ATWT Update Tuesday 12/16/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/16/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

At the Lakeview, Carly tells Katie not to insult her intelligence; why would she help Craig get off on the charge of shooting Paul? Katie finally has to tell her about the Spencer case and how she has perjured herself to help her no-account brother. She doesn’t know how to get out of this without destroying her marriage. Carly advises Katie to go home and tell Brad the truth and swear him to secrecy. Katie doesn’t want to rub it in, but doesn’t think Carly is too qualified to offer marital advice.

In Craig’s hotel room, Brad tells Craig they can leave Craig's sex life out of this, but Brad knows he has been set up and he also knows Craig and Dani are behind it. Craig tries to worm out of that by saying Brad is taking it all out of context, and he wouldn’t call the police if he were him. If he goes down, Katie will go down with him. She created a major crime by lying to the police. He warns Brad that he is not equipped to fight him, don’t even try. Brad vows that he won’t give up until Craig gets what is coming to him. Craig tells him to go home and make love to his wife, and make like this has never happened. He’ll call his bluff. Craig quips to Brad please don’t rehabilitate himself on his account. Brad retorts Craig should try it, it might feel good.

At Lucinda's, Brian tells Luke that Lucinda just decided to skip Janet and Jack’s wedding and be by herself today. Luke adds a snide remark that naturally Brian didn’t want to stay upstairs alone with his wife. Brian tries to offer unwanted advice, but Luke is in no mood to hear. He accuses Brian of trying to pretend nothing happened between them. If he wants to go on and be all macho and do goody to everyone else, fine, but he knows better. Brian finally admits that he did kiss Luke that night, and it was inappropriate. And it was wrong to try and make Luke think it didn’t happen. He cares about Luke, and he is attracted to him. All of this is weighing on him heavily, and he knows he has hurt Luke and he wishes he could make it go away. Luke suggests it might if he would just go tell Lucinda the truth.

Dani drops by Craig’s and coos she wondered how long it would be before he called her. Does Daddy want to spank her because she has been a bad girl? Seriously, he tells her he wants her to pack her bags and leave town tonight. She nixes that; they are a team. He hands her a large stack of bills that should keep her in the style that he has accustomed her to. Take it and leave town. He’s sorry it has come to this, but they can’t take the chance that Margo will eventually catch on. Dani wants one more time with Craig for old time’s sake. Okay, he beams, if she insists. When he’s prone on the bed with her astraddle him, she pulls a gun and points it to his heart. She’s not sure she wants to leave him or kill him. But she likes this, the power it gives her.

Katie makes her big shocker to Brad. He can’t tell the police as they will arrest her too. She lied to the police. Craig could come after both of them; there is no way to stop him. Margo hears them and asks why are they arguing on her patio?

Carly overhears two waiters discuss the champagne going to Mr. Montgomery's room and for the young lady who also called. Carly heads straight to Craig’s. Purring, she asks if she has come at a bad time? He says actually it is; he thought she was room service. It’s nice of her to visit, but she really needs to go. She informs him that she just talked to Katie and nothing jived with what he said about being a new, changed person, just looking for his son. Trying to shove her out of the door, he repeats this is not a good time. He is about to be killed or get lucky, neither of which needs a witness, so she better leave.

Brian answers Luke's questions that he is not having sex with Lucinda yet. She’s recovering from surgery, and she will pick the time when it is right. Luke says he’s been there; he knows what Brian is going through. He’s gay and doesn’t want to admit it. One of them needs to tell his grandmother the truth. Brian keeps repeating that he has a good marriage, he loves Lucinda and he thinks this marriage will work. Luke says it is one thing if Lucinda knew he was gay and still married him. But to marry and not know and expect it to be a normal marriage is duping her and not fair to her. He asks Luke not to take one mistake that Brian made and tell her which will destroy Lucinda. He is sure he will do the right thing. Luke tells Brian that he will keep his secret safe if that is what Brian wants. They shake hands as being good on this.

When Carly leaves, Dani accuses Craig of wanting to get rid of her so he can have Carly. Craig doesn’t think Dani has it in her to kill him; he takes away the gun, no problem. He assures her that he is not interested in Carly, Meg or anybody else. He hands her another stack of pocket money to make life more enjoyable. He kisses her goodbye. Carly is just around the corner and sees her leave. She pounds on Craig’s door, scoots on in and tells him that he is one sick puppy. He certainly can’t expect people to think he’s all innocent when it comes to Dani. How does he live with himself? He retorts that he didn’t know he was in competition with Carly. He’ll pour some champagne if she will just leave.

Dani comes by Margo’s and says she is sorry. She loves her job, but has to leave town. When questioned, she gives Margo an excuse of a sick friend that needs her help. Margo isn’t too happy to see Dani give up a perfectly good job in today’s job market without some future security. She could just take a leave of absence. Margo later tells Brad and Katie about Dani’s decision and she can’t help but ask if Dani had another reason to leave town?

Brad says he thinks Dani quit because she felt guilty about not solving the Spencer case. Margo says no, all police know they don’t solve every case. There must be something else she is hiding. Brad admits that he hasn’t a clue. She says then he can call her when he does. Back in their room getting ready for bed, he confides to Katie that they still have lots of issues. She asks for his forgiveness and swears she will never ever let Craig near them again.

Craig pours champagne for Carly and laments that they all have to live with their decisions, good and bad. He points out, take Carly's situation….. she was not able to keep her ex-husband on the hook when she always had before. So that is the positive side. She can start over with a new life without the morality police looking over her shoulder. She can be the old Carly again. She says those days are over. She’s moved on, but good luck with him being the old Craig. Let’s see how far it gets him. He hands her the champagne and states that he knows she admires him. She gives him that look and almost giggles when she says there ain’t enough champagne in the world. She brushes past him to leave.

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