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Written By Eva
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(Hospital) Paul pleads with Emily to move her hand and wake up from her coma and blames himself for her coma. Paul thinks that he is at fault for Emily’s coma because he pushed Emily to have a child with him. Susan walks in and hears Paul blaming himself and agrees that Emily being in a coma is his fault because he pressured Emily to have a child. Susan asks Paul to step outside while she checks Emily’s condition. Barbara asks Paul how Emily is doing and he tells her that Susan is checking on Emily’s condition. Susan walks out of Emily’s room and tells Paul and Barbara that Emily’s condition hasn’t changed. Susan and Paul both advise Barbara that she should stop taking treatments from Mick because she could also end up in a coma. Barbara tells Paul and Susan that she feels fine and there is no proof that Mick’s treatments were the cause of Emily’s coma. Paul is tired of Barbara always defending Mick and thinks that both she and Emily need a break from Mick.

(Tom and Margo’s house) Margo asks Tom to help her clean because the Stewart women take it as an insult to them if the house has even one speck of dirt. Tom tells Margo that given the fact that Alison and Casey are getting married Margo should stop referring to the Stewarts as if they were a strange organism. Tom wonders how Casey intends to support a wife when he hasn’t even declared a major yet. Margo points out that Alison is working and she thinks that Alison and Casey should move in with them after they get married so that they can help them until they get on their feet. Tom doesn’t think this is a good idea but Margo doesn’t want Casey to move away from Oakdale Like Adam moved away. Margo asks Tom to stop being practical and sensible for tonight and just be happy. Tom promises to do what Margo asks for her sake and then gives Margo a kiss.

(Java) Alison sees a picture of a wedding dress in a magazine and thinks of the dream she had where she arrives at the church and there are no guests there but Mick is waiting for her at the alter and when she arrives at the alter Mick kisses her hand. Casey arrives and Alison jumps as he startles her out of her daydream. Mick watches Alison and Casey through the window and Barbara arrives and notices that Mick is fixated on Alison just as James used to be fixated on her when he was dating her. Mick denies Barbara’s allegation that he I fixated on Alison he assures Barbara that he was just watching Alison to make sure that she is concentrating on her wedding and not on Emily so she won’t ruin his plan. Mick thinks that Barbara is jealous of Alison and tells Barbara that no other woman has captivated him like she did when she was younger and she still captivates him.

(Hospital) Susan tells Paul that he should investigate Mick and find out what he gave to Emily because his treatment is the key to her recovery. Susan tells Paul she needs to find out what Mick gave Emily so they can give her an antidote that could help her come out of the coma. Paul decides to go to the Lakeview and search Mick’s room for clues to his mysterious treatment.

(Lakeview) Paul and Susan are outside the door to Mick’s room and Paul pounds on the door to make sure that Mick isn’t home then he tells Susan to go back to the hospital and check on Emily because he doesn’t want her involved in case he gets caught. Paul uses a passkey to the hotel and opens the door to Mick’s room and begins the search for clues. Paul searches the desk and finds pictures of himself as a little boy as well as a picture of him, James, and Barbara smiling at the camera. Paul gets even more curious wondering why Mick has pictures of his family and he wonders about Mick’s true identity.

(Old Town) Barbara tells Mick that Paul hasn’t left Emily’s side since she lapsed into a coma so maybe it would be best to wake her up and create a permanent rift between Paul and Emily so that they will get divorced. Mick thinks it’s too soon to do that but he admits Barbara is right and Barbara makes it clear there is no other option. Mick tells Barbara there are always options and Barbara is puzzled by Mick’s comments.

(Java) Alison and Casey look through the newspaper for apartment listing and Casey tells Alison that the apartment look just like the ones he saw on the Internet. Casey wonders if Alison still wants to marry him even though he can’t afford a fancy apartment for them to live in after they get married. Alison points out that he will get a job after he finishes school. Alison asks Casey if he has told Tom he wants to study law and Casey smiles and says that he intends to tell his dad the news today. Alison worries that Emily won’t come out of her coma in time for the wedding but Casey assures Alison that Emily will be at the wedding. Casey however is positive that Emily will be there for the wedding. Alison wants to rush to Casey’s house to avoid any argument so Casey heads out the door but Alison looks both ways because she thinks that some one is following her. Alison is a little scared so she grabs Casey’s hand as they head out the door.

(Tom and Margo’s house)) Susan arrives and asks Tom if he has told Daniel that Emily is in a coma. Tom tells Susan that he discussed it with Paul and he thought that Emily wouldn’t want to worry Daniel. Susan worries about how she will have time to make the arrangements for the wedding with Emily in a coma. Margo and Tom offer to help with the arrangements as well as pay for the wedding since they have the largest family. Susan gets offended and thinks that Tom and Margo want to control everything since they don’t think she can plan a wedding worthy of the Hughes family. Casey and Alison walk in and overhear a little of the argument before Susan and Margo start being overly polite to each other. Casey whispers to Alison that maybe they should consider eloping and Alison responds you bet.

(Hospital) Mick sneaks into Emily’s room and is about to inject a drug into Emily’s IV when he has a nosebleed as well as a sharp headache. Mick manages to shake off the slight nosebleed then he whispers to Emily that it will hurt him more then it hurts her then he injects the drug into her IV. Paul arrives a few minutes later and grabs Mick and pushes him against the wall and tells him that he will never come near Emily again. Paul demands to know why Mick had a picture of the Stenbeck family in his room. Mick claims that he was doing research on the Stenbeck family since Paul was an investor in his project. Paul warns Mick that his father James was a bad man but he can be much worse then his father ever was when he gets angry. Paul asks Mick who he really is but Emily awakens before Mick can answer Paul's question. Paul gives Emily a kiss and explains that she has been in a coma but Emily remembers nothing about what happened to her. Emily asks Paul to go get Susan and he leaves and then Mick sits on the bed and tells Emily that she should tell Paul that she trusts him implicitly because he saved her life. Mick also tells Emily to tell Paul that she thinks that Mick can help her achieve her dream of having a child and she wants to continue her treatments. Emily looks back at Mick with a hypnotized stare and tells him she understands what he told her.

(Margo and Tom’s house) Casey tells Alison to nod her head and say oh when their mothers show her the wedding arrangements just so they can get through the dinner. Margo shows Alison some floral arrangements and Susan says that she has already spoken to a florist. Tom and Margo tell Alison and Casey that they want them to move into the house after they are married. Casey tells Margo that he and Alison want to live in their own apartment after they are married. Alison tells Susan that she should concentrate on Emily and she can look for a wedding dress on her own. Susan apologizes to Alison for not being able to help with the wedding plans. Susan tells Alison she is happy about the wedding and very proud of her and that she wants to make her wedding special for her. Alison yells at Susan to stop trying to make her into someone she isn’t then she storms out of the kitchen and heads outside to think for a while.

(Hospital) Paul returns and Mick explains that when he looked at Emily’s blood work he saw that an herbal supplement Emily took for fertility conflicted with his treatment and caused the coma. Paul is upset that Mick tried an antidote without consulting him first but Emily tells Paul that Mick saved her life and she feels great. Emily also tells Paul she wants to continue her treatment because Mick can help her achieve her dream to have a child.

(Outside Tom and Margo’s house) Casey thinks Alison is upset because Tom and Margo want them to move into the house after they are married. Alison tells Casey that she isn’t upset about that she is just overwhelmed by wedding plans and Emily being in the hospital. Alison tells Casey that she knows that she picked the right guy to marry because he loves her even when she is acting like herself. Alison tells Casey to go inside and talk to his father about his college plans. Casey goes inside and Alison gets a call from Mick who can’t say anything because he has a headache but Alison knows its him and tells him not to call or follow her again. Mick takes a few minutes to recover from the pain and tells Alison he will do what she asks of him. Casey tells his father that he wants to be a lawyer and Tom thinks that being a lawyer isn’t the right career choice for Casey. Casey thinks doesn’t believe he is smart enough to become a lawyer. Casey also thinks his father doesn’t believe he will stay in college long enough to become a lawyer. Mick tells Alison she should go visit her sister soon and then Alison hangs up the phone. Alison stuns Casey when she accepts Tom and Margo’s offer to live with them and wants to move in right away.

(Hospital) Emily tells Paul she remember that he accused her of calling the police on Meg and Paul asks Emily to forgive him. Emily tells Paul she will forgive him if he allows her to keep trying to have a child. Susan arrives and she and Paul both agree Emily should wait until she is better but Emily insists that she is fine.

(Old Town) Barbara tells Susan that Alison has feelings for Mick but Susan doesn’t listen to her because Alison is in love with Casey.

(Hospital) Paul refuses to risk Emily’s health for a baby Mick arrives and Emily asks him to help persuade Paul to allow her to continue the treatment. Mick refuses to get in the middle of the argument and leaves Paul and Emily to talk alone.

(Tom and Margo’s house) Casey and Alison talk in his bedroom and Casey tells Alison that he wants to everything possible so that they can have a long happy marriage then he will do it. Alison is sleepy so Casey tells her she can sleep on the bed and he will go study. Alion tells Casey she feels safe and protected in his house like nothing can harm her. Tom tells Margo that since Casey is a convicted felon he needs a letter of good moral conduct and a letter of mental fitness before he can even take the bar exam. Margo is confident that Casey can get what he needs but Tom worries that a judge or a D.A. who wants to be tough on crime will keep Casey from getting those letters. Tom tells Margo he didn’t tell Casey about this because he didn’t want to crush his dreams. Mick watches Alison sleeping because he is standing on the window ledge outside Casey’s window. Alison awakens and sees Mick and gets scared but when she goes to the window Mick is gone

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