ATWT Update Tuesday 12/30/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/30/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At the Lakeview, Casey is shocked that Alison is kissing him in this room where they are alone. He questions why she changed her mind and now wants a relationship with him. As Casey gets into the mood and puts her on the bed, she wants to put a stop to things. Casey is further stymied when he discovers one of Johnny’s toy trucks in the bed. She stammers that it is not hers, it must have been left by the previous guest. He should just get out if he doesn’t believe her. He won’t be deterred and while she goes downstairs to report this, he is going to stay right there. Alison immediately calls Lucy and leaves a message. Whatever she does, do not bring Johnny back to her room any time soon.

At Lily’s, Lucinda tells Brian that the little ones are out and Lily and Holden at a party, so they have the place all to themselves. Her tone of voice and attitude suggests some adult time between the two of them. He is all dressed to go out and uses this as an excuse not to get intimate. Luke walks in just as she asks why Brian doesn’t want to be alone with her. Later, Luke tells Brian he should have never married his grandmother. She’s a newlywed and wants to do what most newlyweds do. He won’t touch her or love her, so how can this marriage work? Brian insists Lucinda is just hiding and shutting herself away, so that is why he is insisting they go out. He states simply that he and Lucinda had a disagreement. Luke and Noah have had plenty of those. Whatever decision he makes, he always has Lucinda’s best interest at heart.

At Metro, Derek files a complaint with Bonnie. He says that she is the most beautiful woman in the room and it is not fair to the rest of the guests. She informs him that she gave a personal invitation to Jade to come tonight. This would be a good chance for him to get to know her better. He changes his mind, perhaps he needs to find a less beautiful woman to spend his time with. Jade walks in and Derek starts to walk out. Sarcastically, she tells Derek she is not looking for him. She used to pray to find her biological father, but now she prays that it is not him. Bonnie tells her not to take this too personally and don’t believe everything Derek says.

Alison returns to Lucy’s room and finds Casey naked in bed. He says he was waiting for her. She stammers again, she thought they would work up to this. Maddie walks by and hears voices. She listens at the door enough to realize it is Casey and runs off in tears. Casey wants to undress Alison. Midway through, she jumps up. She says it is her, it’s not him. She led him on and she should not have done that. She’s not ready to do this. He’s so confused as she has said so many things tonight. He wants to know what is really going on. She urges him to go find Maddie and not let her down.

Lucinda lies down. Brian again tries to convince her to go out and party. He states that he wants to make love to her, too, but he won’t perform on command. They can go to the party and then come home and he will take her to bed. She huffs that she doesn’t feel like getting all gussied up at his whim either. Fine, he will go alone. He tells Jade Happy New Year and takes off. Lucinda tells Jade that Lily and Holden insisted she stay here because they are just being kind. They are starting over and do not need some leftover lurking around to be in their way. Jade dishes it right back that they also don’t need the mother-in-law being in the next room when they are being together.

At Metro, Luke tries to convince Noah to dance with him. Don’t be afraid of standing out in the crowd. This is their night! Jade apologizes for giving Luke such a hard time the last few days. She’d like to speak with him alone. Maddie comes in crying and Noah spirits her away to find out what’s wrong. Luke notices the two leaving. Maddie explains to Noah how she had a date with Casey, but found him at the Lakeview having a booty call with Alison. He’d lied to her and told her he was having dinner with his parents.

Lucinda shows up at Metro, looking for her husband and ready to party. Bonnie can’t find any of them, Brian, Luke or Noah. Brian spots Luke outside and says he knows he is drunk so he better take him home. Luke snorts that he’d like nothing more than to just ignore Brian. But he married his grandmother, moved into Lily’s house so there is no way he can avoid him. When Luke staggers over a bench, Brian states again that he is going to take him home. Luke chides him for wanting to always take care of him. He gets close, right into his face and taunts Brian for wanting Luke. He plants a big one on his lips. Noah and Jade walk out and Noah pulls Brian and Luke apart and punches Brian in the face. Noah takes Luke away. Lucinda finds a bloody-nosed Brian on the ground with Jade trying to help.

Noah takes Luke home and is supportive. He can’t believe that he did not believe Luke earlier that Brian was coming on to him. Now he’s seen it with his own eyes. With his head lowered, Luke has to admit it wasn’t what it looked like this time. He admits it wasn’t Brian that initiated the kiss. Noah won’t let Luke touch him or explain more and storms out.

Maddie meets Casey coming down the elevator. He tries to explain, but she lets him know that she saw or heard the whole thing. She knows he was not with his parents. He tried to tell her earlier that he was no good for her, so now she knows. Happy New Year. Likewise, Alison comes down and runs into Casey. She’s sorry to hear about Maddie. Happy New Year, Casey! At the stroke of midnight, Bonnie and Derek kiss.

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