ATWT Update Thursday 1/14/10

As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/14/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Katie’s house) Katie tells Simon she is going to tell the real estate agent that she is going to sell the house so that they can leave Oakdale. Katie explains to Simon that she can’t move on with her life and stay in Oakdale because she is surrounded by memories of Brad. Simon tells Katie that a life on the run isn’t good for her or Jacob but Katie reminds Simon that he told her that he didn’t want to go back to his old life. Simon thinks Katie is running away from her life instead of facing it and Katie admits that is true and says that she needs to run away and she and Jacob need to make a fresh start.

(Old Town) Henry runs into Margo and at first Henry thinks that Margo is going to arrest him for the con job gone bad that he tried with Clarrissa but once he finds out she knows nothing about it he changes the subject. Margo takes Jacob out of his stroller to hold him and Henry and Margo both agree that Simon has changed and is a good influence on Katie.

(Katie’s house) Simon advises Katie to think about it for a week or so before she makes such a big decision but Katie is determined to leave town today.

(Hospital) Liberty can’t eat the hospital food and really wants to go home and eat some of her mom’s cooking. Liberty asks Janet to go look for Parker because she wants to see him and make sure he is okay. Janet doesn’t want to leave Liberty’s side and can’t stop hugging her. Liberty thinks Janet doesn’t want to go check on Parker because she doesn’t want to see Jack and Carly. Janet tells Liberty that isn’t true and promises to bring Parker to visit her so that she can see he is okay. Parker’s nurse brings him out in a wheelchair because he fractured his foot and she also tells jack and Carly that his infection didn’t spread so they will give him some medicine and he will be okay in a few weeks. Jack and Carly hug each other because of the good news and Janet walks in so Jack gives Janet the details of Parker’s condition. Jack asks Carly to leave so that he can speak to Janet alone. Jack feels responsible for Liberty and Parker getting lost but says he is ready to forget the past and pick up where they left off in their marriage. Janet is surprised and Jack wants to talk some more about it but Janet tells him they can talk about it later once Parker and Liberty are home. Carly wheels Parker into Liberty’s room and they both complain that their mother’s are overprotecting them. The nurse arrives to take Parker for one last x-ray before he goes home. Carly thanks Liberty for saving Parker and promises to help her with her portfolio for the fashion institute. The doctor tells Janet that Liberty isn’t ready to go home because he wants to run one more test on her before he sends her home. Parker wants to stay with Liberty until she can go home but Liberty tells him to go home because she will be back home soon.

(Katie’s house) Katie packs her clothes and Simon thinks that Katie is afraid to face life in Oakdale without Brad. Katie admits that he is right and tells Simon that she will come back for a visit once she feels she can handle the memories of Brad. Simon reminds Katie that Margo and Henry will be heartbroken if she leaves town. Katie thinks it will be hard for Henry and Margo at first but one they realize this will make her happy they will be fine. Henry arrives with Jacob and wonders what Simon and Katie were talking about when he interrupted them. Simon tells Henry he had better sit down before Katie tells him. Katie tells Henry that she is leaving town with Simon and she isn’t coming back. Henry can’t breathe and takes a drink of the martini Simon made him. Henry thinks Simon persuaded Katie to leave but Simon explains to Henry that he tried to change Katie’s mind. Henry also tries to change Katie’s mind by telling her that he can’t lose another friend he has very few friends and he has already lost Brad he can’t lose her and Simon too. Katie tells Henry that he will always be her best friend and they can keep in touch with video calls on the Internet. Katie asks Henry not to tell anyone that she plans to leave town and hugs Henry and tells him good-bye. Katie wants Henry to tell her good-bye but he can’t do it so he hugs Katie and says “ here’s looking at you kid” as he struggles to hold back tears and leaves the house. Simon once again asks Katie if she is doing the right thing and she says yes then she tells Jacob she will always love Brad but she has to move on with her life.

(Hospital) Janet tells Jack that he should go with Parker to get him settled in and help him get out of the car and whatever else he needs and they will talk later. Jack leans in to kiss Janet but she turns her head so he can kiss her cheek before he leaves with Carly and Parker. Janet goes into Liberty’s room and since she is going stir crazy she tries to get out of bed and walk around but she gets dizzy so Janet helps her back into bed. Liberty tells Janet she probably got dizzy because she hasn’t eaten all day. Dusty arrives with some Italian food that Terri made at Metro. Liberty thanks Dusty because she is very hungry and starts eating the food. Liberty asks Dusty to get her some napkins and he leaves in search of napkins. Liberty wonders if there is something going on between Dusty and Janet because he is doing way too much to be just her boss. Janet tells Liberty there is nothing going on between them other than an employee boss relationship he is just a nice guy. Dusty returns with the napkins and smiles because he made Liberty happy and Janet is also eating some of the food and smiling.

(Katie’s place) Simon wants Katie to decide where they are going since it was her idea and she wants to go to Manhattan. Simon says he knows a guy that sells copies of expensive watches in Manhattan and he could probably buy some watches for him and sell them to people for a good price. Katie tells Simon that he had better be joking because if she is coming with him he had better be legitimate. Katie tells Simon he doesn’t have to worry about money right away because she has some and they can share it. Simon refuses to be supported by Katie and insists on getting a job when they get to Manhattan.

(Police Station) Henry tells Margo that Katie is planning to leave town today and he thinks Simon persuaded her to do it. Margo is very upset at Henry until he explains to her that he tried to persuade Katie not to leave but she is serious and even made him say good-bye to her. Margo tells Henry she has a plan and hopes that they are not to late to stop Katie.

(Hospital) The doctor notices a bruise on Liberty’s arm while he is examine her and asks her how long she has had the bruise. Liberty tells the doctor she didn’t know she had the bruise and jokes that Janet probably hugged her too hard. The doctor tells Janet he needs to run another test before Liberty can go home. The doctor asks Janet about the bruise and Janet resents the implication that she hugged Liberty hard enough to make a bruise on her arm. The doctor tells Janet he will put a rush on the tests because he knows Liberty is anxious to go home. Janet is worried about Liberty and Dusty does his best to calm her by saying that they can handle whatever comes next with Liberty.

(Carly’s house) Parker carefully walks in on his crutches and sits on the couch Jack says that he will have to sleep on the couch until he can handle the stairs again. Parker asks Jack where he will sleep if he will be sleeping on the couch while he is injured. Jack and Carly avoid the question by going to the kitchen to make Parker a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

(Old Town) Simon and Katie walk around with their shopping bags full of baby items because Katie wants to make sure Jacob has everything he needs for the trip. Simon and Katie pass by Al’s diner and Katie cries a little and says she is going to miss the place. Simon points out that Katie has cried at everyplace they have passed. Katie admits to Simon that she will miss Oakdale but she needs a fresh start. Margo arrives with Henry and places Simon under arrest so that Katie won’t leave town. Katie tells Margo that she feels trapped by well meaning friends and family who treat her like she will fall apart any second and the only way she will learn to stand on her own again is if she leaves town. Katie asks Margo to love her enough to let her go. Margo takes the handcuffs off Simon and asks Katie to wait two days to leave because she wants to throw her a proper going away party. Katie agrees and goes home with Simon and Jacob. Margo explains to Henry that she plans to throw Katie such a special party that she will decide not to leave town.

(Carly’s house) Jack and Carly have a long discussion as they are making Parker’s sandwich about how best to tell Parker and Sage he is moving out they finally decide to tell Parker now and wait until Sage returns from school to tell her. Carly and Jack agree that it has been nice him being there and this time they didn’t fight or slam doors. Jack thanks Carly for letting him stay there and tells her now she won’t have to pick up after him. Jack tells Carly that he may be messy but at least he puts the cap on the toothpaste when he is done using it. Carly says she doesn’t do that and Jack says that in the whole time they have been married then he stops and corrects himself and says that when they were married she never put the cap back on the toothpaste. Carly tells Jack she will work on that and Jack admits that Carly was right they have fallen back into old patterns. Jack and Carly come out of the kitchen and Parker figures out that Jack is moving out of the house. Jack goes to get Parker a soda and Parker admits to Carly that he helped Sage with her plan because he wanted them to be a family again. Parker thinks that Carly should tell Jack that she doesn’t want him to move out of the house. Jack returns with the soda and wonders what Parker and Carly were talking about before he interrupted them. Carly asks Jack to come help her make Parker another sandwich. Jack asks Carly what she and Parker were talking about and she says they were talking about the truth and then she tells Jack she doesn’t want him to move out of the house.

(Katie’s place) Simon tells Katie not to be mad at Henry and Margo because they just want the people who love her to have a chance to say good-bye. Katie tells Simon that he is right she just has a party to get through with some more good-bye’s and then they can make a fresh start. Simon gives Katie a hug and the audience can tell by the look on his face that he doesn’t think Katie should leave town.

(Hospital) The doctor tells Janet that he looked at Liberty’s test results and its not good news.

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