ATWT Update Tuesday 12/9/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/9/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hospital) Alison tells Casey that she can’t have coffee with him because she has to watch a patient who almost died of an overdose. Casey tells Alison that he came by to ask his grandpa Bob for a job. Casey admits to Alison that he is very nervous about asking him because he will probably say no. Alison encourages Casey to look on the bright side and stay positive.

(Farm) Carly asks Jack what he wanted to speak to her about and he says he was going to drop by the house and talk to her. Carly thinks that Jack is scared to talk to her about whatever it is that is so important to him. Jack blurts out that he wants to take out a second mortgage on the house to pay for the wedding. Curly thinks Jack is acting stupidly for risking the future of his children to pay for an extravagant wedding that will only last one day. Curly takes Holden’s advice and tells Jack she won’t interfere anymore even if he wants to make such a big mistake. Jack promises to meet his obligations to the children and Carly agrees to co- sign the mortgage papers for Jack.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Janet is excited because her wedding invitations arrived and she doesn’t pay attention to Liberty at first when she tells her she got a B+ on a test. Janet rushes out to show Jack the wedding invitations.

(Farm) Curly tries one more time to persuade Jack to tells Janet he can’t afford the wedding but Jack is determined to give Janet the wedding of her dreams. Janet overhears when she partially opens the door and is about to go inside but she leaves quickly without showing jack the invitations.

(Hospital) Casey can’t think of a way to ask Bob for a job, but Bob puts him out of his misery and tells Casey he knows that he needs a job or his parents will kick him out of the house. Bob tells Casey to ask him for a job so he does and Bob gives him a job as a janitor.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Janet arrives home sad because of what she overheard and tells Janet she is just going to have a small wedding. Liberty tries to persuade her to have the wedding of her dreams but Janet says that she has her dream guy and a wonderful daughter. Janet makes Liberty swear on her credit card that she won’t go talk to Jack behind her back.

(Farm) Jack gets a call from the bank informing him that his application for a second mortgage was denied because of the economic recession.

(Java) Liberty tells Parker that her mother cancelled the huge wedding she has always wanted because she doesn’t want Jack to pay for such a big wedding on his small salary. Liberty wishes she knew somebody rich that she could borrow $20,000 from so she could pay for the wedding for her mom. Parker tells Liberty about the trust fund his aunt Rosanna left him. Parker tells Liberty he wants to pay for Jack and Janet’s wedding as his gift to them. Liberty is very happy and gives parker a hug and a kiss. Parker and Liberty head to his house to get the check and then plan to head to the Lakeview.

(Hospital) Alison is happy to see Casey has a job as a janitor and she reminds him that she was right about him having a positive attitude. Alison checks in on her overdose patient and is horrified to discover that it is Mark Verio, the guy who kidnapped her on Halloween. Alison tells Casey and he suggests that she ask another nurse to switch patients with her. Alison is unable to find anyone to switch patients with her so she is stuck taking care of Mark.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Jack tells Janet he can’t give her the wedding of her dreams and she tells him she only wants to be his wife. Janet tells Jack that she realized she was going overboard with the wedding and she wants to have a small intimate wedding. Jack wonders what made Janet change her mind but she refuses to tell him the reason she changed her mind about the wedding.

(Carly’s house) Parker and Liberty are about to get the check but are surprised to find Carly is home. Parker lies to Carly and tells her he promises Liberty that she could eat Carly’s famous nachos but Carly tells them she is out of cheese. Parker and Liberty act disappointed so Carly goes to get cheese for the nachos. Once Carly leaves Parker quickly writes the check enters it in the check register and signs Carly’s name to the check. Liberty worries that someone will discover that he forged Carly’s signature to the check. Parker assures Liberty that everything will be okay and they go to the Lakeview and drop off the check for Lisa.

(Hospital) Alison goes to Mark’s room and is upset when she discovers he isn’t in his bed. Alison searches the hospital and asks everyone but is unable to find Mark. Casey sees Mark go by him. Casey heads for the roof on his break and finds Mark ready to jump because he thinks people are ordering him to jump. Casey tells Mark to jump if he wants to do it. Alison arrives and persuades Casey to help her calm Mark down despite the fact that Mark tells Alison he is sorry he never had sex with her. Casey keeps Mark talking about the people who want him to jump and slowly inches toward Mark until he tackles Mark to the ground. Alison gives Mark a shot to sedate him.

(Carly’s house) Carly discovers that someone wrote a check on Parker’s trust fund account and assumes that Jack wrote the check. Carly calls the bank and discovers that Jack’s mortgage application was denied. Carly is mad and heads to the police station to confront Jack about the situation.

(Police Station) Carly accuses Jack of putting pressure on Parker to use some of his trust fund money to pay for the wedding. Jack is offended and tells Carly he would never put pressure on Parker to use his trust fund. Carly thinks that Janet sent Liberty to ask Parker for the money and Jack tells Carly that Janet would never use Liberty that way. Jack and Carly head to Brad and Katie’s house to talk to Janet.

(Brad and Katie’s house) Janet calls Lisa to cancel the wedding arrangements and is shocked when Lisa tells her Carly dropped off a check to pay for everything. Jack and Carly arrive to talk to Janet about the check and she informs them that she was just as shocked as both of them. Parker and Liberty arrive and Parker admits to everyone that he forged Carly’s name on the check because he wanted to give Jack and Janet the wedding as a gift. Parker tells Carly he didn’t ask her permission because he knew she wouldn’t let him use the money since she doesn’t want Jack to marry Janet. Parker thinks its time the family had something to celebrate.

(Hospital) Alison and Casey watch Mark sleep for a few minutes and then they walk in the hallway. Bob notices Casey without his mop and is about to talk to him about breaking the rules when Alison tells Bob that Casey helped her subdue Mark on the roof. Casey explains that Mark kidnapped Alison on Halloween night. Bob tells Alison to take a break with Casey and then go have a talk with him in the office. Bob tells Alison that after their talk he will find someone to cover for her the rest of the day. Bob smiles and tells Casey that he did a good job his first day of work.

(Brad and Katie’s place) Jack and Janet thank Parker for his good intentions but remind him it was wrong to forge his mom’s signature and right the check. Liberty tells Jack, Janet, and Carly that she should have stopped Parker from writing the check.

(Java) Alison thanks Casey for helping her today because if he hadn’t helped her she would have been in trouble with her supervisor. Casey tells her that he didn’t help her they handled Mark together. Casey takes Alison’s hand and tells her they make a good team.

(Brad and Katie’s place) The adults agree that Parker and Liberty did the wrong thing for the right reason and punish Parker and Liberty with a long list of chores, which they will right later. Janet invites Curly and Parker to stay and have strawberry shortcake but Curly has to leave to pick up Sage. Parker decides to stay and Carly watches everyone talking and laughing from the hallway before she leaves and looks very sad as she watches the happy family scene.

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