ATWT Update Thursday 11/20/08

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/20/08


Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne
Proofread by Anoma

(Holden and Lily’s house) Lily tells Holden that she is worried about Luke because she has tried to reach him several times but he isn’t answering his phone. Holden tells Lily she should call Luke and tell him to meet them at the hospital. Lily calls Luke and leaves another message telling him Lucinda is fine but she has some news to tell him so he should meet them at the hospital.

(Hospital) Brian arrives with a lot of food and sparkling cider so that he and Lucinda and the family can celebrate the wedding and the successful surgery. Brian also gives his new bride a good morning kiss, and Lucinda asks him to wait for Holden, Lily and Luke to get there before they eat breakfast.

(Farm) Luke is asleep and he dreams about the kiss Brian gave him last night. He wakes up, still shocked by what happened last night.

(Java) Carly is worried because Sage took a long time in the bathroom. Sage tells Carly her stomach hurts so she would rather eat breakfast after court. Carly gives Sage a peppermint to settle her stomach and asks her to wait outside while she gets the breakfast order to go.

(Outside Java) Sage sits on the bench eating her peppermint, and Janet arrives to ask Sage to tell the truth in court. Janet tells Sage that if she continues to lie, she may not be able to see her daddy anymore. Sage gets up to go get Carly. When Carly arrives she accuses Janet of stalking Sage. Janet tells Carly she was trying to persuade Sage to tell the truth in court. Carly tells Janet that she can put an end to the case if she agrees never to come near Sage again. Janet says that is ridiculous because she is going to marry Jack and Sage is his child. Carly tells Janet she just gave her a stronger court case and says she will see her in court later today.

(Holden and Lily’s house) Jack arrives to ask Holden to be a character witness for him, and Holden agrees although he tells Jack to use him as a last resort because he doesn’t want to hurt Carly by talking about their affair. Jack agrees to call Holden on his cell phone only if he really needs his testimony. Lily thinks that Holden should go talk to Carly as a friend because maybe he can persuade Carly to drop the lawsuit. Holden thinks it’s strange that Lily would ask this of him, but Lily tells Holden they need to rebuild the trust in their marriage. Lily tells Holden she is tired of walking on eggshells around him and points out they have not had a fight like a normal couple since they reconciled. Lily tells Holden they even make love in a polite way and she wants their real marriage back. Holden doesn’t want to talk to Carly, but Lily leaves him no other choice, so he tells Lily he will meet her at the hospital after he talks to Carly.

(Farm) Luke gets Lily’s message and heads to the hospital, but he still doesn’t know what to do about Brain.

(Hospital) Lily arrives, and Brian wants to open the sparkling cider and have breakfast. Lucinda wants to wait for Holden, but Lily tells them to go ahead and start because Holden will arrive soon.

(Carly’s house) Holden arrives and tells Carly that he and Lily had a fight and she told him to go talk to her about the case. Holden explains to Carly that Lily is upset because they don’t fight anymore. Carly understands exactly what Lily means and asks Holden how often he fought with Lily when they were dating and while their marriage was good. Holden tells Carly they fought all the time. Carly looks down at Holden’s finger and asks how often he has fought with Lily since he stopped wearing his wedding ring. Holden tells Carly that Lily doesn’t wear her ring, either, so Carly advises Holden to take the first step. Holden wonders if Carly truly believes that Janet would hit knowing that Jack is a cop and she could lose him. Carly tells Holden that she has to believe Sage and stand by her as a way to make up for leaving her and going away with Simon. Carly tells Holden that it isn’t fair that he has Lily and Jack has Janet and she has ended up alone. Holden wonders if Carly is trying to ease her loneliness by making life harder for other people. Carly is angry that Holden thinks that she wants revenge against Jack and Janet because they are happy. Carly says that she didn’t start this, but Holden says she can finish it. Holden asks Carly to be clear with Sage and let her know that if she goes to court, she could only see Jack with a court appointed supervisor to watch him. Carly wonders what Holden will tell the court about their affair, and Holden tells her that he will explain he was the one who was married and she was trying to get her husband back. Holden also tells Carly he will tell the judge that she encouraged him to return to his wife.

(Police Station) Janet arrives and tells Jack and Tom the argument she had with Carly, and Tom tells Janet not to worry. Tom tells Jack that once he brings up Carly’s past, it is likely that the judge will grant him custody of all three children. Jack tells Tom that he really doesn’t want to fight dirty because Carly isn’t trying to hurt him- she truly believes she is protecting Sage. Janet feels sorry for Carly and the kids because a mother shouldn’t be taken away from her children. Jack is sad because whatever happens, he will end up hurting Sage. Jack thinks that he and Janet should get married right away to prove to Carly and Sage that no matter what happens, they will still get married. Jack tells Janet that his marriage to Carly was complicated and painful even though they had some good times. Jack tells Janet that things are easy with her and she makes him very happy. Jack tells Janet he loves her very much, but Janet doesn’t want to get married to prove a point to anyone. Janet agrees to marry Jack whenever he wants because he is sure that this is going to work and his family will eventfully accept their marriage.

(Hospital) Luke opens the door to Lucinda’s room and is shocked to find everyone toasting his grandmother because she is the new bride. Lucinda tells Luke that she and Brian were married last night, and Brain tells Luke not to worry because everyone was shocked. Luke tells Lucinda he is happy the surgery went well. Luke follows Brian outside because he is going to find another glass so Luke can join them in a toast. Luke accuses Brain of trying to rip off Lucinda. Luke also yells at Brain, telling him that he is going to tell Lucinda they kissed last night. Brain tells Luke that he may have kissed him but he isn’t sure and if he did, it didn’t mean anything because he comes from a demonstrative family who are always hugging and kissing. Brain reminds Luke that he and Lucinda love each other and he asks Luke not to take away Lucinda’s happiness. Lily goes to get Brain because Lucinda wants to see him. Luke tells Lily that Brain is after Lucinda’s money. Lily tells Luke that Brain signed a pre-nuptial agreement without being asked and she thinks Brian truly makes Lucinda happy. Lucinda asks Luke to pretend to be happy for Lucinda because Brain has given her a reason to live.

Jack calls Holden to tell him that he needs him to testify for him in court, and Holden tells Jack that he doesn’t think his talk with Carly went well. Holden calls Lily to tell her that he is waiting to go to court, and he asks her to come home because they need to talk.

(Hospital) Brian gives Lucinda her wedding ring, and they declare their love for each other as they exchange rings. Luke is about to go in the room, but instead he stays in the hallway, watching Brain and Lucinda and wondering what he should do.

(Carly’s house) Carly calls Sage downstairs, and Sage wonders if what Janet told her is true - that if she goes to court today, she won’t be able to see Jack anymore. Carly explains that Jack will only be able to see her with a court appointed supervisor. Sage wonders if Carly will be the supervisor, and Carly tells Sage that after today, Jack will never want to see her again. Carly heads for the door, and Sage tells her to wait and says that she doesn’t want to stop seeing Jack. Carly wonders if Sage is scared of Janet. Sage shakes her head, and then Carly asks if Janet ever hit her, and Sage shakes her head. Sage explains that she only did it so that she could have her mommy and daddy together again. Carly makes it clear to Sage that she and jack are divorced and that Jack loves Janet and is going to marry her. Carly tells Sage that she is sad that she felt she had to lie to get her family back together. Sage tells Carly that she will never like Janet and doesn’t want to apologize to her. Carly sends Sage to her room while she figures out what to do.

(Police Station) Carly arrives to tell Jack that Sage told her the truth and she has dropped the custody suit. Carly apologizes to Jack and Janet and tells them that she never meant to hurt them but she truly thought Sage was telling the truth. Jack and Janet kiss and then head home to plan a wedding.

(Holden and Lily’s house) Holden tells Lily that Jack called to tell him that Carly dropped the lawsuit because Sage admitted that she lied. Holden tells Lily that she was right about their argument. Holden tells Lily that if they want a real marriage, they shouldn’t keep their wedding rings in a coat pocket or a jewelry box, but on their fingers. Holden and Lily put their rings back on their hands and share a kiss.

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