ATWT Update Monday 1/4/10

As the World Turns Update Monday 1/4/10


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Juanita

At the cabin, Carly and Jack say Happy New Year to one another, as the clock strikes midnight. People are kissing all over the world, they justify, as they get closer to one another. They both desperately seem to want to kiss. How many New Years have they shared; ringing in the New Year is nothing new to either of them, Jack tells her. Jack leans in for a kiss. Carly is about to kiss him when she pulls back finally. Carly whispers almost inaudibly that he is still married. Is he, Jack answers. His marriage is waiting for it to be put back together again, Carly replies. He isn’t sure Janet would have him. Yes, she would; he is all she wants. He is not sure she feels that way anymore.

At his suite, Dusty and Janet lie together asleep naked in his bed wrapped up only in the sheets and each other. The lights come back on, as Janet awakens and is stunned to see she is sleeping next to Dusty. She jumps out of bed; she has to get home. She did nothing wrong, Dusty answers. Oh really… it was bad enough when she kissed him, but this, as her voice trails off. He wants to talk, but she doesn’t because she has to go home. She has nothing to be ashamed of.

At Katie’s, Henry shows up. The lights have gone out, as she shines a flashlight in his face. He wanted to check on her and Jacob. He is great; he slept through it all. Where was he, Katie asks. He was at the diner, he thought the drunken crowd would arrive, but they never did. Why did she look disappointed when it was he at the door. She just wasn’t expecting him. Why does he think that she was hoping it was Simon coming to check on her.

Jack and Carly sit, as Jack acknowledges that he knows all he has put Janet through. Her patience won’t last forever, Carly reminds him. He realizes this. He knows what he has to do. Carly kisses him on the cheek, as Jack closes his eyes. Jack returns the kiss on the cheek, as she closes her eyes, both obviously wanting to kiss each other on the lips instead. Suddenly, they hear a plow and then the lights go on; they wake Craig up and tell him that they will be getting out of here now. Craig tries to shake himself awake and tells them that he feels terrible and he had the worst nightmare of being naked in a tub and they were giving him a sponge bath, as Carly and Jack smirk at one another. She feels his head; he is cooler. Craig has a memory; he didn’t dream that, did he. They will never speak of what happened here again, Craig snarls. A police officer knocks at the door and Jack explains what happened. Could they get a ride back to town. They can, but there is only room for two so one will have to stay behind. Jack and Carly look at one another and then at Craig.

Janet comes out of the bathroom dressed, as Dusty tells her not to feel guilty. He shouldn’t tell her how she feels. This wasn’t a random accident. He is glad she stayed. Janet apologizes for snapping, but this is wrong. She is married and took sacred vows. Jack stood her up on New Years Eve and she stayed with him – what does that say about her marriage.

Jack assumes he and Carly are leaving, but Carly tells him that she thinks she should stay with Craig. They will go back for Craig soon, Jack offers; it was his fault that they got stranded out there. Carly worries that he might get worse. Jack doesn’t have much compassion, as Craig picks up on it. He should go and they will be back soon. The kids will be worried. She can’t have this on her conscience. Carly thinks Jack should go because there is someone else that needs him to save her tonight. Jack looks down and heads for the door. He turns around and tells Craig that his clothes reeked of pond scum so he threw them out. Craig is alarmed because he had been wearing a $4,000 suit. Not anymore, Jack says with a smirk.

Janet tells Dusty that he doesn’t get to pass judgment on her marriage. The mistletoe might have been a moment of weakness, but she wanted this to happen and so did he, Dusty answers. He doesn’t know what she wants. She won’t admit that this means something. He is wrong. Why won’t she look him in the eye. She wants to forget this happened. The more she tries to forget this, the more she will think about it, he promises. He is wrong, as she races out the door. Once outside though, she falls back against the door exasperated.

Katie explains to Henry that Brad came to her on Christmas Eve. She saw him. Yes, and they said their goodbyes. He is really gone now, isn’t he. Henry nods; he had a goodbye with him too. Is she ok. She is sad, but it feels right because they got to say a real goodbye this time. He didn’t want to leave, but he loved them enough to know that he had to do it. Katie smiles, as Henry notes that it has been a while since he has seen it. The lights come back on. Her smile can light up a room, Henry teases. He wonders about her seemingly looking for Simon at the door before. She wasn’t and besides she told him to leave; they are both ok with that. Katie then tries to casually ask if Simon is still staying with him on his couch. He is, but he doesn’t know for how long and he hasn’t seen him because they both know Simon wouldn’t be spending New Years alone, as Katie smiles knowing he is right. Is she ok with that. Of course. Henry thinks they should go get a burger at Al’s. Now, Katie asks – she can’t take Jacob out. He will call in an order and she can go pick it up. Why her. He thinks it would do her good to get out of the house. She agrees and heads off to Al’s, where she sees Simon sitting reading a newspaper through the window. They look at one another through the window.

In the Lakeview lobby, Janet sits in a chair to reapply her makeup. Jack walks up stunned to see her, as he tells her that he can’t believe she is still there. Janet looks like a deer caught in headlights. It has been hours. He is sorry that he missed their date. He has been doing that a lot. It is ok, Janet answers quietly. Strangely enough, the entire time he was in the cabin he got his head straightened out though. He got a chance to figure out what really mattered. She finds that hard to believe. Janet gets up looking sad and confused and Jack stops her; he wants her to listen to what he is saying because she has been waiting to hear this; he loves her and he would be honored if she let him move back home. It is a new year and he would like to start over. She could have written him off, but when he saw her sitting there and it had been this long, he was hoping that meant that she was willing to give him a second chance. Janet looks overwhelmed.

Carly finds some clothes in the dresser; Craig doesn’t want to put them on – she doesn’t know how long it has been there. Don’t be a baby, Carly snaps. Craig agrees finally and puts on the clothes. Craig jokes about smelling like the 80’s. Why did he go act like a hero before, Carly asks. He didn’t want anything to happen to her. He could have drowned or gotten hypothermia. Would she have cared.

Henry is talking to Jacob about how his mom is doing better, and that Brad did the right thing in letting Katie get on with her life. They will all miss him, but he will do everything to be there for them both for the rest of their lives.

Katie asks Simon why he is still in town. He likes it here. She finds that hard to believe. She thinks that Henry set her up. Simon plays coy, but when someone at a nearby table asks for a refill, Simon gets up. Katie doesn’t understand what he is doing. He is working here, and that is probably how Henry knew where he was. Why, an incredulous Katie asks. He doesn’t want the life he used to live anymore so he donated all the money he earned illegally to charity so he needed a job because of that and Henry needed a waiter. She doesn’t believe this. This is only until he finds something permanent. He is staying here. Is it a problem. Yes, a big one.

Janet asks Jack how he wants her to give him a second chance after he spent New Years with Carly. Jack reminds her that Craig was there. He was upset about Dusty and that doesn’t make sense since he was crashing on Carly’s couch, but all she did was kiss Dusty, who is her friend, under the mistletoe once. Janet looks down. He wants them to forget about the past, she asks. No, learn from it. Does he really want that. Yes. He was playing with fire, Jack explains. With Carly, Janet assumes. No with her. She is a beautiful desirable woman and he shouldn’t expect her to wait around for him. What happens when Carly calls with an emergency, she wonders. The only way he will involve himself is if it has something to do with the kids. Does he really mean that. Yes. The elevator opens and someone gets off the elevator in the background. Jack tells Janet that it is not too late for them or for their New Years date. He wants to do it right – get a room and some champagne. Janet looks to the side and sees Dusty staring at her sadly. She quickly tells Jack that they can’t stay there. What is stopping them. She doesn’t think they should spend money on a hotel when they have the farm nearby. They would have privacy and it would be just the two of them. She is tired and it is late. Why did she wait then. She has her car here and she just wants to go home, as she tells him that she will see him there and she rushes off without a backwards glance at Dusty. Jack follows her quickly and Dusty watches them both go.

Carly tells Craig of course she would have cared if something happened to him. How would she explain it to the police, she jokes. She can stop pretending because she cares about him; she would have left him there if she didn’t, Craig answers. She would have done it for anyone. That is not true. She reminds him that he slept with her sister while she was in rehab and then broke Rosanna’s heart because supposedly he wasn’t over her. He is sorry for all of that including the phony meeting. If he thinks tricking her into spending time with him will forge some kind of relationship, then he is worse off then she thought. He doesn’t think that. Good. He just wants to be friends. She has enough friends. He doesn’t. Her friends wouldn’t have abducted her though. Everyone is better then him, but is there a chance, Craig asks. No. Because of Jack. No, because of him. She needs to get Jack out of her system too and he can help her with that. She wants him out of her life. The police are back and they should go. Carly is heading out of the door when she looks back and has a memory of almost kissing Jack.

At Metro, Dusty is making himself a drink when Teresa comes in and sees he is in a bad mood. Did he get stood up. No. Anyone she knows. He isn’t getting into it. She tells her about how bad of a night the club had when the power went out. Any food that didn’t go bad, they can send to the shelters. Teresa smiles; he keeps surprising her.

Back at the farm, Jack hugs Janet from behind as they walk in the kitchen, as she pulls back guilt ridden. He will see about finding them some wine to bring upstairs, as Janet seems poised to protest. He goes to kiss her, but Janet pulls back. What is wrong. She wants to take a shower. Now, a surprised Jack asks, as Janet walks away.

Why does he want to go legit, Katie asks. He just does. Why here. When people ask him about where he is from. For a split second before he lies, he wants to say Oakdale. She doesn’t want this to be about them. It isn’t completely. It is about Jacob too. A drunken man at the nearby table tells Katie if he doesn’t want her then he will take her because she is hot. Simon gets up and kicks the man out. As the man wonders, where his watch went. After he leaves, Katie wonders if he might know anything about his watch. Simon pulls it out sheepishly admitting how nice it is. He can’t keep it. See, she is so good for him. So much for going legit, Katie jokes. He will take it to the police station. Katie rolls her eyes and wonders if her take out order is ready yet. He will go check on it. Katie looks unsure and when he comes back, he asks her if he should carry this for her. She thought he was working. He is off now. She asks him if he wants to go back home with her and share the food they got with Henry and her. She wouldn’t mind, Simon asks. Henry would be so disappointed, Katie says with a smile. Simon accepts and they head out. They get back to the house where Henry pretends to be surprised, but Katie tells him that she knows their game. Henry tells her that Jacob is changed and back in his crib; he is watching the Twilight Zone marathon. Katie asks Henry with help with the food; he set her up. He hired Simon and he knew he would be there. He wants her happy. Let her decide how that will happen, Katie cautions with a smile. They go back, sit down, and share the food and some laughs.

At the Lakeview, Craig and Carly come back in, as people eye Craig’s outfit. Carly teases him about looking like he walked out of the 80’s. He wonders if she wants to come up for a nightcap. She is an alcoholic. She can see the fabulous view from his suite. She is not interested. He thanks her for staying with him, but he adds if she ever tells anyone Jack gave him a sponge bath… Carly laughs and walks away.

Janet comes downstairs and Jack hugs her and Janet instinctively pulls away, but Jack kisses her again and Janet can’t help but let her be kissed by him for a moment before she pulls back again. He knows what this distance is about. He promises that they will fix this. Janet pulls back with tears in her eyes and tells him that she doesn’t believe him. For months, he ignored her and disappeared while not telling her where he was; plus he was living with his ex wife and he wants her now to forget it. He isn’t asking her to. Taking her to bed won’t change it. That is not what he wants. He is too late. She told him that she wanted this – what happened between the Lakeview and the shower. It isn’t that simple; he can’t waltz back in here and get his life back that easily. What is going on. She can’t explain it. Try. She wants him to leave. He is not leaving her like this. It isn’t like he hasn’t done that before. It is too late to talk and for everything, Janet tells him. It is not. She can’t do this; she wants him to go. Jack looks stunned, as he backs away from her and heads out the door. A distraught looking Janet hugs her robe protectively to her, as she stares down at the ground.

Katie smiles, as she looks down at both Henry and Simon sleeping on her shoulders. She tries not to wake them, as she gets up and their heads fall to the couch. She whispers for her ‘three boys’ all to sleep well.

Janet is having a drink of wine when Teresa walks in telling her about how Dusty sent all of their food to the homeless; she can’t believe him sometimes. She sees Janet looks like an emotional wreck. What is wrong. She thinks her marriage is over. What happened. She doesn’t want to talk about it; she wants to go to bed. They will talk in the morning, Teresa tells her. She then stops Janet and asks her about her and Dusty. A defensive Janet wonders what she means. They have been spending a lot of time together, as Janet coldly cuts her off to tell her there is nothing going on between them. She is glad because she was thinking about Dusty; she knows he is a bit older then her, but she was hoping, as Janet walks over to her and wonders if she is interested in Dusty. She doesn’t know how he feels, but she is so into him. He is her boss. They could make it work. She doesn’t want to step on her toes. She told her that there is nothing going on; she is married. She thought she just said that her marriage was over. She can’t talk about this right now, as Janet turns and walks quickly out of the room while a confused Teresa watches her go.

In his suite, Dusty is drinking, as he looks towards the bed thinking of his night with Janet. He drinks the glass down quickly staring into space.

At his suite, Craig opens a drawer and sees a framed photo of Carly; he talks to it, as he tells it that he isn’t giving up on them – not yet.

At home, Carly is turning off the lights when Jack knocks on the door wondering if the sofa is still available. Yes. She invites him in and asks him what happened. He isn’t sure; he told Janet that he wanted to come back for good, but she wanted no part of it. That doesn’t make any sense, Carly answers. What did he say. He apologized and told her that he wanted things to be different, but she kicked him out. She told him too much had happened and it was too late. She waited all that time; it doesn’t make sense; something must have happened, Carly deduces. Something did happen; his marriage ended, Jack answers. Carly moves in closer to him and lays her head on his shoulder, as Jack lays his head on hers. They both look up at one another, their faces close to one another, as they look into one another’s eyes.

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