ATWT Update Tuesday 1/12/10

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 1/12/10


Written By Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Katie’s house) Katie pulls back from Simon’s kiss telling him that he shouldn’t have kissed her because Brad just died and she still loves him. Katie also shows Simon a stack of organizational charts with everything she has to do to take care of her and Jacob and says she is too busy for a relationship. Katie feels tired and overwhelmed with her life and she isn’t sure Simon is ready to get in the middle of her busy life.

(Al’s Diner) Clarrissa refuses to replace Simon with Henry to help her with her con game because she is sure that Simon will change his mind and do the con with her. Clarrissa asks Henry to help her change Simon’s mind about doing the con but Henry tells her that Simon won’t change his mind. Clarrissa sees that she has no other choice but to use Henry so they both head to the Lakeview to go over the plan.

(Shack in the woods) Liberty awakens Parker after he passes out a second time from losing so much blood. Parker decides that Liberty should go for help and come back for him because if she doesn’t they will never get out of the woods. Liberty doesn’t want to leave Parker alone in his condition but she agrees to go and get help.

(Hotel) Sage tries to get Carly to admit that she loves Jack and wants him back in her life so that they can be a family again. Carly tells Sage that adult relationships are complicated and Jack is now married to Janet. Sage points out that Carly has been married a lot and the only man that has ever been right for her is Jack. Carly is surprised that Sage knows how many times she has been married and tells her daughter that she is only remembering the good times from when she was married to Jack and not the bad times. Sage wants Carly to admit that she loves Jack but Carly won’t do it and then she is interrupted by the hotel manager who tells her Parker and Liberty went on a hike with some other guests and they are now missing and blood was found on the hiking trail.

Janet tells Jack she is ready to fight for their marriage if he also wants to fight for their marriage. Jack is quiet so Janet thinks that Jack has feelings for Carly and she is too late to save their marriage. Jack makes it clear to Janet that he only came to Detroit for Sage’s sake and nothing happened between him and Carly. Jack tells Janet he loves her and he would never disrespect her or their marriage vows that way. Jack tells Janet that he is grateful that she told him the truth about kissing Dusty because it made him realize how much he has been taking her for granted lately. Janet tells Jack that she never should have even looked at another man since she is a married woman and once again apologizes for kissing Dusty. Janet tells Jack she loves him and they kiss and agree to go ahead with their future and build a house on Emma’s land behind the barn. Carly arrives to tell Jack and Janet that Liberty and Parker are missing and they found blood on the hiking trail. Jack heads for the door to work with the local police but Janet wonders what he was doing that kept him so distracted that he couldn’t watch out for Liberty and Parker and they got lost. Jack is about to answer the question when Sage tells Janet it is all her fault for bringing everyone to Detroit. Janet tells Sage its not her fault and storms out telling Jack to stay with Sage because she needs him. Carly is about to go explain things to Janet when Jack tells her not to go talk to Janet because he knew exactly what he was doing and he won’t let her blame herself for what happened to Parker and Liberty.

(Shack) Liberty returns with a piece of wood and awakens Parker who has passed out again and tells him that she didn’t go for help because she didn’t want to leave him alone. Liberty shows Parker the piece of wood that she intends to make into a crutch for him. Liberty works on the crutch and Parker tells her that she should study woodwork instead of fashion design. Once the crutch is finished Parker uses the crutch and Liberty to lean on and they head out into the woods to find their way back to the hotel.

(Katie’s house) Simon apologizes to Katie for the kiss and admits he shouldn’t have done it but he is getting emotionally involved with her again and all he wants to do when he sees her is kiss her. Simon tries to kiss Katie again but she asks him to leave and then as he heads for the door she blurts out that his kisses scare her because every time they fall in love he always leaves her. Simon admits that he keeps leaving and coming back because he always hopes to be a hero to her but he knows that he is far from ever being her hero. Simon asks Katie for a chance to prove to her that he won’t leave this time because she is his home. Simon wonders what Katie wants him to do and he will do it and Katie tells Simon she wants Brad to be alive. Simon kisses Katie on the forehead and leaves her alone. A few minutes later Katie’ real estate agent arrives and wonders if she still wants to sell the house because a couple saw the old listing in her office and wants the house so much that they are willing to make a very generous offer. Katie tells the agent she will think about it and wonders why she didn’t give Simon a job. The agent tells her it would be too risky to hire a former jewel thief since he would probably go back to stealing anyway. The agent doesn’t think that people can change and tells Katie that nobody would give Simon a job. Katie tells the agent that somebody who cares about people would hire Simon someone who isn’t focused on his past but on his abilities would hire him. Katie is upset with the comments from her real estate agent but agrees to think about selling the house.

(Lakeview) Simon walks in when Clarrissa is telling Henry the details of the plan. Clarrissa tells Simon that Henry is his replacement and Simon wants to talk to Henry alone. Henry explain to Simon that Katie would never forgive him if he got back into his old line of work so he decided to take his place so that Clarrissa would leave town after the con is over and he can have his happy new life with Katie. Simon tells Henry he’s a good friend and warns him to be very careful because Katie would never forgive him if anything happened to him. Simon tells Henry that Katie wants nothing to do with him and Henry advises Simon not to give up on Katie because he is the right man for her he can make her happy. Simon thanks Henry for his advice and once again tells him to be careful with Clarrissa. Clarrissa helps Henry pick out his clothes for the con and Henry is surprised how much Clarrissa reminds him of Vienna the way she stands and the clothes she picks out for him to wear. Clarrisssa wonders what makes Katie so special that Simon would give up everything for her. Henry tells her that Katie is smart, funny, and beautiful and he says adorable twice. Clarrissa thinks that Henry is in love with Katie and that is the reason that he broke up with Vienna Henry tells Clarrissa that he and Katie that he and Katie were once involved but decided that they were better as best friends. Henry tells Clarrissa that he needs to work on his Australian accent.

(Hotel) Janet calls Dusty and tells him Liberty is missing and she is scared Dusty tells Janet to think like Liberty and tell him what Liberty would do. Janet says that Liberty would find a place to stay warm and wait until daylight to come back. Dusty tells Janet that Liberty is tough, smart and strong just like her and she will come back safely in the morning. Janet apologizes to Jack for being angry with him earlier and tells Sage everything will be okay because Parker and Liberty will be back soon. Janet hugs Jack and tells him that everything will be okay and Carly has a jealous look on her face as she watches them. Jack leaves to help the search party and Janet leaves to make food for the search party while Carly goes to make coffee. Jack returns and tells Carly he stopped by the kitchen to tell Janet that they are calling off the search because it is too cold and dark outside. Carly wants to go search for the kids her but Jack assures her the kids will be fine as long as they stay in one place. Sage awakens and Jack and Carly go sit with her while she goes back to sleep. Dusty arrives Janet sees him and gives him a hug because she is glad that he is there Dusty says that he is there to help because he brought helicopters and he will help cover the cost of the search. Janet hugs him again and jack sees them and doesn’t look happy about the hug but accepts Dusty’s help with the search.

(Katie’s house) Simon returns with copies of her charts, which he wrote; from memory accept he added his name along with hers in the different boxes of chores. Simon tells Katie he is ready to be a part of her life because she is his home. Simon tells Katie that he doesn’t want her to forget Brad because he was a good man who loved her and made her happy he just wants her to make room in her heart for him as well. Katie tells Simon about the offer on the house but she isn’t sure what to do because she doesn’t want to insult Brad’s memory by selling the house it would be liked forgetting what they shared together. Katie cries a little because she feels like she is betraying Brad by having feelings for Simon so soon after Brad’s death. Simon tells Katie that they have always had a deep connection that has never been broken. Simon tells Katie that they have always loved each other. Simon tells Katie that he is done with his old life because he wants a chance at a new life with her.

(Hotel) Parker and Liberty arrive and they get hugs from their parents Parker gets first aid for the deep cut on his leg and is told he needs x-rays. Janet hugs Jack and Dusty and Carly watch them and look jealous Dusty offers his helicopter to take Parker to the hospital and says that everyone can go in it and he will stay and find another way back to Oakdale. Janet thanks Dusty for all his help and he tells her he will make sure that everybody’s cars get back to Oakdale. Janet is worried about how Dusty will get home but he says that he always finds his way home. Janet heads out of the hotel with Jack as Dusty watches her leaving.

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