ATWT Update Thursday 12/18/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/18/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At the Lakeview, Lily tells Bonnie that she finds it hard to believe that Jade would ever intentionally be an accomplice to something like armed robbery, but trouble does seem to follow her. Lily loves her, and she declares to Bonnie that Jade is all she has left of Rose so she has to find her. Bonnie advises Lily that if Jade comes to her for help, have her turn herself in. No matter what, the longer it goes on, the worse it will be.

Jade quickly slips out of Lily's house, but shows up at the front door for Luke. He is happy to see her. She says Lily does not know she is there and that she needs money, enough to get lost. He doesn’t want anyone else to play him for a fool again. He warns her to tell him the truth or he will call the police himself. She gives a detailed story involving a guy named Robby and a robbery. She was innocent and tried to jump out, but forced to drive the getaway car. She panicked and ran. Luke wants her to go to the police here and turn herself in. She's innocent and the charges should be dropped. She explains she has no money, not even enough to get another bus ticket, so how could she possibly hire a lawyer? Luke inquires how long Jade will be staying in Oakdale? She couldn't be better, but explains that it is her adopted parents. Financially they are hurting. They just need a few thousand. She'd like to help them out....... a loan but it's kind of a desperate situation.

Dusty spies Josie at Al's Diner and comes over to say hi. He notices her counting her money, and asks if she is out of cash. She says no, she has money coming. He asks from where, and she says from the big box store in Milltown. For a few magical hours she encouraged shoppers to sample almond-flavored cheeseballs. It's the season and times are stressful and you need your protein. He quips if they gave her some for the road. She says yeah, a whole box. But a woman can not live on cheeseballs alone. And here they have a great special - buy one brisket sandwich and get one free. He scoffs that she probably doesn't know what brisket is. She retorts that at buy one, get one free, she can learn to like it. Dusty tells her if she needs a job, she could get one at Worldwide. She nixes that. People knew they had a thing. If he hires her, they will snicker in the restroom. He says but they aren't having a thing anymore and all he is offering is lunch. Food is expensive, so she does need a job. He asks about Barbara; she did like working for her. Josie says yes but that was before Barbara hated her and she doesn't think she will give her another chance - especially after she pretended to be some recycled version of her daughter. She smirks that she is beginning to think he might like having her around. He chirps that he might!

Barbara frantically tries to get the Lakeview clerk to tell her if Paul Ryan has a room there. She explains that he is despondent and he might go someplace where he could not be discovered. He explains that is off-limits and he can not give her that information. She insists on calling Lisa, but is only able to leave her a voice mail.

Bent over in pain at the cabin, Meg tries to help Paul. She wants him to help himself by getting up. They need to get him to the hospital and have his stomach pumped. Actually she thinks the baby may be coming and she needs to get there herself. She talks to the baby to wait a bit, she needs to help her daddy.

Josie tells Dusty the meal was delicious. Now what was he saying about Barbara? He says just that Barbara doesn't hate her. Josie says her daughter died and she played on that. Even Mother Teresa would hate her. Dusty says Barbara knew that she needed money and Paul offered to pay Josie and she has forgiven him. So she won't know until she tries. Josie says she just doesn't trust Barbara. Josie is not in the position to judge anybody, but something just doesn't sit right. but while she thinks about it, Dusty can buy her a dessert, something chocolate.

Meg calls Dusty for help. She relays that she is at the cabin and she can't get Paul to wake up. Apparently he has taken an overdose of anti-anxiety meds and tried to kill himself. She begs him to come. She called Holden, but he wasn't at home. Dusty says he will call an ambulance and be on the way. She asks him to call Barbara as well and let her know. Dusty turns to Josie and tells her to do something for him; go find Barbara and tell her to get to the hospital....and Josie to stay with her. Josie doesn't think Barbara will want her there. He tells her that Paul overdosed. He might be dying. He's her son, so please do this for Dusty.

Bonnie asks Lily for Jade's cell phone number. Lily says she hasn't heard from her in a while and it's been disconnected. Bonnie doesn't think that is necessarily a bad thing. She might just have a new number. Lily brings up the fact that Derek might be Jade's father. Bonnie says the timing is right so it could be true, but he doesn't want to reach out or find out if Jade is his.

Josie tracks Barbara down at the Lakeview, but Barbara dismisses her and doesn't even want to see her. Josie says she knows where Paul is. Suddenly Barbara is interested and Josie says he is on the way to the hospital. They need to get there right away. Barbara thanks God that he is still alive.

When Dusty reaches the cabin, he realizes Meg is in labor. She announces that this is the real thing as her water broke. She doesn't want to go to the hospital herself, but wait for the ambulance and be with Paul. Dusty scoops her up and takes her out despite her protests.

Jade doesn't want to involve Holden or Lily. She told Lily she was going to make something of herself. Now the first time she sees her in a while and Jade is running from the police. She won't do it, she's disappointed her too many times already. And with all the stunts she has pulled before, only Luke would believe her now that she is innocent. She vows again that she is not going to the police or chance going to jail for something she did not do. She'd rather be dead than go to prison, and Luke is not going to change her mind. He gives in and says okay, he will get her the money. For now, just go up to his room, take a shower and a change of clothes while he gathers the money. She gives him a big hug and says she will never forget this.

Luke calls Lily and tells her that Jade is there. She's fine, just scared. She's in trouble. Lily is relieved but asks him to stall and keep Jade there as long as he can. Meg begs them to give her something to keep the baby from coming. It's too soon. The doctor assures her that if her water broke, the baby is going to be born. Eliza won't wait and Megs needs to cooperate. Meg answers that there is no one to call. With Dusty holding her hand, she pushes as hard as she can several times. The doctor tells her to go for it. This might be the fastest delivery in history.

When Jade comes downstairs, Luke tells Jade that he packed her some sandwiches, but he's short on money. He only had $40, so they need to go to the ATM at the grocery store. He'll get the money then let her borrow his car. He pretends to not know where his car keys are and wastes time looking around for them. Lily and Bonnie walk in. Jade quickly covers by saying Merry Christmas; she was just here for a visit. Lily claims she knows why she is here. Jade feels Luke betrayed her.

Barbara stands over Paul and comments that he looks so pale. She commands him that he is not going to finish what he started here. They will pump his stomach and he will be okay. However, sometimes people who overdose go into a coma. She thinks it strange that Meg and Dusty aren't here. He must have taken her some place safer.

One more push and the doctor tells Meg that Eliza will be born. She's here, ten little fingers, ten little toes, just perfect. Meg begs to hold her, but they take her away to clean her up. Meg is worried as the baby doesn't cry. Dusty assures her everything is okay, they just want to run some tests since the baby was premature.

Luke quickly explains to Bonnie and Lily about the robbery and that Jade is innocent. They have to help her. Bonnie says she has heard a lot from Luke, but she needs to hear it from Jade. She's angry that Luke called them. She could go to jail for something she did not do. Bonnie points out that if she runs, she loses. If she wants people to believe she is innocent, then she must show them she has nothing to hide. Does she have a criminal record? Jade admits she was charged for attempted murder, but let go. Bonnie thinks that is important, but maybe if she cooperates with the police in getting Robby, they will cut her some slack.

Luke knows Jade is still mad at him. But she would have run away if he hadn't called Lily. He'd rather her be mad than dead. Bonnie leaves to go clear things with the Oakdale police, but wants them to be close behind. Lily tells Jade there is something they didn't get to do. She holds out her arms and Jade glides into them. They hug and Lily says that she is so glad she came back. If she had disappeared and she didn't get to see her, it would have broken her heart. Jade says she wanted to be rich and famous when she saw her again; someone Lily could be proud of. Lily says she is proud of her now. She loves her, and so does Luke so ease up on him. She's going to call Holden then they need to go to the station. Luke tells her that he really hated lying to her. She scoffs that he was always a goody-goody. He assures her that is pretty much gone by now. He fills her in on the student body election and him rigging it. He did that wrong, but he and his family are going to make sure they do this right.

Barbara tells Josie that the doctors think they got all the meds out of Paul's system; he is not comatose anymore. He has one more test to pass. They see the psychiatrist go in. The doctor asks Paul if he knows what happened to him? Paul replies that he took pills, a lot of pills. He wasn't trying to hurt himself; his father made him do it. The doctor notes that his father is deceased. Paul laughs, "Paul Steinbeck never dies."

Meg starts going through a litany of things that could be wrong with her baby. It might be the lungs are too premature, or the heart. Dusty tells her to stop this worst case scenario. They were lucky to be here at the hospital where they could help the baby right away. She continues to blame herself since she was trying to keep the baby away from Paul. But she was the one to put Eliza at risk. Dusty goes to find Dr. Schiller and sees Josie. She asks about Meg and he tells her the baby has been born. Josie says good as Barbara could use some good news. Dusty says not just yet, they haven't been told how the baby is yet. He tells a doctor that he's the father and is allowed to follow.

Paul turns into a rage and insists he wants to see his father, James Steinbeck. Both Barbara and Josie hear his outbursts, then he comes out into the hall demanding to see James. The orderlies have to restrain him. The doctor tells Barbara that her son is delusional and they will have to put him on anti-psychotic drugs.

Luke, Lily and Jade enter the police station. Bonnie apologizes to Jade and says she did everything she could. When they determine that Jade is Jade Taylor, they put the handcuffs on her and whisk her away, charging her with armed robbery. The officer says his orders are to do this as quickly as possible, then they can speak with her. Bonnie fills them in that this Robby is a repeat offender. He can't be found though so they are after Jade hoping she can lead them to him. They are sending her back to Miami, so if there is bail, it will be set there. Lily thinks she may not get bail since she left Florida without turning herself in. They will view her as a flight risk. Luke says there must be some way they can help so she won't get lost in the system. He was only trying to help. He laments even when he tries to do the right thing, he seems to screw up. Lily assures him that he did the right thing. If this Robby is as dangerous as they say he is, then Jade is safer in jail for now.

Barbara looks in on Paul. He explains that it wasn't his fault. It was James. She reminds him that his father is dead. He says yeah, but he comes to him. He sees him every day. James pushes him. He told him he couldn't take the pills, but he showed him.....he did. James said he would not get Meg back unless he took the pills. He wants to know that Meg is all right. Barbara says yes she is. He settles down and drifts back off to sleep. Barbara slips out. Josie offers to get her something to eat so she can stay with Paul. Barbara says as much as she hates to, she needs to see Dr. Hughes to make some arrangements to have Paul committed. She is afraid this might happen again and he will hurt someone else or himself. They can keep him 72 hours until they figure what else to do.

Josie tells Dusty that Barbara is okay and he thanks Josie for sticking with her. He's not surprised they are keeping Paul. The doctor brings the baby and tells Dusty that he thought maybe he'd like to deliver it to the mother. Immediately Meg asks about Paul. Dusty says he is going to be okay. Then she sees the baby and asks if she is okay? Dusty hands the baby to Meg and assures her that she is perfect. And beautiful, just like her mother. She just had a little respiratory distress because she was premature. Josie looks through the window at the happy "couple". She goes in to see Paul. He wants to be sure he is alive. She tells him he is. And he remarks that she is alive. He never thought he'd see her again. He thought his Jennifer was gone forever. Thank God that's not true.

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