ATWT Update Monday 11/24/08

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/24/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

At Java, Alison and Casey talk about him getting a job and then he teases her about not crossing the friend line again; they both laugh about it. Casey wonders if Java would hire him – free muffins for life, he jokes. She asks how it went with his parents telling them that he got expelled. He hasn’t told them yet, and now it is Thanksgiving. Alison reminds him that it will be Christmas soon. He doesn’t want to ruin their holiday; they are excited Daniel is coming home too.

At home, Tom brings home Daniel. Daniel hugs Margo and tells her that he thinks it smells good, as they joke about getting Chinese or delivering a Turkey from the Lakeview if her turkey falls through. Tom wonders where Casey is. She doesn’t know, but she is sure he will be here. They are thrilled they only have to worry where he is in Oakdale now instead of at Statesville. They talk about him getting back to college; they think they should suggest a tutor. Tom talks about how Casey will be nothing without a degree.

Alison suggests to Casey that his parents will be upset no matter when or how he tells them; it is better that he get it over now and maybe they will be over it by Christmas. He bemoans how comforting that sounds. She thinks the longer he waits the more chance someone else will say something. Why does she care so much, Casey wonders. She knows about keeping secrets; they always come out at the worst possible time. He agrees to tell his parents if she comes with him.

In a Tampa hotel room, Josie awakens, as Dusty is getting dressed. He kisses her tenderly, but he seems as if he is bothered by something. He thinks they should get back to Oakdale. She thought this might happen; she was afraid that she would disappoint him.

Downtown, Emily sits next to Paul and tells him that Dusty took Josie to Tampa; they need to expose her. They tried and she made them look like idiots, Paul reminds her. Paul doesn’t want Josie to tell anyone that they are working together. Emily promises noone will ever know. Meg walks out of a store and asks what noone will know.

Dusty tells Josie that he isn’t disappointed. Why is he so quick to leave then, she asks. Was he expecting it to be like it was with Jennifer. Their similarities end in the bedroom apparently, she surmises. Why is she comparing herself to Jennifer, Dusty asks. She didn’t… until now. He shouldn’t have brought her there, Dusty explains. Coming here made her feel closer to him; it made her see that she is falling in love with him, Josie admits. Dusty tells her last night was intense; everything they did together before was because she reminded him of Jennifer. Until last night when she no longer reminds him of her. Then she wants him to let her be herself. She doesn’t know who she even is, Dusty reminds her with a smile. There is a very good chance she is attractive, funny and smart, Josie jokes. There is a very good chance, Dusty agrees. He may even end up liking her as much as Jennifer, Josie offers.

Paul wants to take Meg and leave, but Emily tells Meg that she is trying to convince Paul to help her with Josie. Meg turns to Paul; she thought he was done with this. Emily tells her that is why he won’t help her, but she can’t believe that he doesn’t care about his mother enough to help make sure Josie doesn’t hurt her. Meg tells Emily that his level of concern for his mother has nothing to do with the fact that he won’t get involved with her scheme. Tell that to Barbara when Josie cleans her out and she wonders why Paul didn’t help her out, Emily snaps back. Barbara would understand why her son wouldn’t want to team up with her again, Meg answers. Emily scowls as she admits that there was a time when she was willing to fight Meg for Paul, but she sees now that he can be all hers, as she stomps off. Meg wonders what made him want to be involved with her. Temporary insanity, Paul answers bluntly. She is proud of him for turning down Emily. That isn’t all true. Meg starts to say something, but Paul tells her that Emily lied.

Margo and Tom are joking about Daniel’s grades and how he is doing away at school. They are interrupted by Emily’s call. She was wondering if Daniel wanted to get a burger at Al’s. Daniel tells her that he just finished a sandwich that Margo made. Emily is disappointed, but then she tells him that she has a surprise for him. Daniel hopes it was the video game he wanted and asks Tom and Margo if his mom can come over. Tom quickly tells him yes, as Daniel heads out of the room and Margo wonders why he would tell her to come over – it is going to be awkward. Tom reminds her that Casey isn’t there. He will be soon though. He is not going to keep his son away from his mother because Daniel’s brother is on the outs with Emily; if he is old enough to have an affair with a woman that age, then he is old enough to be in a house with her after it is over.

Alison wonders how it is going to be good if she comes along and interrupts Casey’s family’s Thanksgiving dinner so he can tell him that he got kicked out of school. They will be less likely to blow up at him if she is there. She reminds him that she is a Stewart woman, but Casey reminds her that she is different plus she saved his mom’s life. He is afraid to tell them isn’t he, Alison asks. His mom is a barracuda when it comes to perps and since his dad has stopped being DA, he has all sorts of pent up aggression about justice for all. He is their son, Alison reminds him. He is a bad mark on the Hughes name; it would be nice to have a friendly face in front of the firing squad, Casey answers; he will owe her forever. She agrees and Casey hugs her, but tells her that it was a friend hug. She thinks she will regret this though.

At Al’s, Paul is apologizing to Meg about working with Emily to get Josie out of town. Why did he give into her. He didn’t want Josie manipulating his mother. How does he know she is doing that. Emily made a strong case. He doesn’t know what he was thinking. How much did he offer. $1 million dollars. Meg is stunned. He wasn’t going to give it to her, but Emily wanted Dusty to see her take it. She turned him down and even slapped him though. Meg smiles – he deserved that. He did, Paul agrees. He was telling her that he changed, and he wouldn’t blame her if she turned her back on him, but he hopes she doesn’t.

Dusty tells Josie she is great person, but Josie senses a ‘but’ is coming. She would be a healthier person if she went on this self-discovery tour without him. It wouldn’t be as much fun though. Couldn’t they do things he and Jennifer didn’t do together. He doesn’t know. Can’t they try. She quickly wonders if she is being pathetic. She knows starting fresh without the Jennifer connection is too weird; she will leave. He stops her and tells her that he is not ready to give her up either. She doesn’t want him to feel sorry for her. He doesn’t, as he kisses her. He wants to leave the hotel though, as they laugh and kiss again.

Emily arrives and tells Margo her house and food smells good; it looks like she has enough food to feed an army, as Margo tells her – just enough to feed a family. Daniel comes into the room and Emily is thrilled to see him, as she hugs him; she is excited to give him his gift. Daniel is thrilled to see the video game; he wants to go upstairs and play. After he leaves, Tom tells Emily that they will call her when Daniel is done playing. She can wait, but Margo wants her to leave suggesting she has to get ready for her Stewart Turkey Dinner. Emily tells her that Stewart Thanksgiving is actually take-out. Margo tells her that she is busy, as Emily gets the hint and tells her that she will get out of her way, as Margo mumbles about that being a first. Emily wants to know where the hostility is from – she does remember that she and Casey are over. Margo tells her that is something extra to be thankful for. Emily wonders if she is ever going to cut her some slack, as she smirks. Casey walks in interrupting them, as he didn’t realize he would see her there. She tells him quietly that she was there to see Daniel. He looks good she adds, as she walks towards him. Alison walks in right then talking about her book that she left at Java. Emily immediately asks what she is doing there.

Meg tells Paul that if she heard it from someone else then she would be mad, but he told her even though he could have gotten away with it. She would have felt better if he didn’t do it ever though, Paul wonders. She didn’t expect him to be perfect and she is glad he is learning from his mistakes. Paul leans in and kisses her. How did he get so lucky.

Alison starts to explain, but Casey cuts her off and says he invited her. Emily thought Alison was having dinner with her and mom, as Alison looks like she feels badly, but Casey cuts her off again saying if she leaves, they won’t be able to do what they talked about. Tom and Margo look confused and Emily looks suspect. What is he talking about, Emily asks. Casey tells her that Alison is helping him with planning for his career, as Emily looks surprised and an annoyed Alison doesn’t want her to look so surprised. Tom thinks that Casey should concentrate on college first. Daniel interrupts and they stop talking. They catch up on small talk and then Casey tells Daniel that Alison is staying for dinner. Daniel wonders what his mom is doing. She will be fine – she doesn’t want him to worry about her. Daniel wonders if his mom can stay for dinner. Everyone looks awkward before Margo agrees – ‘the more the merrier’. Emily looks suspiciously from Casey to Alison, as they eye one another.

Walking downtown, Josie and Dusty talk about the holiday season. Josie thinks they should buck tradition and have an anti-Thanksgiving holiday. Instead of turkey, they could have Sushi and instead of stuffing, they could have coleslaw. Dusty teases her about that combination. She just thinks he might never have done that with Jennifer. She is right. Will he join her. As long as they aren’t eating Sushi and coleslaw. She will do her best. A man sitting on a bench asks about getting their portrait drawn. Dusty turns him down because he can’t sit still that long, but Josie wants to prove him wrong, as she grabs his pencil and starts drawing. A moment later, she is done and she shows him the portrait. He is impressed; Jennifer did fashion but not portraits. That is something they don’t have in common, Josie is pleased about. How did she do that. An art teacher taught her that trick. Dusty is happy she remembered. She did, but she looks sad. She worries that the more she remembers the more it might take him away from her. No, they will find out together. What if he doesn’t like her afterwards. He will. What if he is only attracted to her because he sees Jennifer in her. In the beginning that might have been the case, but the more time they spend together, the more he likes her and sees the differences in her and Jennifer. They kiss and while they are preoccupied, Meg walks up, sees them and looks strangely at them. She steps back so they don’t see her. Josie tells Dusty that she has an idea for anti Thanksgiving – she will be right back. Meg walks over and he is happy to see her and asks how the baby is. They are fine. She sees he and Josie are closer. He tells her that Paul wouldn’t like that, because he thinks Josie is around for a stake in the fortune. Meg tells him that Paul told her that he tried to pay her off. What would he get out of telling her. A clear conscience. Is that possible. His plan backfired. She isn’t sure Paul is wrong because after what she saw, she is worried.

Emily wonders when Alison became a career counselor. She was just trying to help, Alison snaps. Tom and Margo hopes that this isn’t going to interfere with his schooling. Margo wonders if he has figured out his career path – law enforcement, law or something along those lines. Emily adds in journalism, as everyone looks at her; he did a great job when he worked for her. Casey tries to start to explain about school and he tells them that he hasn’t thought about a major. Margo thinks that he doesn’t need to rush it – maybe a tutor so he graduates with his class after everything that happened. Casey tells them that he won’t be graduating with his class. Tom thinks Casey just wants to ease into it. There is nothing to ease into, Casey quietly tells them. After the holiday, he won’t be going back to school. Margo corrects him – yes he will because he won’t be sitting around lazily all day long. If the Dean has something to say about his schooling, he will be – he got expelled, as Margo and Tom looks shocked. Casey looks at Alison for support.

Dusty thinks Meg has a lot on her plate to be worrying about him. She laughs; she doesn’t want to see him hurt. Josie makes him smile – it has been a while. Then she is happy for him; she is all for fresh starts, as she gets a kick from her baby. Her little girl agrees, as she asks Dusty to feel the kick. Dusty is unsure, but then leans down and puts his hand on her stomach; it is amazing. Josie walks up and so does Pau, as they glance at one another and then at Meg and Dusty. Paul walks over and asks if everything is ok. Meg tells him that their girl is a soccer player right now. Paul thinks she might not like strangers. Josie tells Dusty they should get going before their stuff gets cold. Paul tells Meg they should get going soon too, as he takes her hand and pulls her gently away. Dusty watches them go.

Emily is annoyed how Casey could let this happen – to squander his future. Casey sarcastically thanks her for her support. Alison wants her to back off. Casey tells them that he did something stupid and now he has been kicked out of school. Alison tells them that there are other schools if Casey wants. Margo wonders if Casey wants to quit school, as Emily mumbles to Alison about this being her idea for career planning. Daniel wonders if he did something really bad. Tom wants to talk to Casey alone, as Emily offers to take Daniel upstairs to play his new video game. She assumes Alison is coming, but Casey stops Alison and reminds her that she promised to stay, so Alison stays, as Emily watches them and walks off unsure. Tom and Margo barrage him with questions about how he could do this and throw his future away, as Casey can’t get in a word. Alison tells them to give Casey a moment to explain what happened; he may have made a mistake, but his intentions were good. Emily has come back into the hallway and listens. Casey tells them what happened, as Alison tries to emphasize that he meant well and he only wanted to help Luke. Margo understands she is trying to be supportive, but nothing justifies what he did. Tom tells him it was unethical, irresponsible and stupid. He realizes it, as the bell goes off and Margo goes to baste the turkey. Alison offers to help, as she whispers that she will go talk to Margo to do damage control. Casey asks Tom if he wants to go get some air. Tom pauses for a moment and then goes with him. Alison offers her help and Margo tells her that she of all people should understand how one mistake could ruin a life; why didn’t she talk Casey out of this. She did try to stop him, but he chose to do it anyway. She does understand about the mistake especially after all she had done, but if there was one person that stood by her afterwards and told her that it wasn’t the end of the world and that she could turn it around then maybe she wouldn’t have made it worse on herself. Alison starts to walk out the door, but Margo stops her and asks her to help her set the table, as they both smile at one another. Alison smiles and goes to help her. Outside, Casey wants Tom to say something, as Tom starts to say that he can’t believe this, but Casey cuts him off – he doesn’t want him to say that because he has screwed up his life so many times before that this can’t be much of a surprise. Did he not want to ruin his losing streak. Casey smirks; he was not trying to ruin his life. He has taken all of his chances and thrown them away. After he was released from prison, he did nothing but make mistakes. Tom is getting more upset, as he yells about congratulating Casey because he succeeded in ruining his life; what does he see for his future now, Tom bellows. Casey walks towards Tom and tells him that as long as he doesn’t end up in a suit like him then he doesn’t ‘give a damn what it is like’, as he stomps off and a furious Tom watches him go and then goes back inside. Emily is the only one in the room, as she asks him where Casey has gone. Tom tells her that she shouldn’t act like she didn’t see or know this was coming; everyone who is exposed to her makes a mess of their lives. Emily shakes her head; he is not going to pin this one on her.

Paul and Meg arrive home, as Meg tells Paul that she knows he doesn’t like Josie, as Paul answers that she is playing Dusty. He cuts himself off – he is going to stay out of this. Meg thinks it will be fine and Dusty will accept that Josie isn’t Jennifer. Why is he still with her. He decided to get to know her. She is staying in town. Without the Jennifer factor now then the relationship probably won’t last. Dusty is a good man and he deserves to be happy so if she stays then she hopes Josie isn’t a scammer. Paul thinks Meg should go lie down since she has had a busy day. Meg wants him to join her, but Paul jokes how she won’t get rest if he does. Once Meg leaves, Paul makes a call to someone, gets their voice mail and tells them that he wants them to call back because they have to meet now.

Emily tells Tom that she is done being a scapegoat for all that happens in his family. They lost control when she started seeing Casey. That is not true; they lost control of Casey long before she came into the picture. She has been a good influence actually; she told him to go to class and rewarded him for good grades. Tom sneers; how did she do that – by sleeping with him. Emily says nothing. She is a good influence because she can seduce a young man, Tom sarcastically asks her. Emily thinks that instead of him pointing fingers at her, why doesn’t he look at all the ways he was the one who failed Casey. Tom smirks, as he watches Emily stomp out the door. She stops outside when Casey is coming back, as they look at one another.

Paul is impatiently waiting for the phone to ring; when it doesn’t, he calls back and gets the same message, as he paces.

Emily tells Casey that he wasn’t the only one who got reamed out by his parents. He doesn’t understand because she appeared to be on their side. She couldn’t pretend that she wasn’t upset by it. Why was she upset – he is none of her business, as he starts to walk back in. She grabs his arm – she still cares about him. Did Dusty dump her, Casey wonders. The fact that she still cares about him has nothing to do with Dusty. She might have realized that she made a mistake. Casey stares at her and then asks if she is serious. She is, as she walks towards him telling him that she misses him, as they kiss. Alison opens the door to see this and stares at them. She slams the door behind her as she stands there facing them; this is so inappropriate, and she won’t be a part of this, as she starts to go back inside. Casey stops her and tells her that Emily is the one that needs to leave. He starts to explain that he didn’t start it - Emily did. Alison wants to know why. He doesn’t know and he doesn’t care. Margo yells from inside that dinner is ready.

Dusty tells Josie that he and Meg were a couple. Josie can see that her husband thinks it is more still. Dusty tells her that Paul doesn’t understand the meaning of friendship. She can see he is so jealous – is he worried about Paul. No. Josie tells him that he needs to leave so she can get their Anti-Thanksgiving ready; she will call him when it is time. She pushes him out the door and starts to put together their meal. Soon after, there is a knock and Josie thinks it is Dusty again, but she opens the door to find Paul glaring back at her.

Tom is setting up the table in the kitchen when Margo walks in and tells him that there isn’t enough space there. He tells her that Kim called and there weren’t a lot of volunteers at the Soup Kitchen and she didn’t feel comfortable leaving – either did his dad or hid grandmother. Margo thinks after dinner they should head down there, as Tom agrees. Margo thinks that Casey getting kicked out of school is nowhere near as catastrophic as losing everything in your life. Tom tells her that Casey is still not off the hook with him. Emily walks into the room with Daniel and tells Tom and Margo that she is going to head home to spend time with her mom so she isn’t alone. She breezes by Alison and Casey wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving. Casey and Alison go to sit, as Casey walks over to Tom and whispers about how what he said before he didn’t mean. Tom tells him that it is Thanksgiving and they should just try to enjoy what is left of it. Tom, Margo, Alison and Daniel join hands to say Grace. Margo adds to it about when they might think they may not have much, but they do still have a lot; they have the roof over their heads, food on the table, family and friends, as she looks around the table. They have everything they need…. so they should eat. They all share laughs, as Emily walks back to the window, looks in it at everyone having fun and looks sad before she walks away.

At the Lakeview bar, Dusty is finishing his drink as he waits for Josie. He takes out a picture of Jennifer and talk to it; it is time -he tells her - to let her go.

Josie tells Paul that he came very close to being seen by Dusty. Paul is furious – next time he calls she better answer. She didn’t know he called and even if he did, it is not like she could answer it because she has been with Dusty all the time. She better remember that she works for him and he is not happy how this is going; Meg told him that Dusty doesn’t feel like there is a connection with her and Jennifer anymore. Josie can see why Dusty might be leery of some stranger has a connection to his dead wife. She is to her job and in fact, he is going to step things up, Paul snarls. Josie walks by him, as he grabs her arm. She is going to do exactly as he says. No, she can’t do it anymore, as she yanks her arm away.

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