ATWT Update Wednesday 12/17/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/17/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Lily runs into Bonnie at the Lakeview. Bonnie is glad that Lily and Holden are back together. Derek joins them and thinks he recognizes Lily. They both realize it is her twin, Rose, that he met in New Jersey twenty years ago. Lily pulls out a picture of nineteen year old, Jade, Rose’s daughter. She thinks he might know something about that. He says he doesn’t.

Holden brings a bunch of baby stuff to the farm for Meg. He’s glad she is away from Paul and he hopes she can stick to that and Paul will have the respect to leave her alone. She realizes everyone warned her about Paul, but this time she is not going to change her mind. Paul can try, but she has too much on her plate right now with the upcoming baby to worry about him.

At home, Paul has one of his blinding headaches. He mistakes the maid as Meg coming back. Then GhostJames appears to him wanting to help him get his wife back, the best thing that ever happened to him. Does Paul really have the guts to go for it? Paul calls Barbara just to hear her voice and say thank you. The finality scares her and she begs him not to hang up. James tell him he acted like a true Steinbeck. He directs him in writing a suicide letter.

Barbara rushes over to Paul’s and is disturbed to see the liquor bottles and then the note left for Meg. She goes directly to the farm to see Meg. She forces her to read the note. Meg thinks it is just another of Paul’s stunts. Barbara knows Paul has done some terrible things, but begs Meg to help Paul. Barbara can’t defend him, but she does love him. She hopes Meg can live with the consequences and look her daughter in the eye if Paul does end his life.

Paul shows up at a place where Meg saved him once before. GhostJames wants to be sure that Paul went by the pharmacy and got more pills. Meg is a nurse so she will have to believe this is a real suicide attempt if Paul is to get her back. Otherwise he will lose her forever.

Lily thinks it is more than a coincidence that Derek knew Rose and he was very close to her in that time frame so Jade could be his daughter. She tells Holden she wants to call Jade and tell her that it is possible her father is in town. He’s against that as it might start Lily grieving for Rose all over again. He wants her to be careful and not get things all stirred up. She tries to call Jade, but a roommate tells her she left and the police are looking for her too. She may be in some sort of trouble. Lily feels that she let Jade down. She didn’t call her when she was in trouble. Holden knows how she likes to pitch in when people are in trouble, but in this case he thinks she should leave it alone. She doesn’t. She calls Bonnie to see if Bonnie still has some connections in Miami that might help her find Jade or at least know what sort of trouble she is in.

Meg goes to Fairwinds. In snooping, she discovers Paul just had his pills refilled. She re-reads the note. Damn Paul, what is he doing? Paul is gulping down pills per James’s urging. He has to go the distance to get Meg to believe this. Meg goes to the cottage and she finds an unconscious Paul and administers CPR. She tells Paul that she will have to get him to the hospital to pump his stomach, so he needs to hang in there.

Derek makes it plain to Bonnie that he doesn’t believe Jade is his daughter and wants nothing more to do with following through and finding her. Bonnie calls her Miami connection and tells Lily that Jade is wanted in connection with an armed robbery case. Lily is just relieved to know that she is still alive. Jade shows up and slips into Lily’s house.

Barbara bumps into Holden at Old Town and she begs him to talk to his sister and get her to speak with Paul. She is afraid for his life. Meg tries to move Paul, but he’s more than she can handle. She doubles over in pain herself.

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