ATWT Update Tuesday 2/2/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 2/2/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Lily’s house) Lily tells Lucinda that Damian is done hurting her and he family because this time he went too far. Lucinda thinks Damian will return if there is a chance that Lily could forgive him. Lily insist s that she won’t forgive Damian but Lucinda can tell by looking at Lily’s face that Damian could have a chance at forgiveness from Lily. Lucinda tells Lily to concentrate on getting Holden back and putting he family back together. And she will take care of the rest of the obstacles like her divorce from Damian. Lily tells Lucinda that she will not beg Holden to come back to her since he has every reason not to want her back because she hurt him too much. Lucinda starts to leave and Lily yells at her not to dare to interfere in her personal life.

(Farm) Holden tells Molly that he thought it was best to allow Damian to leave the country because he doesn’t want Lily or his kids to suffer through a trial. Holden remembers punching Damian several times and Molly knows that Holden is lying to her and asks him to tell her the truth.

(Metro) Dusty calls the doctors in New York to find out if Liberty went to her appointments. Dusty also tells the nurse to thank the doctor for seeing Liberty. Terri wonders why Dusty called and he says that he just wanted to make sure they went since it was tough for him to get the appointment. Terri wonders if Dusty is annoyed that Janet went to New York with Jack and he tells her Janet needs to rebuild her family. Terri tells Dusty that she doesn’t think Jack and Janet can save their marriage since Jack treated Janet like dirt. Terri tells Dusty that he should have gone to New York with Janet since he was the one that got the appointments for her. Dusty tells Terri that he doesn’t want to talk about this anymore and sends her to work in the kitchen. Janet tells Dusty that she is sorry that she upset him by hitting a nerve then she heads to the kitchen to work.

(New York City) Jack and Janet are impressed by the different specialists and think they were all very encouraging about Liberty. Liberty is depressed because the doctor told her that the only treatment available for her leukemia is chemotherapy and radiation. Janet wants Liberty to pick the doctor she likes best to be her specialist. Liberty doesn't think it matters because all the doctors she saw told her the same thing so she can pick any doctor she wants for her because she doesn’t care. Janet wants Liberty to be positive but Liberty is tired of all the doctors and goes inside the hotel room Janet wishes that Liberty would stop being so negative but Jack thins Liberty is just being realistic because she was right none of the doctors could promise she could be cured. Janet cries as she tells Jack she hoped the doctors would tell her Liberty didn’t have leukemia. Jack tells Janet they can’t change the facts but they can help Liberty through this crisis. Janet tells Jack that she wants to stay in Liberty’s room so she can make sure that she doesn’t try to run away. Jack tells her that is fine because he was the one that pulled them apart and it will take them a while to come back together. Janet tells Jack that she is glad that he is there and he tells her that he wouldn’t be anywhere else but he remembers when he and Carly declared their feelings for each other at the place where the boathouse used to be.

Carly is also in New York on business meeting with buyers and Craig calls and tells her he could also go to the meeting with her but Carly says she can handle things with him and she wants to be alone.

(Farm) Molly tells Holden she believes him and he goes upstairs to call Lily and tell her to come to the farm so they can talk to Natalie and Ethan about Damian. Lily agrees to be there in a few minutes. Holden comes downstairs and assures Molly that Damian won’t come back to Oakdale. Holden also tells Molly that he didn’t do anything to Damian but Molly tells Holden he isn’t a good liar. Holden tells Molly not to ask any more questions and accept what he has told her like he believed her when she said that former officer Grady hadn’t given her any information about what Damian had done. Molly thinks Holden is still mad at her but he tells her he has forgiven her because he understands how she can do something so desperate. Holden admits to Molly that he was angry enough to kill Damian but he didn’t do it because it wasn’t worth sinking to Damian’s level. Molly persuades Holden to let her look at the cut on his chest and she is shocked at the big bleeding cut on his chest and wonders if Damian gave him this cut what did he do to Damian.

(New York City) Liberty calls Carly and tells her she feels like a prisoner going from doctor to doctor and the resting in between each appointment. Liberty tells Carly about the costume exhibit at the Metropolitan that she wanted to see but her mom won’t let her go and Carly tells Liberty that Janet is only trying to protect her because New York can be a dangerous place. Carly tells her that it took her one-hour to find a dress shop on Madison Street. Liberty is happy when Carly tells her she is on New York on business and she invites her to the exhibit but Carly tells her its not a good idea because if Jack and Janet find out they will think she followed them to New York. Liberty tells Carly good-bye and says she will call her later and she can tell her how her business meeting turned out with the buyers. Jack tells Janet it is important for Liberty to lead a normal life as possible because it will give her the strength she needs to fight the cancer. Jack tells Janet that she raised a pretty, smart, and feisty young lady and she needs to let her be who she is and not treat her any differently because of the cancer. Jack persuades Janet to let Liberty go to the exhibit and she tells Liberty that Jack persuaded her to change her mind. Liberty thanks Jack and he gives Liberty money for a cab and tells her to return in an hour and be careful.

(Farm) Holden hears Lily’s car and goes upstairs to change clothes Molly tells Lily Holden will be down in a minute. Lily notices the spot of blood on the kitchen floor and at first Molly tells her that it is spaghetti sauce but Lily thinks it looks like blood. Molly corrects herself and says she cut her finger cooking in the kitchen. Holden comes down and Molly quickly tells Holden that she told Lily that she cut herself in the kitchen and that is why there is blood on the floor. Molly takes a paper towel and wipes the blood off the floor before she goes to get Holden a beer from the refrigerator. Molly tells Holden she is going to tell the kids to come inside before she goes to call the police and see if they have a lead on Meg’s whereabouts Holden and Lily decide that since Natalie and Ethan are so young they don’t need to know that Damian did a lot of bad things that hurt a lot of people but he won’t be coming back anymore. .

(Metro) Terri calls and yells at the distributor because his delivery man left a twenty five pound sack of flour in the middle of the club and didn’t take it to the kitchen like she asked him to do. Terri tells the distributor to have his deliveryman return and put the sack of flour in the kitchen but he is angry and hangs up the phone on her. Dusty tells Terri he will take the sack to the kitchen but she says she can do it and he says that she is dropping flour all over the place and they struggle for the sack and then the sack tears and Dusty is covered in flour and so is Terri. Terri laughs and tries to help Dusty wipe the flour with a towel but it doesn’t work. Lucinda sees the scene and can’t help but laugh Lucinda wonders why Dusty always picks her girlfriends around the same age. Terri goes to get a broom to sweep the flour and Dusty makes it clear that Terri isn’t his girlfriend that “the kid” is the best chef in town and brings in a lot of business for the club. Lucinda laughs and says that she is sure that Terri brings in a lot of business but that isn’t what she came to talk about she needs a private investigator to make sure that someone doesn’t return to Oakdale.

(New York City) Liberty asks a palm reader outside the Metropolitan to read her palm so she gives the lady twenty dollars and the woman looks at Liberty’s palm and tells her she has a short lifeline. Liberty wonders what that means and the lady wants more money to tell her what it means Carly sees Liberty and overhears what the lady told her and yells at the pal reader calling her a witch for saying that to a child. Liberty is upset but Carly tells her that the lady was a phony who just takes people’s money and she shouldn’t listen to anything she says because she will have a long life. Jack gives Janet a massage to help her relax and they almost kiss until Liberty and Carly arrive to interrupt them. Liberty tells Janet and Jack that Carly was in New York on business and they ran into each other and Carly offered to drive her back to the hotel. Janet thought that Liberty wanted to go to the exhibit alone but Liberty admits that she just wanted to get away from her and she thought Carly would like the exhibit but she turned down the invitation because she thought that she (Janet) wouldn’t like it if they went to the exhibit together. Janet asks Liberty to go to her room. And Carly explains to Jack and Janet about the palm reader and since Liberty was upset she thought it was best to bring her home. Carly tells Janet Liberty is okay but she may need to talk to her Janet thanks Carly for helping Liberty then she goes to Liberty’s room to talk to her. Jack calls the front desk to get a cab for Carly.

(Farm) Holden tells Lily it would be best for the kids to stay at her house instead of shuffling them between houses because now they are safe since Damian won’t be coming back to Oakdale.

(New York City) Carly apologizes to Jack for interrupting him and Janet but he makes it clear to Carly that he and Janet have not slept together because every time he tries to be with her he feels like he is cheating on her (Carly) Carly doesn’t want explanations from Jack because it just makes her feel worse about having to be away from him. Janet tells Liberty that she should lean on and depends on her family instead of strangers because her family will give her the support she needs to battle the cancer. Liberty tells Janet that she is hoping that if she depends on Jack to help her through her illness that will save her marriage but that isn’t going to work. Liberty tells Janet she can’t control everything because she can’t control this situation. Carly cries and tells Jack to stop telling her such intimate details about his marriage because it just makes it more painful that they must be apart because of this impossible situation. Janet wonders why Carly was so upset and Jack tells Janet Carly was late for a business meeting. Janet tells Jack she doesn’t feel like eating Lunch so she is going to sit with Liberty until the next appointment.

(Metro) Terri is upset because Dusty told Lucinda she was a kid and she tells Dusty that she can see him as more then her boss or an older man and she had hoped that he would see her as a woman. Dusty wonders if Terri has feelings for him and when Terri doesn’t answer the question he tells her he never meant to lead her on because there can’t be anything between them. Terri tells Dusty she may be a kid to him but she isn’t stupid the reason he did all those favors for Janet is because he is in love with her. Dusty tells Terri he isn’t in love with Janet and Terri hopes that he enjoys being alone because she enjoys being alone.

(Farm) Holden and Lily tell Ethan and Natalie that Damian lied to Lily and hurt her and did a lot of bad things to people but they don’t have to worry because he won’t be back anymore.

(Docks) Molly walks around the docks and finds a piece of wood with blood on it and wonders what Holden did then she finds a little buoy named Arthur who tells her two men fighting scared him. Molly shows Arthur a picture of Holden and the scared little boy tells Molly that he was one of the men fighting. Molly tries to ask Arthur more questions but he says he doesn’t remember anymore the only thing he remembers is all the blood then Arthur runs away.

(Lakeview) Lucinda pulls out an envelope of money and tells a private detective and tells him to find Damian Grimaldi and she tells him he will get another envelope of money if he makes sure Damian Grimaldi doesn’t return to Oakdale.

(Farm) Holden and Lily both wish that their children could have a normal life now that Damian is gone.

(Metro) Dusty calls Janet and she tells him that everything is okay and that Liberty is still giving her a hard time. Dusty tells Janet that “the bar” misses her and Janet responds that she misses “the bar” too.

(New York City) Carly returns because she forgot her glove and Jack gives it to her but he holds Carly’s hand for a little too long. Carly tells Jack to let go and he apologizes for his earlier comments to her and Carly leaves Jack holds on to the doorknob and puts his head on the door and Carly does the same thing on the other side of the door.

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