ATWT Update Monday 12/29/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/29/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures By Suzanne

At Al’s Diner, Dusty meets Meg and they laugh and reminisce over the time in school when they pretended to be parents to a watermelon. She wants him to stop talking about dead ends. She knows he is not going to give up until he finds Johnny.

Casey begs off from an invitation from Maddie as he needs to have dinner with his folks at the Lakeview, a tradition. In Lucy’s room, Alison and Lucy exchange information. Johnny is feeling more tired than usual. Alison wishes she could have gotten Craig to agree to be tested. How can they do that without telling him it is for his own child? She tells Lucy she has more to test now, next is Casey. And she promised she won’t tell anyone and she won’t.

At the hospital, Josie/Jennifer tells Paul that Lucy took Johnny and they don’t know where they are. He laments that if they don’t find him soon, he could die. Josie asks Barbara if she thinks Paul’s premonitions mean anything. Barbara says normally she would say yes, but now it might just be the meds talking. She knows Lucy will take good care of Johnny so at least he is safe. Alison catches up with Barbara at the hospital and although Barbara puts her off at first, she does agree to being tested. Johnny is five so she can identify with this little girl who Alison is trying to help.

At Metro, Henry points out old problems with Casey and figures Maddie can do better. Start over and not waste her time on a dead-end relationship. Casey broke her heart and he’ll be damned if he will stand around and watch him do it again. They hug and kiss and insist it will be a Happy New Year. Maddie has a fantasy of her and Casey. They are alone at Metro, dancing a slow one, kissing. Now this will be a real New Year.

Josie tries to explain to Dusty that she is listening to Paul only to try to find Dusty’s son. Dusty is cynical and doesn’t want to, but Meg talks him into listening. He hears about the airplanes and parachutes. He thinks this is a bunch of nothing. She apologizes for trying to help. Dusty tells Meg that Paul is just messing with his head. She doesn’t think he has that option just to forget it and risk losing his son again.

At Margo’s, Alison catches Casey just out of the shower and he offers his “body”. She only wants his blood. How sexy! Her face falls when she invites him to the New Year’s Eve party, and he exclaims he will be there…… with Maddie. She pretends she is not mad at him over this. She will probably see him at Metro as she has a date too (not).

Maddie just wants Henry to give Casey a chance like he gave Vienna to make things right. Alison makes a pitch for Casey to try and get his mom and Craig to be tested. He thinks it is weird that she wants every middle-aged white guy that fits some profile, but he’ll try.

Meg tells Josie to try to avoid the pitfall of being sucked into a bottomless pit. Paul could just be using Johnny to get back at Dusty. Josie thinks Paul may have done a lot of things, but for this he is telling the truth. Meg says no. No matter if Paul gets better or not, they will never be a family again.

Dusty visits Paul at Josie’s requests, but tells her he’s done. He will not listen to Paul anymore; it’s a bunch of bunk. Why is she even here? She is not Jennifer, and never will be. He tells Meg he will take her home. This is like losing his son all over again. Barbara tells Paul that Dusty is just scared. He sees Meg looking in through the window and calls for her as she is leaving.

Casey talks the Lakeview clerk into giving him the room number that Alison is staying in. It’s Lucy’s room, but Alison borrowed it long enough to get some information off the computer. Casey doesn’t believe her excuse that she rented the room for her and her date in case they decided against the party and stayed in. He’s not leaving until she tells him the real reason. She stammers, and tells him it was because of him. She grabs him and says she will prove it.

Barbara catches up with Meg and wants to hold Eliza and even go in and show Paul. Meg says she can not risk that as long as he is in the hospital. Barbara has to tell Paul that. She offers that perhaps when he is better and well, then maybe. He needs to get well for his sake and his baby girl.

Lucy has taken Johnny for a short walk outside in the air. They run into Josie and he calls her mommy again. Yet she realizes that Lucy looks nothing like herself, so it’s odd that he would call her Mommy. Lucy explains that he is not feeling well and they need to get back to the hotel. Josie immediately goes to the hospital and makes a few inquiries as to when Lucy left. She’s like to see the hospital data on her. Oh my God, the picture is the same. It’s Lucy and that means the little boy is Johnny. She calls Dusty.

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