What are the charges, Barbara asks. Fraud, assault impersonating a lunatic, Paul answers icily. Paul wants them to get him out. Barbara pleads with him not to do it. Mick tells Barbara that he has to do what he has to do. Paul stops him, as Mick wonders if he is having second thoughts. No, as Paul grabs Mick’s hair and pulls on it and then tells the police to take him away. Barbara reminds Emily her only chance to get pregnant she just had arrested. It was a scam. Barbara is adamant that it is real and her treatments, as were hers were too. Emily doesn’t want to hear anymore; she has to warn Allison. Barbara wonders what she has to do with this, as Emily reminds her that Allison thinks they are friends. Paul apologizes to Emily; he will pay. He better. Emily leaves, as Paul wonders how long Barbara knew. That he is James, Barbara asks. That he is pretending to be James, Paul answers. A few weeks. He is not James, but he is just as bad. He can’t believe she didn’t tell him about this; he let this freak into his home. Look what he did to Emily and their family; he wants her to give him one reason he shouldn’t throw her in jail next to him.

At Casey’s house, Allison reads a note from Casey about the fact that he is getting fitted for his tux. She looks away guiltily and then pulls the morning after pill out of her purse. There is a knock and Allison puts it away. It is Emily; she has some news that she won’t like. Mick was just arrested. What did he do, Allison worries. He was the one that put her in the coma; he has been lying to them all. Allison smiles disbelieving; that is crazy. Emily cuts her off; he is responsible. The day she blacked out, she found some pictures of Paul from the beginning of his life. He was probably just checking up on him, Allison justifies. That is what Mick said when she confronted him. When was this. The day she blacked out. She pressed him and finally he came clean and admitted that he wasn’t who he said he was. Then suddenly everything went black. Where was this. At the All Angels Church. Allison mutters, 'Oh my god.' She thought it was Mick’s injections and the herbal supplements. No. There is also something else; he is claiming to be James Stenbeck, as Allison is shocked. That is crazy. She isn’t saying it is true… just who he is claiming to be. Maybe he lost his mind. This doesn’t make sense; he is a good person. He is a con man and he fooled them all.

Jack brings Carly a coffee; he thanks her for being there, but admits that it is killing him to see her. Carly doesn’t think talking about it and acknowledging it helps; in fact, it makes it worse. Susan interrupts when she comes over and asks if Liberty is getting her treatments. Yes, she is, but she is a bit scared because it is her first time. She will be praying for her. She doesn't want to bring up anything heavy, but she also wanted to tell them to have family members tested for bone marrow matches. The doctor she is dealing with is great, and chemo will probably do the trick, but if it doesn’t, then they don’t want to be scrambling around at the last minute. It is best to cover all the bases early on. What about a non-family member, Carly asks. Anyone can be a donor. She can get tested and be put on a national registry and if she isn’t a match for Liberty then she could always help someone else. Jack thanks her for the information. Susan hopes they will keep her posted. Jack admits he never thought of a back-up plan. Carly thinks they can get tested right now. She would do that. Is he surprised. No, she never ceases to amaze him. Liberty is amazing, Carly explains, and they can do this together, as she holds out her hand and Jack takes it and they walk off.

Allison and Emily are sitting on the couch, while Allison clutches onto her purse where the pillbox is inside when Emily goes on and tells her that Mick is claiming that the same treatments that he used on her and Barbara, he used on himself and that is why he looks so young. Allison doesn’t understand why he would be saying that. Emily thinks to keep his scam running. None of this is true… the drug treatments or her getting a pregnant. Yes, and she can’t believe it took this long to figure it out. Allison apologizes because she knows how much the treatments meant to her. That is ok because Mick will pay for all of this. Allison quietly apologizes and mumbles about it being all her fault. She brought him to them; she should have figured this out. Why would she know. She was close to him and he told her things…. that he had mixed feelings and he had these conflicting forces within him. Sane and insane, Emily answers half joking. She thought she should know, but she is sorry she dumped this on her. Does she want to go with her back to Fairwinds. Allison tells her that she has some things to do. Emily hugs her; no one blames her, he used them all. After Emily leaves, Allison rushes to her purse, takes out the pill and takes it. She tries to calm herself before she walks out the door.

At the station, Mick is bring fingerprinted when he tells the police officer that they will all be surprised when the prints come back a match and they see who he is; he would like to have his son here when the results come in. The officer walks him into the interrogation room, as Allison walks in the door behind him and stares at him without Mick seeing her.

Jack and Carly come back glad they got tested, but hoping it is not necessary. Jack asks Carly if she is ok; she looks pale. She gets that way when she gives blood. He would like to buy her something to eat. Carly stops him; it is not necessary; she is not his concern, as she starts to walk away, but she gets dizzy and almost passes out, but Jack is there to catch her before she falls, as they both stare at one another.

Barbara admits that she had a hard time accepting this, but she did, Paul finishes her thought. He can accept that James did this as a last laugh from the grave, but it was a mistake to go after him and not someone like Henry, who isn't capable of what he is. This is about starting over a new leave and new possibilities, Barbara explains. How can she be so naive and blind all of the sudden. She is blind to the fact that he lured her in and she fell for it over her desperate need to feel young again. She is younger feeling and the treatments are working, Barbara offers. They didn’t and she isn’t; she is older now then when she met Mick and he is poorer now then when he met Mick. People have told her that they saw a change and even he told her that she looked the different. He was being polite. To him, she looks like a fool and he needs her to get out of his house.

Allison walks in the door and Mick tells her that he knew she would come. He can explain anything she wants to know. Who the hell is he, Allison asks angrily.

Jack gets Carly a chocolate bar from the nearby machine; it is medicinal in some cultures, as they chuckle. Does she feel better. She does. Janet comes out and Jack asks how she is. Liberty is almost done for the day; she is ok. She wonders where they went. Jack explains that they went to get some blood work done to see if they would be a match for a bone marrow transplant. Why would he do that, Janet asks quickly. A safety net. In case the chemo fails, an overwrought, Janet answers. That wasn’t what they were doing. They just thought. They just thought what together, Janet snaps. She asked them there for support and not to instill more fear. It is not like that, Carly answers. They are already acting like the chemo is going to fail and they haven’t even gotten her through one round. Jack explains that it was Susan’s suggestion. She said all the family should get tested; God willing it won’t be necessary, but they are just trying to cover the bases. Janet looks down apologetic. Oh. Carly tells them that she is going to go, but she wills ay goodbye to Liberty first. Janet apologizes.

At home, Emily walks back in and Paul is glad to see her because he has been trying to call her. She is sorry, but she was with Allison. Where is Barbara. He threw her out. Good. How did Allison take it. She freaked out. He conned them all. He was suspicious of him from the beginning though, Emily mentions. Yes, and that is why he gave him a boatload of money and let him shoot her up with God knows what, Paul answers sarcastically. She is sure that it is nothing toxic or it would have showed up in her blood work. He wants them to check again. She is fine. He wants them to be sure. Why did he do it. For money. No, why pretend to be James. Did he really think he would fall for it. Paul doesn’t know if James planned this before he died. Where is the payoff because he is dead. All that matters is that it is over. Emily and Paul hug, as Emily worries if it is over. Emily worries what if Mick really is James.

Allison wants answers; who is he, she demands. James is dead and he is more then 30 years younger then he. He owes her the truth; she saw how much pain he was in and how tortured he was or was it all a lie. She is the only one that he didn’t lie to - ever. He can’t be James; he was a monster; he was a murderer; why would he lie about that; what is really going on.

Carly walks over to Liberty, who has dozed off. She is going, but she will call her soon to work on her prom dress. Liberty thanks her and then as she is leaving, she wants to ask Carly a question – is she still in love with Jack. Carly looks at her without saying a word, then looks down and finally stumbles over her words, as she tells her not to worry about that now. Liberty smiles and then when Carly starts to leave again, Liberty stops her again and tells her that she wants to show her something she was working on, as she holds up her sketch book.

Outside, Janet admits to Jack that she would hate to even consider the possibility that the chemo won’t work. They have every reason to think it would, but there is no reason not to have a back-up plan. She has to survive this. She will and they will help her through it, as they hug. Carly comes out of the room, sees them and then walks away without a word. Jack seems to hear the door open and shut, but stays hugging Janet with an uncomfortable look on his face.

Paul is putting Mick’s hair in a plastic bag, as Emily wonders what he is going to do with it. As soon as the lab disapproves that he is James, both of them will be out of their lives for good. If it weren’t so sick, he might laugh. He asks if Emily is ok. She was so sure and so happy; she thought they would have a baby. He could kill him for what he put them through. Emily starts to cry; it isn’t going to happen for them, is it. They aren’t giving up; there are other options, Paul reassures her.

Mick asks Allison to trust him. He is the only person who understood him. The connection they shared is honest. How can she believe that when she found out all of this is a lie. Remember he told her about the battle over who he is and who he wants to be; that is at the heart of what is going on. How could he do what he did to Paul and Emily. He let them believe they could have a baby. There is a lot more going on then she knows. Then tell her, Allison pleads. Barbara stomps in the door, slams it behind her and demands to know what Allison is doing there. Does she know he is claiming to be James, Allison wonders. He is. She has no part in it so she can get out. She can’t believe this. She can believe; she has decades of history with James and she has no part in it, so she should get lost; she is just a blip on his radar, Barbara snarls. She should go be a good ‘wifey’ to Casey and stay away from things that don’t concern her. Allison pleads with Mick to, as Barbara cuts her off; there is a lawyer outside and she doesn’t want him to say another word. She won’t ask her to leave again, Barbara icily tells her. Allison pleads with Mick to talk with her, as he tells her that Barbara is right; he needs to talk with his lawyer. Allison walks out the door, as Mick stares at her through the window. Allison stops steps outside the room, as she looks distraught, as she shakes her head.

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