ATWT Update Monday 12/8/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/8/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

At the station, Emily waits as Dusty is brought in. He is glad that she actually came; he has a request. Paul claims he shot him unprovoked. She is not surprised because he was fit to be tied when he left her. She knows that is not what happened. She doesnít know what went down in that room. Why would he lie? Dusty asks. He would do that to avoid a murder charge, Emily answers simply. Paul had a gun, which he took away. He came at him with an ax. It is his word against Paulís, Emily reminds him. She is the only one that knows the whole story because he came to her afterwards. He needs her to back him up. Why on earth would she? Emily wonders.

At home, Meg and Paul talk about Dusty. Paul wants to hire more security so Dusty doesnít come back and finish the job. Meg thinks he doesnít need to worry about it because Dusty would not come back since everyone is looking for him. Meg wants him to concentrate on her and Eliza because the baby will be coming soon. He knows that and he canít wait, but that is precisely the reason he wants Dusty out of the picture for good.

At Lilyís, Brian and Lucinda are dancing a bit in the living room. The instructor wonders if she is getting any pain with her arm lifted the way it is. She wonít let the tango defeat her, Lucinda jokes. They joke as they dance around Ė not doing so well. She needs to downgrade her expectations for now, Lucinda tells the instructor. Luke walks in and wonders what is going on. They are tangoing. He needs to go do something, he says as he heads out. Outside, he takes out the letter from Carolyn Wheatley and looks at it.

Dusty apologizes for being tough on Emily. She tried to warn him, but he wouldnít listen. He will take an ad out in her paper to admit she was right. He knows she is angry, but he doesnít think she would let him go to jail for something he didnít do. She doesnít know what he is talking about.

Craig casually walks into Fairwinds to see Meg, who is rattled. She says he should be in jail, but Craig tells her that is a matter of opinion. She tells him that she is going to call the police and picks up the phone. Craig takes it out of her hand and tells her that he wouldnít do that if he were her. He doesnít mean her harm. Why is he there, she asks. To pay his respects and see how she is doing, he says. He is an escaped felon who tried to kill her husband. He wonít get away with it. They will come looking for him, and this is the first place they will look. He is no longer a wanted man; he was unjustly accused. He blew up Paulís car. Not him Ė he has been exonerated. Meg looks stunned.

Brian wonders if Lucinda is ok as they sit down. He doesnít want her to overdo it. She knows what she is capable of. They can hold off the Tango Olympics for another week. Can she not push herself for his sake, he asks. Fun is the best therapy, Lucinda explains. She is the most passionate woman he has met, Brian declares.

Downtown, Luke stops a woman and asks if she is Carolyn Wheatley. She is, but does she know him, she asks. He tells her she doesnít but her receptionist told him where to find her. He has to talk to her about her ex husband, Brian Wheatley. The woman stares at him without saying anything.

Dusty doesnít want Emily to play games with him because they have an understanding. She didnít understand that she was just going to be a placeholder for his Ďdarling Jenniferí. She starts to leave, and Dusty tells her that she isnít leaving as he grabs her arm. Dani walks in quickly to ask what is going on. They both say everything is fine. Dani tells them that she will be outside and that Dusty should keep his hands to himself. Emily snarls that she doesnít get off on being pushed around, so he might as well back off.

Craig wants Meg to give Margo a call because he has an alibi. He was with Katie. Why didnít she come forward before? a disbelieving Meg asks. They had their differences. Now things are fine though, Meg snaps. Katie doesnít want to see him convicted of a crime that he didnít commit. She doesnít believe him. He actually let himself be accused of Paulís attempted murder because it allowed him to sneak off to look for Johnny. He thinks she would understand since she will be a mother. He can see she has that fierce, protective quality about her already. She knows the truth, though. Craig tells her that he is not back to hurt her or her child in any way. He hopes she is happy with Paul and that their life is all that it is cracked up to be. She is very happy because a lot has changed since he has left town. Paul interrupts their conversation when he comes in the room and demands Craig stay away from Meg. Craig tells Paul that he looks well for so recently being shot. He was hoping he would be behind bars now, Paul snaps back. It was a mistake. Paul coldly asks if he means the part where he gets out of the car alive. He was very upset with him because of Rosanna, but he never got the chance to do anything about it, so it would appear he has other enemies. The Ďmad bomberí and Dusty Ė unless they are one of the same, he toys. He also wants them to know Dusty is in jail. Meg says she knows, as Paul glances at her. Once Craig leaves, Paul asks how she knows Dusty was in jail. She was the one that turned him in. How did he know where he was? She went to see him. Paul stares.

Dusty apologizes for grabbing Emily and treating her the way he did the other day. He didnít mean it. He just wants something from her, Emily tells him. Does she want him to take out an airplane and sky write that he was stupid to get involved with Josie and he was upset and took it out on her, he asks. He should have listened to her. Emilyís eyes narrow into slits as she tells him that he should be careful how he treats his friends because they know the most about him and they could make the worst enemies. He could lose his life here, Dusty answers. Emily coldly tells him that it is nice to be needed and to be the one holding all the cards.

Carolyn wonders how Luke knows her ex husband. He introduces himself and tells her that Brian married his grandmother. Carolyn looks surprised, and Luke notes this, but she tells him that they are divorced and he can be with whomever he chooses. Luke wants one question from her answered Ė why did they split up? That is none of his business, she says. It is personal, and he is a stranger. Not to Brian. What is that supposed to mean? she asks. He thinks she knows. He starts to explain, but she cuts him off and tells him that she is under no obligation to talk with him, and she walks off.

Brian and Lucinda are kissing when he stops her. He wants her to take her time. He wants her to slow down and not overdo it, and he gets up to walk and get some water. She thinks he is dodging her. There can be more to this marriage, she explains. He has a lot on his mind with taking care of her. Lucinda steps back and wonders if sex is not part of it. He tells her that of course it would beÖ when she is ready. Why canít she be the one to decide about her readiness? Lucinda answers. She tells him that when it happens, it will blow his mind, as she snaps her scarf up and around her shoulders and neck with conviction before walking out of the room. Brianís phone rings. He answers it to find Carolyn on the other end telling him that he needs to know something. Brian is holding the phone listening as Lucinda comes back into the room in the background and watches him without his knowing.

An annoyed Paul wants to know why Meg went to see Dusty without telling him. Was that a good idea, he wonders? She took care of it. Where was he? He was at Metro and he sent Derek. He thinks that is great that she is hanging with the likes of them. He asks what he wanted. He tried to tell her that he shot him in self-defense. He never gives up, Paul smirks. She didnít believe him and that is why she turned him in. They are fine and together now, so there is nothing to worry about. Unless Craig has something to do about it now. They will be fine. Both of them tried to kill him, Paul reminds her.

Dusty tells Emily that he always knew she was problematic because she was needy, but underneath he thought she would come through in the clutch. And now, she asks. She is still needy, but more mean then he thought, and pathetic as well. Emily glares at him before she tells him to go to hell and walks out.

In the park, Craig is walking until Dani grabs his arm. She coyly tells him these secret meetings are a turn on. He wants her to calm down Ė business before pleasure. He needs to throw her a bone. Now is not the time. He needs her help and he will give her something when they get back to his hotel. He wants to know if Dustyís case is tight. Why does he care? He wants him in jail until he makes his move. What is he doing? Is this about Dusty or his saintly ex wife. Is she jealous? Should she be, he says as he kisses her deeply. What does she think? He is playing her. They are partners and have a common interest. It was about Spencer before, and now there is something new, and she is wondering what Dusty and Meg are all about. He has never seen this side of him. He will later over champagne. She wants to know now. He is going to be the guy that gets Dusty out.

Barbara comes to see Dusty. He is glad she came. He was supposed to be in love with Jennifer after everything they have been through, and he repays her by trying to kill her son. It was self-defense. He wasnít holding the gun. It was Paulís gun, and he brought it on himself. When did he get so hard? Barbara asks. He begs her to listen because Paul hired Josie to pretend to have a connection to Jennifer. It was all Paulís doing. Barbara doesnít think Paul would abuse Jenniferís memory that way. Paul wanted to keep him away from Meg. No. Who else would know all the stuff she told him? Paul had nothing to do with it, and she would bet her life on it.

Meg tells Paul that he is imagining problems that arenít there. He doesnít know how else to be. The doctor gave him some anti-anxiety pills to offset this. He didnít fill the prescription, though. Meg offers to go do it. Paul wonders if she is up to it. She is, but she wants him to rest and to not think while she is gone. After she leaves, Paul calls Emily and asks her to meet him in the park because they need to talk.

At Java, Luke walks in and asks to talk with Noah. He found a letter from Brianís ex wife in his room, and he went to go talk with her. Noah canít believe he did that. Brian is married to his grandmother and running his Foundation. He has a right to know what he is hiding. That gives him the right to break and enter, Noah wonders. He didnít Ė he wasnít feeling well, so Brian offered to let him stay there to sleep it off. Noah shakes his head, understanding now. He was drunk and sleeping it off, so Brian was bring nice, and this is how he repays him- by invading his privacy. Luke knows it wasnít his finest hour. What did she say? Noah asks. She seemed shocked that he was remarried. Maybe they donít talk. He asked if there was a reason they got divorced Ė if Brian did something or was a certain way. Like he was gayÖ Noah finishes his thought. Yes, but she got offended and made him feel like a jerk. If Brian was gay, then maybe she was embarrassed. What did he expect? He was hoping for the truth. He was just hoping that she would back him up. Lately, everyone either looks at him like the town drunk or lunatic. Noah tells him that is not what he thinks, but lately he is becoming obsessed. They are interrupted by Brian, who stomps up to them and asks Luke who he thinks he is.

Dani smiles and asks Craig why he wants to help Dusty. Craig returns the smile and tells her it is because he is a good guy. She doesnít buy it. He wants everyone to know it. That makes more sense. He has so much baggage and one nice thing wonít cancel out all the bad karma he has around him. He kisses her again and notes that she doesnít seem affected by all of the bad things. She always liked bad boys, and she wants him to show her how bad he can be right there in the park. Craig starts to kiss her, but then he pushes her into the tree to hide themselves. He looks past her to see Paul and Emily sitting down at a bench nearby. Dani wants to keep going, but Craig tells her that it is a bad idea. She knows. Does she know what they are arguing about. She wouldnít know, but she finds it interesting that Emily was just at the station with Dusty and now she is meeting with the supposed victim. She does think they should leave because her cousin is like a bloodhound, and if she finds them there, she wonít let it go. They can't leave together, so she should go and he will catch up. He asks her to make sure Dusty stays put. She heads off, and Paul watches them.

Dusty isnít happy because he was played for a fool because of his love for his wife. He wonít forgive Paul for this. He is basing this on Emilyís words. They have an alliance, Dusty explains. Paul is not the same man because he is going to be a father. He deserves to change his life. Spoken like a loving mother, Dusty thinks. She used to see him as a member of her family, but she now sees that he isnít anymore. She slams the door.

Craig listens behind the tree. Paul tells Emily that he has to worry about Dusty and Craig now. He just showed up at his house earlier. Emily is stunned. What did he want? she asks. He doesnít know, but he should have shot him. He canít keep shooting everyone. Plus, he could have garlic and a silver bullet and he would still rise from the dead. He is starting to feel that way about Dusty Ė he is like a recurring nightmare. He is in jail, so he got what he wanted. He needs to stay there, and she is his insurance. Paul tells her that she has to swear to him that she will stick to their story. She already did even though Dusty pleaded with her to vouch for him and take his side of the story and say he acted in self-defense, but she told him to go to hell. Paul thinks that was big for her, considering the size of the torch she holds for him. Not anymore - Dusty ditched her for a two-bit con. He doesnít deserve a second chance. How does he know she wonít break her promise if Dusty says something nice? Paul asks. She wonít. It was disgusting how Josie got to him; Dusty knew he hired Josie, and he still fell for her anyway, even if it was a scam. That is the last straw for her, he asks. The Dusty she cared for had a spine, but this one had his surgically removed. She sounds bitter. She guesses she is, but this works for him. If she stays quiet and mad at Dusty, then the whole world doesnít know what he did, and Dusty goes down for attempted murder. Craig is still listening behind the tree. Paul tells her that he doesnít know how to thank her. Now if he could just get Craig out of his life, then he would be ok, he says as he gets up and walks away.

Noah gets up and walks over behind the counter. Brian tells Luke that he always knew he had an over active imagination, but to drag other people into it is unforgivable. Luke says that he doesnít know what he is talking about, but Brian tells him not to play dumb. He has been nothing but nice to him. He even covered for him with his family. He never asked him to do that. He repays him by spying on him, sneaking around his back and making trouble with people. What is he trying to prove? He doesnít know what he means. Brian snaps for him to stop Ė Carolyn called him because they are still good friends and respect one another. He obviously doesnít understand that. Luke laughs at Brian wanting his respect. Brian cuts him off because he doesnít care what he thinks about him anymore. He was trying to be understanding of the hard time he has been going through. Luke snarls about him simply having a hard time. He has been on some strange truth crusade that gives him the right to break all the rules Ė that is why he got kicked out of school, Brian growls. What is next for him Ė rehab? He isnít drinking anymore. Brian is glad for that, but he doesnít know why he has a problem with him. Maybe it is because Luke is gay and he isnít or maybe it is because his boyfriend left him. They have all been where he is. It is part of growing up. He doesnít want him talking down to him. Then he should stop acting like a child, Brian snaps. Luke thinks they are still acting like he didnít kiss him. Brian answers that they have been through that, and he clearly misunderstood it. There was nothing to misunderstand. Brian cuts him off and tells him thatís enough and this has got to stop. The next time he wants to accuse him of being gay, which he isnít, he might want to think about the lives he will ruin because of that, and they both know who he is talking about. Brian stomps out of the door, and Luke and Noah each watch him go.

Downtown, Craig sees Barbara, who is stunned and wonders how he can walk around unshackled. He is tired of people asking him that. The police decided not to arrest him, and rightfully so. He tried to kill her son, Barbara states. Actually, he didnít and it wasn't his fault Ė it seems Paul is prone to that kind of response against him. She should kill him herself. Craig doesnít think she would want to because prison hasnít improved since the last time she checked in. She has heard enough. Craig adds that he heard Paulís friend got him in trouble with Dusty. She sees it now. Craig jokes about her having early senility setting in. He hired Josie and brought her into their lives, filling her head with private information to turn Dusty against Paul, and vice versa. He doesnít know what she is talking about. This time he has done the unforgivable, and he wonít get away with it because she wonít let him. She walks away, and Craig thanks her out loud for the information because that is exactly what he needed.

Luke tells Noah that he is not making it up, but he doesnít know what to do. Brian is making passes, but his grandmother is happy and in love, and he doesnít want to ruin it. Noah agrees. He knows that his grandmother has been through a lot recently, with the cancer, and it is a miracle that she is doing as well as she is. He knows a lot of it has to do with Brian. Noah agrees and wonders if Luke should just let it go. He canít because he doesnít think his grandmother should be forced to live a lie.

Brian comes home, and Lucinda is reading on the couch. He thought she would be lying down. She says she was and asks where he went. He says he had business to take care of. She knows she is not his only priority. She is his top priority, though, he adds with a smile. How did she ever get so lucky? she says as they hug, but Lucinda looks strange.

Paul comes home and hears Meg come in behind him. He grabs a blanket and pretends that he was sleeping on the couch. Meg hands him some pills. He pretends to swallow them until Meg turns around and takes them out of his mouth. She hopes he is doing better. He says he thinks the pills will help his paranoia so it doesnít get the best of him. She didnít say it would be easy. Why is it that when she worries, it is normal, but when he does, he is paranoid? He asks. She laughs. She is justified. He kisses her hand and he tells her that she is so precious to him and he hopes she knows how much he loves her. She hopes it is as much as she loves him. He is trying to be the best father for Eliza, but he is scared because he knows he has one shot at it. She doesnít want him to be scared because as long as they are honest, they will be fine. Meg hugs Paul, who looks guilt ridden.

At the station, an officer is leading Dusty downstairs to his holding cell when Craig comes in and wants a word with him. Dusty doesnít want to talk with him, though. Craig wonders if it would change his mind if he knew how to get him out of there. It is too late and visiting hours are over, Dusty answers and wants to leave now. Craig calls after him that he can help him, but Dusty doesnít stop.

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