ATWT Update Monday 1/18/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/18/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Katie is packing when Simon jokingly asks her if she recalls that they talked about packing lightweight. She wants Jacob to continue to feel comfortable because moving can be traumatic. He thinks they need to get to Margo’s going away party. Katie rolls her eyes. How bad can it be. She is going to a party where people do not want her to leave. He doesn’t think she should burn that bridge. She is trying to just avoid the bridge.

At the Lakeview, Henry thinks they need to remind Katie how much she needs them. Craig thinks they are being too easy on her; he thinks they should jail Simon and force her to stay. Margo thinks that will just push her further away. They will work on Katie and he should work on Simon because ultimately Simon will be the one to convince her to go or stay. Craig has to convince him to change his mind. Craig thinks good cop bad cop is a great idea.

At the hospital, Liberty is in denial; she feels fine; it is just a bruise. They need to wait for the Oncologist, Janet tells her. Liberty breaks down hearing that word and starts to sob; she has to go to college; this can’t be happening. She wants to be left alone. Janet tries to stay and comfort her, but Liberty pleads with her to go. Janet sadly steps outside where Dusty is waiting. Her baby is sick and is falling apart, Janet cries to him. Dusty reminds her she needs time to process this. She doesn’t know how to help. Dusty thinks it is time to call Jack.

At Carly’s, Jack and Carly are kissing when they slowly pull apart, as Jack apologizes. Carly wonders what happened. He was leaving… he still is. Is it for the best, Carly wonders. He thinks it is. They smile and Jack goes in for another kiss when his cell phone rings. Carly thinks he should answer it. Jack slowly does; it is Margo, who tells him about the goodbye party for Katie. Jack is shocked and doesn’t understand. She and Jacob are leaving town with Simon. Over his dead body. She was hoping he would say that. He will be right over. He hangs up and Carly wonders who is leaving town. No one if he can help it. Then, Jack tells Carly about Simon convincing Katie to go to New York; it is insane. Carly thinks Katie may need to get away after everything. He is taking advantage of her grief. He might be getting her through it. Isn’t that why he tracked him down. He sees it was a mistake now; her family and friends are here. That may be part of the problem; has it occurred to him that makes it more painful, Carly counters. Jack doesn’t want her to defend running off with Simon. If this is about her, then he needs to step back because it isn’t fair to Katie. He promised Brad he would take care of Katie; there is no way Jacob will live his life on the run. Katie isn’t doing that. He owes it to her to let him tell her his point of view. Ok – he will. He heads for the door and then asks if she wants to go. Sure. What about his bags. That will have to wait, as they head off.

At the hospital, the Oncologist comes to talk with Janet. How is Liberty handling it. Her daughter is freaked out, but then again, so is she. He gets that completely. He thinks they will be able to treat this aggressively with no long-term problems. He wants to go talk with Liberty now. Dusty asks to accompany them, as Janet wants him to come inside too. The doctor introduces himself to Liberty and asks how she is feeling. She answers flatly that she feels like someone who just found out she is dying. Janet doesn’t want her to say that. The doctor tells her that she is not dying and they will do everything they can to avoid that. Does he promise. They need to run more tests to find out what kind of Leukemia she has first. What are her options to get better. Chemo, Radiation and Stem Cell transplantation. Which one will get her better. They won’t know until the next round of tests, which he will put a rush on. Janet wants her to try to stay positive. The doctor leaves and Dusty follows, as Liberty admits to Janet that she is scared. Janet is too, but they are going to fight and win.

At the Lakeview, Katie and Simon arrive and Margo puts on her happy face while Craig gets in his shots about being all packed and the get away car at the curb. They are taking a plane, Simon calmly answers. What part of NY. Manhattan probably. Craig continues with his comments about “A broken heart for every Broadway light,” as Simon glares and tries to ignore him. Margo plays good cop; this is a party and not an interrogation. Henry comes in with champagne. He makes a toast to Katie and Simon, as Jack and Carly arrive. Jack pleads with Katie to not leave town with this ‘fugitive.’ Craig now focuses on Carly and Jack; they can’t seriously be back together this soon. Jack wants him to go find a waitress to flirt with. Craig snaps back about speaking of waitresses, where is Janet. Margo intervenes and reminds them of the toast Henry was giving. Henry continues – he is happy that they found one another again – if they are happy then he is. If they need to go thousands of miles away to find it then they should. She didn’t expect that from him, Katie admits. Either did Margo, she tells him under his breath. He wants to get onto the gifts. The first one is from Emma; the family Snyder bible with a family tree and everyone’s names already written into it such as Brad, Jacob etc. Then Margo is giving her luggage because they will probably move around a lot like they did with mom. Katie looks down; is this going to be the theme tonight. Craig tells her that they all want her to stay and they want to talk her out of going, as Jack seconds it. Henry steps in and tells them that it isn’t about any of them. It is Katie’s decision to leave the family, friends and town she loves and if she wants to do that then she should, as Katie thanks him but looks down. She means a lot to most everyone in this town, but this is her life, as they put on a DVD; Katie looks overwhelmed. She sees pictures on it from her Butt Busting workout, to her wedding to Henry, as he adds that it was a marriage not meant to be but then there was the one that was meant to be, as Brad and her wedding picture is next. Oakdale Confidential book is shown next and then her and Brad's show. Pictures flash by with everyone laughing with Katie, as Craig whispers to Simon about it still being a great idea to take her away from those who love her. Simon tells him to “Bite him.” She will go wherever she wants, but her home will always be here and everyone will be waiting for her, Henry finishes. Katie tells him to stop it; this is low. Why are they trying to make her feel guilty for wanting to leave town. That was not his intention, Henry feigns. Wasn’t it though. He didn’t want to upset her. She tries to gather herself together, thanks them for this party, but it is getting late, and Jacob needs to get to bed. Margo tells her there is one more gift. She can’t handle it. It is nice; it is for her trip. She pulls out a map highlighting all the places they lived growing up. Katie frowns; she had no idea they lived in as many places. Margo thinks when you move that often it probably becomes a blur. Henry comments about how stable she turned out considering her upbringing; she could have turned out like him. Katie wonders if now what they aren’t saying is that Jacob’s life will be ruined if she uproots him and they travel around. No one is saying that. Is she thinking that. No. Craig thinks this is going well, as he walks off. Jack follows him out to the lobby and asks him he is letting this happen. He was told not to interfere until they buttered her up. Can he see that they are serenading her right out of town. Carly walks over and suggests that they not interfere. Jack asks Craig to do something still. Craig wonders who goes after Simon first. They hit him from both sides, Jack answers, as Carly shakes her head annoyed.

In a room across the hall from Liberty, Dusty brings Janet a coffee; it is true that life can change in the blink of an eye, she tells him. Yesterday, it was FIT and now it is Chemo and Radiation. She wonders how this will affect Liberty and school and she doesn’t even know about insurance because Jack isn’t a police officer anymore. She is his employee and she has insurance, Dusty assures her. She hopes she can be strong enough for Liberty. She will be, as he thinks they should go see her now. They walk over to see Liberty, but her bed us empty.

Henry continues with his slideshow that shows him with Jacob. He mentions about how important it was to him that she let him back in their lives and how much he loves Jacob and serenading him, as she hears the Get-Along-Little-Doggy song playing and she seems to get emotional, as she swallows hard. He made her a CD so she can play it for Jacob when they are gone, as Katie seems very moved by this. Outside, Simon is getting frustrated with Jack, as their voices rise when Simon says he can’t stop them from leaving. Carly wants them to all stop. Katie hears them and heads into the lobby to find out what is going on. Craig thinks she should go back inside, but Katie won’t leave. She is upset because she knew when they got here that this party was a set up. They weren’t wishing her well; they were trying to change her mind. This was her idea; it was about her moving on. They just wanted her to know what she was leaving behind, Henry explains. They have succeeded in reminding her what she is leaving behind – a bunch of clingy, needy, selfish people, who claim to want what is best for her, but are really trying to hold her back. They are not trying to do that; they just want to protect her, Craig answers. She snarls for him to shut up because he has no right to tell her how to live his life. She glares at Jack – how could he. He promised Brad he would protect her, Jack tries to defend. She doesn’t need him using Brad’s memory to control her; Brad wouldn’t want that, as she stomps off. Simon tells them that was well done and an awesome party. Everyone looks around.

Janet and Dusty are looking for Liberty but can’t find her anywhere. Dusty promises to find her; he is sure she is just somewhere needing a little time to try to figure out how to deal with this. Dusty heads off to try to find Liberty. Janet’s phone beeps, as she looks at her text hoping it is from Liberty, but it is from Margo telling her about the going away party for Katie and how Jack will be there. Janet heads off after reading it.

Henry tells Katie that they love her and that was all they wanted her to know; Margo seconds it and Craig adds that they just don’t want her hurt. That is what they don’t get, Katie answer. It is this need to protect her, which is what is making her feel trapped. Simon pipes in that it is not the kind of life she needs; he is trying to put her wants and needs before everything else. They all know he loves her unconditionally. That is why they tracked her down. Katie was right; they shouldn’t have come to this party. Katie tells Simon that she wants to go home, as Henry tells her that he has one last thing to say.

Outside near a barrel, Liberty is taking a lighter to her designs, as Dusty walks up. He hopes she made copies. She doesn’t need them anymore. Who says that. The cancer. She is going to give up without a fight; that is not the girl he knows or the one her mother is depending on. The girl wasn’t sick. People get sick and a lot of times and they get better. However, a lot of times, like his wife, they don’t and he can change that by trying to save her. Liberty looks down and then at him and tells him how sorry she was for saying that; it was mean. He thinks it is ok for her to be mean right now and even angry. He bets she feels like breaking something. She feels like tearing the world down. He picks up a rock; this will make her feel better, as he throws a rock at a nearby building window and it shatters. She can’t believe he did that, as the window breaks again. It feels great though. She throws one and then another, but this time, an alarm goes off. Dusty teases her – now she did it. What do they do. Dusty grabs her hand and tells her to run.

Janet rushes into the Lakeview; she is sorry to barge in but she is looking for Jack. He was here, Margo answers. Does she know where he went. Craig is more then happy to rat them out. Jack was about to punch Simon so Carly dragged him off. Janet looks crestfallen, as Margo shushes him. She deserves the truth. Katie wonders what is wrong. Janet asks her if she is really going. Yes. She doesn’t get why it is the right thing to leave the people that love you; why do things have to come to an end. Katie assures her that she and Liberty can always come visit her anytime. Janet tells her that she needs to go, as she says goodbye to her. Katie wonders what they should tell Jack if he comes back. She doesn’t want them to say anything – in fact, they don’t need to tell Jack she was even there, as she rushes off.

Outside, Carly tells Jack this isn’t about Katie and Simon or about Brad; it is about Simon and getting him back for taking her away. He admits that he hates him and that may be part of the issue. If she hadn’t gone then maybe, as his voice trails off emotionally. What. No one knows what would have happened, Jack answers quietly. No one knows and they can’t look back or change anything. He needs to go say goodbye to Katie and his nephew because Brad would want that. She is right. Jack teases her about not gloating about being right. She can’t gloat because she is too cold.

Dusty and Liberty are around the corner watching for police. That is all she needs is the cops arresting her. She has to admit that breaking something felt good, Dusty answers. It did until the alarm went off. He thinks it will be ok because the owner of the building is a sweetheart. He knows him. Yes because it is he, as he laughs. That is not funny, as she playfully hits him. Is that all she has. Don’t hit like a girl. She swats at him again. Give it to him real. She hit shim over and over and then crumbles into his arms. She doesn’t know what is wrong. Anger is good because she can use it to fight. What if the cancer fights harder. He dries her eyes; then she needs to fight dirty.

Downtown, Janet is sitting on a bench trying to compose herself when her phone rings. Dusty tells her that he found Liberty and she is ok. She is so happy she is ok; all the rest doesn’t matter. They are heading back to the hospital. She will see them in a minute. Did she get a hold of Jack. No, he had other things he was dealing with.

Jack and Carly are standing in front of Katie, as Jack apologizes for coming down on her for this. If this is what she wants then he won’t stand in her way. He won’t let her personal feelings for Simon dictate her happiness, as Katie thanks him. He promised Brad something and he will keep it, as he goes over to Jacob and tells him that he will still look out for him no matter where he ends up. He will always be there for him; he is a Snyder and he is his family. Katie hugs him, as Jack tells Simon to be good to them. Katie and Carly even hug, as she tells them to both take care of themselves and then Carly and Jack head out. Simon starts to gather her gifts while Katie looks at the bible sadly.

At Margo’s, Henry tells them that he can’t picture his life without Katie and Craig talks about how much he will miss her even though he wasn’t a model brother. Margo wants them to stop talking as if she is dead; she is just moving to NY and they are supposed to want the best for her and this is what she needs right now. Craig doesn’t think Katie will find happiness with Simon. Margo reminds them it is done so they need to accept it.

Katie is touching Brad’s name in the bible, as Simon wonders if she is ok. No, she is not; she can’t leave; they were right. If she takes Jacob away, he will grow up the same as her. Does she mean he will be perfect. He needs a stable home. The party was calculated to get this response, Simon reminds her. It doesn’t make it any less true. Her son deserves more; he deserves family and friends he can depend on. She needs to give him that. They will make it work here then, Simon decides. They tried it before. Third time is the charm. She is strapping a shackle to his ankle. Don’t tell him what he feels. He wants to try to do this for her. He is going to try, but then he will end up hating her. He is making up for past hurt and she loves him for that, but they don’t need this. She knows he knows what he needs to do, as she hugs him tightly.

Liberty is smiling at Dusty when she tells him and Janet that she is going to win this game. Janet doesn’t understand. She is going to play chicken with this cancer. Making sure the cancer blinks first Dusty winks; she is going to run it right off the road. Liberty and Dusty bump fists. She jokes about when she gets out of there working for him because her mom is right he is a great boss. Dusty jokes he can’t afford them all. Dusty kisses on the cheek and tells them that he thinks he better go check on Teri. She will walk him out, Janet answers. Outside, Janet is amazed how Dusty cheered Liberty up. It was no big deal. She doesn’t know how she would cope without him. Where is Jack, Dusty asks. He has other things more pressing. Call him. He will see her later.

Jack and Carly arrive back home, as Jack grabs his bag and wonders if they can pretend it didn’t happen and start over. With saying goodbye. Yes. What will he do and where will he go. He doesn’t know; he will probably stay on a cot in the station until he figures it out. He thanks her for helping him come to his senses earlier. Punching Simon would have felt good, he admits. Just for a little while, Carly reminds him. They laugh. She knows him too well. He still surprises her from time to time. Suddenly, Jack drops his bag, grabs Carly and kisses her passionately. A moment later, Carly pulls away, gently reminding him that he is still very married. It is fading fast, Jack answers. It is still burning though so he needs to go before he does something he is going to regret. She touches his lips, as he stares at her. He looks down and sadly heads for the door. Outside, he stops touches his heart and mouth, as Carly presses up against the door on the other side.

Margo, Henry and Craig are drinking some wine when there is a knock; it is Katie and Simon, as Margo eagerly opens the door. Is everything ok. It is now, Katie admits. Margo invites Simon in, but he tells them that he will be outside because Katie has to talk with them. Inside, Henry wonders if this is the official goodbye. No. She can’t go; she can’t leave. Margo hugs her; they are thrilled. Oakdale is she and Jacob’s home. What changed her mind, as they are all thrilled. Their fake goodbye party worked after all. Henry steps outside and wonders if Simon is ok. Katie is and it was right for Katie. It feels good for once to do the honorable thing, Simon jokes. It suits him – almost, Henry teases. So, he will be seeing him around. He is going to head out on the road. Why. He is not for settling down; he finally convinced Katie. His gift for lying is starting to get rusty, Henry tells him. It is best for Katie. Now, he really is impressed, as they hug. Simon jokes about trying not to miss him. Him too. Simon wants him to look after Katie because he really is her best friend. Henry smiles and then heads inside, as Craig is taking full credit for her staying. Katie teases him back about how he had nothing to do with it. Henry asks Katie never to do that again, as she hugs Henry and looks past him to see Simon staring longingly back at her through the window. He turns and leaves, as Katie goes toward the door and looks after him.

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