ATWT Update Monday 12/15/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/15/08


Written By Wanda
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At the Lakeview Bar, Craig tells Carly that this is a first – her speechless. She quips that he should be in some maximum security prison somewhere. He replies he shouldn’t as he has committed no crimes. She refuses his drink, calls him a bastard and gets up to leave. He states that he is an excellent drinking partner, so she should stay. She reminds him that she has not forgotten about the trail of victims he left behind, including her sister. He reminds her that, somehow, she managed to let Jack slip away from her and fly off and marry someone else. She declares she let him go - it was her decision.

Katie tells Brad that the wedding today reminded her how much she loves him. They see Dani at Yo’s, and against Katie’s better judgment, Brad confronts Dani and tries to find out if they have any more leads in the case with Spencer. Dani calls Craig. He glances at her message but does not answer it. Carly asks if he is going to take it. He says it is not nearly as interesting as she is, so it can wait. He’s a changed man and wants to be friends with Carly. He doesn’t think she is one to be judging people. They have so much in common.

Paul comes back home and pours himself a stiff drink. Barbara is there waiting to admonish him for hiring Josie and doing this to his family. He wants her to help him since he has no one else. He begs Barbara, saying otherwise she will never see her grandchild as Meg will not trust her, either. Finally, Barbara agrees. The only way is to get Josie to come back and change her story. He doesn’t think Josie will do that in a million years. Barbara rants that he has no choice; he has to get his life back, and Josie may be his only chance.

Meg shows up at Dusty’s door. She says she owes him an apology. She says that he told her the truth and was being a friend but she did not believe him. He paid the price for that by ending up in jail. She tells him she hopes he can now forgive her and that she wants him to still be her friend. She reveals that she is going to get a divorce from Paul. Dusty is afraid Paul will sue for custody of the baby. He says that he has lost the trial to Johnny, too, and he wishes he had seen through this red-head sooner. He invites Meg out for a cup of coffee.

Carly tells Craig the only thing they have in common is right now, being in the same bar. They cannot be friends. He has a history of always hurting those who he claims to love. She finds it amusing when Dani suddenly shows up and scolds Craig for not picking up his cell phone when she called. He points out that he is in the middle of something, but she doesn’t accept that as an excuse. She is ticked off.

Dusty and Meg go to Java for coffee and encounter Paul there harassing Josie to do his bidding one more time. Dusty warns Paul to leave her alone. When nothing stops Paul, Dusty is convinced to take Josie away, and Meg will stay and talk to Paul.

Craig introduces Dani to Carly. He tells Dani that he doesn’t think there is anything he can do to help her with her boyfriend. For Carly’s sake, he says Dani is like a daughter to him. He tells Dani that they will talk later. Carly sees through Craig and doesn’t buy this “daughter” thing. Dani seems more like a jealous lover. Craig throws some money down and tells Carly the next drinks are on him.

Craig meets up with Dani. She spouts that she is sick of the plan and is starting to get really sick of Craig, also. He hurts her arm and tells her she can go only when he says she can go. He adds in the meantime, she will do exactly what he says. She did not fool Carly but for about five seconds. He tells her he needs to re-establish himself to people he used to know, so she should watch her sexy running around, or she will regret it for the rest of her life. Brad spies the two of them together, with Craig’s hands lovingly on Dani’s face.  He looks suspicious of what is going on. He surprises Craig by waiting in his room. Craig quips that usually he likes to invite his guests, but he’s family now. When Craig tries to tell him now is not a good time and to get out, Brad insists it is good for him. This involves Katie and what Craig is getting her to do, and Brad won’t leave until he finds out.

Dusty tells Josie that he and Meg are friends and asks what it is to her. He says she should go home. She admits she has no family, so has no place to go. She is not taking Paul’s money or Dusty’s, either. She tells him she is not for sale and that he’s just trying to buy himself a clear conscious. She wants to settle in a place, like he has, with people around who care. She says that he cared for her once and she wishes they could go back to that. He agrees to dinner and says no promises and no more lies on her part.

Katie shows up at the bar, looking for Craig. Carly is still there and engages her in a conversation. She tells Katie to take it from an expert - she is no good at lying, so she better stop trying to help her brother by giving him an alibi for Paul’s shooting.

Meg returns to the farm and makes herself some hot water for some tea. She has stomach pains. Paul shows up and insists on taking her to the hospital. After all, this is his baby she is risking. Paul returns home and angrily tells Barbara that everything he does backfires - he just keeps digging a deeper hole. Josie would not talk to him. So if Barbara wants to help, just leave him alone.

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