ATWT Update Wednesday 12/24/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/24/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At the farm, Jack calls Parker to make plans to go grab a pizza. He hugs Santa Janet and she says this will be his first Italian Christmas. The kitchen is full of delicious smells. It’s not his usual, but he’s ready for some new tradition.

At Carly’s, she talks to J.J. on the phone and says she will miss him, but she’s happy that he is so happy about going skiing. Not Santa, but Craig shows up at the door with his ho, ho, ho, bearing lots of gifts. She closes the door in his face. He keeps pounding. He comments he came bearing gifts. She sneers that she will be joyful when he leaves. Parker is not thrilled to see him because he heard that Craig blew up Paul’s car. Craig said he is innocent and Carly confirms it.

Janet gives Jack an early present – it’s a huge knitted sweater with a reindeer on the chest. He hopes it doesn’t make him look fat. Janet asks if perhaps they shouldn’t have invited Carly. He says no, this is their Christmas, not Carly’s. He has some place to go; he’ll be right back.

At the hospital, Meg cuddles Eliza and asks Dusty if he can track Dr. Schiller down as she and Eliza would like to go home for Christmas. Alison joins them with a beautiful sterling silver rattler for the baby. She knows she is not family anymore, but wanted to do this. Dusty holds Eliza, and Alison comments that he must really miss Johnny at this time of year. She asks if Lucy has contacted him. He replies not, it’s been two years this month.

Jack comes to pick up Parker and is incensed that Carly would let Craig in and be around the kids. She warns him that she no longer is his concern. He has a new wife and life. She deliberately offers Craig some eggnog in front of a scowling Jack. Janet wants to know what happened at Carly’s since Jack came back in a snarly mood. She won’t let him get all worried about something that hasn’t happened yet with Carly and Craig. They get cozy as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.

Carly tries to get rid of Craig. He’s not so quick to go. Carly realizes that Parker forgot the gifts and wants to call Jack to pick them up. Bad idea, says Craig. It will come off as a veiled attempt to spend more time with Jack. He will take her to the farm. He knows she wants to. She takes him up on his offer. Craig walks on in at the farm and surprises Jack and Janet. Carly is close behind dragging in the gifts. Craig is surprised that it is just the two of them, Jack and Janet without all the rest of the Snyder’s. He makes a quip to Janet that she must be the newest……well the new Mrs. Snyder. Cheerfully, he says she has heard a lot about him. He says just tell him from who and he’ll tell her if it is true. She turns on the charm and offers him a Christmas cookie. He praises her in Italian. Meg and Dusty come in with the baby. Dusty asks why Craig is there. Craig states that it looks like he is welcoming a baby home.

Alison is startled to see Lucy and Johnny before her. Lucy said she wasn’t sure that Alison would come meet her. She hopes Dusty doesn’t know she is coming. She needs a place to stay; she hopes Alison can get her a place at the Lakeview. She thanks Alison for doing this for her. Lucy tells her that Johnny is sick. He needs a bone marrow transplant so perhaps Alison can help her find a match. She gives Alison a list of the relatives in Oakdale and would like Alison to find a way to test them. One should be a match; otherwise Johnny will die. She’s already gotten a blood sample of Will's and he is not a match.

Alison reveals there are privacy laws and she can not find and give out that kind of information. She asks Lucy how long does she think she can keep running? She knows this is not the best way to raise a child, but at least Johnny is happy. She will do anything to keep him from falling apart. She begs Alison for help. Alison explains that she has worked too hard to be a good nurse. She can’t risk all of that again, not even for Johnny. Moments later when Lucy sings a hymn to Johnny, Alison changes her mind and tells Alison she will help.

Parker gives Liberty her Christmas gift. It’s a bracelet with a skateboard charm. It reminds him of the first time they met when she whizzed right by him and he landed on his butt. She wishes she could keep it, but she can’t. It’s not the sort of gift a girl gets from her brother. He reminds her that she is a step-sister and he’d like it to be more. She feels he is putting pressure on her to say how she feels and she doesn’t know. She tells him she knows it is lame, but she got him a book. It’s the first time she’s ever had to get a gift for a guy. Later she invites a kiss from Parker.

Craig asks Meg if he can see her daughter. He says she is beautiful, just like her mother. Dusty asks him to back off. Janet tries to referee; let’s have a little peace here. Craig offers to go into the cellar and bring out some of Emma’s elderberry wine. He points out that he still remembers where she keeps it.

Jack wishes to speak with Carly alone outside. He has a problem with her here with Craig. She informs him that she did not know Meg would be here. So Jack has a problem again with something darling Carly did, big surprise, dear. He states that he will never back off when it comes to his children. She snaps that he is the one who’s making a big deal out of this. Even Janet tried to get him to chill. So he shouldn’t drag her out here when he’s the one that needs the time out. She says things are not the same and they both need to face that. He spouts that he had plans. She says Sage is with her cousins that will be in a home with both parents. J. J. is not coming home and lord knows what Parker is thinking. She leaves and Jack grabs the jingle bells hanging over the door that keeps hitting him in the face and throws them to the ground in disgust. Janet sees them.

Jack and Carly return to the house. Craig tells Meg to enjoy Eliza; they grow up so fast. Jack shows the door to Craig and says if he really wants to make it a Happy New Year, stay away. Craig says, “and miss happy times like this, never!” He wishes them all Merry Christmas and says he will be seeing them. Grumpy Jack apologizes to Janet for the bells. She understands. She knows he was upset with Craig, but there was a method to her madness. Perhaps if they saw Jack and her together so happy, they’d know they can’t touch them.

Meg tells Dusty that she knows he was upset with Craig holding the baby. But she’d lost a baby too, and she couldn’t help but feel for him and his loss of Johnny now at Christmas. As wonderful as she thinks Dusty has been, Eliza is no substitute for Johnny and she doesn’t want Dusty to be hurt by this either. He kisses her on the forehead and wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Craig asks Carly if Jack upset her. She asks if he intends to punch him out. He says no, Jack's armed, but he could let the air out of his tires. In leaving, he has words for Dusty that he couldn’t help see him fawn over Meg. Perhaps the fact that she is married isn’t a deterrent. Craig declares that he and Meg are just friends and she is still in love with Paul. Craig says that he is still determined to find Johnny and he will raise him. Make no mistake about that. Dusty says that Craig is a lousy father. Craig can try, but he also will be looking for Johnny and try to keep him away from Craig.

Craig tells Carly that he will take her home. He won’t even try to come in as he has bought himself into enough homes tonight. She has her family and Christmas. Just look at her mantle with the pictures. If he passed Johnny on the street he would not even know what he looked like.

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