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As the World Turns Update Friday 2/5/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At Fairwinds, Paul attends to Emily and asks if she feels like she is being brainwashed by Mick. She agrees with Paul that it was Mick that put the idea in her head that she wanted a baby by him. She realizes now that Mick knew how to get her out of the coma because he was the one who put her in it.

Casey suddenly misses Alison who is at the loft all hot and heavy with Mick. After making love, she tells him that she put herself at risk for being with him and she doesn’t even know who he is. He assures her that he can’t explain it either. It has a power all of its own. He does not have power over her; she came on her own. She came because she wanted to. What they want doesn’t always line up with what they have and that causes conflict so that is why she is confused. She says she can not stay there with him or be with him; she doesn’t even know who he is. He tells her that yes she does. She is the only one who believes in him….the only one who sees both sides of him. She still thinks that in some crazy burst of something she let everything else slip away. He asks her to run away from Oakdale with him. She tells him she has no idea what made her come here, but it was a huge mistake and this will never happen again. She said he got into her head and into her dreams and she couldn’t make it stop so she acted on impulse, but he is not in her heart. She can control how she feels. She doesn’t want Mick to even mention Casey’s name and in no way shape or form make a comparison. She loves Casey and he is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Mick tells her that is a disaster waiting to happen. She is only marrying him because she thinks it is the right thing to do and his family wants her to. He doesn’t think she has ever been as intimate or passionate with the man she says she loves as she does with him. She says this is not who she is or who she wants to be. She runs off, with Barbara walking in as he redresses. She tells James that Alison is the least of his problems.

Luke returns home and tells Lily that he has been calling Damian all morning, but nothing. He is not answering his phone calls or returning his messages. Everyone at the office is in an uproar and do not want to take orders from Luke, yet he’s in charge with no more instructions from Damian. He begs his mother to tell him what Damian did that was so bad that he had to abandon his company and those he loved. She tells him that she has a miserable headache and just wants to lie down and close her eyes for ten minutes and not think about this. She picks up a book with a lovely inscription to her from Damian. She wonders how anyone who is capable of this much love could also be capable of so much hatred. A worker at the docks brings Lily Damian’s wallet. It’s wet where it had obviously fallen in the water.

Molly won’t let go of Holden’s story about Damian that he did get on the freighter. He tells her it is over and she should just let it go. She tells him that she went down to the docks and there is an eye-witness that saw the whole thing. Holden looks concerned. He’s aghast that she did that and even questioned the eye-witness. All she wants to find out is what did Holden did to Damian.

Emily can’t remember any of the details, but she tries to explain to Paul why she thinks Mick put her into a coma. He encourages her to forget Mick as he is not here now. Just concentrate and say whatever comes into her head, no matter how unimportant, it might help. She recalls that Mick had a bag with lots of photos of Paul in it. She confronted him and he admitted he was not who he was pretending to be but then she went into the coma and doesn’t remember any more. Paul says it looks like Mick put her into the coma to shut her up. And if Mick is not Mick Dante, he'd like to find out who he is.

Molly tells Holden that she cares for him and she is scared for him. She wants to hear everything he did with Damian that he hasn’t told her so far. Even a Junior B cop could have figured this out by now, so that’s why she couldn’t just let it go. She finds it hard to believe that Holden listened to Damian and let him get away. Holden says he had only three options – to keep Damian and go through a long trial, or let him get away and stay away so they’d all be free or kill him. He chose option two. It was too good a choice to pass up. He looks her in the eye and says Damian came at him with an oar. He drug Damian’s body onto the freighter and left it just before it left and he watched it pull out to sea. He was still alive as far as he knew. She agrees she will not speak of this again; she believes him. He thanks her. He doesn’t want to think of Damian. He only wants to find his sister.

At the farm separately, Lily shows Damian’s wallet to Holden and relays that it was found in the water. Holden agrees that sounds weird. She is convinced something sinister has happened to Damian and is afraid perhaps Meg killed him. He thinks that is a huge leap for her to jump to. He probably just lost his wallet in the hurry to get away. He reminds her that Damian tries to kill his sister, stuffed her in a trunk so Lily will have to forgive him for not having enough compassion for Damian now.

Luke finds Molly and needs some answers. He wants to know what Damian did to make him run away. She tells him that Damian was desperate. He did love Luke and Lily, but had to get away. Holden arrives and Molly tells him that she did not tell Luke about Damian being at the docks. She only told him about Meg and the things Holden had not told him. Holden tells her that he needs her help. He’s afraid Meg will be caught by the police and he wants Molly to help him find her before that happens.

Barbara slaps Mick. She rants at him for throwing this all away for a roll in the hay with Alison Stewart. She should have never believed a single word he ever said. His feelings for her were a lie. And sleeping with Alison was never part of their plan. He admits that he doesn’t know what got into him. He forgot how easy it was for her to assume the worst in him. He vows that she is the only woman he desires. Nothing happened with Alison and nothing ever will. She was the love of his life that he let slip away. Now that he has a second chance, he won’t ruin that chance again. She is what he wants. She looks him in the eye and says, “well, James, you are going to have to prove it.”

Alison goes back to the Hughes and tries to act normal, but Casey questions where she has been. She’s evasive and doesn’t even want him to touch her. She cries when he tells her that Tom is paying for the honeymoon. It’s a wedding gift. He tries to comfort her, but she pulls away. He tries to kiss her, but he says she feels gross from the walk and wants to take a shower before they talk any more.

Emily tells Paul that she feels like an idiot. She threw herself at Mick. It was Paul’s money but she urged him to back Mick. Suddenly Paul realizes something. He says he has dealt with people like this all his life. He’s a narcissistic sociopath who gets you to believe everything they say, they ruin your life and pat you on the back at the same time. He hugs Emily and tells her that he’s going to find “him” and put an end to “him” once and for all.

Luke tells Lily that Damian is not the person he came to know. He’s like two different people. He sees the wallet. He doesn’t believe the story that it just suddenly fell in the water. He tells Lily that can’t pretend this didn’t happen. He wants to call the police.

Mick takes Barbara’s coat off and kisses her neck. He says that he won’t make love to her in this filthy church. The next time he sees her, it will be someplace beautiful and magical. He explains that Alison has a crush on him. She’s nervous since she is getting married, so it is harmless, it’s unrequited and he promises that it will stay that way. Barbara commands him to make love to her now. He retorts that he promised her youth, beauty and health so until she feels those thing, don’t doubt him. She is his future. Emily calls and he asks how is she feeling. She tells him that Paul won’t consider the treatment and she thinks they need to talk right now. He invites Barbara to go along. He denies again that anything happened with Alison; Barbara just needs to have some faith. She kisses him.

Casey is goofing around wanting to practice their vows when he notices that Alison is missing her engagement ring. He’s concerned since it was his great grandmother’s and she had the longest marriage that he knows. He thought it would be a good luck charm for them too. Alison thinks back to where she had it last. She runs upstairs and comes back down and lies. She says she found it in the soap dish when she showered. She quickly makes an excuse to go see about dying her shoes for the wedding and dashes out. She rushes to the church loft where she finds the ring and a note from Mick. He tells her that she left this behind for a reason.

Barbara leads the way into Fairwinds with Mick right behind. From behind, Paul grabs Mick into a stranglehold and throws him up against the wall and won’t let go. Paul bellows that he almost killed his wife so whoever he is give him one good reason that he should not kill him too. Barbara answers, “because he is your father.”

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