ATWT Update Thursday 2/4/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 2/4/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Lakeview) Paul continues to wonder why Mick gave Barbara a ring that says “from J to B with eternal love” Barbara tells Paul that Mick found the ring at an estate sale and thought she might like it so he gave it to her. Paul tells Barbara that still doesn’t explain the inscription and Barbara tells Paul that she can’t tell him anything about Mick now but he is sure that in time Mick will explain everything to him. Paul is very upset and decides that if Barbara won’t tell him Mick’s true identity he will find out for himself.

(Fairwinds) Mick tells Emily that if Paul doesn’t want to father her child he (Mick) will be more then happy to do it for her and she and Paul could raise the baby and Paul wouldn’t have to know he isn’t the biological father of the baby. Emily appreciates Mick wanting to help but she just can’t lie to Paul. Mick gets Emily to look at him and he slowly tells her that he will help her have a baby and she and Paul will raise it as their own child. Mick tells Emily that whenever anybody asks her about the baby she will say it is what she wants it is what she has always wanted. Emily remembers that she has to go to Alison’s bridal shower but Mick again uses mind control to tell Emily they must go to the clinic to retrieve her eggs today and she can go to the bridal shower after the procedure.

Emily repeats what Mick told her and they both go to a local clinic for the procedure.

(Hughes House) Casey tells Margo that Susan is throwing a bridal shower for Alison at the Lakeview and Margo is decorating because she had told Susan they could have it at the house. Margo rushes to the Lakeview a few minutes before Alison comes downstairs. And Alison suspects a surprise baby shower but Casey tells her that he is hungry and he wants to take hr to the Lakeview.

(Lakeview) Margo wonders where all the guests are and Lisa explains that Kim is on assignment for the station, Nancy is sick, and Katie is taking care of Jacob. Margo is disappointed because that just leaves her with Lisa, Susan and Emily who is late and that worries Susan. Lisa tells Margo and Susan to think positively it is going to be a nice intimate shower to welcome Alison to the Hughes family. Margo and Lisa want to yell surprise when Alison arrives but Susan tells them Alison doesn’t like surprises.

(Fairwinds) Paul leaves a message for Emily to call him and he tells Barbara that maybe Emily is at Alison’s baby shower. Paul gets Mick’s coat out of the hall closet and looks through the pockets of the coat. Barbara tells Paul that he should allow Emily to go through the experience of being pregnant and Mick might be the only one who can help them have a child. Paul tells Barbara that he doesn’t trust Mick since he found pictures of James in his room so he isn’t going to let Mick hurt Emily.

(Local clinic) Mick asks Emily if she is ready for him to take out her eggs Emily repeats that it is what she wants it is what she has always wanted so Mick takes out Emily’s eggs.

(Lakeview) Casey arrives with Alison who whispers that he is a dead man because he knows she hates surprises. Casey leaves and Alison begins to open presents. Lisa gives Alison a see through nightgown. Lisa tells Alison she is sure that Casey will enjoy it too but Susan and Margo are uncomfortable with Lisa talking about sex. Alison thanks Lisa for the gift and then she opens the gift that Kim left for her. Alison thinks the towels monogrammed with an H for Hughes are pretty but Susan thinks that Alison will no longer be her own person if she takes the Hughes name. Margo thinks that maybe Alison will hyphenate her name and they argue back in forth. Alison notices Mick staring at her from the doorway and excuses herself to go the restroom.

(Hughes house) Tom throws Casey a spur of the moment bachelor party and tells Casey he just thought of it when he left to take Alison to the Lakeview. Tom wonders if Casey is still upset with Margo for shutting him out when Adam left town. Casey tells Tom he is over that so Tom wonders why Alison and Casey are sleeping in separate rooms. Casey explains that Alison wants to make the wedding night special. Tom thinks Casey should take Alison on a romantic honeymoon and he tells Casey he will pay for the honeymoon. Casey tells Tom that he will do anything it takes to become a lawyer and if he still can’t practice law because of his prison record then at least he will have what he learned and nobody can take that away from him.

(Lakeview) Mick tells Alison he was going to have diner but he didn’t want to interrupt her bridal shower so he didn’t of in and Alison thanks him for that and starts to go back to the shower but Mick stops her. Mick tells Alison that she is running away from anything to do with the wedding because she doesn’t want to get married she wants to be with someone else. Alison goes into the elevator to get away from Mick but he follows her inside and pushes the stop button so they can talk. Mick asks his “angel” if she really wants to have a wedding. Alison asks Mick not to call her angel because she isn’t one she has made a lot of mistakes. Mick tells Alison that the mistakes she has made don’t matter to him but Alison tells Mick her mistakes do matter to her. Mick tells Alison she can be herself with him she doesn’t need to pretend to be the good person that she thinks she ought to be. Alison explains to Mick that she was finally doing something right marrying the man she loved until he arrived to confuse her and she asks Mick not to confuse her anymore. Mick tells Alison he knows that she was at the church earlier because his scarf smelled like her, which means that she held it a few minutes. Mick gets close to Alison and smells her hair and tells her he loves the smell of her hair and her skin. Alison backs away and Mick almost kisses her but Alison backs away again and presses the button to start the elevator. Mick smiles because he knows Alison wanted to kiss him to and Alison gets out of the elevator all nervous and jumpy. Barbara sees her and demands to know what she was doing in the elevator with Mick. Alison doesn’t get a chance to answer because Margo tells Lisa that she should have the elevator checked out so that other people don’t get stuck like Alison. Casey arrives to pick up Alison and she tells him she is happy to see him because she wants to go home. Margo explains to Casey that Alison was stuck in the elevator that is why she is nervous and he should take her home. Emily arrives and tells Margo, Susan and Lisa that she is going to have a baby. Emily whispers to Susan that she had her egg retrieval today.

(Fairwinds) Susan tells Paul that Emily had her egg retrieval today and she blasts Paul for letting Emily do that so soon after she came out of a coma. Paul tells Susan that he and Emily had decided to put the procedure on hold and Susan leaves Paul and Emily alone to talk. Emily tells Paul that she wants to have a baby and if he won’t help her have a child Mick offered to be the biological father of the baby. Paul is hurt and angry that Emily would even consider having a child with another man and Emily tells Paul she wants a baby and she has always wanted a baby. Emily tells Paul she wants to have his child and she repeats that she has always wanted a baby and as she says the words she remembers that Mick told her to say those words Emily drops her glass of water from shock and tells Paul that she thinks Mick has been brainwashing her.

(Old Church) Mick lights candles and waits for Alison to arrive after several minutes he tells himself she isn’t coming and starts to blow them out but then he hears footsteps behind him and calls out Alison’s name. Barbara tells him to guess again and she tells him that she should have known he lied to her when he told her she was his eternal love because he is fixated on Alison because he couldn’t wait for his own serum to work on her and make her young so they could be happy together. Mick shouts for Barbara to leave because he is getting tired of her vanity and wants her to leave him alone. Barbara tells Mick that Paul is close to discovering that he is James and she is getting tired of running interference for him so since he doesn’t need her help anymore he is on his own.

(Hughes house) Casey gives Alison a kiss before he leaves to study and she tells him that she is sure she can sleep now. Alison sleeps for a little while then she wakes up startled with a vacant look on her face.

Alison arrives and tells Mick she doesn’t want to be there and she doesn’t want him to touch her so Mick places Alison’s hand on his face and guides her hand slowly around his face then Mick kisses Alison’s hand and her fingers. Alison tells Mick she doesn’t want him to but Mick interrupts her and tells her he needs her to say the word and she says yes and then they share a passionate kiss.

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