ATWT Update Tuesday 11/25/08

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/25/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Farm) Emma gets a call from Iva who tells her she is sick and is unable to come for Thanksgiving. Emma and Janet keep bumping into each other in the kitchen so Emma decides they have to find some way for both of them to use the kitchen or thy will drive each other crazy. Emma also advises Janet to take things slowly with Sage and not push her so that Sage can accept her.

(Carly’s house) Jack arrives to pick up Sage and take her to the farm but Carly doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Sage to go to the far. Carly thinks Jack is pushing Sage to accept Janet and that is something that Sage isn’t ready to do yet. Jack tells Carly that he and Janet are going to be married soon and she and Sage need to learn to accept the marriage. Carly wonders why Jack is still mad at her and apologizes once again for everything that happened with the almost custody case. Jack tells Carly he has accepted her apology and he isn’t mad at her just at the situation because he wants Sage to accept Janet and even like her a little bit. Sage comes downstairs and Carly asks her to try and give Janet a chance since Jack is going to marry her. Sage is sad that Carly isn’t going to be with her for thanksgiving but Carly tells Sage not to worry because she can tell her about all the fun she had at the farm when she returns home.

(Farm) Luke wonders where Lily, Faith, and Natalie are and Holden explains they went to the hospital to visit Lucinda since they have been worried about her. Holden tells Luke that he told the girls about Lucinda marrying Brian and they are excited to have a new step-grandfather. Luke tells Holden not to call Brian that and Holden wonders why that bothers him so much. Holden thinks that Luke is still upset that he was expelled from school but he asks Luke to be happy for Lucinda because she is happy with Brian. Luke yells at Holden that he knows that he and Lily are still disappointed with him because he got expelled from school but he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

(Lakeview) Paul reminds Josie that she was hired to make Dusty want to leave town permanently so that he would stay away from Meg. Josie tells Paul she doesn’t feel right about playing with Dusty’s mind by reminding him of Jennifer. Paul warns Josie that she had better do her job or she will regret it. Josie tells Paul that Dusty doesn’t want to leave town and his plan hasn’t been very effective. Josie tells Paul that the trip to Tampa failed because Dusty realized that she wasn’t the reincarnation of Jennifer.

(Farm) Meg arrives and brings the bottles of elderberry wine with her, which Holden puts into a cooler. Luke looks at the bottles because he feels like taking a drink. Meg and Holden go inside to help with dinner preparations and Luke takes another look at the cooler and once again thinks about taking a drink.

(Java) Noah asks Dusty what his plans are for thanksgiving and he smiles and tells Noah he is having dinner with a friend. Holden arrives as Dusty is on his way out and they wish each other an awkward happy thanksgiving. Holden invites Noah for thanksgiving at the farm because Luke has been sad and seems lost without him. Noah agrees to think about coming to the farm for dinner but he doesn’t promise he will be there.

(Farm) Jack and Sage arrive and Janet tells Sage that she is happy she could come and have thanksgiving dinner with them. Jack asks Sage to apologize to Janet but Janet tells Sage to go inside because he cousins have been waiting on her. Janet explains to Jack that she doesn’t want him to force Sage to apologize to her because it won’t mean anything unless Sage really wants to apologize to her. Jack gives Janet a kiss and thanks her for being so patient and understanding with Sage. Jack goes inside the house and wonders where he should leave the beer Luke takes it and hides as he pours a bottle into a coffee cup and then goes back inside the house.

(Lakeview) Paul wonders why Josie has had such a sudden change of heart and developed a conscience when it comes to Dusty. Josie admits to Paul that she has fallen in love with Dusty and can’t stand to hurt him by reminding him of Jennifer. Josie is offended when Paul laughs at her and tells him that she is serious about being in love with Dusty. Paul reminds Josie that Dusty is only spending time with her because he thinks she has a connection to Jennifer. Paul also reminds Josie that her connection to Jennifer would not be possible without the details he has provided to her about Jennifer and Dusty’s relationship. Josie considers telling Dusty the truth about herself and the plan but Paul tells her that if she tells Dusty the truth he will hate her forever. Paul tells Dusty about the next part of the plan and Josie reluctantly goes along with Paul because she wants to continue to spend time with Dusty.

(Farm) The crowd is surprised to see Lucinda and Brian arrive for dinner but Brian explains that Lucinda wanted to spend thanksgiving with her family. Lucinda asks Luke to give her a hug so he does as she asks and says a very cheerful and loud hello to Brian. Seth and Ellie call to wish their family a happy thanksgiving. Luke goes onto the porch and pours another beer into his coffee cup just as Noah arrives for dinner. Luke smiles and is very happy to see him until Noah tells him that he only came because Holden invited him. Noah tells Luke that Holden and Lily are very worried about him and they would be even more worried if they knew he was drinking again. Brian opens a jar for Emma and Luke claps for him and says that must have made him feel very manly. Faith asks Holden what is wrong with Sage because she doesn’t want to play with them and she looks very sad. Lily tells Faith not to worry about Sage and just let her watch TV. Faith goes back outside and Lily tells Holden that Sage is sad because she wanted to spend thanksgiving with Carly and Jack. Janet overhears the conversation and rushes out to invite Carly to thanksgiving dinner. Meg goes out to the porch to get the wine and is surprised with flowers from Paul. Meg smiles and gives Paul a kiss as she tells him she forgives him for being late.

(Carly’s house) Janet arrives to invite Carly to thanksgiving dinner at the farm but Carly tells Janet what she is thankful for is that she doesn’t have to spend thanksgiving with her. Carly also tells Janet to get off her porch but Janet explains that Sage is miserable because she isn’t with both her parents at thanksgiving. Janet asks Carly if they can try to get along for Sage’s sake. Janet even tells Carly that she once thought they could be friends but Carly still doesn’t want to go with her. Janet tells Carly she has two choices she can either go with her to the farm or they can stay and have thanksgiving together because she isn’t leaving without her.

(Farm) Lily congratulates Jack on his engagement to Janet and wonders how Carly is handling the news. Jack admits that Carly isn’t handling it well but he is confident she will accept it. Jack tells Lily he is looking for Janet but he has a feeling that Janet went to talk to Carly. Holden gets a call from Abigail to wish him a happy thanksgiving.

Holden finishes his phone call and then brings in the Hubbard squash. The men in the room each take a turn cutting the squash, which Holden thinks is bigger and heavier this year. Luke wonders if Brian can do this since it is an activity for a real man. Janet and Carly arrive for dinner and a happy Sage runs to Carly to give her a hug. Jack thanks Janet for inviting Carly and then he gives Janet a kiss for her kindness to Carly and Sage. The beautiful turkey is put on the dinner table and Paul and Meg announce they are having a little girl and they have decided to name her Eliza. Jack and Janet announce they are getting married on New Year’s Eve and Emma cries because she is very happy. Emma asks everyone to hold hands and she says grace and the crowd eats a wonderful meal. Lily and Carly clean up after dinner and Lily wonders if Carly is okay about Jack. Carly admits that she is sad because Jack helped her with Parker’s birth on New Year’s Eve and now that day won’t be special between them anymore. Carly tells Lily that she has accepted that Jack is going to marry Janet.

Sage asks Janet if she invited Carly for thanksgiving and Janet nods her head and Sage thanks her for being so nice and apologizes to her for lying and saying she hit her. Janet accepts the apology and smiles at Sage. Jack gives Sage a hug and tells her she is a good girl. Carly has a sad smile on her face as she watches the scene from the kitchen.

Luke thanks Noah for coming and Noah wonders why Luke is being so mean to Brian. Luke tells Noah he doesn’t want to know but if he wants to know he should ask Brian the question. Brian interrupts and tells Luke Lucinda wants to say good-bye to him. Noah tells Luke a quick good-bye and leaves, which makes Luke even angrier at Brian. Brian tells Luke he should do something about his breath because if anybody gets close to him they will be able to tell he has been drinking. Brian wonders why Luke is so mad at him because he thought things were good between them since he helped him the day he had a hangover. Luke tells Brian he has got to be kidding and shouts for Brian not to touch him as he heads inside the house. Luke whispers to Brian not to tell anyone he is drinking again because he will lose a lot more if he decides to tell Lucinda what happened between them. .

(Lakeview) Josie feels a burning sensation then she tells Dusty she feels Johnny’s presence and he is scared and cold. A few minutes later Dusty gets a call from his private detective who tells him he has a lead on Lucy and Johnny.

(Fairwinds) Meg and Paul are in bed talking and Meg is happy beca8se they had a normal day with her family. Paul tells Meg that he loves her and would do anything for her. Paul also promises that if she wants normal that is what he will give her. Meg goes to the bathroom to run a bubble bath for two and Paul calls someone and asks the person on the other end of the phone if Dusty took the bait.

(Carly’s house) Carly thanks Janet and Jack for the ride home and Sage gives Jack a hug before Janet and Jack leave.

(Lakeview) Dusty tells Josie that Lucy and Johnny have been spotted in Norway so her premonition about Johnny was right. Dusty tells Josie that he doesn’t understand her connection to Jennifer but he is happy that he met her. Dusty is so happy that he kisses Josie and then they make love.

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