ATWT Update Wednesday 12/10/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/10/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

Janet asks the saleslady at Fashion’s if she can return her wedding dress? Oh yes, she is still getting married. It’s a long story but with a happy ending, just not in this dress. Carly walks up and sneers that it looks like she is fixing a $5,000 mistake. But, look at it on the bright side. This is just one more thing that Janet can hold against her.

Jack stops by Lily and Holden’s, but Holden is in Kentucky looking at a new colt. Jack is there to repay him the loan that he doesn’t need now. He explains that he and Janet are still getting married, but it’s just going to be a lowly thing at City Hall. Lily knows that is a letdown, so suggests they marry there in her home. She assures him they are family and Holden will want this too. Jack admits that Janet will be over the moon.

Janet tells Carly that she doesn’t blame her for anything. She is marrying Jack so the dress doesn’t matter. Carly doesn’t think she needs to be so noble. She knows she gave up the Cinderella dress because Carly said Jack could not afford it. Janet concurs. She was wrong and Carly was right. She thanks her for making her see that she doesn’t need those bells and whistles. She loves Jack and is going to spend the rest of her life with him and that is all that matters. She gets a full refund from the saleslady. She states that she would have only worn it once and she will be a bride no matter what she wears. This is her first wedding and definitely going to be Jack’s last. Carly agrees to stop by later and pick up some of Parker’s books.

At Fairwinds, Paul is dreaming. Meg is flanked by Craig and Dusty, both vying for her attention and laying claims to the baby. Paul wants them to get their paws off of her. Meg gloats that the baby is not his. James was right, Paul is not man enough to father a child. Dusty adds that is why his old man didn’t leave him the money because he could not produce an heir. Dusty got all the money and Meg’s baby too. Meg wakes Paul and explains he must be having a nightmare. He’s recovering from a gunshot wound and really needs some good rest. His anti-anxiety meds might be causing some side affects so perhaps she should call his doctor. He nixes that. She halfway crawls in bed and he says that is better. That is all he needs….her and their little girl.

At the police station, Craig drops in to see Dusty who is not thrilled to see him. He quips he’d rather spend the next five years in solitary refinement than to listen to Craig’s nonsense. Craig replies okay, forget about him. He brought someone else there and they need to mend fences. Dusty sees Josie and tells her that she should not have come. That isn’t what she wanted to hear. Dusty asks how did she hook up with Craig? Josie admits she barely knows him, but he tracked her down and told her Dusty was in jail so she had to come. Dusty says this doesn’t concern her so she needs to leave. She answers that he made her walk away once before, she won’t do that again. She’s not going to let him sit in jail for something that she did. She may not have shot Paul, but she feels responsible. She can at least tell the police the truth. Paul hired her to remind Dusty of Jennifer so he could get Dusty out of the picture. Dusty tells her life is not fair, so stay out of it. She says she still cares for him and she’s there to help any way she can.

Janet is trying on dresses and is surprised when Carly stops by for Parker’s books. When Carly sees the choices, she sort of disapproves and tells Janet that she can pick out the dress she likes, but she would pick out a pattern and then just make it in white. Janet pins her down if she is volunteering. Carly says yes. As Janet goes skipping off in her happy little world, Carly calls herself “stupid Saint Carly.” She answers the door and it’s Jack, asking what she is doing there?

Meg tells Paul that she was afraid he’d get upset when Craig came back to town. But, he really needs to focus on his recovery. Paul says he has the best nurse in the world and a lot to live for, so he’s going to be fine. She agrees and comments that they just need to focus on the good stuff, like Christmas and that reminds her that she needs to go do a little shopping. He says that she doesn’t have to get anything for him. He has everything he wants with her. She agrees they have a lot to celebrate since he has turned his life around. He can take sole credit, she believes in him and is so proud. He gets her to promise that she won’t shop til she drops.

Margo steps into her office and makes a face as she sees Craig. She tells him it is too early in the day for him to ruin her day. He tells her believe it or not, he’s there to do a good deed. She banters that she chooses not to believe, so he can leave. When he says he is there for Dusty Donovan, she relays that he hates Dusty. Craig can’t get past the point that Dusty didn’t let him raise his son. He says she can scoff all she wants, but he brought in a witness who may be able to prove that Dusty shot Paul in self-defense. She tries to stop Josie on the way out, but Josie says she will be back later. Margo says, “great work, Detective”. She says now if he will excuse her, she has some real bad boys she needs to put away. She just wishes he was one of those.

Craig hopes Dusty’s meeting with Josie went well. He doesn’t know what Craig would gain by him going free. Craig admits there is something he’d like from Dusty. Maybe not in the traditional sense, but they are family since they were both fathers to Johnny. He wants to keep peace in the family. Dusty says no, Johnny has one father and that is him. Craig admits he was hurt at first when Jennifer wanted Dusty to raise their son, but he’s come to accept that is what she really wanted. But they can’t keep fighting. They need to join forces to have any chance of finding Johnny. Dusty snips not in a million years. Craig comes back that he can take some time to think about it, but not that long. One thing he has learned in prison, it gives you a lot of time to think. Dusty is still not convinced that Craig really is on his side. Craig maintains that Lucy took Johnny away because the two of them were always at war. If they were to learn to cooperate, she might be convinced to bring him back. Dusty thinks that is a long shot if he ever heard of it. Craig points out if it does work, then everybody wins. Do the right thing for the sake of the boy. He states that he doesn’t want to be enemies anymore. Neither have anything to gain from that. They could join forces and possibly bring back their boy.

Josie drops by Fairwinds. Paul is surprised that she got past the housekeeper. And she is supposed to be gone, out of town. She admits she was, but then heard about Dusty being in jail so had to return. She realizes Dusty’s there because of Paul’s scheme. Paul tells her it is a little late to be crying over milk she spilled two weeks ago. He offered her good money before, but if she wants more…..Josie says she refused it last time and she won’t take it now. He tells her okay, time to get out and don’t come back. She’s not leaving though until she talks with his wife. He offers excuses but she refuses to leave. Meg returns and does want to hear what Josie has to say.

Jack tells both Janet and Carly that plans have changed and they are now marrying at Lily’s house. Janet thinks that is awesome and since Carly is helping with the dress, going above and beyond, she wants to officially invite her to the wedding too. Jack is not sure that is a good idea, but Carly says if Janet doesn’t feel uncomfortable, then she’d love to come. She’d better go get ready and make that dress. She’ll call her when she is done and puts a hex on it – just kidding!

Josie explains to Meg that her husband hired her to pretend to have a psychic connection to Jennifer. He thought that would get Dusty out of town for good. Dusty found out and confronted Paul, and Paul tried to kill him. Meg is not sure why she should believe Josie. Josie admits Dusty sent her. He doesn’t care what happens to him, but he wanted Meg to know the truth. Dusty doesn’t deserve to be punished as he was only defending himself. She admits she has told a bunch of lies, but she is telling the truth now. Paul offers that Dusty would do or say anything because he is desperate. Meg argues that Paul is the one who seems desperate. He hates Dusty so much that he’d do anything to get rid of him. And if Paul is lying now, she will find out and it will be worse. Paul is incensed that Meg would take the word of a con artist over him. She wants him to sit down and look her in the eyes and tell her exactly what he did.

Margo pops back in and tells Craig again that he is not welcome here. Craig says he knows it is odd, but he actually feels for Dusty. He too was unjustly accused of trying to kill Paul. He beat those charges, and now he’s trying to do the same for Dusty. Dusty remarks that he doesn’t need his help. Margo tries to steer Craig out. He bemoans that he is trying to redeem himself and do the right thing. She shrugs and says he may think he has morphed into one of Santa’s little helpers, but that doesn’t make it so. He suggests they be civil and have dinner tonight. Margo quips that Tom is out of town and she has a mountain of work to do…….and quite honestly the thought of dining with Craig kind of kills her appetite.

Josie returns and tells Margo that she needs to see Dusty again. She tells him that she did go see Meg and told her the truth, but doesn’t know if she believed her. Dusty says Meg is smart so once she figures out what Paul is up to, she’ll know what to do. Josie still can’t believe that Dusty would want to protect her and not risk her going to jail. He says that even though she is a liar, she and Jennifer had one thing in common – being victims of Paul Ryan. She muses they also have something else, they both loved Dusty.

Paul digs himself a bigger hole by telling Meg that he did mess with Dusty’s head to get him to leave town. But, he did it for a good reason. He loves Meg and wants to protect his family. He’s not going to allow Dusty to come after her or their baby. She admonishes herself for ever believing Paul in the first place. All this time he kept saying he changed, and she was foolish enough to believe him. He agrees that he was wrong. He shouldn’t have left therapy so soon, but Dusty came back to town and he saw him as a threat and went out of control. She’s angry and hurt. She has told him over and over that Dusty is no threat. Yet he chose to ignore her and engineered some unforgivable scheme with Josie. Over and over he begs for her forgiveness. She refuses to listen as she knows that he would rather carry on his old battles even knowing that he would risk losing her. Paul stammers that he can fix that. He can go down to the police station and tell them it was self-defense and get them to drop the charges against Dusty. Eagerly, she tells him to go do it!

Janet tells Jack that she actually had an ulterior motive for inviting Carly to the wedding. She wants Carly to really see what they have together. Their marriage is real, true and meant to last. She doesn’t think Carly has been causing problems on purpose, but even if she has, now she will hear them say their vows and promise to love each other and that will nip anything else in the bud and be able to let him go.

Lily stops by Carly’s and catches her working on Janet’s dress. Don’t ask! Lily explains that she is not trying to take sides, but Jack and Holden are like brothers so she wanted to give Carly a heads-up that the wedding would be at their place. Carly assures her that she is okay with that. She is not hurt, and in fact may show up herself.

At the station, Paul runs into Craig and makes a remark that he hopes that he is being arrested again. Margo answers – no such luck, and he can leave now. She advises her brother to keep up the good work, but clearly he has a long way to go to convince everyone that he is innocent. She’s busy, but will quickly listen to Paul. He confides that he is there to correct an injustice. His memory is kind of hazy and messed up, what with being shot and all, but Dusty is telling the truth. Dusty shot him in self-defense. She wants details and warns him that Dusty will be cleared of the charges. She tells Dusty that she rarely jokes about things like this and she doesn’t know why Paul recanted, but Dusty is now free to go. She tells "Sunshine" that he lucked out again, just don’t leave town. Josie suggests to Dusty they go get a cup of coffee.

Over coffee, Josie tells Dusty that on some level he must still care for her since he sacrificed himself for her not to go to prison. He admits he never said he didn’t care for her. She wants to know if he could love the part of her that doesn’t remind him of Jennifer. He warns her regardless, things won’t work out between the two of them. She kisses him and he admits he isn’t sure about anything now, but thanks for the coffee.

Feeling all good about himself, Paul returns home and tells Meg that it is all over, he told the truth and Dusty has been freed. She informs him that it is not over. He keeps saying he has changed, but then still lies to her. He hasn’t changed and never will. With him begging her for another chance, she hands him his key. She takes one bag with her and says she will send someone there for the rest of her things. He reminds her of their daughter, and she says she is thinking of her. Her daughter needs to know she has a strong mother who knows when to be on her own….because unfortunately her father can’t be trusted.

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