ATWT Update Friday 1/22/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/22/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Luke and Noah wait for Dr. Oliver. He sneers that even hostages have to eat. He was down in the cafeteria eating something they called lunch, but there is something about those orange plastic trays that remind you of botulism. Luke asks if he has had time to look at Noah’s files. Dr. Oliver says that he has. Noah asks what happens next. Dr. Oliver sourly says since Mr. Snyder here has dragged him to OK, Illinois – which is by the way the most self-satisfied white-bread community that he has ever seen and home of the most unappealing grilled sandwich he’s ever seen. Luke says okay, they get it. He doesn’t like it here and doesn’t want to be here. Dr. Oliver says it means let’s get to it and get it over with so a blind man can see.

In the hallway, Dr. Bob tells Dusty that he has his ear, so what does he need. Dusty says he needs the name of the best blood-cancer specialist in New York. He really needs a letter of introduction so he doesn’t waste time. And no offense to Memorial, but he promised Liberty’s mother he’d find the best oncologist. Bob takes no offense and says it would be arrogant of him to deny his patients care that they couldn’t give them. He will make the call.

In Emma’s kitchen, Janet hugs Jack tightly and tells him thank God he is there; she needs him so badly. She explains that it is Liberty. She is sick; she has leukemia. Janet says she does not know how to handle this by herself. In her house Carly sets a lovely vase of yellow flowers on the table. She remembers the last kiss and Jack telling her that they belong together and he will never leave her again. She tells him if he is certain this is what he wants, then go finish things with Janet and come back to her. She smiles to herself, then hears the doorbell and the smile fades as she sees through the glass door that it is Craig. He comments that she doesn’t have to look so thrilled. She just wants to know what he wants. He’s glad Jack is gone as he wanted to speak to her in private. It’s a business deal, not a marriage proposal. He says he got a call this morning from one of the Midday Sun investors. Carly says he can save his breath as she is not interested in vodka or water or any clubs right now. And she doesn’t care about the money. From now on, she just wants to follow her heart. He doesn’t understand how that concerns business; what is going on with her.

Janet explains to Jack this happened or they discovered it the day they were in Michigan. They let Parker go home form the hospital, but they kept Liberty there. They found a bruise and ran more tests. Her white blood cell was too high or too low, and her red blood cells were out of whack. She couldn’t find Jack so she is just telling him now. He feels badly and wishes he had been there for her. Janet tells Jack that she can’t lose her little girl; she is scared to death. He tells her that he is not going to let her go through this alone. Whatever needs to be done; going to treatments, meetings, he will do whatever it takes. She says that she does not need a best friend right now; she needs her husband. He goes to her and hugs her. He tells her that he knows she can handle this, and he is not feeling sorry for her. But he is there as her husband and they are in this together. She is glad he is back, but she wanted it to be for the right reasons, not out of pity. He says they are family and she will not go through this alone. He hesitates long enough to realize just what he just said. They head to the bedroom.

Luke is astonished; Dr. Oliver wants to operate today. The doctor says he’d really like to be drinking a beer in Texas, but yes he is prepared to operate. Luke questions if this is safe and does he know anyone here at the hospital. Dr. Oliver says no besides Luke….and he’s not crazy about working with a new staff in this backwards operating room, but a brain is a brain and he’s ready to take a crack at it. That is why Luke kidnapped him. Luke says Noah is not ready. Noah speaks up and says he can speak for himself, and yes he is ready. He has been ready since the day he had his accident. He’s calling the shots and he assures him he is ready. If Dr. Oliver wants to do it today; then they need to get started, the sooner, the better.

The doctor opens the door and goes into the hallway and sees Dr. Hughes. Dr. Oliver says he looks important. He’d like to know if there is some operating room along with their top neuro team, a Midas, a b-one foot plate and a IGS system, which he prays to God isn’t considered an antique. Bob says, “who are you and what are you doing in my hospital?”

Carly tells Craig that she is not interested in going back into business with him. Of course he wants to know what she intends to do. She tells him she is going back into the fashion business. She realized she missed it when she was helping Liberty set up her portfolio. She loved looking at the sketches, the fabric, watching the clothes come to life. Anything else is just a paycheck. He reminds her they had a lot of fun and made a lot of money. She tells him to forget it. It’s not going to happen. Her life is changing in a big way. The pizza man delivers her pizza and a six pack of beer. She tells Craig that it is not for her, but she can keep it in the house now because she couldn’t handle it before but she is stronger now. Craig is astonished when he realizes this is a set up. She’s waiting for Jack.

Luke walks out and introduces Bob to Dr. Reid Oliver from Dallas and that he is here to see Noah. Bob says he remembers signing some temporary papers, but he had no idea Dr. Oliver would be performing surgery here and certainly not today. Dr. Oliver clears it with Bob and then goes back into Noah’s room. He’s brash when Luke wants Noah to take more time to make the decision. Luke thinks this is a big operation and he doesn’t want Noah being pressured by time constraints. Dr. Oliver reminds him that he was in a big rush when he dragged him out of Dallas. So now they are ready to do it, or has this been a big waste of his time.

Bob calls Dr. Oliver out for a short consultation. He reminds Dr. Oliver that he’s asking this young man to make a decision that will affect the rest of his life. There is no guarantee that the procedure will work and there is some chance it might even make the condition worse. Dr. Oliver states the young man already is blind, so it can’t get much worse. Bob says perhaps his Chief of Staff puts up with his arrogance in Dallas because he is good with a scalpel…….Dr. Oliver says actually he is the best. Bob says nonetheless this is his hospital and he is not going to sign off on this surgery until he knows that Noah knows what to expect when he wakes up. Dr. Oliver makes a snide remark that perhaps the boyfriend is a donor or family friend. Bob says the patient and his partner are ill-informed. They are scared to death and he doesn’t blame them. It’s his hospital, his rules. He advises Dr. Oliver to go back in there and re-assure his patient. And then if he can get Noah’s consent, bring it back to him, and his staff will do everything they can to assist him.

Dr. Oliver returns to the room and tells Noah that he is not going to lie to him. This surgery has serious risks. Death is even a possibility. But if he is to ever see again, he must have this surgery. He can not guarantee the outcome of the surgery, but if Noah wants his vision back, he’s the best man for the job.

In bed, Janet cuddles with Jack and says she knows things are not like they were, but she is glad he is home. He tells her to close her eyes and they will talk later. She does wonder about Carly. He tells her not to dwell on that; just focus on Liberty. Craig tells Carly that going back to Jack would be the worst decision she could make right now. She tells him that her relationship with Jack is none of his business. He says that after so many times, no matter how many times she tries, their relationship always ends in a disaster. He should have known by the couch. Nobody sleeps on that unless they are hoping for an upgrade. She says they have learned from their mistakes. She tells him that he always says he has changed; well so has she. He wonders if it bothers her that Jack is still married to Janet. She says of course it does, but they aren’t going to do anything until that is over. Craig says he knows that is not going to stop them, “cause Carly wants Jack. What Carly wants, Carly gets.” Jack shows up and Carly says Craig was just leaving. Craig sarcastically wishes them well. Carly wants to hear all the details. Did Janet accept the fact that their marriage was over? His look tells her otherwise.

Noah tells Dr. Oliver that he trusts him and he does want surgery today. He won’t listen to any more arguments and wants to sign the consent form. Dr. Oliver helps him. He then finds Bob and hands him the consent form. He tells Bob that he will need an O.R., full staff, his best people and it would help if they’d been to medical school sometime in the last thirty years. Bob says his Chief of Neurology is bringing his team in. He’s unaware of Dr. Oliver and would like to observe. Dr. Oliver says as long as everyone is clear that he is in charge and there is no back-seat driving. Better not be a problem. Kim tells Bob - what an ego. She would not let that guy near her if her life depended on it. Bob says yes she would. He may be arrogant and unbearable, but he’s a genius. Luke gives Noah a kiss. Dr. Oliver interrupts and tells Noah to say bye to his boyfriend as he will see him later….and he will.

Dusty runs into Craig at the bar. He quips that it is a little early for a bender. He comments that Craig is in a bad mood. Craig thanks him for pointing out the obvious, so back off. Dusty has such an unappreciated talent. Yes, he’s in a foul mood as he’s just had a head-on collision with an immovable force known as Carly and Jack. He gives a toast to CarJack.

Jack tells Carly that it’s not that easy, but he did change his mind. She says they still love each and that should mean something. He tells her that it isn’t her; it’s Liberty. She has leukemia. First the baby….then Brad…. and now this. This is too much for Liberty and Janet. He hates this, but he took a vow for better or worse. He can’t walk out now on Janet; she needs him. Liberty is all she has.

Bob tells Luke to take a walk or go get something to eat. The surgery is going to take a while. Dr. Oliver interrupts and tells Luke that he has bad news. He is not going to operate. Noah’s latest scans show that he has more vascular damage than he realized. He will need several extensive surgeries, something he can’t do in one day here. This is a long range commitment, not a one night stand. He will bill him for today as his time is very valuable…..and Luke did take him away from other unfortunate patients in Dallas. Luke didn’t ask him to come here; he forced him to. And God only help him if one of his other patients doesn’t make it while he is wasting his time here. Dr. Hughes tries to step in, and Dr. Oliver tells him that he doesn’t work for him. Luke tries to stop him too and Dr. Oliver replies that Luke can consider himself lucky. At least he didn’t carve into his boyfriend’s brain unnecessarily. Luke tells Bob and Kim that Noah was counting on that surgery. Now he doesn’t know what to tell him. Kim suggests that Luke has done everything he can possibly do, all he can do now is tell Noah the truth. Bob says they are going out for a while, then they will come back and decide what to do next. Luke says okay, but Noah was expecting to wake up and be able to see so he just doesn’t know how to tell him this. Kim says hearing bad news is never pleasant, but it will be better hearing it directly from Luke.

Dr. Oliver returns and asks Luke for a car to the airport. Luke tells him that he is not going anywhere until he helps Noah. Dr. Oliver says that he is not a magician. Noah needs months of surgery, not this drive-by. He came, he saw, he folded and now he is leaving. Luke tells him he will have to find his own way; he’s not using the Grimaldi jet. Dr. Oliver says, “Big shock. You didn’t get what you wanted from me. Now you’re taking your toys and you’re going home. Have a nice life.”

Dusty surmises that Jack and Carly are back together. He’s not sure where that leaves Janet. Craig says that looks like they are both out in the cold. Dusty says the difference is that Craig deserves it. Dusty tells Craig to enjoy the pity party; he’s going to pass. Craig quips that he was always such a comfort. Dusty tells Craig that he may be out of town for a few days so he will call him about arrangements for Johnny. Dusty calls someone and tells them to cancel all his World Wide business. Then call the airline and book another ticket to New York with Mrs. Snyder and Liberty. And not to worry about a room; he will figure that out later.

Carly sits glumly as Jack says he is sorry. He wants her to know how much he regrets this, but he has no choice. She says she knows. He can’t leave Janet now when she needs him the most. That is who he is. She understands and that is what she loves so much about Jack. This is simply not their time. She doesn’t want him to say any more. She’s had all of him and she won’t settle for anything less now. He starts to kiss her, but she is not receptive so he gets up and slowly leaves. Janet wakes up and misses Jack. She holds his scarf to her face as she smells. Dusty knocks on the door. Janet opens it and he tells her that he has been thinking about her. She tells him that it was Dusty that advised her to tell Jack and now he is coming back home. Dusty seems disappointed when he realizes they are going to give their marriage another chance.

Craig spots Jack in Old Town. He calls him “Mr. I’ll never make it work with Carly.” But now he’s going to torture her again. He’s going to murder her self-esteem and self-confidence. And in the end Jack will decide she is not good enough for him and he will walk away again. Jack warns him to leave him alone. Craig won’t stop. He tells Jack that Carly deserves to be happy and he does not do that. But if she would give him half a chance, Craig knows he could make her happy. He admits he would do anything to have someone look at him the way Carly looks at Jack. He would kill to have that kind of love. But Jack kicks her in the teeth and breaks her heart time and time again. So what is it that Jack can do that nobody else can? Jack grabs Craig by the collar and throws him up against the wall and tells him to shut the hell up.

Luke sits on the side of Noah’s bed and tells him that he can’t give up just because Dr. Oliver didn’t operate today. Noah is angry. He tells Luke that it wasn’t because Dr. Oliver couldn’t operate; it was because he didn’t want to…... maybe because Luke blackmailed him to come there in the first place. He asks Luke to just please go. Dr. Oliver returns and is not in a good mood when he discovers that Dallas has bad weather and he can’t get a flight out. Luke thinks that is good and Dr. Oliver can stick around and do the surgery after all. Dr. Oliver makes it clear that Luke’s money doesn’t impress him; he is not for sale so nothing he can do will convince him to stay. Luke even offers for them to both go to Dallas and get a place there. Dr. Oliver wants to be very plain – he is not taking on his boyfriend’s case. He’s done so Luke can quit ordering him around like he’s one of his servants. He just needs a car to get out of here.

Bob walks Kim to the parking garage. He laments to Kim that he needs to take a rain check for lunch. He needs to stay there for Noah and Luke since Dr. Oliver didn’t give them much of an explanation of why he wasn’t doing the surgery. Kim says she is not surprised; she is just sorry that he has to work so hard. Luke walks out with Dr. Oliver, but then tells him that he will not drive him anywhere. He can’t walk out on Noah when he needs him. Dr. Oliver says he is getting sick and tired of this command performance of Luke’s. He doesn’t care how rich and accustomed Luke is to getting his way; he doesn’t want to be here. He has people waiting for him back in Dallas people that he actually wants to help. He grabs Luke’s keys and says he will drive himself and Luke can pick up the car later. Don’t forget to tip the valet.

Dusty tells Janet that he is happy for her. He knows how much her marriage means to her. And what happened between them is not his secret to tell. Janet tells Dusty that he’s an amazing man. What they had between them could have been uncomfortable, but she feels like she found a wonderful friend. He tells her that he booked a flight for three to New York, for her, Liberty and Jack. She gives him a big hug and thanks him.

Both Kim and Dr. Oliver start their cars and with Luke adding himself to the hood of his car, Dr. Oliver backs up and rams into Kim's oncoming car. Craig tells Jack that he is acting like a lunatic. Jack retorts that if he wants to see a lunatic, just keeping pushing him about Carly. He really doesn’t know anything about them or their situation. Craig says he knows that Jack is not good for her and never has been. Jack tells him that is enough; he doesn’t want to hear Craig tell him what is good for Carly ever again. Carly sits and stares at the bottles of beer. She picks a bottle up and fingers it. Then she grabs the six pack and runs into the kitchen and starts to put them in the garbage. She changes her mind. She takes the six pack and grabs her coat, purse and keys and heads out the door.

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