ATWT Update Monday 12/22/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/22/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

Vienna dumps a lot of wrapped presents on her bed. She discovers one she did not know about hidden under the tree. It seems to be a manuscript, something Henry has not divulged to her. Henry looks up at the diner and a lady says hello. He clearly does not want to see her.

Lucinda is bored at home and ready to get up and about. She blatantly hangs a piece of mistletoe over her head when Brian walks in. He finally gets a clue and quickly kisses her, just missing her mouth. He does agree to get her out of her doldrums by taking her to a museum. Luke interrupts them and apologizes. Lucinda leaves to grab her coat before they go out. It’s awkward. Luke says it is obvious that Lucinda loves him. Brian said he came clean the other day and he hopes Luke can accept it. At the door, a departing Brian and Lucinda bump into Noah. She exclaims they were going out, so Luke is all his. Noah is dropping gifts off. Luke confides that Brian came on to him again and even admitted he wanted to kiss him the first time. Brian still won’t admit he is gay. He has feelings, but he won’t act on them. Luke tells Noah about Jade being back in Oakdale and in jail. Luke thanks Noah for listening. He wishes they could get back to where they were last Christmas. He even invites Noah to the Snyder family Christmas at the farm. Noah would love to come but feels bad if he can’t bring anything.

Maddie surprises Casey by showing up at Margo’s. Maddie hasn’t even told Henry yet, but she is going to spend some time with him at Christmas. She confides she still feels for Casey like she always did. He tells her that he’s not good enough for her. The things he could tell her that he’s done even since being out of prison. She’s going to a good school and could go anywhere. He’s only pushing a broom and a bucket. Alison shows up; both girls are surprised to see the other. However, Alison leaves as she doesn’t want to be in the way or cause problems for Casey.

Lucinda locks the door of the boardroom and wants to get frisky with Brian. He’s shocked that she would want to do it there. Fortunately, Vienna interrupts them and hands Lucinda Henry’s manuscript and wants her to publish it. She will make a fortune as it is about a great lady who hires two P.I.’s and the great adventure they encounter. Brian grabs it and informs Lucinda she might want to think twice. The lady is her, and the two P.I.’s are Lucy and Johnny coming back into her life.

Vienna continues to push Lucinda to publish "The Man in Oakdale". Lucinda would like to do it, despite Brian’s reluctance. At the Lakeview, Vienna tells Henry she is going to make him world famous. Lucinda is going to publish his book, and she’s brought them to settle the details. The lady with Henry tells Vienna the hell she will.

Noah gives Luke a watch as a Christmas gift. Luke loves it. He spies some mistletoe and reminds Noah of how he first told him he loved him last Christmas. Noah remembers and said he blurted out the same. Noah initiates a kiss. Both guys look up, and there is Maddie. Noah seems happy to see her; Luke not so. She’s really happy for Noah and Luke that they are a couple now. She admits she just broke up with her boyfriend.

Casey admits to Alison that part of him will always love Maddie but he’s not that guy anymore. He doesn’t want to lead her on and pretend to be someone he is not. She ponders out loud if Maddie’s coming back wasn’t meant to happen. The bigger risk is not taking the chance to find out. If Maddie is willing for another chance, then why doesn’t he take that chance? She advises him to talk to Maddie. Otherwise, he will never forgive himself.

The mystery lady, Maggie, is a publisher with Simon and Shuster and they have rights for the book. Lucinda is sorry that she won’t get a chance at it. She inquires how Vienna didn’t know that Henry was doing this. Vienna turns it on her and asks if Lucinda knows what her husband is doing every minute of the day. Henry pours champagne for Vienna and explains how he found the time to write the book. She thinks he has such a way with words and immediately starts gushing about her love for him. She thinks it is time to go upstairs and play Sexy Editor and Naughty-naughty Writer.

Lucinda and Brian have coffee while at the Lakeview, and Lucinda wants to see his old room upstairs that he still has. She loves the room and says she trusts him. It’s high time they made love. He tells her he doesn’t think she really wants to do this. She doesn’t have to do this to prove she is still a woman. He says he wants to take care of her. As her husband, he wants to hold her. Spontaneously, he throws her on the bed. That is as far as it goes.

Noah invites Maddie to accompany him and Luke to the New Year’s Eve party at Metro. She doesn’t want to be a third wheel, but would love to. Luke is disappointed. Maddie was only in town about five minutes….he hoped that he and Noah would spend that time alone like last year. Noah is surprised that Luke would be jealous of Maddie, even if she were his old girlfriend. Luke can’t help it. It suddenly came flashing back that they used to sleep together. And Noah is not his yet, either, so of course he feels that way. Noah admits he wants to be with Luke tonight and he could never feel that way about her again. Not even close. He kisses Luke again, and Luke says he believes him.

Casey catches up with Maddie at the diner. He wants a chance to make it up to her. They make a date for tonight. Alison gets a text message: “Can I trust you?” LM……Oh, my God, Lucy!

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