ATWT Update Wednesday 11/26/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/26/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At the station, Katie talks to Brad about how worried she is that the person who is IM’ing them will retaliate against him; Brad is getting tired of letting this person run their lives. They see Dani and ask to see Henry, but she tells them that Vienna is already in there visiting Henry on his lap. They would like to see him too, but Dani tells them that this isn’t a cocktail party. They plead with her to see this for what it is – a set up and that Henry is not guilty.

In the interrogation room, Vienna is sitting on Henry’s lap; she knows that he is not guilty. He is glad she believes him. It is her faith in him that gets him through the night, as they kiss. Dani interrupts and tells him that he has more company. Brad and Katie walk in, as an agitated Vienna demands to know what they are doing to free Henry because he is being forced to eat prison food and to sleep on a cot next to a toilet.

At his office, Dusty is on the phone requesting the jet take him to Oslo. He will let them know how many people are coming soon. Emily walks in and Dusty tells her that he is going out of town. Where, she asks. Oslo – he has a lead on Johnny. Emily is happy to hear that and thinks maybe she can accompany him. Does she have contacts there. No, but she worries if it will be another disappointment. He has handled many before. He doesn’t have to do that alone – take someone for moral support. He intends to. She will go clear her schedule, as starts to leave. He stops her; he is going to call Josie. Emily stares at him in disbelief.

In an alley, Josie meets with Paul. He is late, she tells him. He was with his wife and couldn’t just waltz off. Does he have her money, she asks. She will get her money when she finishes a job. Dusty is going to Oslo because of what she told him. She thinks what he is doing is terrible though. He is trying to steal his wife, Paul counters. She tells him that Dusty says they are only friends. He doesn’t believe it. She thinks he should focus more on keeping his wife happy then on Dusty. He didn’t hire her for marriage guidance. He hired her to get Dusty out of town. He is so she wants to get her money. Paul tells her that he wants her to go with him.

Emily wonders how Dusty could take Josie; he doesn’t even know her. How can he trust her. The amnesia is probably a con as well as the voices of Jennifer and vague resemblance to her. He doesn’t care about that; he believes there is something. She made all these vague comments and hooked him in and she didn’t even have to sleep with him, as Dusty says nothing. Emily realizes that Dusty has slept with her and is furious – he is an idiot, she declares. She asks if he is in love with her, as Dusty says nothing.

Josie wants to say goodbye here to Dusty. He wants Dusty to stay away from Oakdale forever. He is following her wherever she tells him to go. This is not fair what he is doing to him, Josie snaps. He thinks it is a no lose situation for her; she gets to spend a lot of time with a man she says she loves. How does she know he won’t string her along forever. He is decent guy; he will give half the money now and the rest when Dusty is locked in on a vision quest. What if she says no. He is not someone she wants to disappoint, Paul answers coldly.

Downtown, Dusty finds Josie, who is looking at the money. When he approaches, she hides it. When does he leave. Right now and he wants her to come too; she helped find his son possibly. His PI found him possibly, Josie says. He trusts her intuition. Her intuition is telling her that this is a bad idea. His son is 4,000 miles away – with her, they can find him faster. She hasn’t had any feelings about him anymore. She knew he was there first. She was wrong about going to Tampa though. It wasn’t because of her. It felt strange. She thinks the connection he felt wasn’t real and she wanted to feel connected to someone and that is why it happened. He is trying to find his son, as he asks her to go again. She can’t make the visions just come. He just wants her to be with him. She thinks Dusty knows Johnny better so he should trust his intuition over hers. He just doesn’t want to go anywhere without her. Josie is moved, as they hug.

At her office, Paul wonders why Emily summoned him. She tells him about Dusty going to Oslo on a lead about Johnny. He is happy for him because he knows what it is like to lose a child. Emily laughs, as she doesn’t believe he cares since they both know what Paul did to keep Johnny away from Jennifer and Dusty. He is a different person now. He wonders why she thinks he cares about Dusty’s travel plans. He is taking ‘fake Jennifer’. He is glad because he wants them both out of Oakdale. That is all he has to say. Should he send them earmuffs. She wants him to leave. She thought he would want to expose her before she leaves; she thought he would want to do that for his mother. His mother didn’t hire Josie because she believes any of her psychic mumble-jumble; she hired her because she can design pretty well. It all works out for him then, as she sits down sadly. Paul apologizes for this bothering her. Like he cares, Emily sniffs. He does.

Henry doesn’t want Vienna to blame Brad and Katie. Katie is sorry that he is in this mess. Henry reminds them that they are their best friends and she knows that they always help one another. Vienna wants to know what they are doing to get Henry out of this. They will think of something. That is not reassuring. They know that Spencer is alive and in Chicago; Brad saw her. She is starting to wonder if Brad cares enough to get Henry out of jail. Brad and Henry don’t think it is fair. Vienna is raising her voice more - she thinks Henry is in this mess because Brad saw a ghost – if she is alive, Brad needs to go find her, she demands. Katie tells them that they can’t because they were warned not to. Vienna is mad because they aren’t going to give him bail. Dani comes in and wants them to keep it down. Vienna tells them that Brad and Katie are leaving. Vienna yells after them to bring back Spencer.

At Java, Brad and Katie talk about what they can do. Katie is upset because Vienna is so angry with them. Brad thinks they need to find Spencer. Katie is terrified because of the messages. Brad wants the person to come after him then because if they don’t do something, they will put Henry away for a long time. Katie thinks there must be another option. There isn’t. He is going to Chicago to find Spencer right now – he wants her to come. Katie tells him that he isn’t going alone.

At his room, Dusty tells Josie he wants to be with her. She is worried she will disappoint him. Dusty admits that he used to think if he found Johnny, he could bring Jennifer back. That is romantic, Josie admits. He understands now that it isn’t going to happen. When they made love, Jennifer wasn’t there and it was fine because he wants to be with her. He wants them to find Johnny together. It is the first time he would see him in years, and he should be alone with him. He will need a lot of love when he comes back here. He is coming back here, a surprised Josie asks. A lot of people here would want to see him like Jennifer’s brother and people like that. She doesn’t know if she can spend all her days waiting for him to feel something. He hasn’t wanted a relationship with anyone since Jennifer. He wonders if she is even sure about him since she seems to be fighting this. She has been sure about him since day one, Josie says with a smile. They kiss, as they fall into one another’s arms.

Paul tells Emily that he wants Dusty gone for good, but he is sorry she is getting hurt. He didn’t do this. He knows what it is like to lose someone he loves though. He does not want her to give up on love because one day a guy will come along and she will have hit the jackpot. Emily smiles; it is times like this that makes her think he really has changed.

In Chicago, Brad and Katie walk aimlessly. They don’t know if Spencer will come back to this area or if she is even from around there. How will they find her again, they worry. They should check into some stores nearby to see if she has been around. Katie worries about the guy IM’ing them again. He probably knows what they are doing, but Brad promises that he won't let anything happen. Brad and Katie stop a delivery guy and ask if he knows her, as they show him a photo of Spencer. Yes, he delivers to her all the time. Brad and Katie are thrilled, but when they ask for her information, the man is unsure. Katie tells him that they are cousins and she and Brad came from Nebraska and left her address elsewhere. Brad takes out some money and suddenly the man is telling them exactly where she lives.

Henry thinks Vienna should leave because he doesn’t want her depressed by her surroundings. She isn’t going anywhere because she misses him so much. They kiss desperately. She misses him in her bed, as she recalls how many hours it has been since they have been intimate. He wishes there was something he could do. Vienna looks at him seductively; there is something he could do, as she eyes the handcuffs he is sporting – they have accessories, she reminds him coyly. She closes the blinds and tells him that it is exciting.

Brad and Katie approach the building and wonder if they should wait, but Brad wants to go in the there guns blazing. They suddenly see Spencer walk into her apartment; they are thrilled that it really is her and she is alone, as they race for her door. They go to her apartment and try the door, but it is locked. Katie thinks they should call the cops. Brad thinks that they will laugh at them since she is essentially a dead person living there. Katie thinks they should knock and when she opens they can make a citizens arrest. They agree and knock but no one answers. Brad finally kicks in the door. There is no one there, as they look around and Brad looks out the open window by the fire escape. They can’t believe she gave them the slip. They look around for anything that would tie something to Spencer. Katie picks up a piece of clothing finally and remembers that Spencer wore it the first day she was on the show. Brad takes out his phone; he is calling Oakdale PD because they have two witnesses and physical evidence that they would have on tape; that will be enough to prove she is alive. Dani answers; Brad wonders how fast she can get to Chicago. Spencer is alive, he declares. That is impossible. He wants her to get there and she can see for herself. Dani wants the address. Vienna and Henry are making out when Dani interrupts and tells them that their friends may be onto something; she is going to Chicago. She even agrees to let Vienna and Henry stay together in the interrogation room while she is gone.

Dusty and Josie are getting dressed and kissing; she wants to know when they are leaving. She can’t be anywhere else but with him. He is happy, but he has calls to make first. He will meet her at the airport. After he leaves, Josie calls Paul; she needs to see him. He is at home. She is going to Oslo, but she is not getting on the plane until they talk.

At Yo’s, Emily is drinking when the bartender notices she looks like she is having a bad day. She is all set with talk and alcohol, as she tosses down money on the bar and leaves. She heads outside and starts to walk but ducks out of the way when suddenly she sees that Josie is telling Paul she can’t do it. Dusty took the bait. She wants him to take the money so she can get out of there. Not until she finishes the job that he brought her there to do. A stunned Emily listens nearby from around the corner. She convinced Dusty to go to Oslo, as she holds out the money. He will follow Johnny’s trail with or without her. Paul tells her that he will share a cab to the airport with her. She isn't going. He will go alone and tell Dusty all about their working relationship then. Why would he do that. To kill any fairytale of her and Dusty living happily ever after. Her phone rings and Paul wants her to tell Dusty she is on her way. She lies and tells him that it isn’t him. Emily continues to listen.

On the plane, Dusty waits for Josie. Dusty leaves Josie a message wondering where she is and telling her about a storm heading to Oslo and if they don’t go now then they won’t be able to go for another few days; he hopes she is on her way, as he hangs up. Dusty takes another few gulps of his drink and then calls Josie again. It goes to voice mail again; he tells her that he figures she isn’t answering because she has decided not to go; he would try to find her to convince her to come with him, but he doesn’t have too much time and he can’t afford to squander this lead, as he hangs up. He gets on the phone and tells the pilot to leave. Dusty’s phone rings and he assumes it is Josie and wonders where she is. The guy on the other end tells him that he is in his office. The PI goes onto tell him that he rechecked his sources and found out the lead in Oslo is a fake; there was a payoff. Dusty frowns and hangs up. He tells the pilot that there is a change of plans; he tells the pilot that he is still going to Oslo, but he is staying here in Oakdale.

Brad and Katie are rummaging through Spencer’s stuff when Dani comes in. She wonders what they found. They found Spencer; they have both seen her and these are her clothes. They think when the knocked she escaped out the fire escape. How did they get in there then. They thought she was hiding inside. So, they add breaking and entering to their list of crimes, Dani surmises. Katie wants to know what it matters in the end because Spencer is alive and it was a set up. Dani tells them that finding Spencer’s clothes in an empty apartment doesn’t prove anything. There are people that have seen her. This girl went to a lot of trouble to set him up. They need to find the delivery guy. Dani tells them that she will go talk to him, but she wants them to go back to Oakdale. Katie agrees, but asks Dani to keep this to herself. How can she conduct an investigation without telling her superiors. Katie explains she thinks someone at the police station might be involved in this because every time they get close, they get a threatening IM. She would be risking her job, Dani tells her. Can she keep it unofficial as long as she can, Katie wonders. She will have to talk to someone as soon as she feels she has to. They will owe her. After they leave, Dani picks up Spencer’s shirt and talk to herself about what a ‘damn fool’ she is.

While still hidden, Emily continues to listen and watch Paul and Josie. Paul is on the phone finding out that the Worldwide jet took off for Oslo and Josie hangs up and says that Dusty left her a message telling her that he might be snowed in for a while because of a big storm; he should be happy that he got what he wanted. He didn’t because he wanted her on the jet with Dusty. How will he know if he won’t continue to follow a lead without her there to lie to him. He left without her, which means he wants to find his son more then be with her. Paul hands her back her half of the money. She doesn’t want it. She earned it and plus that way he can be sure that she gets in a car and drives far away and never comes back. Josie smirks; she will never see him again. Josie tells him to keep it and put some flowers on his sister’s grave. Josie leaves and Emily stomps over to Paul calling him a liar, as he hides the wad of cash and tries to look innocent. He being a changed man is a joke; he lied to her, Meg and his mother. All the sympathy he had for Dusty was bull. He doesn’t know what she saw. She saw him talking to Josie and he was offering her the money. Paul acts innocent. He was the one that fed the information to Josie about Jennifer and make it seem as if there was a connection to Jennifer, Emily realizes. He doesn’t know what she is talking about; that is too far fetched for him to have thought of. He was trying to give her money. She did design work for him. Emily can’t believe him. He fed Meg a line and got her to believe what a changed man he is. Paul tells her that he is a changed man. If he were she, he wouldn’t share this fantasy with everyone. Is he threatening her. He will protect his wife and child from anyone so he will do what he has to do.

Vienna and Henry are kissing when her phone rings. It is Katie telling her that hey saw Spencer and she is alive. Vienna is thrilled thinking they caught her. Katie has to tell her that they didn’t exactly catch her yet. Where is she. She got away. At least they know she is alive. Dani is on it. Margo, the FBI and the National Guard should be involved, Henry adds. They hang up and Katie is sure that Dani will find Spencer. Brad hugs Katie; they just want be able to get on with their lives.

Inside the apartment, Dani is on the phone with someone telling them that both of them have seen her now. She doesn’t know where she is, but her cover is blown. They are getting closer and she thinks they should pull the plug. She shakes her head in agreement; she agrees she has to die.

At home, Paul is calling to Meg, as he lugs in a Christmas tree; he has something to show her. No one answers. Paul continues to call out to her, as he looks at the Christmas tree; he tells himself that it is going to be a fabulous Christmas.

At the Lakeview, Emily sees Dusty get on an elevator and wonders out loud why he isn’t halfway to Norway. Dusty walks into his room and sees a drawing of Johnny that Josie made on the bed; he picks it up, stares at it and then tosses it down angrily. Emily walks in after; she thought he was going to Norway. He is looking for Josie. She hasn’t seen her, but she thought they were supposed to go together. She didn’t show up at the airport, and she isn’t answering her phone and she is nowhere to be found. Why would she say she is going and then not go, Emily asks. He thinks because she is a fake. Why would he say that. A worked up Dusty tells her that isn’t it obvious. Emily realizes he cares about her. Yes, Dusty answers. What is he going to do. He is going to find her.

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