ATWT Update Monday 2/1/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 2/1/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

On the docks, near the freighter, Damian tells Holden he can’t stop him; he needs to walk away. Not after all you did to Meg or Lily, Holden snarls. He is sure that he will be there to pick up the pieces. He wants to know where Meg is. He hasn’t seen her. He doesn’t believe him. He drove her crazy, then tried to kill her and stuffed her in a trunk. He doesn’t care what he believes. He can’t stand that Meg loved him, as did Lily. Lily chose him. Because he lied to her. She wanted a life with him. She wanted to get away from him, as Holden rushes at Damian grabbing him. This ends right now. Killing him won’t erase him from Lily’s heart.

At the hospital, Molly tells Lily that she has loved Holden her entire life, as she has. The difference was Holden loved her back; this time it was different; he was open to moving on and past her. Lily doesn’t want to hear it. She wanted him and so she lied; she knows the truth always comes out, but she was right because Holden went running to her in the end, as she knew he would. What if Meg or Holden had died, Lily asks. Damian was holding a gun on Holden ready to use it. She doesn’t expect her to forgive her, as she won’t forgive herself, an emotional Molly starts to walk away. Lily stops her saying that she made one mistake, but she made a mistake every moment of every day for months. Molly reminds her that Damian had them all fooled. Not Meg. She wouldn’t believe her; if she had, she could have stopped this. No one blames her, Molly assures her. She does. Lucinda walks in worried about what Holden told her. What happened and is she alright. No, she is definitely not, Lily answers.

At the hospital, Luke tells Noah that Dr. Oliver doesn’t have the right to dictate who is in his life. Noah has to go this route because if he ever literally wants to see him again, this is how it has to be. Luke shakes his head; this is an ethical violation. He doesn’t have to perform the surgery and if there is a slightest of chances to see, he will do whatever he is asked, Noah explains. What is he saying. He agreed to it. He is going through this without him; they are partners. It is only going to be a few months. He is choosing Dr. Oliver over him, Luke incredulously asks. Doesn’t he get a choice or opinion in this; he is not the only person in this relationship. Besides, he just met Dr. Oliver and he doesn’t know what he needs; Luke needs him.

At Katie’s, Dr. Oliver is looking around, as an agitated Henry wants to know who this is. Katie explains that he was the doctor who helped Jacob. Dr. Oliver gruffly comments about her not saying this was a threesome, which aggravates Henry more. Katie explains that he doesn’t live with her, as Henry chimes in that he may not, but he is there all the time and even has a key; he only doesn’t get his mail here. Dr. Oliver comments back about how he has a key and actually will now be getting his mail here. Henry takes her aside and wonders how come they haven’t seen him around town. He just moved here. He adds that he is a brain surgeon, which Henry sarcastically wonders if he minored in pediatrics. Henry worries about how she doesn’t know him and he could be a serial killer…like Harold Shipmen, Dr. Oliver adds. He adds that he looked at his brain, but he has not used what he found out to kill anyone – yet. Dr. Oliver tells Katie that he will text her when he is down with his rounds and they can go over specifics then. After he leaves, Henry asks if he signed the lease. Not yet. Good because that will save him the trouble of ripping it up. Katie stares at him.

Holden lets Damian go, as Damian is smug about doing the right thing. He will disappear after the freighter gets into international waters and he can comfort Lily and Luke and go track down Meg; he can be everyone’s hero, as always. Holden takes out his cell phone; he doesn’t know where the freighter is going, but he won’t be on it. He will answer for all he has done. If he believes that then he is a bigger fool then he thought, Damian answers. If he calls the police, he will hurt his family; imagine the trial. Luke, Lily and Meg sitting through the trial and everyone having to testify. Holden thinks they would do whatever to put him away. It is one thing to say it; it is another thing to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Grady told Molly everything. That is hearsay. He won’t admit to a bribe and the jury won’t like a dirty cop even if he does. He tried to kill Meg; he left her in a chest. She has been in a mental hospital; she tried to slit Lily’s throat and snuck into their room to inject him with poison. He drove her to it. Did he; he was protecting himself and all he has to do is convince one person and he knows how convincing he can be. Once a jury hears that he paid Sharkey to keep Meg in the institution, it will be over. He has no proof. Meg will be a hostile witness. He won’t get away with it. He stands an excellent chance of it actually. Why should he. He will just come back. That is the chance he has to take because if he stays, he will win Luke’s trust and Molly will need an ally to continue playing house with him and Lily will forgive him again because she always does. Holden wants him to shut up.

Lucinda wants to know how Lily really is. She will live. She can’t blame herself. Damian operates like this. She is just putty in his hands. He manipulated her. She made the choice to believe him. She knew she shouldn’t have married him because it was way too soon. She was grieving, Lucinda reasons. She doesn’t want her to make excuses because she warned her, Emma warned her and Meg warned her. She knew for years the kind of man Damian was and still married him; she brought him into her home around her children. How will she regain her children’s trust. She will have to tell them the truth because her children are more resilient then she thinks and gives them credit for.

Luke and Noah are sitting, as Luke explains how Damian said goodbye, it sounded permanent. Noah wonders why he left. He doesn’t know. He went by his office and he told him that he would hear terrible things about him; he gave him the company and hopes to see him again one day. What about his mom. She supposedly hit her head, but she will be ok. Noah apologizes. He has been so obsessed with himself he didn’t know; he should have told him to shut up and listen. Luke smiles; he is telling him now. Noah holds his hand. Dr. Oliver walks over and reminds Noah about their agreement. Noah stutters for a moment and then tells him that he can’t just push Luke out of his life, and if that means he won’t go through with the surgery, as Luke interrupts him. He will be fine, as he gets up. Noah stops him; he shouldn’t have to go through this alone. Luke thinks the most important thing is he gets his sight back. Luke addresses Dr. Oliver… he knows the new rules and he will obey them, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t hate him for keeping him away from Noah when they need each other the most. It is just sound medicine, Dr. Oliver flatly answers. He just hopes that he lives up to his own hype otherwise he will have to answer to him.

Katie wonders if it is Dr. Oliver Henry dislikes or anyone. Just him. He thinks he is very much impressed with himself and she will have to raise the roof to accommodate his head. Katie laughs, as Henry takes this as an agreement. This was his idea. No. He told her it was hard to live alone especially with a newborn. He doesn’t need Dr. McBrainy to keep her company. Why not. Because she has him.

Damian wants to know which Holden is going to chose; is he going top let him know or take his chances with a jury. Holden wonders if he is so sure of himself then why is he leaving the company. Unlike him, he doesn’t want to put Lily and Luke through a long drawn out trial. He would do anything to spare them pain. He let them believe he was dead. He thought he was dead. He saw an opportunity. He saw his truck and assumed he didn’t walk away. He thinks he owns Lily and Luke. No, he loves his family more then his own life – can he say the same. Lily and Luke are his victims; he isn’t capable of real love. Then he must think Lily is a fool. He took advantage of her when she was vulnerable. He wants to believe that; he wants everyone to think that. She didn’t agree to start a life with him until the phony DNA results. In his world, the end justifies the means; their relationship was built on a lie. He wanted to get her pregnant to trap her and then take her out of the country. He will make sure that Lily and Luke turn their backs on him forever. He can’t take them from him. He did it himself. Damian tells him that he had his chance when he came back from Kentucky and he walked away; he didn’t fight for Lily. He isn’t capable of loving without conditions. Is honesty too much to ask from someone you love, Holden wonders. His standards are impossible to live up to; he chose her instead of him because of that. He lied to her, Holden snarls. She chose him to share her life and bed; she still wants him. He will always be a part of his life and be Luke’s real father. He never was Luke’s dad; Luke has always respected him more; he has been Luke’s real father from the beginning and now he will make sure that Luke knows what he did to her mother.

Luke comes to see Lily at her hospital room; all Holden told him was that she hit her head and now Damian has left town. Lily asks if he saw Damian. He asked him to come by the office. He told him that he was leaving the country; he gave him Grimaldi shipping. Lily is alarmed. He said everything he did was out of love. What did he do. Lucinda is happy that Damian has left for good. Luke is upset to hear her say this; he is his father and then he asks his mom why she isn’t defending him. What is going on. Lucinda answers that Damian showed his true colors. Lily stops her; she needs to handle this. Lily promises to explain – just not here at home. Lucinda doesn’t think she should leave because she is supposed to have an MRI. She wants to go home. Luke wonders if she should. She wants to, so Lucinda and Luke agree. Lucinda wonders where Holden is. Lily thinks Molly must be with him, as Lucinda is disapproving thinking he has more pressing matters. They have a lot to talk about, Lily cautions. After Lucinda leaves, Lily hugs Luke tightly and tells him that she doesn’t know what she would do without him. Luke answers that it is nice to be needed.

Katie tells Henry that they are too close to live together. She has made up her mind. This doctor could be strange or psychotic. What if he takes over the remote – sports network all the time. They cannot live together; they almost lost he each other when Brad died and she doesn’t want anything to screw it up. Like what. Brad… if he lived there, he would be a constant reminder of what happened and vice versa. Dr. Oliver has nothing to do with that time so it is easy. She likes him then. No. She didn’t sleep with Simon so why would she sleep with a stranger. It has been known to happen. Not with her. Can he help her out later. Yes. Henry takes a few more parting shots at Dr. Oliver and then leaves.

At WOAK, Molly is working when she takes a break and calls Holden and gets his voice mail. She starts to leave a message when Lucinda arrives in the background and listens to her. Molly tells Holden’s voice mail that she was looking for him at the hospital, but he was probably avoiding her. She knows she messed up, but she hopes he can give her another chance. She thinks he cares for her like she does for him so can he call her. After she hangs up, Lucinda tells her not to hold her breath; she had her fun, but now it is over.

At the farm, a shaken and distraught looking Holden walks in and heads towards the sink, as he steadies himself. He remembers fighting with Damian over an oar, hitting him in the stomach with it, tossing it away and then getting the best of him and repeatedly punching him in the face while Damian was on the ground. He then recalls dragging Damian away, as he looks down at his bloody cut hands, as he runs them under water.

Katie is talking with Jacob about how happy he is feeling better. They will have an expert in the house; she just wishes Henry could be happier, but she knows he just worries because he loves them. Dr. Oliver is, as she struggles for some words, and then she looks over at the laptop. She puts Jacob down and then goes online and does a search about him.

At the hospital, Henry finds Dr, Oliver, who tries to avoid him. Henry claims to want to apologize. He explains that Katie lost her husband on the same day Jacob was born, as Dr. Oliver seems actually to have some semblance of empathy. Henry explains that he is glad that he is moving in because he can help her with her crying bouts, mood swings and throwing of dishes. He sleeps with earplugs, Dr. Oliver answers. Henry sees this is not working, as he starts to walk away claiming he tried that too. Dr. Oliver stops him saying that he doesn’t blame him for trying to keep a beautiful woman like Katie to himself. He is moody too, but he has needs and with a ‘hottie’ like Katie in the other room, as he stops talking and leaves that statement to Henry’s imagination. Henry is not pleased at all to hear this; he will scar Jacob. Children are resilient; he can trust him. Why should he, an outraged Henry asks. He doesn’t actually know, as he excuses himself.

Lucinda reminds Molly that she warned her that Holden and Lily are inevitable. She was just to pass the time until they found their way back. Molly sarcastically thanks her for her input, but this is Holden’s decision. He made the decision. He is avoiding her; the silence is deafening. He is looking for Meg, Molly explains. There is more to it. She bet she had something to do with this unpleasantness. She made a mistake, Molly admits. Shocking. He will forgive her. No, he won’t because he is going to be back with Lily soon; she should walk away while she still has her dignity.

At home, Luke is outraged at what Damian has done. Lily explains that he desperately wanted them to be a family. What he did was so manipulative. He has always had demons and they come out in terrible ways. She still loves him, Luke wonders. She hates what he did, but she can’t turn off her feelings. It is ok for him to still love him too; he is a part of him. Luke wishes he wasn’t. She doesn’t because Damian gave him to her; she will always be grateful. Does she think they will ever see him again. Holden interrupts them when he comes in the door; he heard she left the hospital and wanted to make sure she is ok. She is, but she wonders where he was. Luke knows he was with Damian. Holden tells them that he was. Has he been arrested. No. He let him go. Lily shakes her head in disbelief. Holden gets a drink to calm himself. Lily wonders why he is shaking. Damian happened. How could he let him go after everything, Luke wonders. It wasn’t the plan, but after he talked to Luke, he went to find him at the docks. He wanted him to rot and he was about to call Margo, but then he reminded him there was no guarantee he would be convicted. Therefore, he just let him go. He realized that if he didn’t then this would be hanging over them and he didn’t want that for them, as he pours himself another drink. He convinced them he was dead; that is the only reason they stopped looking. He realizes all the pain he caused him and his mother, but he thinks moving on is for all of their benefits. Is that even possible, Luke wonders. Yes, and that is why he let him go away so he wouldn’t hurt them again. Did he say where he was going. He didn’t ask him. Lily wonders about Meg; doesn’t she deserve justice. He thinks the best thing for Meg is that she never sees or hears his name again, Holden rationalizes. What if he comes back, Lily asks. He won’t because there is nothing left for him here. Luke tells him that he is sorry that he ever trusted him. That is ok because Damian is his father. No, he is his father and he is so thankful for that, as Luke hugs him and Holden pulls back and winces in pain. What is wrong. He is fine, he quickly answers. He needs to go find Meg, as Lily is surprised that he hasn’t found her yet. He wanted to make sure they were ok first. They are now. He is leaving when Lucinda walks in happy to see him. He has to go find his sister. Luke walks him out, as Lucinda tells Lily that she is happy to see alls well with the world. Is it.

Henry walks back into Katie’s telling her that he tried, but he is a sleaze and he doesn’t trust him. He will find her a roommate – preferably a woman – a nun. Katie thinks that eh is being dramatic. He doesn’t want her living with a serial killer. He is actually the opposite. How does she know. She did a search online, and he is actually one of the best neurosurgeons in the world. Henry is suspired, but he doesn’t care. Katie assures him that they will be fine, as she gets on her coat. They probably won’t see each other that much with all his patients. He thought that she wanted a roommate. She thinks it helps just knowing that he is there. Henry isn’t appeased. She reminds him to give Jacob his antibiotics, as she leaves. Henry looks at the laptop and mumbles about him being a show off.

At the farm, Molly sees Holden. She isn’t here to make a scene; she is moving to the Lakeview. Ok. Is that it. What does she want him to say. That he doesn’t hate her. He doesn’t hate her. She thought that would make her feel better, but it doesn't surprisingly enough. Just knowing that he doesn’t hate her, makes part of her want to stay and fight, but she is so tired of fighting for lost, as her voice trails off and sees Holden’s shirt; oh no; he is bleeding, as Holden looks nervous and Molly stares at him.

Henry is holding Jacob talking with him, as he is giving him his antibiotics. He puts the syringe to his mouth; he is glad that he only has to swallow it…. just like his mommy’s new roommate. He looks down at him – actually he doesn’t. They can find a way to get rid of him.

At Java, Katie and Dr. Oliver are talking about rent; she can send the bill to Bob since he is keeping him here. Katie wonders when he is moving in because she will have to move some stuff. He has nothing because he was forced to come here. She can take him shopping. She can just point him in the direction of a store, he will buy 50 pairs of shirts and underwear, and if he is still here after he goes through them, then she can euthanize him. Katie chuckles. She has a washing machine. He nods; then if she doesn’t mind, she can use a biodegradable detergent, as Katie smiles. She isn’t going to do his laundry; she will show him how to use her machine. He doesn’t have time to wash any clothes. Does he ever do anything but work, she wonders. He went to Vegas once, but it was for a medical conference so he never saw the light of day. Katie tells him for someone who went to Harvard, he has a lot to learn. Dr. Oliver smiles slightly; he guesses that depends on the teacher, as she returns the smile.

Downtown, Luke sees Noah sitting on a bench. He wonders why he is out there. He is waiting for Maddie. Is his mom alright, Noah asks. She has a bump on her head. How is he. He doesn’t want to get into it. He is sorry for shutting him out before. It is ok, but if he gets into it, then he will probably break down and then he will comfort him and then before he knows it they will probably be breaking Dr. Oliver’s stupid rules. He doesn’t care. Luke now does. He wants to tell him what he is thinking and feeling, but more then that, he wants him to see again. He doesn’t want Damian to mess that up too. Does he want him to wait until Maddie gets back. No, he is fine. Luke tells him to take care and he heads off. Noah stops him; it is stupid; he was right. Luke softly tells him that he has to go.

Lucinda doesn’t know what Holden was thinking; Damian will be back like a virus. Lily explains that Holden claims that Damian was leaving because he wanted to spare the family from having to go through a trial. No, he didn’t want to admit what he had been up to; he only cares about himself not about sparing her or the Snyder family because he hates that family. Lily jumps up and demands that she stop. What is she saying wrong. It is what she isn’t saying; she messed up, didn’t listen to her; instead, she listened to Damian's lies. Damian did horrible things to their family. She didn’t protect her family, but maybe Damian loved her and Luke enough by trying to save them one more humiliation by walking away. Holden wouldn’t let him if he didn’t believe that… why can’t she. She wishes she could believe that, but the only thing that would keep Damian from coming back for her is a stake through his heart.

Holden is cleaning his shirt; he cut himself when changing his tire. Molly wants to help clean him up so it doesn’t get infected, as Holden pulls away. He will help her with her bags. He winces and Molly can see that he is in pain. What is wrong. He is just tired. Tired isn’t painful and he isn’t the kind of person that would but himself changing a tire. Where did he go when he left the hospital. He went to see Damian. He found him. Down at the docks. Is that how he cut himself. She is a reporter simply looking for a story where there isn’t one, as he heads for the door. She may be a liar, but he is not, so why doesn’t he tell her what really happened between him and Damian, as Holden stares back at her and then down at the floor guiltily.

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