ATWT Update Tuesday 12/2/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/2/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne
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(Fairwinds) Meg cries when she sees Paul bleeding on the floor and screams for Dusty to call an ambulance. Dusty explains to Meg that he had to shoot Paul because Paul came after him with a hatchet after they struggled, and he was able to take Paulís gun away from him. Paul manages to tell Meg not to believe Dusty because he is lying, and then he passes out. Meg cries and tells Dusty that she wonít listen to him because her husband is dying and itís all his fault. Meg puts pressure on the wound to try and stop the bleeding. The paramedics arrive, and she explains Paulís condition to them.

(Carlyís house) When Jack stops by to talk to Sage, Carly tells him she isnít home. Carly is excited and tells him J.J. was accepted into the exclusive East Lake boarding school and was awarded a partial scholarship. Carly also tells Jack they need to pay $10,000 to make up the rest of the tuition. Jack doesnít think J.J. should be far away, but Carly explains that J.J. applied for the school himself, without telling anyone, and he really wants to go. Jack tells Carly he doesnít know how he will come up with the rest of the money for the tuition, but Carly explains that they can pay half now and the rest later. Jack gives Carly the check and tells her that is all the money he has right now. Sage arrives home, and Jack asks her if she wants to be a flower girl in the wedding, and she is thrilled to accept the invitation to be in the wedding. Once Jack leaves, Carly gets a sudden craving for an ice cream sundae and invites Sage to Alís Diner.

(Fashions) Janet and Liberty search for the perfect wedding dress, and Liberty finds the exact dress that Janet has a picture of in her dream-wedding book. Janet doesnít want to try the dress on at first, but Liberty persuades her. Janet looks beautiful in the dress but doesnít think itís appropriate to wear it because of her age. Jack arrives after Janet has changed out of the dress and persuades Janet to let him buy the dress for her. Jack looks at the price tag and thinks it says $500, but when he goes to the cash register, he is informed that the dress costs $5000, so he writes a check for the dress. Janet is thrilled and tells Jack that she loves him very much because he wants to make her dreams come true.

(Lakeview) Dusty arrives and tells Emily that she shot Paul because Paul came toward him with a hatchet. Dusty demands that Emily tell him where Josie went, and Emily tells him that all she knows is that Josie got in her car and drove away to get away from him. Dusty talks to the desk clerk, who tells him that Josie didnít leave a forwarding address. Dusty calls Josie and demands she meet him at Yoís to explain her actions.

(Hospital) Meg continues to cry as she tells Paul that he is going to be fine, and Paul whispers that he always tried to be a good husband to her. Meg leaves to sign the consent forms for Paulís surgery, and Emily arrives to visit Paul. Emily tells Paul that Dusty told her what happened at Fairwinds. Paul asks Emily to lie and tell Meg that Dusty shot him because he was angry that Paul hired Josie to remind him of Jennifer. Emily refuses to help Paul anymore and leaves the room because Meg arrives and wants to speak to Paul alone. Meg talks to Emily in the hallway after Paul is taken to surgery and cries because she fears Paul wonít be around for the birth of his little girl. Emily tries to calm Meg by reminding her that getting upset isnít good for the baby. Meg demands to know what happened between Dusty and Paul that caused Dusty to shoot Paul. Emily tells Meg that Dusty was angry that Paul advised him to stay away from Josie because she was a con artist. Emily tells Meg that Josie is to blame for what happened, not Paul or Dusty.

(Alís Diner) Carly offers to make Janetís wedding dress as well as the dresses for Sage and Liberty, but Janet turns down the kind invitation, saying that she and Liberty have already found dresses at Fashions. Janet asks Sage to go with her and Liberty to pick out her flower girl dress, and Sage excitedly goes to Fashions with them. Jack asks Carly to wait a week to send the check to the boarding school because he had to use the same amount of money to pay for Janetís wedding dress. Carly yells at Jack and tells him that the dress is too expensive and Janet will only wear it once. Jack tells Carly that Janet deserves to have her dream wedding since this is going to be her first and only wedding. Carly thinks that Jack should put his kids first and pay for J.J.ís tuition instead of a wedding dress for Janet. Janet arrives and tells Carly that Jack would die for his kids and she knows that, so she shouldnít talk to him that way. Jack explains to Janet that J.J. wants to go to boarding school and he has already promised Carly he would help her pay for it, but Carly doesnít think he will help with the money because of the wedding. Janet tells Jack that Sage found a dress and wants him to see it. Janet asks Carly what they were really fighting about, and Carly tells her that Jack spent J.J.ís tuition money to pay for her wedding dress. Janet tells Carly that she didnít know the dress was so expensive because she didnít even look at the price tag. Carly accuses Janet of taking advantage of Jack and forgetting that he is only a cop and canít afford expensive things. Janet tells Carly that she has never asked for a hand out and has always supported herself and Liberty. Janet tells Carly that she didnít ask Jack to buy her the dress and that he wanted to buy the dress because he loves her. Janet tells Carly to stop blaming all her problems on her and move on with her life.

(Yoís) Josie arrives and explains to Dusty that she needed some fast cash because she had a ton of student loans and so that is why she took the job with Paul. Josie tells Dusty that she gave Paul back the money and was about to leave town because she fell in love with him and didnít want to hurt him anymore. Dusty tells Josie that he could have fallen in love with her if she had told him the truth. Josie tells Dusty that she knew that he would hate her if he learned the truth about her, so she kept lying because she didnít want to lose him.

(Fashions) Jack asks the salesclerk to hold Sageís dress for a week when he will return to pay for it.

(Farm) Janet feels bad that the dress caused such problems and tells Jack that she understands that his children always come first, just as Liberty is a first priority for her. Janet tells jack she doesnít want J.J. to miss this opportunity because of her. Jack tells Janet not to worry because he will work everything out and she will have a beautiful wedding. Jack tells Janet not to pay attention to Carly because she is just jealous because she is marrying him.

(Carlyís house) Sage tells Carly that she didnít want Jack to marry Janet at first but she is glad she listened to her and gave Janet a chance because she is a nice person. Sage is also excited that she will have a big sister soon and thinks Liberty is very cool. Carly sends Sage upstairs to do her homework because she doesnít want to hear what a great person Janet is, although she tells Sage she is happy that she has accepted Janet.

(Hospital) Meg tells Paul that Emily told him what happened at Fairwinds and she will never forgive Dusty for almost killing him. Meg makes Paul promise not to scare him like that again. Paul promises on the life of their child not to do anything so stupid again, and they kiss.

(Yoís) Josie asks Dusty if he thinks they could have a second chance at their relationship. Dusty tells Josie it is too late for that because he shot Paul and will probably, at the very least, be held for questioning for a while because itís his word against Paul. Josie offers to help by telling the police about Paulís plan, but Dusty doesnít want her to end up in jail. Josie tells Paul she will do what she has to do to help him. Dusty asks Josie to leave town and never return, so Josie gives Dusty a kiss and agrees to go.  After a minute, Dusty follows her out the door.

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