ATWT Update Thursday 12/4/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/4/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

(Carlyís house) Carly gets a call from the East Lake boarding school informing her that the check for the tuition bounced, so Carly promises to fix the mistake right away. Carly is very upset and grabs her car keys and heads to the farm to talk to Jack.

(Farm) Jack tells Holden that J.J. got into East Lake boarding school and although he is proud of J.J., the tuition is an expense he didnít count on along with the wedding expenses. Jack asks Holden to loan him the $5000 for the school tuition. Holden is happy to be able to help Jack and gives him a check for the tuition. Holden tells Jack that he is glad that Janet makes him so happy. Jack smiles and says that Janet does make him happy and he wants to make her happy by giving her the wedding of her dreams. Holden tells Jack that the secret to a happy marriage is to keep his wife happy.

(Lakeview) Lisa tells Janet that she is very lucky because the ballroom is available for her reception because a big company cancelled their Christmas party because they didnít think it would be appropriate during these hard economic times. Lisa tells Janet that she can give her a special price for the ballroom rental - only $20,000. Janet is shocked at the price and tells Lisa that she should probably have a small wedding at the farm. Lisa describes a beautiful reception with beautiful flowers and great food. Janet canít help it and writes out a check for the deposit, which wipes out her savings.

(Police Station) Margo refuses to give Katie any more time and begins to read Brad his rights. Brad pleads with Margo to wait a little longer and tells her about the mystery instant messenger. Margo doesnít believe Bradís story and reads him his rights and places him under arrest. Brad pleads with Margo to look for the mystery instant messenger because if she catches the person, she will know that he is being framed.

(Limo) Katie thinks that Craig was the one who framed Brad and also got Henry into trouble. Craig denies the accusation at first, but Katie knows him too well, and he admits he framed Brad and got Henry into trouble for trying to help Brad clear his name. Craig offers to help Brad and Henry get out of trouble, but Katie has to do him a favor. Craig asks Katie to tell Margo that they were together when Paul was almost killed in the car bombing. Katie is disgusted that Craig went so far as to kill someone to frame Brad. Craig explains that the rotting corpse they found in Bradís locker wasnít Spencer. Craig tells Katie he didnít kill anyone because the person they put in Bradís locker was already dead. Craig tells Katie if she refuses to lie to Margo, he will disappear and Brad will spend the rest of his life in jail. Katie tells Craig she hates him for forcing her to choose between her husband and her sister. Craig smiles and tells Katie that he knows she doesnít really hate him because, deep down, she loves him very much. Katie agrees to be Craigís alibi for the night of the car bombing.

(Police Station) Margo sends Dani to get Katieís computer to see if she has been getting instant messages from someone. Dani returns and tells Brad that the computer must have a virus because the files are corrupted.

(Farm) Carly arrives to yell at Jack and inform him that his check bounced and the school called her this morning. Jack reminds Carly that he told her to wait a week to deposit the check. Carly reminds Jack that she explained to him that she needed to overnight the check so they could meet the registration deadline. Jack tells Curly to tell the school to redeposit the check because he borrowed the money from Holden. Carly is shocked that Jack would do something so uncharacteristic of him in order to pay for an extravagant wedding for Janet. Carly thinks Janet is going to drive Jack and her children straight into disaster. Jack tells Carly that he is glad she has noticed that he is acting differently because if he had acted differently in his other relationships, maybe they would have worked. Carly explains to Jack that she doesnít want J.J. humiliated at school by being looked at as a charity case. Janet arrives and interrupts, and Carly leaves, still angry with Jack. Janet wonders if Carly and Jack were fighting over money, but Jack tells Janet not to worry because Carly is jealous.

(Lakeview) Carly arrives for lunch, and Lisa tells her that Janet just put a deposit down on the ballroom for New Yearís Eve. Carly wonders how much they paid, and Lisa doesnít want to tell her the amount, but a few minutes later spills the beans about the $20,000.

(Farm) Jack is shocked, and then Janet tells him if that is too much money, she can get the deposit back and just have the wedding at the farm. Janet tells Jack that will be fine even though she wonít be able to invite her big Italian family to the wedding. Janet tells Jack that she had dreamed of reuniting with her family who disowned her after Liberty was born. Jack canít say no to Janet because the story touched his heart. Janet is so happy she tells Jack she loves him and gives him a kiss. Jack is worried about how he is going to pay for the huge wedding but doesnít say a word to Janet.

(Lakeview) Carly calls Holden and asks him to meet her at the Lakeview to talk about Jack. Holden arrives, and Carly asks him to talk some sense into Jack who is getting himself into money trouble to pay for Janetís dream wedding. Holden thinks Carly is just upset because Jack is doing things for Janet he never did for her. Carly tells Holden she and Jack were married at the Lakeview and Parker was born on New Yearís Eve. Carly admits to Holden she feels like Jack is taking all their memories and giving them to Janet. Holden tells Carly that the wedding is Jackís business and she should stay out of it. Carly admits that she doesnít know how she will get through this, and Holden assures her that she will be fine.

(Police Station) Dani gets a call from Craig who tells her that Katie agreed to help him, so once Dani hangs up she tells Margo she sent the autopsy results and dental records to a separate lab in case Bradís story is true. Dani also offers to go to Chicago to see if she can find Spencer.

(Farm) A priest arrives to talk to Jack, and Janet apologizes for not telling him she wanted to get married in a Catholic church and that the priest was coming to give him instruction since he isnít Catholic. Jack talks to the priest and tells him what a special woman Janet is and how much he loves her. Jack also tells the priest that Janet is a wonderful patient, loving woman, who can also be very tough and is there with him through the good and bad times. Once the priest is gone, Janet gives Jack a kiss for everything he said and excitedly tells him about the white lilacs she picked for the wedding.

(Police Station) Margo gets a report from the second lab that says it is unclear if the body is Spencer. Dani calls Margo to tell her she just saw Spencer coming out of her apartment.

(Chicago) Margo arrives at the apartment to find Spencer pointing a gun at Dani. Spencer makes Margo and Dani sit down, and then she ties them up. Spencer admits she set up Brad for her murder because she was angry with him for rejecting her. Spencer even admits to putting the rotting corpse in his locker. Spencer hears the police sirens and escapes before the police arrive to catch her.

(Police Station) Margo arrives to apologize to Brad and Katie and tells them Dani found Spencer and she confessed to everything.

(Brad and Katieís place) Brad is shocked that Spencer would do all this because he rejected her. Katie tells Brad that she doesnít want to talk about Spencer anymore, and the couple make love.

(Chicago) Dani meets with Craig, and they also celebrate the success of their plan by making love.

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