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As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/21/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Metro) Terri wonders why Janet hasn’t arrived for work yet and Dusty tells Terri to call Janet because she needs to talk to her because she is dealing with a lot right now. Dusty doesn’t want to say anything because he doesn’t think it is his place but Terri keeps asking until Dusty finally tells her that Liberty has leukemia. Terri is shocked and wants to call Janet to ask her what the doctors told her about Liberty’s condition. Dusty advises Terri not to call Janet until she has had time to accept the news because Janet shouldn’t have to console her right now. Dusty tells Terri that Liberty is out of the hospital but the doctors ran tests to determine the best course of treatment. Terri wonders how Dusty knows all this and he explains to her that he was there when the doctor gave Janet and Liberty the news. Terri wonders if Janet has told Jack the news and Dusty says he doesn’t know if she has told Jack yet. Terri thinks that this crisis will bring Jack and Janet back together because a crisis always help people put thins in perspective. Terri is worried that Carly could get in the way of Jack and Janet’s reconciliation but she is confident that Jack and Janet will fix the problems in their marriage because Janet is deeply religious and doesn’t believe in divorce.

(High School) Liberty wants to take her biology exam and pretend that things are normal but Janet wants to talk to the principal and school nurse to tell them about her leukemia in case she gets sick at school they can be prepared to handle the situation. Liberty tells Janet it was very hard for her last year having people call her “ the pregnant girl” and she doesn’t want the kids at school to call her “leukemia girl” but Janet promises Liberty that she will ask the principal and nurse to keep it a secret. Janet gives Liberty a note to explain why she was late for first period. Janet advises Liberty to tell her close friend Mackenzie about her leukemia because she will need support from her friends to fight the cancer. Liberty tells Janet to take her own advice and tell Jack that she has leukemia so that he can be a supportive husband to her. Janet tells Liberty that she will think about telling Jack and then she sends Liberty to her class.

(Carly’s house) Jack calls Parker to find out how he is feeling and Parker says he is fine except he is worrying about missing a big test that will mean having to go to summer school. Jack offers to pick up Parker’s homework and explain things to his teachers. Jack asks Parker if Carly is home because he needs to talk to her. Parker calls Carly several times and Carly hears Parker say that Jack wants to talk to her but she hides in the kitchen until Parker tells Jack that Carly must not be home.

(Police Station) Jack hangs up the phone but he suspects that Carly is trying to avoid him Margo arrives and asks Jack if he slept well in the office upstairs. Jack explains to Margo that he moved out of Carly’s house but he doesn’t know where he is going to stay yet. Jack tells Margo he is ready to come back to work but she asks him to straighten out his personal life because until he does that he won’t be ready to go back to work.

(Carly’s house) Parker tells Carly Jack is picking up his homework for him and will be bringing it to him soon. Carly remembers Jack’s kiss good-bye earlier and decides that she needs to go to an AA meeting. Carly tells Parker she will be back soon and Parker tells her he will be okay alone for a little while but Carly doesn’t tell Parker she is going to a meeting because she doesn’t want to worry him.

(Hospital) Carly talks to her AA group and tells them about kissing Jack and she thinks that Jack loves her again even though he hasn’t said anything to her yet. Carly tells the group that Jack is married to someone he loves almost as much as he loves her and she knows she shouldn’t have kissed him since he is married. Carly thinks that Jack’s marriage may be over and she doesn’t want to get involved with him until he is divorced because if he left her one more time she would start drinking again because she couldn’t handle the pain without a drink. Carly admits to the group that Jack is the love of her life and she never thought they would get back together again but she feels this time they could make it work because they have changed a lot.

(High School) Janet runs into Jack who is at school to pick up Parker’s homework and Jack wonders what Janet is doing at school. Janet explains that she was dropping off Liberty who has to take a test. Jack tells Janet that he moved out of Carly’s and he slept at the police station. Janet tells jack he could have come home but Jack tells Janet that he wasn’t sure that she wanted him to come back home. Janet tells Jack she needs to go talk to the principal about Liberty Jack wonders what is wrong and Janet almost tells him about the leukemia but doesn’t think it’s the right time when Jack tells her that Margo won’t let him back on the force until he straightens out his personal life. Janet lies and tells Jack Liberty’s grades have gone down and Jack blames himself for that since he is responsible for Brad’s death. Liberty talks to Mackenzie who thinks that if she fails this biology test and it causes her not to get into Princeton she will just die. Liberty smiles and tells Mackenzie she won’t die she will be just fine. Mackenzie heads inside to take the test but Liberty stays behind telling Mackenzie she will go into class soon.

(Metro) Janet tells Dusty that she didn’t tell Jack about Liberty because if she doesn’t say the words she can pretend that Liberty isn’t sick. Dusty again advises Janet to talk to Jack because she needs her husband to help her through this crisis. Janet tells Dusty she would rather talk to him then Jack and Dusty tells Janet it was just because he was there with her when she got the news.

(Carly’s house) Liberty arrives to visit Parker and he asks why she isn’t at school taking the biology test. Liberty doesn’t think that a biology test isn’t a matter of life and death. Liberty wants to take a drive in Parker’s car with him but Parker says that his leg is in too much pain. Liberty tells Parker that they will just have to stay there in have an adventure together. Liberty starts kissing Parker’s chest and he knows that something is wrong because Liberty told him that she only wanted to be friends. Liberty tells Parker that they haven’t made love in a long time and she misses being with him. Parker doesn’t believe that and asks Liberty to tell him the truth. Liberty walks towards the door and parker tells her he doesn’t care if he breaks his leg he will chance after her until she tells him the truth. Liberty turns and cries a little as she tells Parker she has leukemia but Parker thinks she is joking. Liberty sits on the couch with Parker and tells him that she is serious she has leukemia. Liberty continues as she wipes away tears and tells Parker that she is scared of dying. Parker tells Liberty that he won’t allow her to die because he can’t let another person that he cares about die. Parker promises Liberty that he will go through this with her and they will fight the cancer together.

(Former Location of the boathouse) Jack looks at the empty space where the boat house used to be and remembers the day when Carly went there and told him that she didn’t want to waste another day without telling him she loves him and she would always love him even though she was married to another man. Carly arrives and she tells Jack that she didn’t know why she came here. Jack tells Carly that they both went there to remember when they were in love. Carly tells jack that they shouldn’t make another mistake and she went to an AA meeting and that helped her decide that the right thing to do is for them to walk away from each other. Jack tells Carly he can’t walk away from her anymore because he has tried that many times because he thought it would make things better but it only makes things worse. Jack tells Carly that he knows he should walk away from her because he is supposed to be a good guy but the truth is he has never been as good a man as everyone has always thought. Jack tells Carly he came there to remember a woman who loved him even though she was married to someone else. Carly tells Jack that she wanted to remember a man who worked hard to restore a boat he called true love and thought of her.

Carly tells Jack they should walk away from each other now and keep their distance so they won’t hurt people so Jack challenges Carly to walk away first but she doesn’t move.

(Metro) Dusty tells Janet he has to take Johnny for a check up and tells Terri to come talk to her sister. Terri hugs Janet and Janet looks at Dusty who is at the door and he turns back to look at her before he leaves the club. Terri encourages Janet to tell Jack and tells her she will help calling doctors or taking Liberty to her treatments. Janet gets upset and explains to Janet that talking about all this upsets her and she can’t talk about it now and she leaves the club.

(Former location of the boathouse) Carly tells Jack that he should fix his marriage because Janet loves him and would take him back if he went home. Jack tells Carly Janet doesn’t want him back because he tried to talk to her earlier and she gave him the impression that she didn’t want to work things out because she didn’t even want to have coffee with him so they could talk. Jack tells her it’s too late for him and Janet it was too late even before they met because he has always loved her even when he was in other relationships.

(Hospital) Dusty tells Johnny that he is going to take him to Al’s Diner for an ice cream since he was so brave with the doctor. Liberty’s doctor wants to talk to Dusty about Liberty’s test results but he tells him he should discuss that with Liberty’s family not him. Johnny wonders if Liberty is going to die just like his mommy died. Dusty explains that Liberty has great doctors who will work hard so that she doesn’t die.

(Former boathouse location) Jack thinks that he and Carly should stop fighting what they have always felt for each other. Carly tells Jack she can’t do that because he is like a drug to her and she has to fight her addiction to him. Jack tells Carly that nobody could have brought him back from the dark place he went when Brad died except her because she knows him better then anyone. Jack tells Carly he knows that she loves him and Carly tells him that he shouldn’t speak for her so Jack tells her to tell him how she feels about him. Carly says she can’t do that so Jack ask her to show him how she feels so Carly gives Jack a kiss. Carly tries to pull away from Jack because she doesn’t think its fair to Janet but Jack doesn’t let her pull away from him because Janet doesn’t want him. Jack and Carly both cry and with tears falling Carly asks Jack if he is sure he wants her back because he has to be sure and Jack tells her he has never been more sure of anything in his life. Carly explains to Jack that he can’t leave her again because she couldn’t handle it one more time. Jack tells Carly that she is right he can’t leave her again and he won’t leave her again. Carly tells Jack to end things with Janet so they can be together again. Jack tells Carly that he loves her and leans in for a kiss but Carly tells Jack not to tell her he loves her or kiss her until he is hers again.

(Al’s Diner) Margo arrives and gives Johnny a hug and Dusty tells Johnny to go play a video game while he talks to Aunt Margo. Margo tells Dusty that she is impressed at how he and Craig have worked out visitation with Johnny and that Johnny feels comfortable calling both he and Craig Daddy. Margo tells Dusty that Johnny has also been asking Craig questions about death. Margo thinks its time that Dusty tell Johnny what his mother was like because Craig can’t do that since he never loved Jennifer. Margo also advises Dusty to find a good woman and settle down for Johnny’s sake.

(Old Town) Liberty and Terri talk and Liberty tells her that she told Parker she has leukemia and she cries as she tells Terri that she’s scared she could die. Terri hugs Liberty and tells her its okay to be scared but she has a lot of people who care about her and will help her battle the cancer. Liberty tells Terri that she is scared if she goes into remission she will have to live with the fear that the cancer could return.

(Carly’s house) Carly arrives home and wonders why Parker looks sad Parker doesn’t want to talk about it. Parker wonders why Carly is so happy and Carly doesn’t want to tell him why. Carly tells Parker she is going to order pizza but Parker says he isn’t hungry. Carly calls the pizza place and orders a pizza and a six pack of beer for Jack because she is sure that he is coming home tonight after he ends his marriage to Janet.

(Farm) Jack arrives and stands on the porch for a few minutes and then goes in ready to talk to Janet about ending their marriage. Jack walks in the kitchen and Janet hugs him and tells him she I so glad he came home. Janet wipes tears from her eyes and tells Jack that Liberty is sick with leukemia. Janet hugs Jack again and tells him she loves and needs him so much right now.

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