ATWT Update Thursday 1/28/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/28/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Brantford Inn) Damian screams for Meg to wake up and then he shakes her then he tells himself that he didnít choke Meg hard enough to kill her. Lily knocks on the door because she wants to pack and Damian opens the door and steps into the hallway to tell Lily that she should have a drink downstairs at the bar while he packs everything up so they can go home. Lily tells Damian that he will forget something and she wants to pack but Damian blocks her way into the room and Lily suspects Damian is hiding something from her.

(Police Station ) Jack catches up on old files but he isnít officially back on the police force yet. Holden bursts in and tells Jack that Lily is in danger and he needs his help to rescue her from Damian. Holden explains to Jack that Damian has been lying all along and making Meg look crazy so that she wouldnít tell anyone that he lied to Lily and knew that he was alive when he was messing all those months. Holden tells Jack that Daman falsified DNA results and had Meg committed so that the truth would never come out. Holden tells Jack that Molly spoke to former officer Grady who used to work for the Kentucky police and he admitted everything to her. Jack tells Holden that he isnít officially back on the force and all this information is hearsay and he doesnít have concrete proof. Jack offers to call the police who have jurisdiction of the Brantford Inn and get them involved and he advises Holden not to go up there and let the police handle the matter. Holden wonders if Jack would let the police handle things if Janet or his children were in trouble. Jack doesnít say a word but shakes his head no and Holden rushes out of the station to go rescue Lily.

(Carlyís house) Carly tries to draw some sketches bur isnít happy with anything she has drawn and tells herself she didnít think it would be this hard to start designing clothes again. Molly comes over because she needs to talk and they decide to play a game of whose life is worse they take out a stack of cookies and each time one of them gets to a bad part in their story they give each other a cookie. Carly thinks that the loser should take the winner out to dinner. Molly tells Carly that she lied to Holden about what former officer Grady told her because she was afraid of losing him to Lily. Molly tells Carly that Holden is probably on his way to rescue Lily from Damian as they speak. Carly tells Molly that is a pretty bad story but her story is worse and she tells her that her and Jack almost got back together because they realized they have always loved each other. Jack intended to divorce Janet until Janet told him that Liberty had leukemia and Jack couldnít leave her since Brad wasnít around to help Janet and Liberty through this crisis. Carly also tells Molly that she took a sip of beer after Jack told her he had to stay with Janet but then she went to an AA meeting. Carly and Molly decide that they have both had a horrible day so they split the stack of cookies and call the game a tie. Carly and Molly the each grab one cookie say cheers as if they were toasting with drinks and each eat a cookie

(Farm) Liberty gets a letter from the fashion institute of technology telling her that since she missed the deadline to send in her portfolio she has lost her acceptance to the school. Janet arrives and tells Liberty they have to go see Dr. Hearn at the hospital because they have to get copies of her tests to take to the specialist in New York Liberty doesnít tell Janet about the letter from FIT but she does tell her that she doesnít want to go to New York because the doctor there will just say the same thing as her doctor here that she needs chemotherapy. Liberty tells Janet the cancer has already ruined everything good in her life but Janet tells Liberty to be positive because the specialist can probably find a way to get her life back.

(Brantford Inn) Lily asks Damian and asks him to call room service to have them send the drinks to their room. Damian is nervous and doesnít talk much so Lily thinks that he is still mad at her because she decided not to go to Malta with him. Lily tells Damian that it wasnít the right time for a vacation to Malta and they can make plans to go another time. Damian again offers to pack their things and starts trying to get Lily to leave she agrees to let him pack but reminds him not to forget the sweaters she put in the wooden trunk. Lily turns to open the trunk because she decides Damian will forget and Damian steps in front of her to stop her from opening the trunk.

(Farm) Liberty tries to make Janet realize that Jack only got back together with her because she told him that she (Liberty) had leukemia. Janet insists that Jack came back to her because he loves both of them and he wants to be there for both of them during this crisis. Liberty thinks that Dusty wants to be more then Janetís boss and that is why he got them the appointment with the specialist and the hotel room. Janet insists that Dusty is a nice guy and a good boss and he got the tickets so that Liberty, Jack and her could go to see the specialist. Janet makes it clear to Liberty that Dusty is her boss and Jack is her husband Liberty tells Janet that the facts are very clear to her and then gives her a look that allows the audience to know that Liberty knows that Dusty has deep feelings for her mom but the only person that doesnít know that is Janet. Liberty thinks Dusty should go with them to New York since he got them the appointment and he knows all the doctors. Janet tells Liberty that Jack is her husband and he is going with them because he wants to help Liberty fight her cancer and Liberty needs him to help her even though she doesnít think so now.

(Brantford Inn) Lily wonders what Damian is trying to hide from her in that trunk and she manages to open it and Meg falls out. Lily is shocked that Damian killed Meg and she starts to scream but Damian covers her mouth and quickly explains that Meg came after him with a syringe and she was going to kill him. Damian tells Lily that he fought with Meg and chocked her but he didnít think that she would die.

(Hospital) Liberty goes to get her records from the doctor including her chemotherapy schedule and she jokes that she will have to pick out the right wig to wear for prom because the chemotherapy will make her hair fall out. Janet doesnít think that Libertyís jokes are funny and tells her to stop but the doctor tells Liberty to keep joking because it shows a fighting spirit and the cancer hates people with a fighting spirit. Liberty, Jack and Janet step out into the hallway and Janet tells Liberty she should not have acted that way in front of the doctor but Liberty says that since she got cancer her family has stopped having a sense of humor. Liberty goes ahead to the car and Jack tells Janet to let Liberty make jokes because it helps her fight the cancer. Janet is worried that Liberty isnít taking her illness seriously and just wants to pretend that she doesnít have cancer.

(Carlyís house) Carly tells Molly that she is going to start Monte Carlo again and Craig is going to handle the business and Carly is going to handle the creative side of the company. Molly doesnít think that Carly working with Craig is a good idea. Liberty arrives looking for Parker and Carly tells her Parker went to school and Liberty thinks that Parker is brave to go to school on crutches. Liberty tells Carly that she still hasnít told her friends she has cancer. Molly tells Liberty that she and Carly made a pact to concentrate on work instead of men and advises Liberty to find something she loves to do and concentrate on it so that the cancer treatments are only a part of her life. Molly decides to leave Carly and Liberty alone to talk.

(Brantford Inn) Lily wants to call the police because she is sure that when Damian tells them he was defending himself the police will believe him since Meg escaped from Deer brook. Damian tells Lily the police wonít believe him and he grabs the phone from Lilyís hand and throws it against the door breaking it.

(Carlyís house) Liberty tells Carly she doesnít want kids at school to know her as the girl with cancer. Carly tells Liberty that her real friends wonít treat her any differently because she has cancer. Carly offers to help Liberty work on her portfolio for FIT and Liberty shows Carly the letter that says she was rejected because she didnít get the portfolio in on time. Carly tells Liberty they could explain things to the school and persuade them to give her an extension but Liberty tells Carly that wonít help because she burned her sketches the day she found out she had cancer. Liberty sees Carlyís sketches and tells her they are pretty good and gives her some advice on how she could make them better. Carly asks Liberty to draw her ideas and she likes them so she offers Liberty a job as her assistant.

(Farm) Jack gives Janet a plate of his famous pancakes and sits with her to make sure she eats them. Janet thinks Liberty got cancer because she didnít take good care of her when she was a child and she wasnít a normal mother for her. Jack assures Janet that she was a good mother and that nobody is to blame for Liberty getting cancer. Carly calls Jack and tells him that Liberty is with her and she is depressed so he and Janet should go there and get her now.

(Brantford Inn) Daman wants Liberty to go to Malta with him to escape the police but Lily insists that the police wonít put Damian in jail for something he did in self-defense. Damian tells Lily they will send for the kids as soon as they get settled in Malta then he grabs Lilyís arm and drags her to the hallway. Holden arrives and tells Lily that Damian knew that he was alive when he was missing and kept the truth from her because he was afraid she wouldnít marry him if she knew the truth. Holden also tells Lily that Damian kept Meg at Deer Brook because Meg had found out the truth and he didnít want Meg to tell anyone. Lily tells Holden that Damian killed Meg because she came after him with a syringe and intended to kill him. Holden gets angry and tries to grab the gun from Damian and they struggle Holden tells Lily to go downstairs and call the police. Damian grabs the gun from Holden and puts his arm around Holdenís neck and tells Lily that he will kill Holden if she calls the police. Lily tells Damian that he wonít kill anyone because she intends to go with him to Malta. Holden is stunned but Lily gives him a look that says go along with me so Damian can calm down and put down the gun.

(Carlyís house) Jack and Janet arrive and an excited Liberty tells them that Carly offered her a job as her assistant. Janet politely thanks Carly for the job offer but turns it down because Liberty has to concentrate on her treatment. Liberty gets angry with Janet because she isnít dead yet and she can still make some good sketches. Liberty storms outside and Janet is angry at Carly who apologizes to Janet saying she didnít mean to cause trouble. Janet thinks Carly meant to make her look like the bad guy in front of Liberty. Janet leaves to go talk to Liberty. Carly tells Jack she really thinks that Liberty has talent and that is why she offered her the job. Carly thinks it will be good for Liberty to have something to concentrate on besides her treatment. Jack aggress and explains to Carly that she should have talked to Janet about it first because she would have also been angry if Craig offered Parker a job without consulting her. Jack thinks that Carly working with Craig is a bad idea but wishes her good luck with her business. Jack also promises to talk to Janet about Libertyís job while they are in New York.

(Outside Carly's house) Janet tells Liberty that she thinks that she isnít taking her treatment seriously and Liberty cries as she tell her mom that she is very scared but she doesnít want the cancer to force her to stop living her life. Liberty asks Janet not to take this job away from her because itís the first time she has felt normal since she was told she had cancer. Jack comes outside as Liberty heads for the car. Janet cries as she tells Jack that Liberty is scared and she has no idea how to help her. Jack holds Janet as she cries and Carly watches Jack and Janet from the window.

(Brantford Inn) Damian forces Lily and Holden back into the hotel room and Holden tells Damian that the only way he is leaving with Lily is over his dead body. Damian points the gun at Holden and tells him to step inside the curtain that he intended to use to cover the trunk with Meg inside it and he says that when the police arrive they will find both their bodies inside the trunk.

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