ATWT Update Wednesday 12/3/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/3/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At WOAK, Brad and Katie are preparing to do a show, as they wonder nervously what is taking Dani so long to come back with news about Spencer. Katie prays this will be over soon so he will have the charges officially dropped, there would be no cyber bully harassing them, Henry would be released and Kim could see that it was all a horrible mistake and she would hire him back. Brad nods in agreement, as they head off to do the show.

At the station, Margo is slamming around files when Dani comes in. Margo races over to talk with her. She wonders if she spoke with the deliveryman about Spencer. Dani frowns, as if she is saddened by the news she is about to give her. She lies and tells Margo that the witness has not seen Spencer recently at all. Margo drops her head in frustration.

At home, Tom is getting ready to leave, as Casey is sitting down with a big plate filled with breakfast food. He jokes about having nothing but time to eat this all. Tom thinks this is a good enough time to tell him that he and Margo had been talking last night and decided that he has two weeks to find a job or he is going to have to find another place to live, as Casey’s mouth drops open.

Downtown, an out of it Luke is walking by when he sees Alison sitting on a bench; he tries to sneak by her, but she sees him. He doesn’t want another lecture, he snaps. Alison tries to explain that she and Casey were just worried about him. He is fine now, Luke quickly answers. She starts to talk about how his drinking is dumb because it could ruin his kidneys and he could end up with an infection or worse. Luke cuts her off and tells her angrily to spare him that diagnosis – she isn’t even a real nurse yet. Alison is a little taken aback, but as Luke is walking off, he almost faints and Alison helps him regain his balance. She is now very worried; is he sick and should she call his parents, she asks. No, Luke answers fast.

At home, Lucinda walks over to Lily and tells her in a hushed tone that she has her post-op appointment today. Lily thinks that Lucinda is going to try to keep her from coming so she tells her that she understands if she doesn’t want her there. Lucinda tells her that actually she does because she probably could be very helpful with all the questions she may have to ask the doctor about reconstructing etc. Lily is pleased that she is asking for her help. Brian comes out and asks if Lucinda is ready to go. Lucinda tells him that Lily has offered to go with her and she thinks he should take a break. Brian tells her that he doesn’t need or want a break. Lucinda accepts this and tells them that they will all go, as Brian tells her the more the merrier.

Brad and Katie are doing their show when they start to do a blindfolded perfume test and Katie offers her wrist to Brad telling the audience that she wears this scent a lot and knows Brad loves it. Brad takes a whiff and tells her that it doesn’t smell good, as he wrinkles his nose. Katie tells the cameraman to cut and tells Brad that he is taking their arguing banter a little far. He tries to explain to her that he smells something bad, as Katie realizes she smells it too. One of the other workers tells them that people have been complaining and they think the smell is actually coming from Brad’s locker. The three of them plus a security guard walk to his locker, as Katie wonders if he left food in there since he left the show. Brad doesn’t think it smells like food, as they get closer and they all cringe at the foul odor. Brad remembers he kept a key for the locker instead of turning it in, as he unlocks the door and slowly and uncertainly opens the door, as a person wrapped in clear plastic wrap falls out and everyone reacts in horror and Brad calls out Spencer’s name because he sees blonde hair falling out from the top of the plastic wrap and he can tell it is a woman. The security guard and employee rush to go call the police. Brad and Katie can’t believe it because they just saw her yesterday. Katie thinks they need to look at the face to be sure, but neither of them wants to do it. As Brad is about to open the wrap, Katie’s cell phone rings causing them to jump back, but she ignores it. Brad removes part of the wrap, as both of them glance and they react in shock.

Margo angrily slams the phone down, as Dani surmises that Katie is still not answering her phone. Margo can’t believe that Brad would lie and then to make matters worse, he would make Katie lie too. Margo is upset that Katie has had so many problems in her marriages and she was so hopeful that this one would work out. They are interrupted by a police officer telling them that they got a 911 call from WOAK, as Margo can’t believe that something else is happening now. Soon, she is at WOAK wondering how a body can get into Brad’s locker. Brad tells her that he hasn’t touched the locker since he was fired. Margo wonders if they touched the body, as Brad sheepishly explains that they wanted to see if it was Spencer so he moved down the plastic a little. Margo lets out a huge sigh; hasn’t he learned anything, she snarls. Brad and Katie are sure it can’t be Spencer since they just saw her, as they appeal to Dani to back them up. Dani instead tells them that the deliveryman told her that he hadn’t seen Spencer in months and was actually starting to get worried. Brad and Katie can’t believe that. Margo tells them that she has no other choice – she has to take them downtown. After they leave, Dani gets on the phone, calls someone, and tells them, that poor Spencer, but that it all went according to plan. She tells them that they owe her.

Casey explains to his dad that it is going to be so hard to get a job because he has been in jail. Tom reminds him that he gave him a list of possibilities. He knows that no potential employer is going to be happy to see he was in jail and has been expelled from college. He is going to end up being a janitor or bus boy. Tom understands and agrees, but he doesn’t think Casey is in the position to be picky. Casey is annoyed that his parents are doing this right now. Tom explains they are just trying to make him become a responsible adult. If he wants to talk more about this, they can do so when his mom gets home, as Casey rolls his eyes after Tom leaves.

Luke is drinking the water that Alison gave him; is she happy, he wonders. He was just dizzy – she doesn’t have to be a drama queen. Alison realizes that Luke has been drinking and asks if that is why he is being such a jerk. She starts to try to talk to him about the perils of drinking, but Luke tells her that she sounds like Noah… or Brian –his ‘dear old grand dad’ for that matter. Alison tries to explain that they care for him and that is why they are concerned. Luke flashes to when Brian kissed him, as he mumbles quietly about Brian caring, but he is not sure it is for his grandmother. Alison tells Luke that she won’t lecture him anymore because she of all people understands that someone won’t stop doing destructive things until they are ready themselves. She is worried that he could have a kidney infection though. She really thinks he should get a check out, but Luke is shaking his head. Alison explains that he can do it confidentially. She couldn’t live with herself if she let him leave in this condition. Luke agrees, but he has to go wash up first. Alison jokes about him climbing out the bathroom window. He won’t as long as she promises not to call his parents. After he heads off, Alison gets on the phone, tells Casey that Luke is in trouble again and needs their help; she tells him to meet them at the hospital. Casey meets them there, as Luke teases her about calling in reinforcements. Luke then takes the opportunity to apologize to both of them. Alison, Luke and Casey start to go into an exam room when Alison points out the intern, Joshua, that she knows who is doing her a favor. Casey teases her about the way he smiles at her – he might want to be more then friends with her, as Alison rolls her eyes. As they are all in the room, the intern seems to be flirting with Alison subtly, as Casey is annoyed so he suggests going to get breakfast. After he heads out of the room, Casey bumps into Lily, who is right outside the room. Lily asks if everything is ok, as a nervous, Casey answers yes, and he blocks the door so Lily couldn’t see inside the window.

Margo and Katie step out of the room, as she tells Katie that it doesn’t look good. They need a witness or something concrete to back up what they have been saying. Katie gives her word; she saw Spencer with her own eyes. Margo doesn’t believe she really did because why would the witness say he hasn’t seen her. He was lying, as Margo rolls her eyes. Katie wants her to remember that she is her sister – she is not Craig and wouldn’t lie to her face. Margo thinks she might lie if it would keep Brad out of jail or maybe she just wanted to see Spencer so badly, she thought she actually did. Dani interrupts to tell them that the forensics tests came back on the body. They matched dental records and it is conclusive that it is Spencer. Katie reacts in shock.

Lily is worried that something is wrong with Tom. No, he is fine. He is here for a job, Casey stammers. Lily thinks that must make his parents happy. After what happened, nothing makes them happy, Casey quietly answers. She wishes Luke was being proactive like him. Has she seen him, as Casey nervously tells her that he hasn’t when he blocks the door more. Lily tells him good luck with the job search and heads across the hall. Casey heads back in Luke’s room and tells them that his mom is there. Luke is worried something is wrong, but he tells her that she is there with Lucinda. Luke tells them that he has to get out of there.

Lily walks into Lucinda’s room and tells them that she just saw Casey; he was acting strangely and even seemed to be blocking the door across the hall, as if he was hiding a girl inside. Brian doesn’t know whom they are talking about. They briefly explain that he is a friend of Luke’s. Lucinda tells him that he isn’t the greatest influence. Brian seems suspect. The doctor comes in and asks how Lucinda is doing. Brian answers for her. Lucinda reacts annoyed; she can answer for herself; she would like to talk to the doctor alone. Brian looks hurt and heads out into the hall with Lily hot on his trail. She explains that Lucinda doesn’t mean anything by her tone or words; she is scared and feels vulnerable and this is how she acts. He isn’t taking it personally. Lily comments about how he really must love her. Does she still doubt that, Brian states. She doesn’t anymore. Brian smiles and jokes about how she finally comes around and now Lucinda is kicking him to the curb. He is going for a walk, but he will be back soon.

Casey and Alison are trying to sneak Luke out of the room when Brian comes back to grab something. He sees them and wonders what they are doing. Luke doesn’t think it is his business. He looks sick, as Luke doesn’t care about his observations. He thinks he should get checked out, but Luke explains that they were just leaving. Brian wants them to stay or he thinks Lily would be interested to know why Casey just told her that he was there for an interview. Luke snarls that he doesn’t want him blackmailing his friends. He agrees to get checked out, as Brian goes back inside the room with him and Alison and Casey tell him that they will see him later.

Tom, Brad and Katie are sitting at the interrogation table with Margo and Dani on the other side. Tom reminds them they don’t have any solid evidence that Brad has done anything – other then circumstantial stuff. Dani reminds him that they found the body in Brad’s locker – the one he still has the key to. Brad tells them that he would be stupid to stash a decomposing body in his own locker. Margo tells them that now that Spencer’s body has showed back up, she has to charge Brad with murder. Katie reacts strongly and Brad shakes his head. Margo starts to recite his rights, as Brad stops her and tells Katie that they have to say something. Katie doesn’t want to talk, as Margo wonders what they are hiding now. Dani looks a bit nervous. Margo reminds Katie that she promised not to lie to her. Katie explains that she is protecting the people she loves; she has to trust when she tells her that she will explain when she is ready. She needs time, but she thinks she can prove Brad is innocent. Margo hopes it is legal. Tom thinks if Margo wants to reinstate the charges against Brad, it will take some time to issue search warrants. Margo agrees; Katie has half an hour, but Brad has to stay here. She also allows Brad and Katie a moment alone. Brad wonders why she doesn’t want to tell Margo about the IM. She is not ready because she doesn’t know how it ties in. She also reminds him that he told her that they shouldn’t go to the police. Brad doesn’t think it can get worse, but Katie isn’t so sure. She asks him to let her do it her way. They both tell each other how much they love each other and kiss passionately before she leaves. Dani watches both of them strangely as Katie leaving.

The intern tells Luke that his blood pressure is low; he isn’t sure if it is because of an infection or the alcohol consumption. Luke assures him that he will keep an eye on how he feels; Brian promises to look after him, as Luke glares. After the intern leaves, Brian tells Luke that he is drunk and won’t let him walk out of the hospital like this. Why does he care – is he still trying to impress his grandmother. Brian gives him cab fare to go to the Lakeview; he has kept a room there still, as he hands Luke the key and tells him that his options are limited. Luke sneers that he isn’t surprised he kept a room. Is he expecting another make out session or are they still pretending it never happened. Brian tells him that the alcohol is making him see things that aren’t there. He was drunk, not unconscious, Luke snaps back. Brian reminds him there is no other safe place to go to sleep this off.

At Java, Alison and Casey walk in and get a table. Alison is glad Brian is with Luke. Casey thinks Luke acts like he hates him. She is just glad someone in his family is aware of how much trouble he is in. She will take him being mad at them if that means Luke remains alive. Casey thinks she is acting very self-righteous today. Alison seems taken aback – she could leave. Casey apologizes; he is just off today; his parents told him this morning that he has two weeks to find a job or find somewhere else to live. Alison feels badly about that since she talked him into telling his parents about getting kicked out of school. It is not her fault, Casey assures her. He just keeps ruining his life. She understands his pain, as she takes out some papers and shows him. Casey looks them over and shakes his head, as Alison tells him that she is officially divorced again.

Tom walks back in the interrogation room and asks Brad what is going on. Brad tells him that someone is doing this to him. Does he know who is setting him up, Tom asks. Brad explains at first they thought it was Spencer because he had rejected her, but she couldn’t have pulled this off alone. Someone is helping her, and he just wished he knew who it was.

At WOAK, Katie rushes in and goes straight for the computer. She signs on and hopes that the cyber stalker is online. She types to him about how he must know that Brad has been arrested; she wants to know why he had to do that. Was it to punish them when the body showed up in Brad’s locker. Brad could go to prison and she could lose him forever. She pleads with him to stop this. What does he want. She hits the send button and waits nervously for a response.

At home, Lucinda and Brian are sitting on the couch; she apologizes for snapping at him. She wouldn’t blame him if he wanted out because it is going to get worse before it gets better. He isn’t going anywhere; he is with her every step of the way. Is that why she is pushing him away – in hopes that he will leave. She just thought he seemed distracted. He can handle this because this is what he needs to do for her. He is going to run over to the hotel to pick up more stuff; he will be back, as he heads out. Lily walks over to Lucinda and hands her a cup of tea, but Lucinda is a bit upset; she knew it was too good to be true – Brian and the marriage, as Lily just stares at her.

Luke shows up and lets himself into Brian’s suite; he calls out to him to make sure he is alone. Once he knows he is, he walks into the room. He walks over to his briefcase and looks inside. He flips through some paperwork. He sees a letter with the name Carolyn Wheatley on it, as Luke wonders out loud who that is.

Alison tells Casey that she thinks she is toxic because all her relationships end in a blood bath. Casey takes her hand and tells her that is because she is with the wrong person. Alison pulls away and wonders angrily why he is always flirting with her. They are a terrible combination because both of them have made messes of their lives; that means they should not be with each other. Casey just stares at her.

Dani walks over to talk with Tom. She feels badly for Brad because they had to make up the story about Spencer. Tom wonders how hard she looked for her. She asks what he means by that because she didn’t leave any stone unturned. Tom just thinks that Brad and Katie were very sure. They are going to make themselves sound as believable as possible to keep Brad out of jail. Dani thinks that Tom needs to prepare for the fact that his client is guilty.

Katie is waiting for a response still from her IM. An intern from WOAK comes in and tells Katie that she has a car waiting for her outside and they won’t leave until they verify with her. A frustrated Katie tells the woman that she will take care of it.

Casey tells Alison that he actually wasn’t trying to make a move on her; he was just trying to help. Alison feels bad because he was obviously trying to lighten the mood and she acts like a jerk. She just doesn’t want to ruin their friendship, but she is sorry she freaked out. Casey agrees because he doesn’t want to lose her friendship either – plus she needs to help him find a job. They both smile.

Lucinda tells Lily that she doesn’t want to be around someone who feels she is a duty or to be pitied. Lily doesn’t think Brian feels that way at all; she did doubt his intentions, but after seeing him with her, any of that doubt has disappeared. Lucinda smiles; she is glad to hear this because she didn’t realize how badly she wants this to work out.

Luke puts down the papers telling himself it isn’t his business. He starts to walk away, but then he can’t help himself and goes back to read the letter. It tells Brian that she got his alimony, but next time he can send it to her accountant. Luke says to himself that that Brian was already married before. He hears the door, hides the paper and quickly lies down on the bed. Brian walks in quietly and Luke pretends to just be waking up; he acts like he was dozing. He should get going, but Brian tells him that he doesn’t have to leave, but Luke tells him that he should. He heads for the door, as Brian wonders if he needs to follow up at the hospital. Luke tells him that he is fine and thanks him before he heads out. Outside the door, Luke takes out the letter, looks at it and then puts it away.

Margo tells Brad that they are executing a search of his home and WOAK offices. Brad tells her that Katie won’t be happy. Margo tells her that she is not happy because he promised to take care of her sister. However, since she married him, it has been one disaster after another. First, there was Liberty the daughter he knew nothing about, and then it was the Leo Morrissey fiasco and now this Spencer murder. Brad tells her that he knows he has made some mistakes and not handled some things right, but this time he did nothing wrong. Margo tells him that this time they are going to leave it up to a jury, as she walks out.

Katie walks up to the limo, opens the door and gets in to talk with the driver. She tells them that she didn’t order a car, but she is met with the shock of her life – her brother, Craig instead. She looks shocked, as Craig casually says hi.

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