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As the World Turns Update Friday 1/29/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

In Damian’s room at the Lake View, Lily begs him to put the gun down. Holden assures her that Damian won’t hurt him. Damian says he knows she is frightened. This wasn’t part of the plan, but they can still get away and be happy. Their love is that powerful. He’ll not kill Holden. He loves her and the kids. Lily says she believes him and she will go away with him. Holden tells Damian this is not a game; they are not going anywhere. Out of the midst of the argument, Meg opens the trunk and climbs out to the amazement of all.

At the hospital, Luke walks up to Dr. Oliver with hesitancy. Luke says he just needs a little of his time to talk. Dr. Oliver says this hospital is full of whiney hypochondriacs; must be something in the water. If Luke really wants to make him happy then get him out of here. He doesn’t enjoy being a hostage. Luke quips that wasn’t his decision. That was the judge’s. Oliver says he doesn’t do charity work. Unfortunately Luke’s boyfriend’s case falls under that category. As soon as his attorneys get these bogus charges dropped, he’s outta here. Luke retorts that if he will take Noah’s case, he will put in a good word with Dr. Hughes. Perhaps he can get him out of here earlier and maybe even cut some of his legal fees. Dr. Oliver chirps, “wow, first blackmail and now bribery.” Luke says yeah if it works, you bet.

Noah takes the DVD out of his laptop and hurls it across the room. He calls and says to feel free to hang up if she wants to, but if he called would she come over. Maddie shows up and he tells her it seems like a dead end, but he needs to see Dr. Oliver again and he wants to try to convince him to do the surgery. He’d like her to take him to the hospital.

Katie shows up at Henry’s and tells him that she is stressed out. She was up with Jacob all night. She doesn’t know whether he is teething or coming down with something. She got no sleep last night as he surely must see from the bags under her eyes. Her fridge was on the fritz all night making this moaning sound. He thinks she is thinking of him while she is thinking about the perfect solution is to stay with Margo for a while until she gets this mothering down pat.

When Meg crawls out of the trunk, Holden lunges at Damian and the gun falls. Meg picks it up and points it at Damian. She warns him that she is justifiable and she can call this self-defense. Damian warns her that if she shoots him, Deerbrook will seem like a vacation compared to where they will send her now. Holden tries to talk her into giving him the gun. She is not like Damian. She doesn’t need to do this. Damian too tries to convince her to give him the gun. If she doesn’t shoot him, they will let her go; she will be free. He will spend the rest of his life making it up to her. Lily tries to stop Damian from going after Holden. He shoves her enough that she slips and falls on the floor with her head hitting the trunk and knocking her out. Damian rushes out with Meg close behind. Holden comes to Lily’s rescue and cradles her head in his arms.

Luke tells Oliver that he knows Noah’s case does not bore him. Oliver says Luke bores him so that’s enough. Luke says if he is under house arrest, then why not take that time to help Noah. Oliver retorts that Noah might be the only blind man, but he’s not his only patient at the moment. Luke isn’t helping things by starting off with offering him lots of money, moving on to blackmail and now bullying.

Luke says he does not want to blackmail Oliver. He just wants him to operate on Noah. Oliver says that is great. Here’s his card, just call the Dallas office and this time next year he can wait in line just like everyone else. He says he can’t be bought and he’s not easily pushed around. That leaves Luke all out of luck.

Lily wants to go after Damian and Meg. Holden says no, he is not taking any chances. He is taking her downstairs and then on to the hospital.

Katie goes to the diner where Jacob is howling his head off and Dr. Oliver walks by and says unless her son is the next Mozart he isn’t going to answer her. She notices that he is a doctor and asks if he will look at her son….she means to examine him. He is astonished that she would ask. She says he is a doctor, she has a sick child, there is an oath for him to help her. He tells her to re-think that as it only applies when they are on the hospital premise, not in coffee shops. She excuses herself and tells Jacob that she will find a real doctor. Oliver folds up his paper and tells her to hold on; he’ll look at her son. If he continues to keep hollering like that he will be a menace to society before he cuts his first tooth.

Luke walks in just as Maddie is guiding Noah out the door. Luke tells him that he has already talked to Dr. Oliver and he still won’t take the case. Noah says he won’t see Luke, but he has to try for himself. Luke takes a phone call from Damian. He says something has happened and he needs him at the office right now. Molly shows up at the suite and Holden fills her in on Damian trying to kill Meg. He thinks Lily might have a concussion so he’s taking her to the hospital. Molly should stay and explain it to the police. Damian goes through his office files and puts pertinent information and some diamonds and jewels in his briefcase. Luke shows up and Damian tells him to close the door; there isn’t much time.

Damian says he wishes he could tell Luke more, but he’s taking a risk and he just wanted to tell him goodbye. He’s leaving him the company now rather than later. He’s taking a freighter and getting out of town – yes without Lily or with him. Luke insists he tell him what he has done.

Katie sits down and tells Dr. Oliver that he doesn’t look like what she thought a brain surgeon would look like. He confesses he does not want to be here, but he’s is being held against his will. The Chief of Staff here is his professional warden for the next month and on top of that he spent the night in this Godforsaken town and in some hotel where it is a germ farm with everyone sharing sheets and pillows, ugh…..She notifies him that there are other options besides hotels.

Noah tells Maddie there are two sides to Luke. One is a good, caring person and then there is the one like Damian….the one who takes risks and cuts corners. This time it was Noah’s sight that was in danger. Noah tries to get Dr. Oliver to hear him out. Oliver says they have nothing to say to each other If he wanted someone to follow him around he’d get a dog or an intern. Noah thinks Oliver’s problem is with Luke, not him and he wants Oliver to know that Luke does not speak for him. He can not see and he thinks Luke is acting that way out of guilt because of his accident.

Maddie sits down with Henry at the diner. She tells him to lay it on her; she is like a sponge today. He thinks it is inevitable that he will end up alone. His beautiful ex-girlfriend can’t stand the sight of him, his best friend is dead, his other best friend is too busy being a single mom to see him and his ex-roommate, the jewel thief is history. She gets it; he is lonely and he wants company. He needs to go over to Katie’s and make his pitch. She has a big old house, she is alone, they adore each other, so be roomies. He can take out the garbage, change the baby and give her foot massages. He says he will not give foot massages to get a roof over his head. He is looking for a roommate, not a soul mate. He reminds her that nothing ruins a good friendship like love.

Lily can’t believe she let this happen. Holden tells her that Damian deceived her, but he also did the same to Meg and others. Molly shows up and hopes Holden can help her too by figuring out why she did such desperate things she did out of love. He blasts that Lily was hurt and his sister almost killed, and all of this was preventable. She was desperate and let Damian take advantage. She begs him to give her another chance. She was absolutely terrified that she would lose him. She knows she made a huge mistake, but they can build on the good part. She wants another chance.

Damian confides in Luke that he is going to hear a lot of terrible things about him when he is gone. But everything he did, right or wrong, he did out of love for Lily and him. He begs him to never forget that he loves him. When the time is right, they will see each other again. They hug, and Damian kisses him on the forehead while Luke tells him to be careful.

Luke calls Holden so he leaves Lily’s room, leaving Lily alone with Molly. Lily wants to know why Holden is so angry at her. Holden tells Luke they can’t discuss it over the phone, but he will fill him in later. He needs to come to the hospital to see his mother. Holden asks about Damian and Luke says he had his passport and he mentioned a freighter so he thinks he is leaving the country.

Oliver tells Noah he will review his case again. He checks his eyes and says he is being cautiously optimistic, but he thinks he can reserve his sight. He wants to set up some therapy protocol before he goes any further. He can’t guarantee anything and wants Noah to be prepared to be let down. He says there is one more thing; a real deal breaker. Noah needs to keep Luke out of his orbit. It’s a deal and they shake on it.

Henry drops in on Katie’s and finds a more peaceful, relaxed girl. The doctor gave her antibiotics for Jacob, she came home and put him to sleep, fixed the fridge and now is enjoying a cup of mulled cider. Life is good. He massages her feet. She practically falls asleep as he rambles on and on about her needing someone who could take out the trash and watch little Jacob….someone less related than Margo and who cares for her. He’s glad she feels this way. Dr. Oliver lets himself in and looks around and says yes it will do. Katie introduces her new roommate to a shocked Henry.

Luke is happy to hear from Noah that Oliver will do the surgery. He needs to check on his mom then he will take Noah home. Noah has to tell him that starting right now, he can’t be around Luke. They have to stay away from each other. Those are Oliver’s rules.

Molly explains to Lily that Damian convinced her not to tell Holden. Lily says she lived months with Damian and she will not judge Molly for falling for those same manipulations. Meg returns to Damian’s room and picks up one his sweaters. She curls up on the couch with it.

Damian stands by the freighter with his back to the wind. Holden slips up behind and calls his name. Damian turns around and says Holden has it all now so he can just let him go. Holden says he can not do that; not this time.

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