ATWT Update Wednesday 11/19/08

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/19/08


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Suzanne

Downtown, Noah is on the phone leaving a message for Luke telling him that he is worried because Alison and Casey said he was drinking; he wants him to call him back. He hangs up, turns around and sees Luke standing there with a smirk on his face – clearly drunk – as Luke asks if he is really worried or is it that he is just feeling guilty because he dumped him.

At home, Lily and Holden still can’t reach Luke; they hope he is ok. They wonder if he might be visiting Lucinda. Lily thinks they came down on Luke too hard, but Holden thinks Luke needs to work this out on his own right now. Lily hopes the babysitter arrives soon because she wants to get over to see Lucinda. Holden wonders if she is ok because this surgery came about very quickly and he is worried it is a lot for her to deal with. Lily remarks about how they have Brian to thank for Lucinda going through with this procedure. Holden teases her about giving Brian credit because a short time ago, she was questioning his motives. Lily smiles – she is trying to keep an open mind.

At the hospital, Lucinda slowly awakens, as Brian is at her side. She is surprised to see him still there, as he wonders where else he would be. She wonders where everyone is. He sent them home saying she needed sleep. Brian is fluffing her pillows when she realizes she asked him to marry him. He doesn’t skip a beat when he tells her that she did, but he doesn’t make it a practice of holding people to things they say when they are under the influence of pain medicine. Lucinda laughs softly and wonders if he was serious when he said yes.

At home, Carly opens the door to find Liberty; she tells her flatly that Parker is not home because he went to the movies with JJ. That is not whom she came to see. She came to ask her a huge favor, as she walks inside. Liberty pleads with her not to wreck her mom’s life.

At the station, Janet comes to see Jack. She had a lot on her mind, as he can obviously empathize. She is worried about tomorrow. He is not worried; Carly won’t get sole custody. Even if Sage sticks to her story, Janet wonders. He loves his daughter, but she doesn’t make a credible witness and he wouldn’t be surprised if the judge throws it out. Janet thinks that no matter if he wins or losses, she has lost. He doesn’t get what she means. He has been a wonderful man, as she takes off her engagement ring, puts it in his hand, and closes it, but she is letting him off the hook, as Jack stares at her.

Lucinda wonders if it is the cougar tadpole feeling that is holding him back from answering. She isn’t that old and he isn’t that young, Brian answers. Cancer makes you feel old but wiser, Lucinda replies. She needs to live her life to the fullest; she is sick of being alone and she thinks he is too. He agrees wholeheartedly. Why can’t she take yes for an answer. He tells her that they will have a wonderful life together as long as they stay together, as they laugh when Lily walks in. She is surprised to see Lucinda awake. How can she be sleeping through one of the best highlights of her life – she and Brain are engaged. Holden nervously smiles, as Lily looks stunned and unsure. She doesn’t know what to say. Lucinda thinks she can muster some enthusiasm. Brian thinks Lily might need time to let this sink in. Lucinda thinks Lily is about to tell them all the reasons why this is a bad idea. Lily answers that is not what she was going to say; it is shocking because she just came through major surgery; this isn’t the time to make wedding plans. She is sick of being Mrs. Walsh…she wants to be Mrs. Wheatley… she wouldn’t even have to change the monograms, Lucinda jokes. Lily wants her to be serious. She is; she wants to go for it, as Brian agrees. Lucinda wants to put together a shotgun wedding right now, as Lily stares at her with her mouth open. Lily realizes she is serious; the anesthesia hasn’t even worn off. Brian assures her that he will check with Lucinda’s doctor and if he gives him the ok then they will get married that night. Lily is rattled to say the least.

Downtown, Luke is tossing crumpled up papers at a basket. Noah hopes he hasn’t been driving. Luke sarcastically remarks about him actually caring. Noah doesn’t want Luke to make him feel guilty – he got drunk all on his own. He isn’t drunk; he can see clearly now. Noah doesn’t want him to blame this all on him. He wouldn’t because he is perfect, Luke responds bitterly. He wants him to drink his coffee and be still. Luke salutes him and calls him Col. Meyer. He is a chip off the old block now. Noah tries to grab the keys so he won’t drive and Luke struggles with him, but he is no match in his state. Noah tells him that he is taking him home.

Carly tells Liberty that she doesn’t feel comfortable talking with her about her mom; she should probably leave. She is doing what is best for her child. Liberty wonders if she really thinks that when her mom marries Jack that she is going to start whaling on Sage. She didn’t see what she saw on her face, Carly answers coldly. Why wouldn’t she think Janet put it there especially after she admitted to hitting her. Liberty asks her if she looks like an abused child. Her mom isn’t violent. She may have lost it once or twice. That is once or twice too much, Carly answers. Hasn’t she ever done anything to hurt her children. Carly tells her that she never hit her children. She needs to listen to her, Liberty begs. Her mom raised her all on her own and struggled to do it as best she could the entire time; she had noone to turn to because her grandparents kicked her mom out of the house because she got pregnant. Carly hopes that she is not trying to justify what Janet did because she had a hard life. No, there is no excuse for hitting someone; her mom is human and she has made mistakes like she has. Carly stares not knowing what to say.

Jack desperately tells Janet to hold on to the ring. He wants her to wear it. She wants him to hold onto it for a while. He wants to marry her though. She is being realistic; after court tomorrow there will be bad feelings on both sides. She doesn’t want to be the reason he loses his kids. He will blame her sooner or later because she was the reason this started. He knows it is tough, but it won’t be like this all the time. It could get worse, Janet wonders. She was always the optimist, as Jack wonders what changed. He wants her to stay with him forever. She tells him sadly that he can’t always get what he wants.

Brian tells Lucinda that he will see her at the wedding, as he heads out the door. Lily excuses herself and follows him. She hates to put it so bluntly, but she feels he is taking advantage of her mother in her condition. It was Lucinda’s decision. She made it in a postoperative state. She knew what she was saying. He could have suggested that they wait a week or so at the very least. He promises to be good to her. She is very sick, Lily reminds him. She will get better. If she doesn’t, he will be taking on a big burden. He wants to take care of her always. He needs to call a judge. Lily pleads with him – Lucinda has been through so much. Brian promises to make her life as good as humanly possible. Brian leaves and Holden comes out talking about how surprising this is, but Lucinda seems to have made up her mind. Lily wants to speak to her mother alone. Lily walks back in and Lucinda wants her to get her a mirror so she can comb her hair and put on some lipstick. Lily tells her in no uncertain terms will she let her marry ‘that man.’ Lucinda stares back at her.

Liberty doesn’t think Carly is listening. Her mom hit her so she wouldn’t make the same mistakes she did; she didn’t want her to become a teenaged mom and it scared her to death. She doesn’t blame her. Her mom isn’t scared when she is with Jack; she is always happy and Jack is someone her mother always dreamed of finding. Carly cuts her off because this isn’t about Janet and Jack; it is about Janet becoming a step-mom to her children and putting them at risk. Liberty tells her that her mother would rather put herself under a train then hit one of Jack’s kids because she knows he would never forgive her – why can’t she see that. Carly understands that she wants to stick up for her mom. Liberty cuts her off; it is because she didn’t do anything wrong. She disagrees and she is going to stick up for her child. Parker walks in interrupting them and wondering what is going on. Liberty wanted to talk and is now leaving, Carly answers. Liberty thanks her for nothing, as she heads out the door. Parker wants to know what she said to Liberty, and when Carly doesn’t answer her, Parker stomps off, as Carly calls out to him. Sage comes downstairs looking upset. Carly wonders what is wrong. She keeps thinking about tomorrow. Carly wonders if she is nervous. She is scared.

Janet tells Jack that they have a big problem; his daughter hates her and it is doesn’t make her feel warm and fuzzy. She doesn’t hate her; she lied because she is just confused and upset - she will come around. Janet hopes so, but she thinks they should put the wedding off for a while. Jack doesn’t want Sage to dictate when they get married. Sage isn’t – she is deciding, Janet answers; she can’t do it. He thought she wanted to marry him. She does more then anything, but when they do, she wants everyone to be happy and that includes Sage and his sons and her daughter. They will, as Jack opens Janet’s hands and puts her ring back in it. Janet finally gives in; if she waited this long to find Mr. Right she can wait a bit longer. An officer needing something from Jack interrupts them. When he is done, Jack turns back around to see the door close and to see Janet’s ring on the desk right next to him. Jack stares after the slightly moving door where Janet just left.

At the farm, Noah calls out to see if anyone is home, but noone answers. Noah helps Luke in the kitchen, as Luke doesn’t seem too concerned with anyone seeing him. Noah asks if he is ok. Luke grabs his keys and tells him that he is fine. He won’t be unless he drinks water and gets some rest. Can he call anyone for him, Noah asks. No. Noah tells him that he is leaving, but Luke falls into him and asks him if he will stay with him.

Lily wonders how well Lucinda knows Brian. Did it occur to her that his motives aren’t as pure as she thinks. He doesn’t want her money and she doesn’t intimidate him, Lucinda answers. Why can’t she wait a week then. Why should she – she married James Stenbeck, John Dixon, ‘the other guy’ and Mr. Walsh, as she rattles them off casually. There are so many details and she wants to know why she is rushing this. She saw him – the Grim Reaper standing at the end of the bed. She wants her to stop being dramatic. It wasn’t a dream and she wishes she could change what she saw. She starts to cry, as Lily realizes she is scared. She is terrified and she wants to live; she doesn’t want to die alone, as Lily and Lucinda grab onto one another’s hand. Lily tells her that she isn’t alone; she will never turn away from her again. Lucinda tells her that she loves her. She loves her too, Lily replies. Lily wants her to move in with her instead of doing this if she is worried. She wants her to be free with her life. Lucinda wants her to understand that she had an epiphany. She doesn’t want her in the bed while she cries close by, Lucinda explains. She wants to bring down the curtain and go off into the sunset with her partner. Lily laughs it would be a shame to let the lessons go to waste. She sees. She does see. She knows what to get her for her wedding gift – dancing shoes Lily smiles.

Parker wants to know what Liberty was doing with her mom. She tried to get her to back off and let her mom be happy with his dad. Parker knows that Sage is probably lying and that her mom did not hut her. Liberty thinks it is unfair; her mom has waited her whole life for someone like Jack. She made that scrapbook and finally gets the chance to wear one of those dresses inside and now she has to give it up because of a stupid lie. Parker promises to find a way to fix this, as Liberty hugs him.

At Al’s, Janet is bussing tables when Jack walks in and grabs the dishes away. She has customers to wait on, as he tells her that he isn’t letting her walk away. If they throw their relationship away, it would be like rewarding Sage for lying. He loves Sage, but she won’t blackmail him. They are the adults and they are the ones to control the situation. That may be well and good, but how is he going to get Sage to tell the truth in court or better yet to stop this whole circus, Janet wonders. He can let her know when they are all ready to be one happy family, Janet tells him before she walks away.

Carly tells Sage that she doesn’t have to be scared; she just needs to tell the truth… that Janet hit her. Sage changes the subject a little and starts talking about her cocoa. Sage wonders if the hearing will be like what she sees on TV where she needs to swear to tell the truth on the Bible. She doesn’t know about that, but would that be a problem. Sage wants to go upstairs without her cocoa suddenly. Carly pauses for a moment before she makes a call. She calls Lily, but the person on the other end tells her that she is at Memorial. Carly hangs up and Parker walks in the room. She asks him to do her a favor and watch Sage while she runs out. Parker agrees.

Luke rubs Noah’s face and tells him that he wants it to be just like before. He couldn’t keep him from cheating and he couldn’t keep him from drinking and risking his life tonight; how can it be the same. He can keep him from hurting someone else tonight though, as Noah takes his keys. He tells him to get some sleep. Luke looks sadly at his water before he gets up and stumbles around the kitchen looking for something. He can’t find whatever he is looking for so with resolve he heads for the door and yells after Noah telling him that he can’t walk out on him.

In her bed, Lucinda is done up in a silk cream-colored robe with a flower tucked behind her ear and Brian stands by her bedside in a dark suit. The minister says his hellos to the both of them as well as to Lily and Holden. Brian tells Lucinda that he has a gift first, as he pulls out papers and tells her that she has to sign a prenuptial agreement. Lucinda grabs her glasses and tells him that she is all about the prenup, as she reads it. Brian wants to go on record that he is not marrying her for her money. Lucinda gives it a cursory glance and asks him if it is legal. Brian tells her that it better be because it cost him $19.99 online and Holden signed it as his witness. The minister tells him that it is binding. All he is getting out of this marriage is the perfect wife, Brian teases. Lily asks them what they are waiting for. The minister hands the floor to Brian before he starts the ceremony. Brian tells Lucinda that when he first came to town, it was a career move, but he met an incredible woman, who has made him into a better man and he will always be grateful. Lucinda teases about not wanting to say anything. She finally says a few words; she wants to thank Brian for making her days happier. He will get her a more proper ring when they have more time, as Lucinda tells him to improvise. He places his Princeton class ring on her hands, as they both promise to love each other. He pronounces them husband and wife, as they kiss and Lily and Holden hug. Carly is looking for Lily when she walks out of Lucinda’s room. She is sorry if she is intruding; is her mother ok. The cancer came back and she just had a mastectomy. Carly tells her how sorry she is for her. They were stunned, but are trying to take it day by day. Then she tells her about the impromptu wedding to Brian, as Carly is shocked to hear this as well. Lily jokes about how with Lucinda you always expect the unexpected. Carly tells her that they will talk about it another time. Lily remarks about her coming all the way there to talk so she should spill. She doesn’t need to hear about her stuff right now. Lily tells her that hearing about someone else’s problems right now would be a nice change. She asks Carly if she wants to get a drink. Carly readily agrees.

Later, Brian closes the door to Lucinda’s room quietly and tells the nurse that his wife just fell asleep and he wants to go pick up her belongings for tomorrow. He gives the nurse his cell phone number and then tells her that he will be back soon, but he wants her to call him if Lucinda wakes up. Soon after, Brian is cruising down the street singing to the song on the radio when he sees something in the road. He pulls over and is soon helping Luke into the car and getting him buckled in. Luke is still looking drunk telling him that he has to get to Noah. He can’t leave him on the side of the road he is coming with him.

Jack knows that Janet is nervous about the hearing. They will go there together; he will be with her all the time. When the judge questions her, she will be alone, Janet reminds him. What if Sage sticks to her story. She has a history to trying to break them up, Jack reminds her. Janet tells him that he makes her want to believe it will work out. He loves her and they deserve a shot, Jack tells her. They can’t let Sage think it is ok to lie to get what she wants.

Carly tells Lily that if Sage isn’t lying then she can’t let her be around Janet. Does she think she is doing the right thing with this custody battle. No. That was fast, Carly tells her. Is she sure, she isn’t taking advantage of Sage’s problems with Janet, Lily asks. Carly tells her no. If she complicates his relationship with Janet then they might break up, Lily offers. Carly admits that Janet and Jack told her that she might be doing that. Why did she want to talk with her again, Carly jokes. She asked fro advice. It would be easy for Sage to lie to her especially if she is lying to herself. Carly says quietly that she really wants to believe her daughter. Lily wonders if she wants to believe her or does she really believe her; there is a big difference.

Brian helps bring an unsteady Luke in the kitchen. He tells him that he looks terrible – he needs to clean himself up, as he points at his shirt. He got sick, an indignant Luke responds. Brian tells him to go upstairs, get a clean shirt, and brush his teeth. Luke tells him that he isn’t his mother. Brian tells him that he isn’t, but he is going to sober him up before anyone sees him, as he pushes Luke up the stairs and then goes to sit and wait for him in the kitchen.

At her home, Carly drops Lily off. Lily thanks her for a ride home, as Carly thanks her for letting her talk. She doesn’t think she liked her advice though. If she wants to really find out if Sage is lying then she will. If she isn’t ok with Jack and Janet then Sage won’t be either. She needs to set an example. Carly and Lily joke about it sounding easier then it is. They hear a door and Holden comes in wondering if he is interrupting. Both Carly and Lily tell him that he isn’t, but Carly excuses herself and tells them both that she needs to get going, as she leaves. Holden wonders how it went. It was fine – still a little weird though, Lily admits. Holden wonders how Lily is handling everything with Lucinda. Before she married Brian, she could see how scared she was, but after she married him, she seemed so happy and she just wants her to be happy like that for a long time. Holden and Lily hug.

Luke comes downstairs cleaned up but only wearing sweats and no shirt. Brian is getting them some tea; they need to get the poison out of his system. He hands him some Chamomile tea and then tells him that they need to get him some water too. They have to make sure his kidneys stay functioning. Luke thanks him for not yelling at him even though he deserves it. He has screwed up everything he loves –school, his parents, losing everyone’s respect as well as Noah. Brian sits down and Luke puts his head on his shoulder, as Brian comforts him. Luke wonders when it will be ok, as Brian promises that it will be soon enough, as Brian rubs his hair. Suddenly, he stops and then lifts Luke’s head up and kisses him on the forehead, as an out of it Luke holds his head there. Then Brian leans in and kisses him, as a still out of it Luke responds for a moment before he jumps up to quickly away from Brian. He demands to know what that was, as he takes off out of the kitchen and Brian watches him go.

At home, Liberty races to the door when she hears a knock; she tells Parker that he can’t come in because it is late and her dad would kill her. He wanted him to know that he talked to Sage; he doesn’t know if he got through to her, but he will keep trying. He doesn’t want her or her mother to get hurt tomorrow. Liberty touches his face and tells him that he is good to have around, as Parker kisses her on the cheek and leaves and Liberty just watches him go.

Sage is getting ready for bed and Carly asks her if she wants her to brush her hair like she did when she was little, as Sage agrees. Carly tells her how beautiful she is, but that being beautiful on the outside is a lot easier then being beautiful on the inside; it takes work. It means being fair to people you may not like and being honest. Like with Janet, Sage asks. Carly explains that even though she and Jack are not together anymore, they will always take care of her; also, they will still help her through the rough times and love her no matter what. Sage tells her not to worry about her because she will be ok; she just wants her and her dad happy, as she walks away, Carly looks worried.

Janet is looking over her tips. Jack promises that tomorrow will be better; she has to have faith. She has faith in him, but the hearing may be a deal breaker. She thinks until the situation gets worked out, she can’t wear the ring. Jack tells her that she has to because that is showing him that they are in it together. He just needs her to wear the ring to show that they believe in one another. Jack puts it back on her finger; this is a promise that when they nightmare is over they will be together for the rest of their lives, as he tells her how much he loves her. She hugs him tightly and tells him that she loves him so much too. They hug as tears run down Janet’s cheek.

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