ATWT Update Friday 1/15/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/15/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Janet questions the doctor of what is wrong with her daughter. She has a bruise, but no big deal. He explains that the white blood count cells are low. He mention the platelets and the hemoglobin counts also are low. She tells him to speak English. He is sorry, but he has to tell her that her daughter has leukemia. She can’t accept this as Liberty has just lost her father. Janet falls into Dusty’s arm’s.

At Carly’s, Jack teases Carly that she wants him to stick around to open up jars of peanut butter and such. In the kitchen at the farm, Molly is concocting a cake. Holden comes in and she licks frosting from his finger. They kiss and kiss and kiss. At Lily’s, Damian shows Lily some laptop photos of lunching with the zebras in the Serengeti. He wants to give his wife a honeymoon before their first anniversary. She doesn’t think right now is a very good time. It’s like he can’t get out of Oakdale fast enough. She admits that she knows she just sounded like a rat. He's being thoughtful and romantic and she promises that she will quit coming up with reasons to say no. She wants to talk to Holden first to make sure he can watch the kids before Damian makes final plans. She gives him a big hug and tells him that he is wonderful for taking care of everything.

At the hospital, Meg tells her doctor she is feeling much better and is looking forward to her evaluation test and then going home. Now that she has more clarity, she sees how right Damian and Lily are for each other and that they belong together. He waits until she pours the water to take her medication. He tells her that the evaluation today could be her ticket home. She pretends to take her pill. A moment later, an attendant sees Meg put her medication in a bag and her hiding it beneath her pillow.

The doctor tells Janet that there is every reason to remain hopeful. Dusty assures her the doctor is on top of it. Janet can’t believe that she is her mother, but could not detect that her daughter has a fatal disease. Dusty says that it does not have to be fatal. She will have top notch treatment. They will fight this, and Liberty will win.

Jack explains to Carly that it would be very easy for him to stay until Parker was off his crutches. But then it would be something else; there would always be something else, other reasons. And by that time, there might not be much left of his marriage. She says she understands. He has been saying that he needs to go home and work things out with Janet, so he should do just that. They look around and Parker is gone. He drove off in a stick shift even with his busted leg.……probably to see Liberty.

Lily walks into Emma's kitchen and sees the mess and smell. She goes to check the oven. Molly walks out from the bedroom still readjusting her blouse. Lily conveys to her that FYI - the cake is supposed to puff up, not down. She points out to Molly that it is one thing to make a play for Holden right here in his own house, but another to try to cook like his mother. Trust her, she can't compete. Molly slams the cookbook down and says guess what, she doesn't have to compete. "Holden's got a real sweet tooth, but it is kinda a pretty specific one. And I seem to be pretty good at knowing how to satisfy it." Lily asks if she is always this crass or is it just for her benefit. Holden comes in and immediately feels the frost in the air. He tells Lily that she seems upset. She says no; she just came there to talk to him about the kids but it can wait until another time. She sneers perhaps after he has had dessert.

Holden wants to know what he missed. Molly tells him that she sort of let Lily know they were sleeping together. Holden tells Molly that he has nothing to hide or them to apologize for. He’ll go see what Lily wanted. It must be important if she came all the way to the farm. He has to rush to catch up to Lily at Old Town. She’s sarcastic about Molly actually making a cake and she doesn’t want to hear about his sweet tooth. Holden finds this unbelievable. He can’t believe that she objects to him dating Molly when she is married and to Damian – twice. He just starts dating again and he's catching flack. To Lily, it’s not just that Holden is dating, but that it is Molly. He thinks he deserves better than Molly. He says yes it is Molly, and he's glad. Lily tells him that Molly is too transparent, just like a window.......the apron, the chocolate, the Domestic Goddess impersonation. Does she believe anybody is going to buy that coming from her? He reminds her that her husband is no saint either.

Lily wonders how they got along so well at Christmas and now this. Holden gets her to tell him why she came to the farm. She tells him the trip is off, now is not the right time. And by the way, she is not pregnant. He thinks that is a good thing. And she’s been through so much that she should go on this trip with Damian. He and Molly will look after the children…..and of course Emma. But Molly is in his life right now so Lily will just have to deal with that. She thanks him for telling her and she will think about the trip. At least she knows she has an option. She advises Holden that she is sorry she said what she did about Molly, but she’s not taking back one word.

Janet goes to the chapel and prays to God that she knows she shouldn’t be asking for fairness, but do not let Liberty suffer. Liberty has her whole life ahead of her and to make it better than Janet. Her love for Liberty is pure; it’s probably the only pure thing she has left. Please let Liberty live. She admits she broke her vows and did not keep his commandments, but do not punish Liberty for her sins. Give her the punishment, she deserves it, not Liberty. Dusty interrupts and she asks him to pray with her. She feels like that she is being punished. He finishes – for sleeping with him. And now she has to go tell her daughter. Dusty reminds her that she has God and she has him too.

Parker visits Liberty and a moment later Jack and Carly come in and Jack says he is so busted. He tells Liberty that he’s her uncle and he will take care of her for the rest of her life, but he’s been an absolute terrible husband and absentee father to her and he is sorry. She reveals that they is sorry too for things she said to Jack and blaming him for her dad’s death. Somehow that made it easier to accept. He says it is okay; he likes a good challenge.

Damian makes plans on the phone for the trip. Meg calls and gloats that she is better. She has never felt so clearheaded in a very long time. She thanks him for sending her to Deerbrook. She will have her evaluation today and then she can finish her plans that she has mentioned to him before. She can tell him in person just how much he means to her. He snarls for her to stop calling him. Damian calls his travel agent back and says he has to put off the safari trip for now.

Damian goes to the hospital and speaks to the attendant. He hands him more money and says he is paying him quite well to watch Meg 24/7. So he doesn’t expect her to pass the evaluation. The attendant says they won’t….if they find her meds in the bedding. The attendant lets Damian in to see Meg. She has seen the money exchange hands and accuses Damian of doing it right in front of her. Damian uses the word conspiracy and that no one will believe her. He tells the attendant to be easy on Meg; he once cared for her. She is fearful of what Damian has done or will continue to do. He tells her that he can’t believe he was such a fool to actually believe her in the past and if she weren’t so pathetic that he would be disgusted. The doctor comes in just as they discover the pills in her bed. She tells the doctor that she was wrong, but they have to believe her. She is not crazy or pulling a scam. Damian explains that she has been fooling them for weeks. Meg begs him to reconsider. She has a meltdown and start beating on Damian with the doctor looking on at her erratic behavior.

Carly tells Jack to take his time to get his stuff out. She’d like him to stay, but she understands not to give Parker and Sage false hope. Dusty tells Janet to go tell Liberty. He knows she can do it. Molly is having a drink when Holden walks up and sits down. She introduces himself as does he and admits she makes a lousy chocolate cake. He tells her that Lily is adjusting. She accuses him of tearing off after Lily about a minute after she came to the farm and threw a hissy fit and said a few sarcastic things. Here Molly was trying to make him a fabulous chocolate cake, so imagine how that made her feel for him to go running off. He teases her if she goes around making cakes for people that are not an “us”.

Lily gets a call from Meg’s doctor and then questions Damian of why he’s spending so much time there with her. If the doctor hadn’t called, would she have heard about this? He explains that he just came from Deerbrook because Meg called him and said she would get out today and was going to go after him. Meg lost it today and her stash of pills was found. She won’t be getting out anytime soon. Now nothing is standing in their way so they can take their trip.

Janet tells Liberty that she has leukemia, but she is not going to die. They will fight this. Holden and Molly see the hospital attendant ordering a $250 bottle of wine and wonder just how he can afford that. Jack starts to slip out and Carly calls him a coward for not wanting to say goodbye. They hug……a little too long and when he turns to go he turns back and they kiss….a little too long.

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