ATWT Update Monday 1/11/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/11/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

In their hotel room, Hayden and her mom get her ready for the pageant, as Carly and Jack are hiding in the closet. They are worried about getting caught and Sage getting kicked out of the pageant. They are both uncomfortable in the cramped area, as they whisper joking about being in a lot of tight spots, but this one taking the cake. Jack wonders if this is an accident. Carly asks what he means. Craig told him that she got him out here to seduce him, as Carly stares at him with a smirk.

At Al’s, Simon is trying to appease a customer, who is not interested, as she stomps out. He looks down at the two quarters she left for a tip, as he grumbles to himself. Clarissa comes in and jokes about him not spending it all in one place. She tells him Mr. Arune has called and is ready to close. He doesn’t care. He set this all up; this has been two years in the making. He wants to meet them. He doesn’t know what he looks like so she can find someone else, Simon answers. It isn’t that easy. She can’t believe he is going to pass up on the biggest score of his life to wait on tables for chump change.

Outside, Katie is walking with Jacob and Henry; she tells Henry how Kim is back from her cruise and is anxious to see her tape and idea for the new show. Henry is sure she will love it. She is eager to work again and earn some money. She thinks it will be great for moms like her out there, as they hug happily. She can’t put her life on hold forever. As they are hugging though, Katie sees Simon through the window interacting with an unknown well dressed woman, as she frowns not particularly liking what she sees.

Outside in the woods near the hotel, a bunch of kids are walking as Liberty and Parker are talking to this couple their age. They joke about how they were married and now divorced, as the other couple can’t believe that. This other couple offers them marijuana wanting to ditch the other kids, as Liberty and Parker blow them off by acting strange suddenly both barely able to contain their giggles. Soon, the other couple tells them that they will catch up with them later. Liberty and Parker take off on their own; they admit to one another that they do wish they could turn back time and not know the things that they know that made them grow up too soon; they admit to missing being kids.

Jack asks Carly if Craig was right; did she lure him here. Carly jokes about them being in a closet a dream come true. That is a non-answer, Jack says. She admits that she told Craig that she wanted him there to seduce him. Why would she say that. To get him to go away and it worked. That was why she said that, Jack reiterates. Carly notes he sounds disappointed. He just wanted to be clear. If it was true Carly starts, as Jack is confused. He doesn’t find it odd that no matter how hard they try to stay away, they always find themselves here. In a closet, Jack asks playfully. Here, as she looks into his eyes and their faces are closer then ever. Hayden looking for her shoes interrupts their moment, as she seems to be headed toward the closet where Jack and Carly are hiding. She has her hand on the door when her mom finds her shoes nearby. Carly and Jack breath a sigh of relief. Hayden and her mom decide to head downstairs to finish up getting prepared. Carly and Jack rush out of the closet, as Carly immediately looks for Sage’s CD; they find it and take off quickly.

Parker and Liberty think they should head back for Sage, as Parker admits that he doesn’t think Sage will care. Then, Liberty asks if he misses being like normal teens, both talking about having lost their dads. Sometimes he does; the pain stops at times, but it never seems to completely go away. Liberty teases Parker by throwing a pile of leaves on her, as he retaliates. They end up on the ground. They are both laughing hard before Liberty turns away and starts to cry. Parker is worried that he hurt her. It isn’t him; she just really misses her dad.

Downstairs at the hotel, Sage watches a lot of girls strut by dressed to the nines, as she looks out of place and unsure. Carly and Jack show up with her CD. They tell her how beautiful she looks and she will be fine. Hayden is introduced and she acts like a professional beauty contestant, as she dances onstage. Sage starts to look more nervous, as she and Jack say at the same time differing comments. Jack lies to help saying Hayden is awful, as Sage says she is great both watching her moves. Carly assures Sage that all she has to do is smile, make eye contact and be herself; she is better then her. Sage tells her that she isn’t. Carly asks Jack to help out, as Jack tells Sage that her being fired up will help her be as great as she can be. Everyone claps as Hayden is done with her act. They introduce Sage, but she is frozen; she wants to go home.

Katie wonders who that is. Henry teases; it is Simon. The woman. Probably a customer. They look a little too close for that. He is sure it is nothing. Katie tries to compose herself. Why would she care; they are just friends, she hides behind her pretend aloofness. She needs to get home to get Jacob to sleep anyway. He already is asleep, Henry points out. He needs to be in his crib. She is going to wake him up, to put him to sleep. Katie glares at him and then walks off. Henry watches her for a moment and then confused he looks back at Simon.

Inside Clarissa, wonders if Simon is really going to turn down that much money. He realizes how much it is. If he takes this deal, then he will have to disappear for a very long time and he is not ready to do that though.

Carly is trying to assure Sage that it will be ok; she will be fine once she gets onstage. Sage tells her that she wants to go home. They don’t understand because she has been working on this for a couple of months. Sage takes a deep breath; no, she hasn’t; she has just been doing this since Tuesday. This whole thing is dumb. , as she rolls her eyes. They don’t understand. She breaks the CD. She just thought this would be a good way to get them all to go away so they would spend time together and realize they still loved each other, and they do…don’t they. Jack and Carly look uncomfortably at one another.

Clarissa wants Simon to think about what he is giving up. He has and it is tempting, but he is trying to build a life. Why would he want to do that. He thinks he could be happy and fulfilled here. She can’t believe that. He just needs some time; she will wait. She will be waiting a long time. She begs to differ; after a few days here, she thinks he will reconsider. She tosses down a wad of cash. He didn’t serve her in order to get that. He did though. She wants him to take it; he can get a new apron or something, as Simon reluctantly puts the money away. She knew he would take it. A moment later, Simon is ringing Katie’s doorbell. She rushes to it, opens it and tells Simon that Jacob is sleeping. She also wants to know what he is doing here, in an annoyed tone. He wants to take her out. What does that mean, she asked more annoyed.

Jack and Carly are upset that Sage dragged them there all for a lie. She doesn’t care because she just wants her family together. Does she know how much money this ruse cost them. Lying and trickery is not how they do things in this family, Carly tells her, as they kind of all look down and Carly corrects herself - it shouldn’t be. Sage comments that they still haven't answered her question. Carly and Jack glance at one another. It is complicated; they share a history; they will always have feelings. They are her parents and them being together is the only thing she wants. The answer is yes then. He is still married to Janet, Jack suddenly reminds her. He is living with them though. It is temporary they explained. That is an excuse; they can lie to themselves but not to her. A pageant person comes back to them to ask if everything is ok. Sage explains that she is just waiting for her parents to tell the truth. Carly and Jack look at one another.

Liberty and Parker are now walking, as he comments about how he can’t believe she will be in NY next year. It isn’t final yet, Liberty reminds him. She doesn’t know about the portfolio that they need; she really wants this though. His mom is great at that and she will help her. She admits that she couldn’t have done it without him. Parker and Liberty think that they should have seen the hotel by now. Parker thinks they need to go this way, as they head off. They come to a large stream. Liberty thinks they should find another way. Parker thinks they should just jump it. As he starts to jump it, he falls to the ground. Liberty rushes to his side to help him. Parker assures her that he is fine. He is down for a moment saying he just tripped on something. He gets up and they decide to find another way, as Parker looks like he is in pain, as he hides it from her. He hobbles away with Liberty leading the way. Parker’s leg is cut badly though.

Sage tells the pageant woman that she is going to keep waiting until her parents are honest. Hayden and her mom walk by as the mom quips about if Sage can’t take it then she should stick to middle school talent shows. Carly snarls back at her wondering who said her daughter can’t hang. The woman smirks and walks away. Sage says she can’t. She can do anything she puts her mind to, Carly answers. Jack reminds Carly that it isn’t about her. She is not leaving here with her tail between her legs so that ‘awful mom, can lord it over her.’ Jack thinks if Sage wants to leave then they should, reminding her again it isn’t about her. Sage tells the pageant woman that is how they do things in her family and she wouldn’t trade it for anything, as Carly smiles a bit. Jack wonders where she is going. Onstage, Sage tells him, as Carly and Jack both look surprised. Sage introduces herself telling the judges that she has no chance of winning because she didn’t come here to be Little Miss Snowflake; she came here for her parents and this song is for them, as she sings a beautiful rendition of Never Surrender. Carly and Jack beam proudly, as they watch her, but then they look at one another and seem lost in each other’s eyes. Everyone claps when the song is over, as Sage hugs her mom and dad. She knew they liked this song. That is their favorite song from now on. Carly realizes Liberty and Parker are not back yet. Jack thinks they just got sidetracked. Sage wants to go, as Carly wonders if she wants to find out who won. She doesn’t care. Jack tells Sage to go get herself together and they will pack and leave. Jack and Carly watch after her, as Carly comments about what a great girl they have. Jack answers, but she lied. She knows. Jack adds though that she is fantastic. Carly agrees. They want to get out of here now, as they smile and head off.

Liberty and Parker come to another area of the woods, but there is another stream. They need to keep going, but Liberty is worried he isn’t walking right. Parker assures her that he is fine; he just brushed a rock. They need to keep walking, as Liberty teases him about being a tough guy. Parker forces a smile, but when Liberty turns to keep walking, Parker grimaces in pain.

Simon tells Katie that means he wants to go out together somewhere in public. They can go to Chicago. He got a big tip. Who was she. She saw him with Clarissa; he didn’t see her. They used to do business, but he told her that he isn’t interested anymore. He can do whatever he wants, Katie answers quickly. Besides, she can’t just fly off to Chicago on a moment’s notice; she has a baby now. Henry loves Jacob. She can’t just do that; she needs to make plans. Simon looks down; he is sorry. Katie thinks if he is dying to go out tonight then Clarissa would be more then happy to fill in.

Henry walks over to Clarissa’s table and introduces himself. He gets to the point about Simon. She pretends to not know who that is. He has a keen sense of people thanks to his line of business. She remarks about being a diner operator. He is a gambler. He doesn’t look the type. She should ask around because he is sure she knows the type to ask. He knows that she isn’t in town to sightsee, but he can see that Simon turned her down, as the woman eyes Henry now. He doesn’t want her to think her trip was a waste of time; he can make it worth her while.

Jack and Carly are packing; he doesn’t know why Sage has this issue again with them; getting back together wasn't in the cards. Carly thinks they should write out a list for Sage to see as to why they shouldn’t get back together. Jack thinks that is a great idea; what would be their number one reason reconciliation wouldn’t work. Carly hems and haws; she doesn’t know - what about him. He doesn’t know; he would need to think about it. He still didn’t answer the question she asked of him in the closet; why do they always end up here, as she coyly looks at him. They look at one another and seem to be getting closer, as they stare at one another. Downstairs, Janet approaches the guest services desk; she tells the man that she is looking for her husband, Jack Snyder; what room is he in, she wonders. Jack and Carly seem to be inching closer to one another and seem poised to kiss when there is a knock. Jack slowly goes to answer it; he finds Janet. What is she doing there. Can she talk to him alone. Carly tries to hide her sadness when she leaves. Jack assumes she is there because of Liberty. She came there about their marriage. He meant what he said before; he doesn’t want to rush into the annulment. He might have meant it before, but judging from the vibe she got between he and Carly, she is wondering if she is too late.

Parker screams out in pain and falls to the ground. He is dizzy, as Liberty looks at his leg. He is really bleeding. Parker thinks it looks worse then it is. She is going to take her shirt off and wrap it around his leg. She uses her shirt as a turnkey; he will be ok. That should work till he gets to the hotel. Can he walk. He thinks so, as Liberty helps him up, as he assures her that he is fine. Liberty demands that he let her help. He tries to joke that she is the best ex wife he has ever had. She teases him about being the best ex husband. Maybe 10 years down the road when she is famous designer and he is – well him, does she think they may get back together. They already talk ten times a day, Liberty answers. He tells her that he will miss her. She agrees, as they head off.

Henry is assuring Clarissa that he has what it takes to finish the deal she has going. He doesn’t want to think she came here for nothing. Her work is highly specialized. That is why she needed Simon, but he is trying to go legit. Cards on the table – she wants Simon for something illegal, but he wants something here that kind of money can’t buy. She is sure this woman is spectacular – they always are. She is. Clarissa thinks it sounds personal. She is his best friend. She thinks more. At one time, but that ship has sailed. Clarissa sees now; Simon takes his ex girlfriend and he takes his action. Something like that. Clarissa starts to leave. She isn’t interested. Can’t she tell him about the scam. She never said there was one. Hypothetically. Hypothetically, then it would be huge, as Henry looks like he can’t contain himself.

Simon is explaining that he and Clarissa were involved at one time. She wonders if he can describe involved. It was over before it began. He doesn’t have to explain if he doesn’t want. Clarissa is a grifter and they ran some great scams, but that part of his life is over. Yes, she is still finding it hard to believe he is the kind of man that says, "Do you want fries with that?" He will get something more suited to him, but he wants to stay here, and that is what he told Clarissa so she doesn’t need to be worried. Why would she be worried, Katie casually asks, as Simon smirks. For a moment, it felt like old times. It isn’t because she now has a baby, she just lost her husband and he hasn’t been in her life for a long time. He knows, but he needs her to know that he is here for her. He will be whatever she wants. She doesn’t need that; she likes who he is. She likes who he is, Simon teases. Don’t be cute. He is cute. No, he is insane. No, he is sold. For the first time in a long time, he feels he has made the right decision. What decision is that. To stay here and make Oakdale his home. No matter what or what does not happen with them. He knows she can’t make any promises. She can’t. He wants to promise that he is here as her friend, confidante or babysitter. If she wants more then he can do that too though, as he kisses her.

Henry assures Clarissa that she can stay for another year, but Simon won’t change his mind. How does he know. He knows Simon. She sidles up to him and wonders what he would do. He would find a replacement. He wonders if the mark has seen Simon. No, they have just talked on the phone. Henry smiles; then she just needs a charming Aussie, Henry says in his best Australian accent.

Jack tells Janet that she didn’t see anything. She thinks that they have been doing this dance for months and she is sick of sitting on the sidelines waiting for their marriage to fall apart. He loves her. Does he love her enough, she wonders. Why does she think he got that upset over the idea of an annulment. She was thinking about what he said about her getting an annulment would be like their marriage didn’t happen - because a lot of pretty wonderful things have happened with them. Yes, Jack adds, but a lot of things have happened since then; he has changed. He can say that again. He ran from it. He ran from her too. It wasn’t about her or them; it was about him; he was lost and trying to find himself. She kept wondering if she should have gone after him like Carly. Was staying behind a mistake and so that is why she is here. He doesn't understand. She is tired of letting him have his space; she is here to fight for their marriage – if he does. Jack stares at her.

Downstairs, Sage comes upon a pensive Carly. Where is her dad, she wonders. Upstairs… with Janet. Sage rolls her eyes. Why is she here. She is his wife and they needed to talk. Sage thinks that doesn’t matter. Their conversation is none their business. She changes the subject to Parker and Liberty. She wonders where they could be since they haven’t come back. Sage doesn’t know, as Carly looks to be a bit worried.

Liberty and Parker find their way to an abandoned shack. They need to start a fire, but they have nothing. Liberty is sure they will be ok, as she starts to shake. Parker thinks they need to share body heat. Liberty is unsure – no funny business, she tells him half jokingly. They take off their coats to use as blankets and they cuddle together half dressed. They are getting warmer, Parker thinks. Parker mentions how this is reminding him of their first time. Liberty thinks they shouldn’t go there. He can’t help it. It is nice since they have not been close in a while, Liberty admits. They look ready to kiss when Parker falls over unconscious. Liberty panics calling out his name trying to wake him up.

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