ATWT Update Thursday 12/11/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/11/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

While on the phone, Janet beams down at her engagement ring and tells Jack that she is just counting the hours until she becomes Mrs. Jack Snyder. He replies that he is too and just wishes they both weren’t working, but that’s what you get for a last minute wedding. She’s caught by Vienna as she purrs that she has waited this long for the man of her dreams, one more night won’t hurt. She glances at Vienna’s sour face and tells Jack that she thinks she is in trouble, gotta go. She stammers an apology and Vienna tells her if she has this much trouble concentrating, perhaps she should just leave now. Janet pleads. She needs the work as she is saving a nest egg for her and Jack and she needs to work all she can. Vienna bosses her that she doesn’t want to hear her sob story. Vienna is the the boss, just do as she says. Katie steps in and says she wouldn’t argue. Vienna on the warpath is frightening, they’d better go.

Brad and Henry burst in on Jack and tells him that he must come with them now! Jack quips they have been free men all of 48 hours, what new trouble could they have gotten into now? No one is talking so Jack asks again, what is happening. They act suspicious, but say they can’t tell him, he just needs to come with them. Jack stammers that he can’t leave, he’s in the middle of a shift. They say trust them, they have cleared this with Margo. They each grab him under the arms and cart him off. Still manhandled, Jack is shoved into Yo’s without the guys telling him a thing. They say they are not in trouble, but Jack is. He’s getting married and this is his last night of freedom, and they are going to make it one to remember. The light bulb goes off – ah a bachelor party. Let the fun begin. This is the last time they will pull one over on him.

Vienna and Katie escort Janet into Metro and surprise her too that she is not fired, it’s just a bridal shower/bachelorette party. But why is Carly there? Janet assures her that it is okay, stay and have a drink, have fun. They can all share in the bartending duties. Carly says she doesn’t want to make the girls feel uncomfortable so she will stay behind the bar and try to remain invisible. Lily gets Janet to sit and asks what drink is her pleasure? Janet tells them not to laugh, but a chocolate martini. Coming right up, says Carly. Katie chimes in to make it a pitcher in honor of the bride. Carly thinks she can handle that. Lily comments they better open the presents first while they can all see. Vienna has the first one, a practical one. It’s something every woman needs to keep her man in line. They all laugh at the handcuffs. The next one is a skimpy black bustier. Janet thinks she senses a theme here – S E X. Yeah, she can go for that!

Holden asks Jack if he’s getting nervous?, Not about the party, but about getting married. Jack says it’s not like he hasn’t done it before. Holden agrees, that makes both of them….actually the three of them as he looks at Brian. Brian offers that yes he has been married before; he’s hoping the second time is the charm. Luke looks uncomfortable. He orders a seltzer and lime. Noah joins in and notices Brian. Luke offers that Holden insisted he be invited. Brian still thinks Luke is a spy, and he thinks he is a closet case, but things are just great. Noah warns that he should just let this go. Luke says it’s kind of hard when Brian is doing this whole doting husband routine. He’s not going to mess things up for his grandmother. Brian did that by marrying Lucinda yet hitting on him. Brad makes a toast and mentions that his brother has turned walking down the aisle into a hobby which either makes him the most optimistic man in the world or…………Henry finishes – or the dumbest. Brian offers to buy Luke a soda. Luke guesses that means he’s not mad at him any more for contacting his ex-wife. Brian answers that what Luke did was a gross violation of his privacy, but for the sake of Lucinda and now at this party, they can at least be civil. Luke says yes, they should both do the right thing for his grandmother. Brian orders a scotch, straight.

A lovely young lady walks in and Henry sidles up and looks her up and down and asks if she wants to get undressed in the ladies’ room? She’s clueless and asks him what he means. He says, “oh, you just want to rip it all off here and get down and dirty right off the bat.” Her husband walks up and takes offense and Henry realizes she is not the stripper. Brad bales him out before the husband can punch him. He tells Henry he needs to wear his glasses more so that he can see more than two feet in front of him. Another young lady comes in pretending to want to thank Jack for helping her. She goes into her routine by stripping off her coat, lets her hair down and rolls around on the pool table. Jack vows to Brad that he will never let him forget this. Brian orders another scotch and eggs the girl on.

As the girls sip their martinis and Katie makes a toast, Carly glowers while belting down a few herself. More lingerie for Janet and she starts telling them how she loves it and Jack will when he starts ripping them off. Carly sticks out her tongue. She also sticks her foot in her mouth when she cautions Janet that she can tell them what Jack said. It’s not like they haven’t all heard it before. Lily pulls her aside and points out how she is acting. She takes her drink away, but Carly grabs it back and asks how drunk can you possibly get on a chocolate martini? Lily thinks she better not find out. Carly tells her to go back to her friends, she is just fine. A police officer walks in, looking for Miss Janet Ciccone. Janet feigns knowledge of anything he might need to question her for. He says why should Jack have all the fun. He takes off his hat and tie and rips open his shirt displaying glorious pecs. The girls begin to hoot and holler and more so when he jerks off his trousers.

Meanwhile the boys are having a high old time too. Brian especially wants some of that! Jack slips up to the stripper and explains that Brian’s wedding was so sudden that he didn’t even get to have a bachelor party. He needs her now more than Jack does. She goes and performs for Brian, who shouts not to tell Lucinda. Holden says his secret is safe with them. Luke tells Noah he thinks Brian is overcompensating a little bit. Noah thinks Luke should cut him some slack. Luke wonders why Noah defends Brian all the time, maybe it reminds him of the time when he was trying to pretend to be straight.

Carly overhears the girls talking that Jack has his own stripper. While they take turns dancing with the male stripper, Carly sneaks out. She does tell Lily that she can’t stay any longer, she needs some fresh air. Lily calls Holden on his cell and warns him that Carly may be on the way, better keep her away from Jack otherwise they may not be hosting a wedding tomorrow. Luke has words with Noah, but begs him for one more chance for the two of them. Noah says he can’t and leaves. Holden blocks the way as Carly enters. She tells him to sshhh as no one is supposed to know she is there. She just wanted to see what a real bachelor party was like. Holden tells her that she ought to go home. She agrees, but he also knows she rarely does what she ought to. She tells her again that this is not the time to see Jack. She tells him this is not the time for him to interfere. She tries to go around him and he tells her again that she should not be here, let him take her home. She jerks her arm away and says she needs to see Jack. Discreetly, Holden laments that she can’t have Jack. He’s not hers anymore. Sarcastically Carly says that she sees, now that things are all straightened and cleaned up between him and Lily, he doesn’t want things messy with anyone else. He takes her arm again and she shakes it off. He asks her not to humiliate herself like this. She accuses him of not caring for her. He never loved her like Jack. Jack still loves her, as much as he ever did. Jack overhears this and she turns and calls him her G-man. He thinks something is wrong with the kids, but she assures him they are okay. She just wants one last dance before he marries someone else. He doesn’t think that is a good idea, but she begs, she pleads with her eyes, just for old time’s sake.

Katie now knows why Brad called Janet Juicy Janet. She comments that yes back in the day. Little did she know that big brother was waiting down the road. He’s crazy about her and she hopes he stays that way….and will except for a little lady named Carly. Katie comments that she has to move on, she has no choice. Jack tells Carly he doesn’t feel much like dancing, they should sit this out and have a cup of coffee. Instead she grabs another drink, but grabs him by the arm and leads him into a boot-scooting boogie. Doesn’t last long as she gets woozy. Jack tries to get her to sit, but she says it is too late for that and she rushes off to the ladies’ room. He starts to follow, but Holden stops him. She may be sick, but she will be fine.

Brian stumbles to the bar and comments that he thinks he had one too many scotches. Since Luke is abstaining, maybe he could take him home. Luke snips that does Brian really thinks he wants to be in the car alone with him? When Brian says he will take a cab, Luke gives in and says he will drive him. Carly returns and Jack insists on taking her home. She doesn’t want him to leave his party and even Holden tells him he shouldn’t. Jack whispers to Holden that Carly is in bad shape, this is something he has to do.

The girls discuss were Carly is. Lily says if she did go to Yo’s, she is sure she realized that was a bad idea and is gone now. Vienna says yeah, that from the woman who’s husband Carly seduced. Actually she has a history with all the women in here. There is NO reason to trust her. Janet says if Carly wants to make her move, then let her. She may not be trusted, but she does trust Jack.

Jack sees Carly to her door and she says she can make it now. She is sorry that she made him leave his party, and sorry for his car. He shrugs if off as he just wants her to feel better. She tells him she will see him at his wedding tomorrow. She opens the door but doesn’t close it and immediately falls to the floor on her knees crying. Jack comes back and picks her up and takes her upstairs with her simpering all the way. In her black satin jammies, Jack gives her a glass of water and aspirin for the headache she will be having in the morning. She comments she will never be able to eat chocolate again. And she just lost it when she realized he would not be coming home here anymore. He says he is just getting married, not moving away. He tells her to crawl in bed, and asks if there anything else she needs. She holds out her arm and he finally takes it as she pulls him along side her in bed.

Janet calls and leaves a message that she is still at Metro. Perhaps Jack can stop by and pick her up on his way home. She hopes he’s having fun. Gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, Carly asks Jack if he still loves her? He says yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s going to be married tomorrow. And he should go now. She comments this will be the last time he lies in bed with her. He says yes, they had their time and repeats that it wasn’t all so bad. A lof of it was pretty wonderful. He cups her face and gives her a big kiss on the forehead, and says, “Goodbye, Carly.” She sighs goodbye to him as well.

The guys come to collect the girls and Janet sees Jack is not with them. They cover quickly and say he had to go back to the police station. She is about to question that when Jack does pop in. He even admits he was with Carly. He explains that she showed up at Yo’s, had too much to drink, got sick, threw up in the bathroom and all over his car, so he took her home and put her in bed. And that is all that happened. She reminds him that it is not too late for him to change his mind about tomorrow.

Brian apologizes to Luke and for the need for him to drive him home. He explains that he must have just needed to unloosen a bit as he usually doesn’t drink like this. Luke comments he is just glad that Lucinda’s health is foremost in Brian’s mind. Luke offers Brian some water and in the transfer Brian manages to spill it. As Luke starts to brush off Brian’s coat, Brian reaches out and holds onto Luke’s hands a little longer than he should and looks up into his eyes. Luke tells him that Brian really doesn’t want to do this. Brian says yes he does. Saved by the bell, Lily and Holden walk in and Lily wonders what is going on. Brian explains how he got them both soaked. He better get on off to bed. Lily is just thankful that Luke isn’t drinking. But she is worried about Carly. Maybe they should call Jack and ask how she is. Good naturedly Holden says they should mind their own business, and she needs to come to bed with him. Gladly she agrees.

Janet wants to make sure Jack heard her. She doesn’t want him to feel obligated. He says he does want to be obligated. He wants to be committed…and connected……and married… her. And that is not going to change, not now, not ever. Janet says he sure knows how to sweet talk a girl. He maintains she hasn’t seen anything yet. He draws her into a big kiss.

Vienna brushes her hair and pretends to be frightened and upset when the master approaches her. How dare he break into her chamber on this night of all nights. He comments that he can’t help it, his fair lady. She has re-awakens his heart…..and other parts of his body. Tomorrow she must give her hand, not to mention the flower of her maidenhood to the wealthy but unattractive duke whose vast fortune will protect her genteel, destitute family. But he must have her before she gives herself to another man. Suddenly she gets serious and wonders if they should get married. He thinks that is the mature and responsible thing to do, but it’s not what they want. They go back into their lord and lady routine and ravish each other on the bed.

Brian makes his way to the bar and then the light comes on. Luke stands there and tells him he doesn’t know what his story is. It’s his issue, not Luke’s. But he will not let him make a fool out of his grandmother. “Consider this a warning, Brian. If you come on to me again, I will tell her everything.”

Katie tells Brad there is no regrets. Carly blabbed to everyone that they had both slept with Jack. But, Carly did her a big favor. If Carly hadn’t kept Jack from her, then Katie would have never gotten with Brad. Carly sits in her bed cradling her wedding pictures. Janet dances with Jack and tells him how it is at big Italian weddings where the groom comes over on the morning of the wedding and walks the bride to the church. Townsfolk place obstacles in their way to make sure they weather any challenge. He assures her they have taken a walk like that a few times. And they know they can handle whatever the world throws at them as long as they are together. Even Carly, and she is going to hold him to that. He promises that even though Carly will be a part of their lives, she is the one he will sleep with each night and the one he wakes up with every morning. With those words, she says she needs to get to bed before she turns into a pumpkin. He wants just one more spin around the floor for good luck. She claims she doesn’t think they need that luck. For the first time in a long, long time, she is beginning to think the world is on their side. They spin around the floor, wrapped tightly in each other’s arms, dancing, kissing.

Carly slowly takes the pictures and puts them back in the dresser drawer. She turns back toward the empty bed.

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