ATWT Update Friday 1/8/10

As the World Turns Update Friday 1/8/10


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Juanita

At Carly’s, Jack rushes in and tells Carly and Sage that all is gassed up, bags packed and ready so she can go be Miss Snowflake America. In confidence he tells Carly that he’s not sure about his daughter being in a beauty pageant. Sage models her dress for them, and Carly gushes that she is so going to win. Liberty hands Parker a letter and he reads it to her that he has been accepted at F.I.T. He has to leave her quickly as he has a text from Sage that they are ready to leave. Janet shows up at Metro early. Dusty is curious why she is there. She finally blurts out that she does not want to be home. She feels a lot more comfortable here than at home.

Liberty shares with Craig that there is one holdback to her entry to college. She has to have some sketches for designing. He has a brilliant idea; she can get Carly to help her. Sage gives Jack and Carly a quick rehearsal of her dance and later they agree that she doesn’t have a chance. Jack wants to tell her; Carly doesn’t. She can not break her heart. Parker convinces them it will hurt her more if the family tells her so best to just let the judge be deciding factor. She will get over it if she is not picked.

On the road, Jack stops for gas. Sage tells Parker that her plan is working. They will be spending the night in one room, so they need to find a way for Jack and Carly to be alone.

Janet hugs Liberty and tells her that she is so proud of her. She is not sure Janet will like what she says next. She needs Carly’s help with her portfolio. Janet surprises her by saying if Carly can help, then go for it. Craig steps up and suggests that he can drive Liberty wherever she needs to go to find Carly, even if that means Michigan.

Jack and Carly check into the hotel and while waiting at the desk they are brushed aside by a pushy mom who is declaring her little darling Hayden as the next Miss Snowflake. Carly wants to give her a piece of her mind, but Jack grabs her and whisks her away. He reminds Carly just how bad Sage’s dance is. Carly says she will practice, practice, practice until she is good. Another encounter with the bimbo and Jack has to practically pull her off of the other mama. Carly would like to shove her sequins down her throat.

Janet asks Dusty if she can take the rest of the day off. He shows up at the farm and tells her that he wants to make sure that she doesn’t do something she will regret. He says only that she is going to do something she should have done a long time ago; she is going to move out.

Hayden approaches Parker and tells him that she ditched her mom. She thinks Hayden is working on the judges, but she’d rater be working on him. Her mom is downloading some music for her. Nobody is in her room if he’d like to come up and have a soda…..or something. He’s astonished that he would be hitting on him and he asks her age. She is insulted although she says she is more experienced than she looks. She calls him a jerk and runs off.

Craig tells Carly and Jack that he is on a mission of mercy. He’s here to help Liberty. He likes to do business face to face. Jack says they are here for Sage and for Craig to get the hell out of here. Carly doesn’t want to make a scene and tells Jack that he will handle Craig. Parker tells Liberty that he is so happy she is here right at this moment, even if Craig is here too. He is always looking out for #1. She doesn’t want to badmouth Craig; just work on her sketches. She’s surprised that Parker is going along with this plan of Sage’s in trying to get his parents back together.

Janet says she feels like she is stealing from Emma every time she is here at the farm now. She doesn’t belong here. She says she likes the Lakeview so it’s just for a short time so she will stay there. Jack calls to let her know that Liberty arrived and is okay. Janet tells him to keep an eye on Liberty. She thanks him for calling, but lies and says she is working so that is why she didn’t drive up. Dusty helps her get boxes in the car.

Carly says she can not talk about the vodka campaign right now. She tells Craig there is no more hope for them. And besides she is here not only to help Sage, but to seduce Jack. He points out that she said she would not do that. She says she changed her mind; it is not an addiction and Jack did not drive her to drink. He tells her that Jack may love her, but he doesn’t respect her or even like her most of the time. He will leave her again. Carly says they can have what they had. They have a family that needs the both of them. Craig says he wants her too. They fit, and he wants her back. He begs her to listen to him, but she asks him to leave. He does not have a chance. She doesn’t have a problem helping Liberty, but she wants Craig to go home.

Liberty thinks it is wrong and mean for Parker to be trying to hook up his dad with Carly when her mom is still in the picture. Janet checks into the Lakeview and proclaims to Dusty that she can make this a home. She makes it plain that she will be alone soon with Liberty gone, so she can do what she pleases. Dusty feels this is just a layover until something better comes along. He says she was made to be married. She thinks maybe it is time to do something different. He knows she is still in love with Jack. She doesn’t want to be. She’s wanted a husband and family since she was a kid. She thought that was Jack. He tells her that if that is what she really wants, and for the next 40-50 years, then she needs to go for it. She says okay, looks like she is going to Michigan.

Craig reconsiders and tells Jack that he is going back to Oakdale. Jack says don’t talk about it; just do it. Craig wants to know his intentions toward Carly. Jack says he is still married to Janet. Craig tells Jack that he is sick of all the years she has devoted to him, and Jack doesn’t appreciate her. Craig says Carly is an incredible prize and never has their been a man like Jack less deserving.

Jack tells Carly that he just had an interesting run in with Craig. Carly lets herself into Bridget and Hayden’s room. She thinks they took Sage’s CD to sabotage her routine in the pageant. When they hear someone returning to the room, Carly and Jack duck into the tiny closet with their faces practically pressed together.

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