ATWT Update Monday 1/25/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/25/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital garage, Kim and Dr. Oliver’s cars have hit. Bob is very worried, as he helps her out of the car; he wants Kim to be checked out while Luke calls 911 to report the accident. Dr. Oliver keeps laying on the horn because he isn’t interested in staying in town any longer then he has to; he wants them to move so he can leave. Finally, he gets out of the car and tells Luke he is obviously going to have to find another way to the airport. Luke can’t believe his callousness; he hit the chief of staff’s wife. Then he is sure they will run a myriad of tests only to find out what he can see – that she is fine. He starts to leave, but Luke grabs his arm, to block him from leaving.

In his hospital room, Noah is asking the nurse to see if he can be released because Dr. Oliver is not going to be doing the surgery as planned. The nurse tells him that she will find Luke, but Noah doesn’t want her to bother; he just wants to leave.

Luke can’t believe all Dr. Oliver is interested in doing is getting to the airport when he has possibly hurt someone and damaged his car. Dr. Oliver coldly remarks that he is only there because he kidnapped him and forced him to come here, and once he did, he chained him to Noah’s side - so this is his fault. Kim wants Luke to just let him leave. A police officer has shown up now, as Luke tells him that Dr. Oliver was trying to leave after hitting someone. Dr. Oliver tells the officer flatly that he should take out his gun and just shoot him now.

At the pond, Carly looks at her six pack of beer and then has memories of the recent time she and Jack were at the pond talking of their future and how he kissed her. She orders herself to get over it. She takes out a beer and opens it; she toasts to herself to a past and a future that will never be, as she slowly takes a sip of the beer.

At the farm, Janet is on the phone arranging for her and Liberty to meet this doctor, an appointment that has already been expedited thanks to Dusty, who waits nearby. She can’t believe all he has done for her and Liberty. He is just helping a friend. She also can’t believe he is helping her and Jack reunite after all they shared, as they hug tightly, as Jack walks in the door to see this embrace.

Dr. Oliver explains who he is to the officer, and as usual his demeanor and words are condescending, but the officer isn’t biting. He wants his information. Luke eggs him on implying he might have stolen his car. The officer starts to write a ticket, as Dr. Oliver tosses the ticket on the ground so the officer decides he has had enough, as he arrests him and leads him away. Luke picks up the ticket and triumphantly declares that he wrote him a citation for operating without a valid license, operating a stolen vehicle and - drum roll - resisting arrest, as they all get a chuckle over this.

Later, back at Noah’s room, Luke tries to help Noah with his shirt, but Noah yanks away; he doesn’t want his help; he wants him to stop hovering. Luke tries to ignore this and tells him that something happened to his car so they will have to get a cab. Noah snaps that he already called a cab for him not for the both of them. He just needs to get out of here and away from him, as Luke stares at him.

Carly hears a noise behind her and hopes it is Jack, as she whirls around happily; it is Craig however. Is he following her. He saw her car and worried something was wrong. He can something is since she is there drinking beer in the cold. No, she isn’t. What is she holding it for someone – Jack perhaps, Craig sarcastically wonders. The last time he saw her they seemed to be happily reconciling. This isn’t his business, but Liberty is sick and Jack is with his family. Craig thinks it is touching that Jack decided he needed to go back and honor his family obligation so she decides to blow her life apart. It is one beer; that is not trashing her life, Carly answers. She doesn’t need his advice or judgments. He isn’t giving either. Then he should walk away. If she wants to wallow in her own misery and throw away her sobriety; it is not his problem anymore and first time it is a relief; he is done, as he turns to leave. Carly wonders if that were true then why did he came looking for her, as Craig looks away. That is what she thought; he is not done with her at all.

Janet and Dusty separate, as she wonders a bit awkwardly, what happened to him earlier. Jack explains he was getting some air. What is going on. She explains she was thanking Dusty on their behalf because Dusty called a specialist in NY and set Liberty up with an appt with one of the best oncologists; he also got the airfare and a hotel room. Dusty downplays what he did, but Janet won’t let him off that easily; Liberty will get some of the best care because of him. Jack thinks it is an incredible gesture; he appreciates that, as he shakes Dusty’s hand. Not every boss would do that for his employee. He just wants Liberty to get better. Dusty tells Jack that he has more information in the car and he asks Jack to walk him out, as Janet, a bit nervously, watches them go. Outside the door, Dusty stops quickly and Jack wonders what they are doing. Dusty wants them to get a few things straight. He knows what he almost did today – going back to Carly. Who told him that. It doesn’t matter. He knows why he came back. Jack appreciates what he did for Liberty, but his marriage is none of his business. He is walking a thin line considering he kissed his wife, Jack reminds him. He doesn’t want Janet to know that he was going back to Carly, Dusty answers. He is there, Jack answers. Then he should be there and not be miles away; she picks up on that. She is counting on him so he needs to be there.

Inside, Janet tells Liberty, who has just come downstairs, that she has some good news for a change. They are going to NY. Liberty thinks it is about FIT. Janet realizes she does not understand; she is sick, as if Liberty didn’t remember. They are going to see specialists. Liberty doesn’t want to go.

Luke realizes how frustrated Noah is, but he doesn’t need to take everything out on him. He is just being honest; Dr. Oliver was it for him; he was his last chance at seeing. He was an arrogant jerk and he doesn’t think he is the only doctor who can help, Luke replies. Noah wants him to stop. Luke wants to know what he is doing that is so wrong – why can’t he, as his voice trails off. Noah yells about what he was going to see – why can’t he see that, was that what he was going to say, Noah yells. He just wants to take him back to his ‘mommy’s house to have tea and make sure that his socks match for that rest of his life, Noah screams.’ Luke tries to calm him down; he doesn’t want to do that now. He doesn’t want him to tell him anything right now; he has no idea what he is going through, Noah continues to rail at him. He had a chance to see and now that operation can’t happen and the doctor couldn’t get out of here fast enough because he couldn’t stand him. Luke now yells back about how he can be blaming him for this now. Noah tells him sadly that this is all he is stuck with. Luke tells him that he isn’t stuck with him. He isn’t the same Noah he fell in love with – he has changed and that is all that matters, Noah answers. He can’t really believe his feelings have changed because he can’t see. Noah explains that his feelings have. What does that mean; has his feelings for him changed, a depressed looking Luke wonders.

In an exam room at the hospital, Bob is checking Kim out, but she wants him to relax because she is fine. He knows best; he wants her to take the tests he called for – an EKG is one of them. Kim acquiesces finally. Does he really think Dr. Oliver will be charged with half of what he was cited for. Bob can’t believe how he acted after the accident. She does admit that she likes him doting on her though. He will be back after he checks on the tests he ordered for her. Tests – plural, Kim reiterates, as a smirking Bob walks out of the room.

Carly wonders why did he look for her then. They used to love one another; she can sue him for being interested in her welfare, Craig says. She only had one sip. That is one sip too many. She is still capable of making a mistake, Carly flatly replies. He can understand why she might feel lost after thinking she and Jack were reconciling. She is not lost. She needs something to keep her attention. She is not going back into business with him. He is right though because she does need to work though and this drinking idea is definitely a recipe for disaster, Carly agrees. What does he think. Was he being sincere about Monte Carlo. She would work with him, a surprised Craig wonders. If she decides to come up with a line then she would need someone to run the back office. Is he in. Craig slowly tells her that it would be on one condition.

Why do they have to see more doctors; they know what is going on from the doctors she has already talked with, Liberty tells her. Seeing a doctor would be about treatment options now. They said chemo. They are going to get more opinions to decide where they need to go next with the treatments. The three of them can then make decision. Liberty wonders whom she is talking about. Jack. Liberty is surprised because he was just sleeping at Carly’s’. He is home now; they decided if they want to fight for their marriage, they have to do it right. Does he love her really or is he back because he feels bad because she has Leukemia, as Jack walks in the door to hear this question posed to Janet. He gets why she is thinking that way. Is it true. Janet tells her that he came back on his own, as Jack seconds that he didn’t even know she was sick. Jack knows that he hasn’t been himself since Brad died. Is this his way of making it up, Liberty asks. He can’t make it up, but he is here now. How long. The only thing that matters is taking care of them. She doesn’t want to hop doctor to doctor. They can do NY things if she can stand being with him. They can go to shows and go to dinner. Yes. Jack tells her that they should put this to the test by sharing dinner at Al's right now. She has one stipulation – no Leukemia talk, as Jack and Janet nod in agreement.

Carly jokes with Craig about how she was reaming him out about going back into business; now she has changed her mind and now he has a condition. He spent months trying to save her from herself and it almost didn’t work. He wonders how much beer she would have drank if he hadn’t upon her; if she takes a drink, a sip or even looks at a drink with anything alcoholic in it, then there deal is off. She won't drink. She just did; he doesn’t know if it is a back slide or a misstep that she can easily correct. That will be the difference whether they can work together; he won’t be her police officer or enabler; if she drinks, he will walk and he doesn’t care what it will cost him. Carly turns and pours out the bottle that she opened. He has her word; she is going to get coffee and go to a meeting. When they are working together, they make a great team if they are firing on all cylinders, Craig reminds her. Carly thanks him for stopping her and reminding her that she has nothing if she doesn’t have her sobriety, but she cautions that she doesn’t want it to go to his head, as she walks off.

Noah explains that things have changed because he lost his sight. They don’t have to change. Yes, they do because he is not the same. Why because he can’t see how good-looking he is anymore, Luke says with a chuckle. Luke admits there is no way he can know what he is going through and he hates that he is going through this. He agrees that much of them may not be the same again, but what they have, as he takes Noah’s hand, they are the same; he is the same wonderful person he wants to spend his life with. Noah leans into him; he just wishes that he could believe it as much as he believes himself.

In a court, a judge addresses Dr. Oliver about running into trouble while in Oakdale. As usual, Dr. Olive answers in a condescending and insulting manner; he answers that he has run into idiots with a sprinkling of jerks; their doctors went to clown college and his officers are dumber then rocks – that is a medical diagnosis. He was strong-armed into coming here and now he is being detained again. He needs to get out of this town. The judge smirks: he just told him that he is a flight risk; he is remanded into custody until his trial next month. Dr. Oliver is livid; he can’t do that, he declares, as Bob walks in, addressing the judge on a first name basis and wondering if he can approach the bench.

At the Lakeview, Dusty is having a drink when Craig comes in, as Dusty comments about no longer being able to enjoy it. Craig doesn’t think he shouldn’t drink alone, as Dusty answers annoyed. He seems crankier then normal. Craig can’t hide the fact that he is celebrating… for a change.

At Al’s, Jack notices that Liberty doesn’t seem to be eating. She isn’t that hungry and not for the reason they may think. She just ordered her meal like her dad would have even though she doesn’t eat it the same way. She thinks it is weird that she did that, but Jack doesn’t think it is. Janet and Jack understand it makes her feel closer to him. She has been thinking of him a lot more recently. Jack asks Liberty if she knows why Brad never ate hot sauce. No. He dared him to drink it right from the bottle. They all cringe and laugh. Liberty wonders if he did it. Jack smiles about her ever knowing her dad to turn down a dare. What happened. Brad threatened him, as he imitates him and they all laugh until Jack stops laughing when he sees a somber looking Carly walk by the window. He can’t help but stare and then Janet looks at what Jack is looking at. Carly comes in and walks over to the table, as both Jack and Janet look a bit uncomfortable. She talks with Liberty and asks how she is. She is ok. How is Parker, Liberty asks. He is anxious to get up and running again. She is just here to get some food, as Jack tries to joke about her being tired of Peanut Butter sandwiches. She tells Liberty that she would still love to help her with her portfolio for FIT if she wants, as Janet cuts her off and tells her that is not really necessary anymore, as everyone looks down. Liberty does thank her though. Carly smiles and tells them that she will see them all later, as she goes to get her food and Jack watches her go. Janet excuses herself to talk with someone in the kitchen. Liberty takes a deep breath and tells Jack how fun that was.

A blissful Craig wonders if Dusty isn’t curious as to why he is in the mood to celebrate. It doesn’t matter to him. He will let him in on a secret; Jack and Carly are not getting back together. He doesn’t know about Liberty, Dusty wonders. No. Liberty has Leukemia. That is not even funny, Craig replies after a moment. He knows, but he is serious. Will she be ok. He hopes so. So Janet needs Jack now, as Dusty nods in agreement.

Bob explains what happened with the accident, as Dr. Oliver smirks over the fact that they clearly know one another; he wants to guess that their wives play Bridge together. Bob goes onto explain that his wife was shaken up but not hurt in the wreck. Dr. Oliver interrupts to say he is being dramatic, as he explains that it was a fender bender. Bob snaps for him to do himself a favor and keep his mouth shut. He thinks the judge should throw him in a cell and leave him there, but that would be doing others a disservice because of the enormous talent that he has, which unfortunately is in direct proportion to the size of his ego. He would suggest that he release him into his recognizance and practice with him under his guidance until the trial. Dr. Oliver is unbelievably not happy over this; can he still take jail or a firing squad. The judge agrees and Bob tells him that they can work out a schedule and as he is walking off, Bob shoots back that he can thank him later.

Jack continues to try to be casual and change the subject, as he mentions to Liberty about finding a concert to go to of a group she likes while they are in NY. He doesn’t have to do this anymore because her mom is not there; she knows he came back only because she is sick and she thinks her mom deep down knows that too. Jack tries to deny this; he loves her mom; that has not changed. Yes it did, as she looks over at Carly, and says she changed it without even trying, as Jack changes seats to sit closer to her. She said she had been thinking of Brad a lot lately; he knows she wishes he was there helping her instead of him, but he is here and he will help her through it not because it is the right thing, but because he loves her. What makes him helping her, will do her any good, Liberty wonders. It is doing him and her mom good and maybe in time she may see it will do her good too, as Carly walks by them and out and Jack watches her go, as Liberty sighs. Outside, Janet stops Carly, as she is surprised because she thought she was inside. She told her that if she needed her help all she needed to do was ask and she is asking. She needs her to stay out of Jack’s life unless it is about the kids because she needs him; her family is in crisis. Liberty’s life is in danger; Liberty has Leukemia. She needs Jack to get them through this. Carly apologizes for what she and Liberty are going through. Janet explains that she may lose her girl and she doesn’t even know how to even wrap her mind around that. She doesn’t know how to do it by herself, as Carly hugs her; she doesn’t have to because she has Jack and Liberty will be ok. Jack won’t let either one of them down, as they continue to hug tightly.

Back at the hospital, Bob tells Kim the story; she can’t believe he is taking responsibility for Dr. Oliver. This doctor might be a pompous blow heart, but he is not a criminal and they could use his skills around here. Kim smiles; he wants to teach him a lesson. She could use him on the staff. Kim laughs; he wants him here, as his hostage. Getting Dr. Oliver here is a coup – Chris would be proud. He will drive him crazy considering the type of person he is. Bed-side manners can be taught, but genius is genius. All this because a neurosurgeon nicked her car, Kim jokes. Well, it did give them a chance to hang out today; he calls that win-win, as they kiss.

Luke is filling out Noah’s paperwork, as he sits somberly by. Noah tells him that he can’t spend the rest of his life at his mother’s house. Luke jokes about with any luck either will he. He knows they had to give up the apartment, but they will get another when they are ready. Dr. Oliver walks over and angrily asks Luke if he is proud of himself. Noah is surprised because he thought he went home. Dr. Oliver is shocked that he would keep his big coup to himself. Luke tells him that he didn’t have any time to tell him what happened about the accident. Thanks to him, Dr. Oliver explains that he is stuck in ‘Oak-hell’ for a month; does he realize how many surgeries he is going to have to cancel because of him. Does he care that people might die. Luke is sure that the doctor who will fill in will do fine and if he needs a surgery-fix then Noah is still here. If he really thinks that, he would still consider it. Luke smiles and starts to wheel Noah away, as he tells him that they still have his cell number so they will call him.

Carly tells Janet that she isn’t in the middle of her marriage. Jack is with her. She needs to know that is true. It is true for him though. Carly pauses for a moment; it is true for him too. She is fighting for her daughter’s life and she can’t fight her too. She won’t have to. They only thing they have in common anymore are the children; she has nothing to worry about.

Inside, Jack tells Liberty that she is one of the toughest kids he knows. She has had to deal with so much in her life and she has overcome it and this last crisis she will get through like the others. He is so proud of her and her dad would be too. Liberty smiles sadly and admits that she misses him, but she knows he misses him too. Jack thanks her for saying that. Liberty smiles; she is counting on him to keep her mom sane. Jack smiles – even when she is nagging her, can she take it easy on her because she knows where it is coming from. Her heart, Liberty answers. Janet comes back in and tells them that it took a little longer then she thought. Janet chides Liberty about eating her meal. Liberty declares that she wants pie. Jack seconds it; it is fruit. Janet rolls her eyes and smiles; they planned that. Liberty smiles back and tells her that they didn’t. But, it is working, Jack adds with a smile. Janet and Liberty are looking at the menu wondering what to order when Carly walks back by the window and sadly looks in at them. Jack looks over, sees her and they lock eyes caught up in this. Suddenly, Jack guiltily turns back to look at Janet and Liberty while Carly stares for a moment more before she walks away. Jack can’t help himself, a moment later, he looks back at where Carly was standing except she is gone now, and Jack’s face drops, as it looks like he is heartbroken.

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