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As the World Turns Update Thursday 1/7/10


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(Lakeview) Paul wonders why Barbara is talking about James when she can finally let him go since he is dead. Barbara tells Paul she was only speaking hypothetically and wondering if he would forgive his father if he had the chance. Paul tells Barbara that Audrey did everyone a favor when she killed James and now he doesnít want to think about him anymore.

(Fairwinds) Emily finds a picture of Paul as a child and a picture of James, Paul and Barbara when Paul was a child in an envelope with Mickís handwriting on it and she thinks it is very creepy.

(Church) Mick tells Alison that he talked to Dr. Kantor because he canít stand to see someone that he cares about being treated badly by anyone. Mick also tells Alison that he felt that he owed it to her for taking care of him the day he passed out from a nosebleed. Alison tells Mick she understands but he made things worse for her with Dr. Kantor because now he will make her life even more miserable at work. Alison asks Mick not to fight her battles for her anymore because she can take care of herself. Mick tells her he will try but he doesnít promise because it is hard for him to control his impulses when someone he cares about needs help.

(Metro) Janet and Dusty bump into each other and awkwardly apologize to each other and Janet tells Dusty they canít keep avoiding each other. Janet tells Dusty that she is ashamed because she cheated on Jack and broke her marriage vows. Dusty tells Janet that they did nothing wrong and he wonít be ashamed of something that was so wonderful.

(Carlyís house) Carly tells Jack she thinks its time that he move out and decide what he is going to do about his marriage because she and the kids are getting to comfortable having him in the house. Carly worries that Sage is starting to think they will get back together because of the living arrangement. Jack is hurt and tells Carly that he will look for a part time job and an apartment today. Carly tells Jack they were just talking and he doesnít have to do everything today. Sage burst in the door and excitedly tells her parents that she is in the semi-finals of the Miss Snowflake America pageant and the rules say that both her parents have to accompany her to Detroit. Jack and Carly think Sage is trying to play matchmaker again since she has never shown an interest in pageants before so they say that she canít go to the pageant. Sage is hurt that Jack and Carly donít believe her and she tells them she never gets to do anything she wants to do and then she stomps up the stairs. Jack tells Carly that she was right and leaves to get back into his life again.

(Lakeview) Barbara tells Paul she wants him to be whole and happy and that is why he should try and forgive James even though he is dead. Barbara tells Paul that he owes it to Eliza to be a happy man so that he can be a better father. Paul tells Barbara that this talk has been very helpful because it persuaded him to forgive Emily because he never wants to treat women like James treated women. Paul leaves to talk to Emily and tells Barbara he canít have lunch with her and Mick but he intends to reschedule the lunch.

(Church) Mick explains to Alison that he feels like he sees life through two different points of view one the logical research side of him and the other that is driven by his gut and his instincts. Alison doesnít think Mick wants to control his instincts and tells him the next time he feels a battle inside him he can call her so that they can talk. Alison tells Mick that she has to leave for work and Mick is grateful to Alison for the talk.

(Carlyís house) Sage wants Parker to help her persuade Jack and Carly to tae her to Detroit because she is sure that the trip will get them back together. Parker tells Sage he wonít help her because Jack and Carly will know she is tricking them and besides the plan wonít work. Sage is convinced that her plan will work and her parents will get back together.

(Emmaís field) Carly wonders what Jack is doing in a field all alone and he tells her that he wanted to make sure he was ready to carry a gun and put on a badge before he went back to work. Jack tries to soot the bottles that he has lined up but he misses them every time because all he can see is Brad. Carly reminds Jack that Bradís death was an accident and he needs to forgive himself because he knows Brad forgave him. Carly thinks that once Jack forgives himself he will trust his instincts again. Jack shoots al the bottles except one because he doesnít want to press his luck. Carly wants to shoot the last bottle but is out a practice so Jack gets close and steadyís Carlyís hand and reminds her what to do. Carly is unnerved by Jackís closeness and steps away from him. Carly explains to Jack that he should move out today because she is starting to get addicted to him again and she doesnít want things to get out of hand until he makes a decision about his marriage.

(Metro) Janet also tells Dusty that what happened between them was wonderful but it was still wrong because she broke her marriage vows. Dusty tells Janet that she is a beautiful woman and she deserves to be appreciated.

(Church) Emily wonders why Mick likes to come to an abandoned church alone and he says itís a good place for him to think. Emily wants to do a story on Mick for the newspaper but he says no because he knows that Emily suspects something and want information from him. Mick tells Emily to be honest and tell him her suspicions. Emily tells Mick she thinks that he isnít the person he claims to be and Mick tells her that she is right. Emily demands that Mick tell her and Paul the truth about who he is and that he was just using the excuse of the fake treatments as a way to get to Paul. Mike tells Emily that the treatments are real but he does need her to get to Paul. Mick tells Emily that Paul isnít ready to find out who he really is and that is why he hasnít told him the truth yet. Emily demands to know the truth or she will go to Paul with her suspicions and get him to pull his money out of the project. Mick shines a blue light in Emilyís face and she passes out and Mick takes her to Fairwinds.

(Fairwinds) Paul comes home with an apology gift for Emily but when he finds her sitting on the couch asleep and she wonít wake up he carries her to the hospital.

(Farm) Janet confesses to Father Farley that she slept with another man and cheated on Jack and now she doesnít know what to do. Father Farley tells Janet she canít move forward until she can forgive herself.

(Hospital) Barbara arrives for a routine checkup and Alison asks her if she thinks Mick doesnít act like himself at times. Barbara wonders why Alison would think that and Alison tells her itís from conversations she has had with him. Barbara thinks Mick is an intelligent young man who does great research and she doesnít think that Alison should have deep conversations with other men since she is engaged to Casey. Alison thinks Barbara is acting like a jealous lover and makes it clear that she wonít justify he friendship with Mick to anyone. Mick watches as Paul carries Emily into an exam room and he gets another nosebleed as he sees Paul and Alison so worried about Emily. Paul doesnít want to leave Emily but Alison persuades him to let the doctor do his work so Paul and Alison go out into the hallway to wait for news.

(Farm) Jack arrives with Carly and is glad to find Janet home so they can talk about their marriage. Carly leaves Jack and Janet alone to talk and Janet tells Jack she talked to the priest about getting an annulment since the catholic church doesnít approve of divorce. Jack wants to work things out and tells Janet that he is moving into the Lakeview until he is ready to come home to her. Janet thinks he should move back home and work things out with her. Janet doesnít think that he cares about his marriage as much as he cares about Carly. Janet is tired of always taking second place to Carly because he always runs to Carly when he has a problem instead of confiding in her with his problems. Carly calls and interrupts because Sage is upset and has been crying all day because she canít go to the pageant. Jack tells Carly he will be right over and Janet gives Jack an I just proved my point look and leaves for work.

(Carlyís house) Sage tells Carly and Jack that she was hurt because they made fun of her and all she wanted was for them to see her win and be proud of her. Carly and Jack tell Sage that since she has never been interested in pageants they find it hard to believe that she would be in one. Jack and Carly decide to go to Detroit with Parker to support Sage in the Pageant.

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