ATWT Update Tuesday 1/19/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/19/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Grimaldi Shipping Office) Damian calls Sharkey the orderly he is paying to watch Meg and tells him its important that he make sure that Meg doesn’t get out of Deer brook while he and Lily are on vacation. Sharkey tells him that now that Meg is taking the medication the doctor prescribed he is sure nobody will believe what she is saying about him. Sharkey tells Damian he needs more money but Damian tells him that he will give him more money when he starts to earn it by doing his job and keeping Meg in the hospital.

(Deer brook) Sharkey finishes his call with Damian and goes to check on Meg a drugged Meg tells Sharkey that she will prove that Damian is paying him to watch her but Sharkey tells Meg he doesn’t think anyone will believe her. Holden and Molly follow Sharkey after he leaves the hospital but he doesn’t see them.

(Lily’s house) Luke gets a call from Dr. Oliver who refuses to come to Oakdale and examine Noah because he doesn’t like that because Luke is rich he thinks that Noah can just jump ahead of al his other patients. Dr. Oliver also tells Luke he finds Noah’s case boring and hangs up the phone, which annoys Luke. Luke tells Noah and Lilly the news and Noah is sad because he says that Dr. Oliver is the only one qualified to do the operation and he won’t accept any doctor but doctor Oliver. Lily pulls Luke aside and whispers that maybe Damian can find another doctor qualified to do the operation or maybe give him an idea what he should do. Luke and Lily tell Noah that they have to go to Worldwide to meet with Damian but they will be back soon and Noah tells Luke not to worry because he will be fine alone.

(First Edition Office) Maddie is typing her blog post and reading it allowed it talks about if an ex boyfriend can still be your friend and who should pay for lunch if they go out as friends. Hunter tells Maddie that the woman should pay so she can show her ex boyfriend she doesn’t need him. Maddie smiles when she notices that Hunter still has the price tag hanging from his suit and he tells her that he just did that so it would be easier to return if he doesn’t like it. Maddie wonders why Hunter needs a new suit and he reminds her about Allison and Casey’s wedding on Valentines Day and then apologizes for reminding her about her ex boyfriend. Maddie tells him its okay because she may actually go to the wedding because she doesn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day and feels like a loser. Hunter says she is a loser but knows that came out wrong so he explains that everybody who is alone feels like a loser on Valentine’s Day. Maddie explains that she is going to interview her ex boyfriend Noah for her blog article. Hunter puts his foot in his mouth once again by pointing out that Noah is gay and Maddie tells him that Noah realized his sexual orientation after he broke up with her.

(Lakeview) Sharkey arrives with a woman and pays the desk clerk in cash for the room and thanks him for allowing him to check in early. Holden gives the desk clerk some money and asks him if Mr. Sharkey always pays in cash and the desk says yes Mr. Sharkey always pays in cash. Holden and Molly wonder how a hospital orderly could get so much money. Holden and Molly go upstairs to Sharkey’s room to question him about the money.

(Deer Brook) Meg calls Damian and tells him that she will prove that she isn’t crazy and get out of the hospital. Meg tells Damian that he knows what will happen to him one he gets out of the hospital.

(Grimaldi shipping office) Damian wonders if Meg is threatening him but Meg hangs up the phone and Luke and Lily hear Damin screaming wait wait and wonder what is going on that has him so upset. Damian lies and tells Luke and Lily that a rival shipping company from Switzerland has been pressuring him about some shipments. Lily and Luke explain the situation with Dr Oliver to Damian and wonder if he can find another doctor to do Noah’s operation. Damian tells Lily that he will handle the situation and she should go pack for their trip to see Faith. Damian tells Luke that he should offer the doctor money but Luke tells him the doctor refused the money. Damian tells Luke that he should make the doctor an offer he can’t refuse. Damian tells Luke to tell the doctor that if he doesn’t come see Noah he will use the dirt he has on him to have his medical license revoked. Luke makes the call and the pressure works and doctor Oliver agrees to come and take Noah’s case. Dr. Oliver makes it clear to Luke that he doesn’t like him at all or the fact that he used his power and money to force him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Luke tells Damian that he feels badly about Lying to the doctor because he doesn’t have any incriminating information on him. Damian tells Luke that when you love someone you do anything for them and the ends justify the means.

(Lakeview) Holden and Molly question Sharky who lies and says that Damian was only paying him to take special care of Meg and he has also been checking on her regularly. Holden knows it’s a lie but he can’t get any other information out of Sharkey. Molly checks Sharkey’s phone and finds that the last person he spoke to was Damian. Holden storms out of the room ready to confront Damian but Molly tells him they need to get more proof and suggests that they go talk to Meg.

(Lily’s house) Maddie arrives to visit Noah and she tells him about her blog article and he congratulates her because the blog is good for her. Noah tells Maddie she can leave now that she made her sympathy visit to her blind ex –boyfriend. Maddie tells Noah they are going to Al’s for a hamburger because he needs to get out of the house. Maddie leaves a note for Luke and then she and Noah head to the diner to have lunch.

(Farm) Molly plays devil’s advocate and tells Holden that Damian may be trying to make sure Meg doesn’t get out of the hospital so he won’t hurt Lily. Holden wonders why Molly is defending Damian and Lily arrives and wonders the same thing. Molly lies to Lily and says Holden thinks that Damian is forcing her to go away on a trip. Lily says that Damian isn’t forcing her to do anything and he doesn’t need Molly to defend him. Lily tells Holden she was going to talk to him about the kids but she will talk to Emma about the kids later because its obvious they can’t talk to each other anymore. Holden and Molly are more determined to discover the truth and head to Deer Brook to talk to Meg.

(Al’s Diner) Hunter meets Noah and asks him what it feels like to be blind Maddie is horrified that he would ask the question but Noah appreciates Hunter’s honesty and likes people who are honest more then those who ignore the fact that he is blind. Noah asks Hunter to have lunch with them and Hunter wonders if its true that Noah’s other senses are sharper now that he has lost his sight. Noah tells Hunter he has never noticed so Hunter suggests they test the theory after lunch. Noah offers to pay for lunch and asks Maddie to make sure he doesn’t give the waitress too big of a tip. Hunter and Noah both laugh while Maddie fails to see the humor in the situation.

(First Edition office) Hunter has the Stereo turned up very loud to see if Noah’s sense of hearing is sharper now and Noah jokes that he doesn’t want to lose the senses that he does have so Hunter turns down the music. Noah tells Hunter that his experiment made him miss the ability to be able to put video to music. Hunter tells Noah that he was trying to make him understand that he may have lost his sight but he still has other senses that work. Noah smiles and tells Hunter and Maddie that he was depressed about Dr. Oliver not taking his case but this is the first time he has had fun in a long time.

(Outside Al’s Diner) Luke leaves a message for Noah that Dr. Oliver is coming to memorial to review his case and he should meet him at the hospital when he gets the message. Lily walks by and Luke tells her that he persuaded doctor Oliver to come to Oakdale because Damian advised him to do whatever he had to do for someone he loves and the ends justify the means. Lily decides to go home and have a talk with Damian about what he is teaching Luke.

(Hospital) Noah is late so Doctor Oliver is about to leave but Noah arrives so doctor Oliver examines him and he won’t allow Luke to come inside with Noah.

(Deer Brook) Meg sobs because Holden and Molly finally believe her and she tells them that she saw Damian pay Sharkey. Molly tells Meg that they have to get solid proof that Damian intends to harm her. Meg begs Holden and Molly to get her out of there before Damian hurts her.

(Lily’s house) Damian gets a call from Sharkey telling him that Holden paid him a visit along with a woman. Sharkey tells Damian he will tell Holden what he knows unless Damian gives him more money. Lily arrives just as Damian is finishing his call and she wonders what or who has him wanting to leave town so quickly. Lily is angry that Damian is teaching Luke is persuasion tactics because that isn’t the way she wants to raise her family. Damian tells Lily he was just trying to solve Luke’s problem so they could go on their trip. Dian gets so angry that he tells Lily that she has no idea what he has done to make them a family/. Damian stops himself and tells Lily that he was only trying to make everyone in the family happy and now he needs to take this trip to have a break. Damian tells Lily he doesn’t understand why he can use his tactics to keep them in the style they are accustomed to and can’t teach them to Luke. Lily gets angrier with Damian because he doesn’t understand what he did wrong and she storms up the stairs.

(Hospital) Dr. Oliver agrees to do the operation because Noah doesn’t deserve what happened to him. Dr. Oliver makes Luke promise to burn all the information he has on him. Luke tells Noah the doctor agreed to perform the operation and he tells Noah the truth about how he persuaded Dr. Oliver to come to Oakdale. Luke expects Noah to be mad but Noah is only shocked that he would do such a thing. Noah thanks Luke for helping him have a chance to see again.

(First Edition office) Hunter tells Maddie that her blog is good and she thanks him for helping Noah today even though he hasn’t got an idea how much he helped him today.

(Deer Brook) Holden and Molly talk in the hallway and Holden tells Molly that Meg is very scared. Molly tells Holden that she talked to the police in Kentucky and they told her that Officer Grady took early retirement and moved to Chicago. Holden and Molly decide to go to Chicago and talk to former officer Grady.

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