ATWT Update Monday 12/1/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/1/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the Lakeview, Lily sees Lucinda with Brian; what is she doing there, Lily asks. She is moving in, as Lily expresses shock. She should be in bed resting, as Brian assures Lily that he is taking good care of her. Why isn’t she staying at her house, Lily wonders. It is under renovation so it can be comfortable for Brian too, and Brian doesn’t want her to be around all the noise, dust and construction. Lily is amazed and seems to be unsure, but Lucinda tells her that it is her decision, as Lily tells her ‘not in this life’.

At the farm, Luke is sneaking another beer when he suddenly has cramps in his side and doubles over. He looks at the beer and then decides to pour it down the drain.

At his room, Dusty wants to know what Emily knows about Josie. She just could smell a rat from the beginning. Josie knew too many things; it was clearly a ruse to send him on a wild goose chase. Why would she leave the sketch of Johnny. Emily claims that Josie knows about him from reading the papers; she won’t be the first to try to take him and she won’t be the last. Why would she leave town empty handed then. She knew soon he would be onto him and that she needed to cut her losses. Dusty still doesn’t believe this, as Emily reminds him that she scammed him so nothing she does makes sense. Dusty still can’t believe this, as he wonders sadly, why she would do this to him. Emily realizes that she didn’t just scam him –she hurt him.

At their house, Paul yells for Meg to come see his surprise. She laughs when she sees how large the Christmas tree is that he has brought in. She doesn’t think it is going to fit standing up, as he is excited to decorate the tree. He is going to get an axe so they can make it fit in the room. She didn’t know she married Paul Bunyon, Meg teases. He wants this to be her happiest Christmas ever, as he heads out.

Dusty tells Emily how he thought he would find his son with Josie's help. Is that the only reason he is sad. It was an awful trick, Emily answers. Maybe something good will come out of it though - he has to accept Jennifer is gone, he can’t recreate her and now he can move on. To what, Dusty wonders. This, as Emily kisses him deeply. Dusty kisses her but then pulls back. He needs to figure out what is going on with Josie. Just like that… just because she vaguely resembles her doesn’t mean she is Jennifer. When he was with Josie all he focused on was the past – with her, he can focus on the future. They agreed that they weren’t going to go back. Emily thinks they should rethink that because he wanted her when he came back to town. Dusty tells her that if Josie is in the picture or not, there is nothing that is going to go on between them.

Meg and Paul are fixing the tree. Meg thinks it is perfect – huge, but perfect. Do they have enough ornaments, Meg wonders. They could make their own like she did on the farm, Paul suggests, as Meg smiles widely. Paul wants her to open an early Christmas gift, as Meg opens a gift bag and takes out a white stocking with small crystals adorning it with the name Eliza embroidered on it. She thinks it is beautiful. Paul tells her that there are more, as she pulls out two more with their names on them; he got the whole family package. He can’t wait until Eliza puts up her stocking on her own. Everyday they are getting closer to that. He can’t wait to be a dad; he finally is starting to believe in himself. She thought this wasn’t possible a few months ago, but now she is a believer. She is so proud of him, as she hugs Paul who looks momentarily guilty.

At home, Luke comes in to see his dad. Holden thinks he looks sick. He hasn’t been sleeping well. Holden doesn’t want him to get too run down with the holidays fast approaching. He isn’t feeling Christmas this year. Holden knows he misses Noah. Luke changes the subject after he briefly admits to making one mistake after another. He is happy to see him and his mom so happy; what is their secret. Holden wonders if he is asking for advice. He is actually asking for a favor – can he move back home.

Lily tells Lucinda and Brian that she isn’t questioning her desire to redo her house, but the fact that they are going to be living in cramped quarters of a hotel room while she recuperates. She doesn’t know why they wouldn’t just stay with her, Holden, and the girls. Lucinda thinks that is out of the question. Brian doesn’t want them to go out of their way. She would love to have them. Lucinda tells her that she is renovating her life. They have tons of room and would be more comfortable. She would have her family around her. She could see the girls and Luke more often. Brian asks if Luke is still living at the farm. He is, but it is just a short walk away. Lucinda thinks it is tempting, but she wants to know what Brian thinks.

Holden tells Luke he is always welcome back at home. Is he sure, he wants to move back in with his parents though. Holden wonders if there are too many reminders of Noah at the farm. Yes, and he needs to get himself back together and he thinks he can do it here, Luke explains. Holden tells him to go get his stuff. Luke happily thanks him, as Holden looks a little concerned.

Brian wonders if it isn’t too much to ask of Lily. Lily wants them to come so they could celebrate the holidays and Lucinda could spoil her grandkids. Brian seems to be quiet, as Lucinda asks if he is ok with this. Brian takes a brief moment before he tells her that it is a good way to get to know her family better. Lucinda and Lily are thrilled.

Emily is angry at Dusty; she doesn’t know why she always lets him do this to her. He uses her when it is convenient for him and then he tosses her away like she has the plague. Dusty turns to face her and reminds her that they agreed to call things off. He let her believe there was something special between them; he even told her that he loved her once. Then he left her for Lily; was that a mistake too. He is sorry he hurt her. It always is that same statement. No one can compare to Jennifer and now he is casting her aside for fake Jennifer. She is never good enough for him. He got involved with Josie because she reminded him of Jennifer, but things now go much deeper. Emily is furious; is he saying that he is in love with her. She is a fake – she set him up and got paid for it, Emily snarls. Dusty realizes what she just said as she glares at her. Someone paid her to remind him of Jennifer, Dusty asks. Emily stutters; she was taking a wild guess. What does it matter anyway because she is gone. Why is she so sure. Does she know something about Josie; is she saying this to try to get his attention. She doesn’t have to take this, as she starts to walk by him. Dusty grabs her, tosses her down on the bed, and jumps on top of her to hold her down. He yells in her face that she is not going anywhere until she tells him everything she knows about Josie, as a scared Emily looks up at him.

Holden is cleaning the fireplace when Luke comes back in with his stuff. He just got the essentials. Holden hopes he has his basketball so they could shoot some hoops. Luke takes out the ball and tosses it at Holden. Luke admits that he thought he would feel like a loser moving back home, but it feels good. Luke is going to unpack and then they can play a game. Lily walks in and tells Holden that she has news. He has news too. Lily tells him that she invited Lucinda and Brian to move in; she hopes he doesn’t mind because they are renovating her mom’s house. He understands and is fine with that, but he has news of his own. He invited someone to move in as well. Luke walks out with his basketball. He moved back in, as Lily is thrilled to have a full house. There is a knock and Lucinda and Brian walk in with their bags, as Lily tells them that their household is about to get larger, as everyone smiles but Luke, who drops his basketball to the floor. Brian looks uncomfortable.

Dusty yells for Emily to tell him everything about Josie. She wants him to get off because he is hurting her. Tell him, Dusty snaps. Why should she help him since he doesn’t want her anymore; why should she help him. If they were right for one another, she wouldn’t have to ask. Dusty gets off of her, as Emily starts to cry. She doesn’t owe him anything now. Did she hire Josie because she felt rejected. He shouldn’t flatter himself. It was an inside job; who would have intimate details about him and Jennifer, Dusty tries to figure out. Suddenly, Dusty realizes it was Paul.

Paul and Meg joke about how Eliza will be a toddler before they are done threading popcorn. Paul tells her that their daughter will have the two most essential things – a perfect mom and a dad who will give her whatever her heart desires, as they kiss. There is a waking dream - Meg is holding Eliza telling her that her daddy has a surprise for them, as they hear Paul ho, ho, hoing and saying Merry Xmas from in the hall. Paul appears wearing a Santa suit with a goodie bag. He has everything on her Christmas list. He hands Meg ballerina shoes for Eliza with dance lessons (until med school he jokes). He hands her a doctor’s kit, but inside is something for Meg – a heart pendant. Meg declares her love for him. They decide this will be the most perfect Christmas ever, as they kiss again.

Lucinda explains that Lily invited them to move into her home while hers is being renovated. She didn’t know he had moved back home when she accepted, but it is a plus. Luke tells them that it is going to be crowded so maybe he should move back to the farm. Lily tells him that there is plenty of room and Lucinda doesn’t want him to leave. Lily wants them all to spend Christmas together. Luke tries to hide his displeasure with this so he tells them that he is going to get some air. Lucinda looks unsure as to why he is acting like this, as does Lily. Lucinda wants Holden to show Brian to their room. Once they leave, Lucinda goes outside. Luke immediately wants her to know she looks beautiful. She is glad to hear that, but she is more concerned that clearly, he still has a problem with Brian – it is noticeable. She wants to know why.

Emily wants Dusty to let it go. Was it Paul’s idea to set him up with Josie. She doesn’t know. What does it matter though because she didn’t lead him on a wild goose chase or take him money – no harm done. When her son was missing, he didn’t stop until he got him back. She realizes that and will always be grateful. Dusty shakes his head – he is not getting away with this, as he grabs Emily by the arm and pulls her out of the room with him. Where is he going. He is going to teach Paul to never mess with him again, as he stomps off. Emily quickly takes out her phone.

Meg tells Paul that she is going to get more cranberries to string more together. After she walks out, Paul’s phone rings and it is Emily. He tells her that it isn’t a good time. She cuts him off to tell him that Dusty know he hired Josie. How would he know this. She swears that she doesn’t know. He thanks her for the heads up. What is he going to do, a nervous Emily asks. He will take care of it he says, as he hangs up. He goes to the safe and takes out a gun. When Meg comes back in the room, he hides it in a box of ornaments. He tells her that he doesn’t think they are ever going to be able to fill this tree with ornaments unless they buy a lot more of them. He thinks they should go shopping so they can have this done and lit by that night. Meg agrees and goes to get her coat. Paul pretends to remember that he has a conference call, as Meg offers to go by herself. He wants to make sure that it would not be too stressful on her. She laughs, as she tells him that shopping is not stressful. He kisses her and tells her to take her time. Paul goes to the box and takes out the gun.

Luke tells Lucinda that living together this closely would not be the best thing for any of them. Lucinda figures it has to do with whatever is wrong between him and Brian. Luke nods. She realizes that Brian got off on the wrong foot with him, but can’t he give Brian another chance… for her sake because she needs him in her life. He knows that. Brian has his best interest at heart. Is she sure. He went through all of this with her; she is sure of his intentions. Then it shouldn’t matter what he thinks. But it does; can they try to enjoy this holiday as a family. Of course, he can. Lucinda is thrilled and hugs him; she thinks by this time next year, he and Brian will be onto a whole new level, as Luke grimaces.

Inside, Lily is talking with Brian; she knows that he is having trouble with Luke, but she is hoping that he can encourage Luke to spend more time with the Foundation; she hopes that will be what he needs to get him back on track. Brain isn’t so sure. Lily knows he is exactly what Luke needs to get his life back on track. Lucinda, who has just walked in, agrees also. Lucinda wants Brian to take him under his wing. Holden wonders where Luke went. He went for a walk because he has an awful lot on his mind and if anyone can persuade Luke, he can Lucinda tells them, as Brian smiles with a slight discomfort.

At Java, Noah sees Luke come in and wonders what is going on. Luke is hoping they could talk. Sure; what is wrong. He has been carrying this around and he needs to talk to someone he trusts. No matter what happens between them, they will always be friends, Noah answers. Brian and Lucinda married out of the blue. They seem happy, Noah thinks even if it was sudden. Lucinda doesn’t know about the real Brian and that is why she thinks he makes her happy. Noah doesn’t understand. Brian came onto him the night before he and Lucinda got married. Noah looks stunned. Luke tells him that he tried to deny it, ignore and explain it away, but then he decided to move back home and then he finds out that Lucinda and Brian will be moving in temporarily too. They want to be one big happy family and he doesn’t know what to do. Noah is in shock – Brian came onto him – the homophobe who married Lucinda and was married before, Noah repeats. Noah wonders if he is sure that Brian came onto him, as Luke wonders if Noah thinks he made it up.

Paul is standing in his living room, calmly when he hears Dusty raising his voice to the maid about how he doesn’t care how busy Paul is because he isn’t leaving. Paul puts the gun in his pocket, as Dusty pushes his way into the living room and confronts Paul about hiring Josie; he was on his way to Norway to find his son. He obviously wanted him to leave town; what is he afraid of – that he would go after Meg. They do have a track record. That was when she wasn’t married. He would never try to seduce a married woman – what would Holden have to say about that, Paul sarcastically answers. He doesn’t deserve Meg because he said he had changed; he isn’t man enough for her. Paul wants him out of his house, but Dusty tells him that he isn’t done. Paul smirks, as he walks to go get a drink. He did hire Josie; what is he going to do about it. How did he find her. Paul wonders sarcastically how he might find a red headed artist, with a minor in drama, who is hard up for cash. He paid her to lose her memory and have flashes about his wife, Dusty wonders. He knows where his soft spots are; he knows where to hit him. His father was right because he doesn’t know how to hold onto his woman. He did all this to keep him away from Meg. He will never let him get his dirty paws on Meg again. Dusty smirks now; he had zero interest in taking Meg away from him, but now he thinks it sounds like a good idea, as Paul snarls.

Noah hands Luke a coffee – he hopes this will help him calm down. Does he really think he made this up or he is losing his mind. No, but he wonders if he misinterpreted what happened. It is not hard to misinterpret a kiss on the lips. Noah is surprised - he kissed him on the lips. He was too freaked out to know what to do until it was too late. Did he try to explain. He tried to say it was a gesture of sympathy and that he comes from a touchy feely family. Noah wonders if that might be the case. He knows the difference between a friendly pat on the back and a making out. He does – usually – when he isn’t drunk, Noah answers. Luke wonders if Noah thinks it is his fault.

Brian and Lucinda are sitting on the couch talking – he wonders if she thinks she got through to Luke. It is possible, but he was hostile. Did something else happen between them, she wonders. Not that he can think of, but he will keep trying to get through to him. She thinks if anyone can get through, it is him.

Noah is trying to explain to Luke that he simply meant that his perception was off. It was a kiss on the lips and he didn’t initiate it. Noah tries some more about the possibility that Brian got to close in his personal space, as Luke cuts him off. He is not misinterpreting this kiss no matter how he tries to spin it; this is about his grandmother’s new husband trying to go to bed with him, an annoyed Luke states. Noah is stunned again – he said that to him. No, he didn’t have to, but he could tell – just like he can with him now, as he gets up, shoves the chair back frustrated and walks out.

Downtown, Meg is carrying a shopping bag, but she seems to be having some discomfort so she sits down. Emily comes upon her and worries that she is ok. Meg explains that she was shopping and she thinks she overdid it. Emily tells her whatever happens with this situation, she had nothing to do with it. Meg doesn’t understand, as Emily tells her that even though she and Paul don’t get along, she knows that she is a good person and she is sorry if she is the one who gets hurt. After Emily leaves, Meg looks concerned so she grabs her bag and leaves too.

Dusty tells Paul that Meg deserves better then him. Paul wants him to stay away from her; he better not say a word to her. Meg thinks he cleaned up his act – what is she going to do when she finds out. She is never going to believe his word over him, Paul growls. She gave him more second chances then he deserves. She came back to him. Because she is having his baby and wants a strong father figure for her baby – too bad she is stuck with him. Meg wants to be with him. When he tells Meg how low he went, she will never trust him again. He will never get the chance, as Paul pulls out the gun and points it at Paul, as Dusty looks slightly alarmed. Dusty asks if he is going to shoot him again. He will not let Meg be taken away from him. Last time he killed his dad and didn’t even get his money. Paul says nothing. If he does this, then Meg will never forgive him. He will take his chances, as Paul cocks the gun. Dusty grabs the gun and they struggle.

Luke comes home and is looking for anyone to see if he is alone. He doesn’t see anyone so he grabs a bottle of booze and takes a drink. Brian comes in and tells him that he shouldn’t be doing that. He doesn’t care what he thinks. He wants him to stay away from him; he can't live here with him coming onto him all the time. That is not what is happening and he may be the only person who can help him.

At Java, Holden and Lily talk about Luke moving back home – they wonder if it is a good sign. Lily realizes a lot of his problems this past year, he brought on himself, but they didn’t help with their problems adding onto things; he had to grow up fast. Holden wishes they could have been there for him more. Lily thinks they can make up for it now. She thinks they can put their problems behind them, focus on their family and helping their son.

Brian walks toward Luke, who is putting the bottle away. He is glad that he is doing that. Luke tells him to stay away, as Brian tells him he has been discreet and told no one about his drinking. Luke sarcastically thanks him for that. However, he won’t sit by and let him self-destruct – he has to let him help. Luke tells him that he is far too much of the problem to be any part of the solution. He is not out to seduce him; he is married to his grandmother and is committed to her. She needs all the love and support she can get now and he intends to do that for her. Luke heads for the door, as he tells him good luck with that. Lucinda needs him to support the choices she made, Brian tells him. Even though he is the only person who knows what a huge mistake, she made Luke snaps back. What would she say if she found out the truth about the ‘super stud’ she married. Sarcasm is beneath him, Brian says. He is living a double life, which is apparently not beneath him though Luke shoots back. He is not lying about who he is or about a disease that could kill him. Luke doesn’t want to waste any more of his time talking to him or being around him. Brian grabs his arm and Luke snarls for him never to touch him again, as he stomps off.

Paul and Dusty struggle for the gun and Dusty ends up with it. He holds it on Paul, as Paul reaches for an ax by the Christmas tree. Dusty wants him to drop it. Paul starts to put down the ax, as Dusty seems to lower his gun, but then puts Paul pulls it back up and heads at Dusty, who shoots the gun at Paul. Paul falls to the ground with a wound to his chest, as Meg walks in seeing this. She drops her bag to the ground and races to Paul’s side, as he lies on the ground injured. Meg looks up at Dusty and snarls about what he has done, as Dusty stares at her saying nothing.

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