ATWT Update Friday 12/5/08

As the World Turns Update Friday 12/5/08


Written By Wanda
Pictures by Suzanne

No update yet, so we just put today's short recap here.

Dani tells Craig that he is her priority, but she had to make Oakdale think she was available thus her dalliance with Dr. Chris Hughes. He assures her that Spencer is far out of reach and there will be no more problems.

Paul insists that Margo get the doctors to let him go home. He inquires about Dusty, and she tells him Dusty has not been found, but he will not get away with this.

Bonnie and Derek find Dusty at Metro. Bonnie advises him that she will represent him, but he has to turn himself in.

Margo apologizes to Brad for not believing in him, but explains that when he is involved trouble usually follows.

Craig calls Katie and states it's about time they meet and get their stories straight.

Derek stops by Fairwinds and gives Meg a message from Dusty. He takes her to meet him. Dusty tells her whatever Paul told her, it was a lie. He intends to tell her the truth. She still believes her husband that he knew nothing about Johnnie leaving town. She tells Dusty that he's looking for a scapegoat, and Paul is the obvious target.

GhostJames awakens Paul and he congratulates him for handling this all so well. He is his son after all. When Meg returns home, Paul surprises her with a gorgeous decorated Christmas tree. She states it will be her best Christmas ever. She slips off and tells the police the whereabouts of Dusty.

Margo is astounded when Craig shows up at the station. He quips that she probably doesn't know whether to hit him or kiss him. She expounds that perhaps she will just arrest him. He claims his hands are clean, and he had nothing to do with Paul Ryan's car bombing earlier this year.

Margo calls and wants to see Katie at the station. Katie tells Craig that she doesn't want any part of a little family reunion. Margo questions her, and Katie confirms that she was with Craig that day in question. Her answers match Craig's perfectly and Margo doesn't buy either of their stories. Craig thanks Katie, and Margo lets them go. Brad wonders why Katie didn't tell him she was with Craig that day. She begs him to forget Craig and just focus on the two of them.

Dani shows up and pretends she hasn't thought about or seen Craig in years. He chastises her that she needs to go and just follow through with what he asks of her.

Margo arrests Dusty. Craig thinks that is ironic. Here he was just cleared of the charges of trying to kill Paul, and now Dusty is being charged. Funny how things work out!

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