ATWT Update Tuesday 12/23/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/23/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At home, Margo laments that Casey is not wearing his video game clothes, but date clothes. She asks who’s the lucky girl. She’s thrilled when she hears it is Maddie and that she would actually give him a second chance. She was always crazy about him. He promises to do his best not to screw this up. At Yo's, Noah tells Maddie that being friends with her works for him. He’s happy about her date with Casey. Margo gives Maddie a big hug and tells her that she is thrilled to see her. Casey says that was Margo’s subtle attitude.

Luke visits the police station and asks Margo if there is any chance he can see Jade. Quietly she makes it happen. Jade is still piqued at Luke and her demeanor is reeked with resentment. She tells him that he can relay the message that she is sorry that she has ruined Lily and Holden's Christmas.

At Lily’s, Bonnie tells Lily and Holden that the thug, Robby Sanchez, has come to Oakdale and will cooperate with the authorities. But don’t get their hopes up that Jade can be freed in time for Christmas at home. Lily and Holden arrive at the station just as Jade is going to be extradited to Florida. Sanchez is brought in by Derek. He calls Jade a bitch and he looks anything but cooperative.

At Metro, Vienna shows up dressed to the nines and tells Henry they need to go out tonight as Bonnie has baled on them for tomorrow night. It’s their one night off and they will have to work as she is playing lawyer again and working on this case for Jade. She displays a sexy, low-cut red, shiny dress and announces that she has something hidden in the dress and Henry can have the fun of finding it. He’s only too giddy to do so. But he doesn’t want to ever hear a thing about his sister being a woman now and what might happen.

Derek explains to Margo that he did what the Miami police force couldn’t. He found Sanchez and he will tell Margo everything if she will listen. If not, then they can just let Sanchez go. While everyone is arguing and discussing how they will handle this, Sanchez grabs a letter opener and puts it to Jade’s throat. Now they will negotiate.

Maddie and Casey exchange their recent history. She claims she was devastated when they broke up. But what’s the big deal now; can’t they get it back? She feels offended that she’s been in the house five minutes and he still hasn’t kissed her. She seems to have to do all the work. She kisses him. Casey wants to take it slow. He’s not ready to jump her bones right here, right now, in this house. She doesn’t understand. First she lost her husband because he was gay, and now Casey had a thing with his step-mother. She tells him to drop all the poor-me stuff. She’s only going to be here less than a week; they can’t waste time.

Margo tries to reason with Robby and get him to cooperate. He doesn’t have to add any more charges to his record. Eventually Derek overtakes him and wrestles him to the floor. They put him in custody. Jade wants to know who Derek is. He replies he is just a man that saved her life, so why doesn’t she just be grateful and shut up.

Lily makes plans to take Jade home. She thanks Derek and asks if he would like to come over for Christmas dinner tomorrow night. He says Christmas is for family. Lily says that’s right. Jade picks up on this and later demands to know what that was all about. Lily explains that Derek is Bonnie’s boyfriend, but Jade insists there is something more. Bonnie catches up with Derek and asks how he managed to get Robby to come. He reports that Robby was working for a smalltime mobster, Jackie Whiteshoes, and Jackie had put a hit out on Robby. Robby was happy for the protection and agreed to cooperate.

Lily has to explain that Derek knew Jade's mother. That is why he keeps staring at her. They leave the police station, but Jade says she is not done with this, not by a long shot. She doesn’t want to stick around Holden and Lily and takes off as soon as they get home. Holden warns Lily not to push this about Jade being Derek’s daughter. It might backfire. It shouldn’t have to come from her.

At Yo’s, Maddie confides in Noah that she is getting nowhere with Casey. She confesses that she is not putting up stop signs either. She admits she really likes being friends with Noah. Enter Luke, who is not too happy to see them together. He bolts. Noah follows and asks him not to be like this. Luke has no reason to be jealous of Maddie. She is with Casey now. Noah promises Luke they will be together on New Year’s Eve, really alone.

Jade goes to Metro and demands some answers from Derek, but he walks out. She asks Bonnie. What does everyone know but her? Margo is happy that Casey and Maddie are getting along so well, just take it slow. And if it doesn’t work out, don’t break her heart again like before. Talk to her and explain. Bonnie tries to get Derek to open up. He’s still defensive, just wishes her a Merry Christmas. Returning to Lily’s, Jade tells Lily and Holden that she tried to get some answers from Derek, but he wouldn’t talk to her. She suspects he is her father. That’s what no one wants to tell her. Lily says she thinks he might be, but they can’t be sure.

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